Price distribution 4

Price distribution 4

Price distribution indicator 4 – is the author’s realization of market profile indicator (Market profile). LED displays using graphical objects sharing rates on the vertical axis for a certain period of time. Quantitative measure in the calculation is the tick volume. The indicator is calculated on data timeframe M1. The indicator is updated when a new bar.

Input parameters

  1. Period – Number of the last bars of the current timeframe for the calculation;
  2. Scale – Scale image horizontally;
  3. Left side – Flag display at the left / right border of the window;
  4. Color – The value of the color levels.

Price distribution 4

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Candlestick Patterns Custom

Candlestick Patterns Custom

Candlestick Patterns Custom – lite version indicator Candlestick Patterns Analytics, for use as a conventional dial gauge, and counselors.

Indicator favorably follows

  • Finds and marks on the graph 29 candlestick patterns (43 variant signal patterns);
  • It allows the user to configure each signal model in accordance with the analysis results of the indicator Candlestick Patterns Analytics;
  • The indicator can be used as a dial gauge advisors.

Description of the input parameters

Each candle model has a drop-down menu with a choice:

  • No_Use – Do not use the model;
  • Buy_Signal – To use the model as a buy signal;
  • Sell_Signal – To use the model as a sell signal.

Display Setting:

  • TextSize – size of the text on the chart;
  • TextColor – color of the text on the chart;
  • Alert – enabling / disabling alerts;
  • ———- Candlestick Patterns ————- – settings separator;
  • AdvanceBlock_Down – model “repulsed the offensive”;
  • BeltHoldLine_Up – model “Capturing the belt”;
  • BeltHoldLine_Down – model “Capturing the belt”;
  • CounterattackLines_Up – model “Counterattack”;
  • CounterattackLines_Down – model “Counterattack”;
  • DarkCloudCover_Down – Model “The veil of dark clouds”;
  • Doji_Up – model “Doji”;
  • Doji_Down – model “Doji”;
  • Engulfing_Up – model “Absorption”;
  • Engulfing_Down – model “Absorption”;
  • EveningStar_Down – Model “Evening Star”;
  • Gap_Up – model “Window”;
  • Gap_Down – model “Window”;
  • GravestoneDoji_Down – model “Gravestone Doji”;
  • Hammer_Up – model “Hammer”;
  • HangingMan_Dowm – model “”;
  • Harami_Up – model “Harami”;
  • Harami_Down – model “Harami”;
  • InvertedHammer_Up – model “inverted hammer”;
  • LongLeggedDoji_Up – model “long-legged doji”;
  • LongLeggedDoji_Down – model “long-legged doji”;
  • MatHoldPattern_Up – model “Hold on the mat”;
  • MorningStar_Up – model “Morning Star”;
  • OnNeckLine_Up – model “at the neck line”;
  • OnNeckLine_Down – model “at the neck line”;
  • Piercing_Up – model “Clearance in the clouds”;
  • SeparatingLines_Up – model “Separation”;
  • SeparatingLines_Down – model “Separation”;
  • ShootingStar_Down – model “Shooting Star”;
  • SideBySideWhite_Up – model “Related white candles”;
  • SideBySideWhite_Down – model “Related white candles”;
  • StalledPattern_Down – model “Deceleration”;
  • TasukiGap_Up – model “Break tasuki”;
  • TasukiGap_Down – model “Break tasuki”;
  • ThreeCrows_Down – model “Three Crows”;
  • ThreeLineStrike_Up – model “Triple kick”;
  • ThreeLineStrike_Down – model “Triple kick”;
  • ThreeMethods_Up – model “three methods”;
  • ThreeMethods_Down – model “three methods”;
  • ThreeWhiteSoldiers_Up – model “three white soldiers”;
  • Tweezer_Up – model “Tweezers”;
  • Tweezer_Down – model “Tweezers”;
  • UpsideGapTwoCrows_Down – model “Two crows soaring.”

The use of indicators

The indicator allows the use of the indicator signals Candlestick Patterns Analytics without volumetric calculations and accordingly no load on the terminal.

The indicator is configured in accordance with the results of the report indicator Candlestick Patterns Analytics.

For example, a certain candlestick patterns to a selected pair and timeframe gives a positive result in trading on the purchase, therefore, in the settings drop-down menu, choose the model “Buy_Signal”. Thus, you can configure any number of models.

Help with adjustment indicators, application and analysis.

Candlestick Patterns Custom

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Bank of England did not succumb to temptation

The Bank of England did not succumb to the temptation and kept its benchmark interest rate unchanged

Today, in a statement
Bank of England sounded information
that as long as the bank does not intend to change the base
interest rate, leaving it at the level
0.5% per annum. This level is
minimum already since the founding
British Central Bank.

By the way, the information
coincided with analysts’ expectations.

British Central Bank also
retained volume of asset purchases
at the same level – 375 billion pounds
sterling (about $ 636 billion). Actually
this means that the program funds
which were exhausted in October 2013
year, is currently suspended.

The last time the Bank
England changed the rate March 5, 2009 –
then it was reduced to the current
level of 0.5%, which is minimal
over 320 years of history of the Central Bank.

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III quarter ended badly for Coca Cola’s and MsDo

III quarter ended badly for Coca-Cola and MsDonald&# 39; s

It reported on its quarterly
arrived. It fell by 14%: sales volumes
in North America decreased, so
Company initiates reduction program

beverage producer in the world, said,
that his net income for the third quarter
on September 26 was $ 2.1 billion.
A year earlier, in the same period, revenue was
at $ 2.4 billion. Shares
We have already lost about 4%
premarket trading.

worse things have McDonald’s: income
It fell as much as 30% in the third quarter,
while competition for the patriarch
fast food is growing in the US and other

third quarter reflect the significant
fall and in kind, and
Compared to the last year in the same period.
Our business performance and financial
indicators have a lot of pressure
factors – the higher effective
tax rate to freelance events
in foreign markets (the riots in Hong Kong,
geopolitical issues in Europe). All
this quarter was against us, and our
expectations have been deceived, “- he said
CEO and President
McDonald’s Don Thompson.

Company McDonald’s faces
serious problems: in Russia
began a series of inspections, there were problems
the supply of meat from China in August
there was a record decline in sales
within a decade. to improve
situation, the network has developed a number of changes
in concept and menu. It begins smooth
shift from teenagers and students
(Which were the primary target
Network audience since 1930)
on other key groups: managers
junior level. In the expanded menu
selection of coffee, offer improved
breakfast. How this will affect the improvement of
Network market position – is not clear,
but today premarket McDonald’s
It lost 2.16%.

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OPEC surrender We are no longer able to defend

OPEC surrender: We are no longer able to defend oil prices

Cartel is no longer able to
protect world oil prices, which
falling more than two times since June 2014
of the year. This statement was made Minister
Energy of the United Arab Emirates Suhail al-Mazrui,
According to the agency France Press.

The minister believes that
for recovery of oil prices
We need to cut production of shale oil
in North America. “We can not continue
defend a certain price “, – he said,
Al-Mazrui, confirming also that the excess
oil appeared on the market because of the huge
volumes of shale oil.

The price of futures
Brent crude is now trading at
at $ 46.85 per
barrel, WTI – at
at $ 45.09.
Yesterday Brent fell
below $ 46 per barrel. Who will replace OPEC in the current situation – as long as is absolutely clear.

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Weis Wave for MT4

Weis Wave for MT4

This indicator is an analog Weis Wave from a recognized expert David Weiss. This is a modern adaptation of the method of Wyckoff, incorporates 30 years of experience in different markets. The object of the indicator is to calculate the cumulative amount of previous and current waves.

Features indicator

  • Responds to changes in the behavior of prices in the current wave. The indicator may begin to form a new wave of unconfirmed.
  • It works on all the possible time period.
  • To calculate the available four types of different prices.
  • Flexible adjustment calculation data visualization.

Item display

[Main Settings]

  • price type – price type (close, median, typical, weighted)
  • Wave size – to calculate the wave size indicator.
  • Volume rounding – rounding volumes. It used to reduce the amounts of force waves and convenience of their perception.

[Mapping volume and wave]

  • Show volume labels – display / not display the numerical values ​​of wave forces on the price chart.
  • Show volume waves – display / not display the wave line on the price chart.
  • Show current label – Enable / disable output power of the current wave on the price chart.
  • Current label color – font color strength of the current wave ..
  • Up label color – font color of the rising power of waves.
  • Down label color – font color force descending waves.

[Line styles and font]

  • font type – the font of numeric values ​​on the chart wave forces.
  • font size – font size of the numeric values ​​on the chart wave forces.
  • Wave width – the width of the wave lines on the chart.
  • Wave type – the type of wave lines on the chart.
  • Determined wave color – the color of certain lines of waves on the chart.
  • Undetermined wave color – the color timing uncertainty of the current wave.

[Styles more information]

  • Show info – display / not displayed on the price chart in the main display settings.
  • Info location – position of the additional information block on the chart.
  • font type – the font to display indicator on the chart settings.
  • font size – font size for display on the chart settings.
  • font color – text color for the entire unit more information.

Weis Wave for MT4

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Adviser strategy is based on the definition of the divergence of the volume and price consolidation within certain ranges.

Recommended for:

  • EURUSD M15;
  • USDJPY M15.


  • Lot, if Risk = false – If Risk = false, will be the lot;
  • Risk on / off – the inclusion of money management;
  • Risk Percent – percentage of risk;
  • Take Profit – the level of take-profit;
  • Stop Loss – stop-loss level;
  • Comment to order – comment on the open orders;
  • Magic Number – magic number to distinguish their orders from strangers;
  • Slippage – the maximum level of slip.


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Volatility Hunter

Volatility Hunter

Tired of constantly be in the sluggish markets and / or miss the big trends?

Volatility Hunter It can be a good solution. This new indicator uses the second derivative to measure the volatility (and hence the probability of the start / continuation of the trend). Simultaneously the tracking subtle changes in the character of price movements and vibrations volumes (real or teak), it provides an entry point and early conservative outputs.

In contrast to the analogues, Volatility Hunter It has additional filters to avoid off-scale on gepah or news, as well as the bad data volumes.

Volatility Hunter

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How will QE details of program

How will the QE: the details of the program

The European central
Bank released information yesterday
how the program will work quantitative
easing QE. Among other conditions, the future of QE, which starts next Monday, the document contains a list of organizations and institutions,
whose debt the ECB will buy in the first

Here are the basic facts reported by the Bloomberg news agency:

– Purchases under the
program will begin March 9. In total,
the complexity of the volume of purchases will amount to 60 billion
euros per month.

– The ECB will buy
debt with a negative yield until
they will not lower rates on deposits
European Central Bank at the time of purchase. Deposit rate
The ECB is currently 0.2%.

– If the central bank
the euro zone will not be able to buy enough
debt instruments to perform
its location, the ECB will replace
purchases. This regulation is replaced by purchases
should allow the ECB to introduce their target
60 billion euros each month in the market.

– The ECB will not buy
More than 25% of the shares of any one type,
to avoid blocking the majority
companies in the event of any restructuring

– The ECB will buy
only in the secondary market.

– The ECB will buy
debts maturing
only 2 to 30 years.

– The ECB made a list
international and supranational
organizations and institutions whose duty is

Council of Europe Development Bank

European Atomic Energy Community

European Financial Stability

European Stability Mechanism

European Investment Bank

European Union

Nordic Investment Bank

Caisse d’amortissement de la dette
sociale (CADES)

union Nationale
Interprofessionnelle pour l’Emploi dans l’Industrie et le Commerce

Instituto de Credito Oficial

Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau

Landeskreditbank Baden-Wurttemberg

Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank


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Norges Bank lowered rate to record high in order

Norges Bank lowered the rate to a record high, in order to save the economy from falling oil

central bank
Norway today decided to reduce the
interest rates to a record low
level and he said he could cut rates
and then, because he wants to save the economy
from the fall of the largest producer of
Oil in Western Europe against the backdrop of a dive
down oil prices.

Deposit rate
It was reduced by 25 basis points – to
1.00% to 0.75%. This step is expected of all
7 of 17 economists Bloomberg. "prospects
growth for the Norwegian economy weakened,
and inflation is projected to be reduced
farther"- the governor said Oystein
Olsen said in a statement.

after loosening
policy in June signaled Olsen,
that there is a 70 percent chance that the regulator
choose another course this fall. Ever
then, oil prices have fallen by 25%, resulting in
a reduction crown approximately 7%
against the euro, while inflation was higher
2.5%. "We expect that GDP growth in mainland
part of the increase, but much more
slower pace than we have seen previously,
– said Kyrre Aamdal, Senior Economist
DNB ASA. – It will not be enough to
meet all the proposals of the working
force, so unemployment is gradually

The collapse in oil prices has already
impact on the economy – it has lost
$ 500 billion. Growth in the mainland
It slowed to 0.2% in the second quarter,
the total volume was reduced to 0.1%. Unemployment
currently hovering around
the highest rates since 2006,
because oil companies have cut
more than 20 thousand. jobs.

The pair EUR / NOK trading
at 11:28 at 9.4488 (+ 1.91%), while the
closing yesterday she was on the mark
9.2720. EUR / USD is beginning
fall after the decision was announced
Norway’s central bank – to the level

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