Modified VIX Fix

Modified VIX Fix

“VIX Fix – a powerful indicator capable of detecting price depression for any asset

VIX (Volatility Index) – a ticker symbol implied volatility of S&P 500 calculated Chicago Board Options Exchange. VIX is a popular measure of market risk, as well as one of the best ways to measure the existing price depressions. Unfortunately, it exists only for S&P 500 …

The indicator VIX Fix Larri Vilyamsom was published in 2007. It synthesizes the volatility index VIX for any asset (not only the S&P). VIX Fix reflects the interest of investors in the future of the movement, where high indicators associated with price depressions. The influence of investor sentiment is amplified in the price troughs, so VIX and VIX Fix is ​​best suited to determine only depressions. Here, we present a modified VIX Fix, which includes the modification of the standard deviation and the Stochastic, Williams proposed in article 2007, releasing the depression and help you accurately find the entries in the transaction.


We’ve added alerts and email alert, are sent in determining the price depression period “Normal” VIX Fix (i.e., turquoise color histogram bars) and at the intersection of the signal line stochastic user upper and lower thresholds “Stochastic” VIX Fix (see screenshots). Information about the e-mail recipients and SMTP must be indicated in the MT4 settings before using e-mail alerts.


  • VIX Type (Regular or Stochastic): Selecting one of the display types, normal VIX Fix (wherein the hollows are allocated using BB) or stochastic VIX Fix
  • Color Scheme (Default or User Define): Selecting a color scheme: Default – the default, “User Define” – manual adjustment of the indicator color
  • Invert values ​​(may help visualization): Reverse values. In normal mode, higher values ​​indicate pricing VIX Fix cavity. When inversion low values ​​of VIX Fix mean price depression, some people prefer this type of visualization. This inverts both regular and stochastic VIX.
  • Calculation period for standard deviation (Default = 22): the number of bars used for calculating the standard deviation, which is used in the calculation
  • Bollinger band length (Default = 20): for calculating the number of bars BB (VIX is applied to the conventional type, selection bars turquoise color)
  • Bollinger band standard deviations (Default = 2.0): number of standard deviations for calculation BB (VIX is applied to the conventional type, selection bars turquoise color)
  • Calculation period for percentile (Default = 50): the number of bars to calculate the percentage change (VIX is applied to the conventional type, selection bars turquoise color)
  • High percentile threshold (0.85 = 05%): custom threshold for a high percentage range (VIX is applied to the conventional type, selection bars turquoise color)
  • Stochastic K period (if VixStochastic Type): the number of bars for the calculation of the line K stochastic VIX
  • Stochastic D period (if VixStochastic Type): the number of bars for the averaging calculation line D from the line K stochastic VIX
  • Turns on / off all alerts: Include (if true) or off (if false) all notifications. When choosing VIX conventional type, that is all that is required, it will include a warning on price depressions (turquoise histogram bars). When choosing the type VixStochastic, also need to select the type of alert (See options “For VixStochastic: …” below)
  • For VixStochastic: Alert when above upper threshold: When true alerts are delivered when the value of the stochastic VIX Fix will be above a certain upper threshold user
  • For VixStochastic: Upper alert threshold (Default = 80.0): A user-defined upper threshold for alert. This is an absolute value that automatically adapts to a negative value if Invert Values ​​= true.
  • For VixStochastic: Alert when below lower threshold: When true alerts are delivered when the value of the stochastic VIX Fix will be below a certain lower threshold, the user
  • For VixStochastic: Lower alert threshold (Default = 20.0): A user-defined lower threshold for alert. This is an absolute value that automatically adapts to a negative value if Invert Values ​​= true.
  • Turn on alerts message: If true, the update will appear in a popup window
  • Turn on alerts sound: When true beeping
  • Turn on alerts email: If true, the notification will be sent by email

Determination of the entry and exit points

Modified VIX Fix It defines the periods of market downturn, and stochastic modification VIX helps to detect an entry point (call). However, the VIX does not determine the exit point, as the indicator is best suited to determine the price troughs, not tops.

Modified VIX Fix well with fading trend indicators, such as the Fano Factor, for detecting the exit points and / or Relative Momentum Index to determine / confirm the inputs and outputs.

Modified VIX Fix

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In the Forex market, the main focus on the liquidity of the EURUSD pair, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY and XAUUSD. It is on these instruments expert ZZTop The stability, good results, which you can find in the tab “Discussion”. Also to copy transactions available signal.

Distinctive features

  • EA trades breakdown levels;
  • at the point of entry affects only one option, which allows you to minimize the likelihood of reoptimization;
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit is automatically adapted to the current volatility;
  • It calculates the amount of position built risk management system;
  • Support Market Execution and Instant Execution.

You can manually optimize the parameters for trading or take advantage of free configuration that I personally sent to you upon request.


  • Magic – advisor identifier;
  • AvgSprd – the average spread in points;
  • StopLevels – size levels StopLevels your broker in points;
  • Commission – the size of the full Commission in points;
  • Risk – risk per trade as a percentage of the deposit;
  • Deposite – the amount of which is calculated Risk (0 – the current balance);
  • Positions – Long&Short or LongOnly, or ShortOnly;
  • InnerZone – shift inward from the level in points;
  • OuterZone – shift outwardly from the level in points;
  • TimeLimit – time to open a position, in seconds;
  • MultipleTrades – a limit on the number of simultaneously open positions;
  • MainPeriod – defines the entry point, the recommended range of 10 to 50;
  • StopLoss – the recommended range of 10 to 100. If 0 is not established;
  • TakeProfit – the recommended range of 10 to 100. If 0 is not established;
  • Trailing – recommended range of 10 to 100. If 0 is not used;
  • TimeOut – close the transaction after a specified number of minutes;
  • TimeBreake – translate stop-loss to breakeven after the specified number of minutes;
  • UseTradingTime – or not to use a time limit;
  • CloseTime – close all transaction if more than the specified time (hh: mm);
  • OFF_Hour – not to trade in these hours (12,13,18);
  • OFF_Day – do not trade on specific days of the week (1,2,5);
  • Draw – display the chart with arrows missed signals.

Please leave your feedback or suggestion on how to improve the trading system ZZTop.


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FIA Flag of Imagine HFT

FIA Flag of Imagine HFT

FIA Flag of Imagine HFT – is advisor to high-frequency trading, aimed at the achievement of profit targets for each individual transaction.


  • Trades for all symbols without restrictions
  • It uses martingale
  • Sensitive to slippage settings spreads, commissions and execution
  • Fits any broker and account type, which allowed the use of automated trading


  • Lot size: not less than the minimum size of lots for the particular symbol.
  • Other parameters: parameters except LotSize and ProfitPerUnit must be integers.
  • Deposit: recommended $ 50 000 or more to 0.01 lots.

Change settings:

You can change the settings according to the acceptable level of risk. After setting up, the adviser of parameters can also be an effective tool for intraday and even long-term trade.


  • LotSize – Lot size start trading cycle. Default 0.01 Lot.
  • AlphaGo_ID – advisor magic number, allows the adviser to the different symbols and tamyrfeymah. In this case, you must specify a different value.
  • slippage – slip control when entering a trade. 1 = 1 points.
  • ProfitPerUnit – setting take-profit cycle for transactions. Default = 0.3, i.e. take profit of 0.3 dollars for every lot of 0.01 (default bid).
  • RiskHedgeLevel– option to extend the cycle of transactions. Integer. The higher the value, the less EA trades with more conservative risk. Use integer value greater than 0. recommended value in the range from 1 to 10, respectively.
  • Starting_Time- start time adviser. platform time, not local time. Integer value in the range 0-24.
  • Finish_Time- the close of the advisor. platform time, not local time. Integer value in the range 0-24. If these two parameters are set to 0, the EA will trade without a time limit.

Test results

Attached test results were obtained on EURUSD with the default settings. During testing, the adviser worked without time restrictions, including economic news release time. Test Advisor and configure it based on acceptable risk and expected return.


The adviser offers a good solution for automated trading. It recommended for high-frequency trading.

You must configure the Adviser for specific pairs, and avoid unexpected market volatility to reduce risk.

It is necessary to carefully choose a broker based spreads, commissions and trade execution.

Do not forget to configure advisor for specific couples and market conditions.

FIA Flag of Imagine HFT

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Stock subsided America

Stock subsided America

US stock futures show
very quiet dynamics before opening
markets, because investors are waiting
Janet Yellen speech. premarket
Futures on the Dow Jones and Nasdaq
slidand down to 0.01%, futures
on S P 500 “thin” in

greater activity in the telecommunications
Sector: T-Mobile and Sprint
Corp start a price war between
themselves after their transaction
merger failed. premarket
declined stock prices Home
Depot (after the announcement about the change
manual). 0.74% shares gained Gap
after the earnings report that exceeded
analysts’ expectations.

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Why do traders lose

Why do traders lose? (Continued)

A very interesting question, and let’s try to figure it out (continue the theme – and .

Let us consider a typical example, analyzing the schedule, e.g. GBPUSD H12:

Why do traders lose

On the chart the general trend is down, but as long as pullback – turn ind.4 and blue ind.3.

Our last action – profit for the fastest indicator (on the schedule – is turning blue ind.3).

Further analysis should show the future scenario of possible actions. This two options:

1. After the rollback downward trend will continue.

2. Rollback can develop into a general trend reversal.

The best option – to wait for a reversal trend upward as open a position in the continuation of the trend is very dangerous.

The second option – to wait for a reversal of all the one-way indicator. This is the correct version, but still dangerous enough, because of the possible situation with a sharp tug at the end of a trend and a very sharp reversal of the trend. There need a safety net in the intraday trend, for example 2:00 graph, for a very quick closing position to avoid a big disadvantage in the transaction –

Conclusions: The main difficulties begin at the end of a trend, or at the transition when changing the direction of the trend. And here it is best to play it safe and not take any action on the opening of a new transaction, and wait for complete clarity in the analysis.

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Amazing Price Action

Amazing Price Action

Amazon Price Action – This indicator uses logic “price action” to monitor price fluctuations.

It uses 3 Display:

  • fast – It appears when the price exceeds the maximum or minimum level of the previous bar
  • slow – Shows how fast signals from the maximum or minimum
  • linear – Draws a line that represents the fluctuations in the price statistics.

There are no specific rules for the use of the indicator, use it in its sole discretion.
The display no parameters that determine how to use it, there are only display options:

  • Show Fast PA? – display a quick indication of “price action”
  • Show Highest / Lowest PA? – a slow-indication “price action”
  • Show line? – linear display indication “price action”
  • Alert inside Bar? – submit a notification when a “domestic” bar

Other parameters can be ignored, as they are the only style settings.
It is recommended to use this indicator in the charts higher timeframes, at least M30. Count input or closing operation / transaction when changing a linear indicator. When he rises (green) – buy, and when it goes down (red) – Sell.

Amazing Price Action

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MetaQuotes Software opens office in United Arab

MetaQuotes Software opens office in United Arab Emirates – MetaFintech

We are pleased to announce the expansion of the geography of their offices and the opening of the new office. MetaFintech LLC became an official agent of the company in the largest
international business center of the Middle East – Dubai (United Arab

The duties MetaFintech includes sales and technical support for all
MetaQuotes Software products
trading platforms, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and business automation system TeamWox.
Target region of the new representative office – the countries of South
Asia. All working there brokers and banks are potential
MetaFintech customers.

MetaQuotes Software opens office in United Arab

"In recent years, a growing number of brokerage firms increases
momentum builds and operates in the United Arab Emirates, – says CEO MetaQuotes
Software Gais Kreis. – Therefore, the decision to expand the sphere of influence and
cooperation by the region was absolutely logical – we should be
where our customers are. The company continues to grow, and its
representative office in Dubai will allow expand our activities more in
countries of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)".

"We are really proud of what can now meet the needs of
brokers in the UAE – it’s a kind of Switzerland of the Middle East – continues
Head MetaFintech Manoj Choudhary. – Platform MetaTrader long gone
beyond "just-sale terminals" to the financial
markets. Now this powerful ecosystem with a variety of services,
empowering the trader – by automatically copying transactions to
purchases finished trading robots in a special app store. Therefore
, the challenge of providing quality and timely service
MetaQuotes becomes one of the most important – the customer anywhere in the world should
be able to directly contact us and get expert

The MetaQuotes Software will soon announce the opening of another
representation – in the Republic of South Africa.

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As Apple stole from banks dream

As Apple stole from banks dream

Victor LysenkoOsnovatel and CEO RoketbankaNovaya Apple Pay technology does not threaten the banks and payment systems. It just would deprive them of a monopoly on information about customer behavior, and this is a huge source of future income

The last few years, bankers anxiously glancing at the Apple side, waiting for the invasion of their territory. Around the preparations for the attack were many rumors. Finally, a week ago, the company launched its project payments Apple Pay, and it is now possible since the facts in hand to find out what it is.

In connection with an Apple campaign on the financial market there are many questions. whether banks will suffer? Is there a threat of payment systems? The answer Samsung? And in the end, what is so new Apple’s done, what not to do to her?

Banks had something to fear from the very beginning of Apple smartphones look like a logical device for payment. In 2012, there was PassBook application that allows you to use loyalty cards and coupons, well, about 800 million accounts with iTumes attached to them by credit card customers and say nothing.

Not enough detail. And this year, Apple has made the last few steps: quickly add user identification by fingerprint, built into their smartphones NFC function, as well as contracts with payment systems, several major banks and retail chains with the United States.

What is the process of buying in a store using Apple Pay? To begin, the user needs to bind to service their bank card by already tied to iTunes or add a new one. It’s enough to take a picture of the map and enter the security code. The store at the checkout buyer brings the smartphone to the terminal on the screen pops up a notice of the impending purchase, for which authorization is sufficient to press a finger on the Touch ID button. The coincidence of the fingerprint is the proof of payment, and money is deducted from the card attached, the customer is informed about this phone vibration. This is one of the simplest procedures offered at the market.

Apple – is not the first company to try their hand at mobile payments, and they still take root is not very smooth. It turned out that simply connect the card to the mobile app is not enough: pay card itself often faster than waiting for the application to determine which store you are and what you should do. And the user’s behavior in this case, changes little. But Apple, in the first place, really implemented payments “in one click”, and secondly, find a way to move to the phone from a leather wallet is not only a bank card, and all that it is, including the loyalty program cards and transportation cards. And thirdly, already a huge amount of users linked to the iTunes charts in its assets.

It is important that this is a safer method of payment than payment cards. The data of the card when making the payment does not appear anywhere instead of a smartphone and the terminal exchange “token” – a special code, which is formed for a specific transaction. This was possible thanks published in March this year, the consortium EMVCo specifications, brings together the largest payment systems (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB). That is, the attackers are much less likely to intercept card data and use them for fraud.

So, what does this mean for the payment systems? Their position is only strengthened, because Apple now uses not only have they created earlier infrastructure in the form of credit cards, processes, etc., but also a new specification for contactless payments.

What to expect the banks? Banks can temporarily relax them in the near future is not threatened. Now Apple has agreed with the six largest banks in the United States (American Express, Bank of America, Capital One Bank, Chase, Citi and Wells Fargo) that Apple the Pay service will serve their cards. Many are not included in this list of banks got in line and wish to connect too. According to preliminary information, Apple will take with them 0.15% of the amount of transactions carried out. For most countries, it is quite a moderate percentage, and the banks will be able to a “pull”. That is much in the pocket of the banks climb Apple does not plan, in fact, like to make a payment hold.

Does Apple take the place of the banks? No, I do not want – the company does not get into the business in which it is necessary to come from an unexpected transaction in Bulgaria, and there are not huge revenues to explain to tens of millions of customers, where in the discharge of their map. For Apple, it is more important to capitalize on the sale of their devices than to climb into a complex card business of banks. Rather, it repeats the story of the sale of music tracks through iTunes at a low price: if they were all amazed low price of music supposedly not profitable for Apple’s, and the company has earned a lot of money by selling players.

Already connected to the project, the Bank exhaled with relief and rejoicing retreated threat advertising partnership with Apple on your site or on the ATM screen. However, Apple has stolen from banks dream. The last few years a lot of people told the banks that they have the Holy Grail – information about the buying behavior of customers, which can be converted into a huge source of revenue through targeted offers to users and promotional mechanics. This Grail exists, but the banks of it will get nothing, Apple wants to pick it up yourself. The company is already gaining in his team of specialists in loyalty programs and its advertising platform iAd she already has.

Apple Pay Promotion will not, of course, an easy walk in the park. A number of major reteylovyh networks, including such giants as Wal-mart, Kmart, 7-Eleven, and Best Buy, said they will block at accepting payments via Apple Pay. And they do it not just to Apple peak: the network together and create their own application called CurrentC, which is expected to launch next year. And retailers want to exclude from the chain more and payment systems to save on commissions: the money should be charged not with a credit card, and directly from the customer’s account. However, so far none of the banks is not connected to this system.

It is clear that the fight for the NFC-payments and transaction information of clients to be sharp. And the main competitor, Samsung, will not sit still and try to counterattack. Galaxy S5 smartphone already lets you log in to the PayPal payment system, fingerprint, and there are rumors that in the near future, the company will present and “smart” watches with similar payment functions.

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Mirror EA DEMO

Mirror EA DEMO

ATTENTION: this is a demo version of Mirror utility for MetaTrader 4, which is the full version can be purchased here. This version runs on real-time graphics (not in the tester), just double the minimum amount (you can test the separation positions) available for trading. To work Mirror EA is required to install the program Mirror controller, which is free on the link to download.

Mirror tool for MetaTrader 4 – is a quick and effective tool to copy transactions for an unlimited number of accounts. This is a very useful tool for management accounts (account managers).

The application consists of two parts: Mirror controller (free bar) and Mirror EA (Advisor). To work needed both products.

Mirror controller must be loaded on the master account, and each Mirror EA program is installed on a receiving account. There are no restrictions on the number of custom hosting accounts.

Additional demo video

  • Setting: = 1&list = PLp0Wvr0syhznaFa-CHbsNkWOEQP1U8H6N
  • Positions: = 2&list = PLp0Wvr0syhznaFa-CHbsNkWOEQP1U8H6N
  • Position (position management at the receiving account): = 3&list = PLp0Wvr0syhznaFa-CHbsNkWOEQP1U8H6N
  • Separation of position impossible: = 4&list = PLp0Wvr0syhznaFa-CHbsNkWOEQP1U8H6N
  • Warrants: = 5&list = PLp0Wvr0syhznaFa-CHbsNkWOEQP1U8H6N

Mirror settings Sontroller

  • Adjusting the scoring for each event, you can select one of four preset voices (David, Peter, Mary, Jennifer):
    • Placing an order;
    • Execution of the warrant;
    • Editing orders;
    • Removal order;
    • Opening position;
    • Editing position;
    • position of the division;
    • Closing position;

Mirror EA Settings

  • Master account number (required);
  • Symbol on the master (optional);
  • Slip for the opening and closing positions;
  • Money management rules;
  • Emergency stop loss (on or off) and the distance emergency stop-loss;
  • Adjusting the scoring for each event, you can select one of four preset voices (David, Peter, Mary, Jennifer):
    • Placing an order;
    • Execution of the warrant;
    • Editing orders;
    • Removal order;
    • Opening position;
    • Editing position;
    • position of the division;
    • Closing position;
  • You can customize the colors and fonts to display the advisor on the chart;


  • Mirror software enables you to copy any of the actions performed on the master account manually or by using the adviser;
  • The positions and the order can be changed to divide or close only at the receiving SLAVE-account;
  • For work that requires a DLL or other third-party applications;
  • Different names of characters from different brokers are not a problem;
  • The lot size for each receiving account can be set separately.

Money Management Features

There are five ways to control the size of the lot:

  • The lot size is the size of the receiving account lot master account;
  • Taken into account the aspect ratio of deposits on the account provider and the receiving account. (Assume resolution provider account is $ 5000 and Lot 2 are opened, the size of the receiving account is $ 7000, respectively, the lot size being opened will be: 7000/5000 = 1.4 (ratio) 2 * 1.4 = 2.8 lot);
    “Risk percentage” also has additional configuration. If this is set, a new volume value is calculated using a given percentage and the results of the previous claims. For example, if the size of the lot of the above formula was 2.8, and the parameter “Risk persentage” is 90%, the final lot size is calculated as 2.8 * 90/100 = 2.52.
  • By Larri Vilyamsa formula:
    • This rule has 4 parameters:
      • capital (equity, balance or free margin);
      • percentage of risk;
      • loss type (% of the price, pips, pips in digital format, in money);
      • maximum loss (% pips or currency)
    • the amount calculated as follows: (* Risk capital percentage) / maximum loss; for example: (4 703.00 $ * 5%) = 235.15; 235.15 / 450.00 = 0.52 lot;
  • Factor. (If the account provider 2 lots open and the multiplier is 1.5, the number of lots for the receiving account will be: 2 * 1.5 = 3 lots);
  • Fixed lots.

Features Emergency stop-loss

Emergency stop-loss is provided in case of loss of communication between the master account provider and the receiving account.

If the connection between the master and the receiving account is lost, open account at the receiving position may be left without control.

If the function is activated the emergency stop-loss position in the receiving account will be closed at this level of stop-loss.


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KMR Scalper

KMR Scalper

KMR Scalper – a fully automatic expert. Robot for high-frequency trading. The strategy is based on the breakdown of price levels, the robot searches for breakdowns on taymfrreymah H1 and H4. Always use pending orders with very close stops, does not use martingale, grid or hedging, instead applies a smart money management. In the input parameters is not setting a lot, because the adviser uses a system of money management. Expert KMR Scalper opens a large number of transactions, but the stop loss is at the distance of only 5 pips, which allows to avoid large drawdowns. It shows good results with a risk of 1%. Most effective on EURUSD 4H. The robot works only on EURUSD pair.

Monitoring real account:


  • Always use pending orders
  • A small stop-loss
  • Use a trailing stop
  • You can start trading with only $ 100
  • It does not martingale
  • without grid
  • without hedging
  • Without any signs of high-risk strategies
  • Most effective on EURUSD H4
  • easy setup
  • Technical support
  • updating

Testing history:

  • 2010-2015 from $ 1000 to $ 14,181,870
  • 2015.01.04 – 2015.10.06 = 12898 $


It works better on EURUSD 4H. It is recommended to work with a broker who has less spread and it is desirable to use the VPS. Before testing the strategy tester download the necessary history. It works with the default settings. The risk is only 1%, test it with another% risk before trading on a live account, but I suggest to start with a risk of 1%. For other parameters, use the default values.

If you have questions, contact me.


  • Risk: Money management of risk%
  • Stop loss: Stop loss in pips
  • Take profit: Take profit in pips
  • Slippage: Allowable slippage for opening an order
  • expiration days: Expiration date of the pending order in days
  • expiration hours: Expiration date of the pending order in hours
  • expiration minutes: Expiration date of the pending order in minutes
  • Trailing stop: Trailing stop in pips
  • Trailing step: Trailing step
  • Trailing startIndentation in pips from the opening price
  • Magic number: A unique number for each chart

KMR Scalper


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