Kiev is not obstruct transit of Russian gas to

Kiev is not obstruct the transit of Russian gas to Europe

Ukraine will not be
prevent the transit of Russian
gas to Europe and overlap pipelines.
This statement was made Minister of Energy
Yuriy Prodan during the summit
Heads of the Customs Union in Minsk,

He also noted that
European traders and energy
companies do not have contracts with
“Ukrtransgaz”, as “the European
companies have to “Gazprom” of the contract.
“The guarantee of gas supplies to Europe depend
exclusively on the behavior of Gazprom,
and its behavior unpredictable.
Gazprom wants to … – shut the gas, but wants
– closes the gas, “- he said ambiguously
Ukrainian minister.

Energy Evrokomisar
Günther Oettinger, in his turn, said,
that at the moment concerns the overlap
No gas transit RIA

Recently, the media reported,
Ukraine within the framework of anti-Russian
sanctions may prohibit the transportation of
Russian energy resources through its

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VR Your Period DEMO

VR Your Period DEMO

Demo version

The indicator allows the trader to create any schedule period.

Now the trader can create, customize, and analyze graphs in the range from 1 to 10,000 minutes.


  • Time Frame / Period – the period specified schedule strictly in minutes, 1 hour = 60 min, 1 day = 1440 minutes and so on..
  • Start Time – start time of data analysis terminal candles.

The indicator can be started in the strategy tester. Thus as
Start Time is recommended to indicate the start date of the test. recommended
testing period – M1.


The indicator is based on the terminal minute candle MetaTrader
4. The older date Start Time, the more minute the candles should be
convert light and draw the new candles.

For processing large amounts of data may take time,
so it is recommended to set Start Time is not older than six months.

The indicator is designed so that when it is installed between
terminal native schedule changes to minutes without the possibility of change
period through a terminal key.

This is done to obtain the most accurate data for the calculation of
another period specified by the user in the input field or settings

When installing any other indicators in conjunction with VR indicator
Your Period party, as well as built-in indicator terminal
calculated from the data terminal with the M1 and do not take for calculation of candles and
periods indicator VR Your Period.

Limitation of the demo version:

The settings are retained only Period (maximum 10) and Start Time. Other settings are available in the full version.

Go to page the full version.

VR Your Period DEMO


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Canadian Dollar on Wednesday evening has surprised

Canadian Dollar on Wednesday evening has surprised traders

Last night
the Canadian dollar was literally
a state of “free fall” when
The Bank of Canada unexpectedly announced that
reduces the rate from 1.00% to 0.75%. The pair USD / CAD,
for example, the Canadian fell more than 300
points. Now the pair has steadily
It is trading at levels of about 1.23 – to 10:50
by MSK at around 1.2358.

Yesterday’s reports showed that wholesale
Canadian sales in November fell by
0.3%, while expected to only 0.2%. Later, the head of the Bank of Canada delivered a speech,
Now many couples with Canadian gradually adjusted to higher levels.
For example, the pair AUD / CAD yesterday
rose from the level of 0.9924 to 1.0036, and today
It traded near the level of 1.0000.

USD / CAD rose yesterday,
After a few levels of resistance.
The pair has traded almost unchanged
Asian and European sessions, but
in the US rose sharply. Now
Resistance is expected at
1.2387, support – at the level of 1.2261. It is possible to rise to 1.30 within a few months.

In addition to these pairs
Canadian shaken as the position of pairs
EUR / CAD, NZD / CAD, CAD / CHF (see

Canadian Dollar on Wednesday evening has surprised

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Positive motivation in trading

Positive motivation in trading

Let’s start with what appeared young trader!

The most common way a novice trader
Advertising: «On FOREXe some millionaires, and lacks only you
!!! “Well, who would refuse from such
zavlekushki? Naturally all run
take their turn to how to join this elite group as soon as possible not very poorest members
society … More: Express training for a couple of weeks
any courses, view multiple video clips and reading diagonally two
books: and both of the psychology of trading, such as Alexander Elder "How to play and win at the stock exchange", And of possible (but not required) that represents the FOREX and for what it is.

Next has been going on is not so much fun as a novice:
necessary to examine the trading platform to its core capabilities and open
a demo account to test the volume of acquired knowledge, and, of course, your intuition, which is constantly whispering:
“Open position – a 100% gain!”

After a while, there is a feeling that here it is – the beginning of a new
life, and it remained one small thing – to open a real account and find the bag more
(Instead of the purse) …

I think many people remember the pleasant moments of their
life … But all good things come to an end has a property
and begins polosochka
a different color, which is why it continues for too long …

It was at that moment my eye caught the other books where the “detail” signs that FOREX – is a scam, and that only 5% of the
100% earn in this market and exclusively at the expense of your made

Rosy picture begins to change color in the gray tones
different colors, and there is not surmountable feeling that you “threw at
grandmother “… and I want to forget this for faster
period of life, like a bad dream.

Here are just now need the right
built positive motivation, that young trader did not give up their new

try to identify the topics that would be supported by the trader in his desire
continue to engage in trading:

  1. slender
    logical Scheme design a trading strategy to make a profit on
    market (combating negative material on FOREX).
  2. examples
    successful trading
    market – targets for growth.
  3. examples
    breakeven trade on FOREX
    Proving the fallacy of reasoning generally accepted on this subject (
    opening new prospects for improving skills).
  4. long-term objectives in trading, for which it is desirable to pay attention.
  5. ….

You can try to continue this list, and for each item
offer information to motivate the trader in his future work.

P.S. One possible motivation options trader:

according to claim 1 –

according to claim 2 – Signal Analysis

according to claim 3 –

according to claim 4 –

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Enrichers first broker in MetaTrader 5 in Pakistan

Enrichers – the first broker in the MetaTrader 5 in Pakistan

Recently, we reported on the launch of the MetaTrader 5 on the currency market of Moscow
Exchanges, and before that the platform made its debut in Thailand, where the first of Apple Wealth
local brokers offered it to its traders. Now the MetaTrader 5 opens
for himself another growing market with significant investment opportunities
– Pakistan. Lahore company Enrichers Private Limited officially became the first MetaTrader-Broker
in the country.

Enrichers first broker in MetaTrader 5 in Pakistan

ENRICHERS – corporate member of the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange PMEX, which
brokerage services in the commodity trading. The company is one of the
the largest market participants and estimated exchange PMEX as a commodity broker №1 in

Director ENRICHERS Syed Abdullah Boukari believes that “PMEX traders get
the ability to trade on the stock exchange through a high-speed and convenient platform
MetaTrader 5 provides access to a variety of built-in services – from
automatic advisers and copy trading to Market ready applications. This gives us a significant competitive advantage, and our customers – new

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XLpips mechanical trading system operating according to the algorithm of neural networks. This indicator is the most effective entry points into the market and in the form of arrows provides a signal to the trader. Up Arrow – buy, down arrow – sell. In addition, this indicator can predict the imminent approach of reversal rates and inform the trader by highlighting the corresponding color histogram and a text message.

An additional advantage of this indicator is that it is able to send push notifications and email trader.

An indicator:

  • parametr1 – is calculated parameter indicator. That it affects the calculation of the input wavelength of the analyzing. With this parameter you set the frequency of the input signals indicator.
  • bars – the number of bars used to calculate the indicator. The maximum allowable value 2000. The default value 1000 (recommended).
  • UpColor – color signal to buy.
  • DownColor – color sell signal.
  • FlatColor – the color of the flat signal.
  • TextColor – text color of the indicator on the chart.
  • email – sending signals to the email. The default is off.
  • push – sending push notifications. The default is off.
  • alert – alert signals. The default is off.
  • sound – when a playback of the sound signal. The default is off.
  • music – the sound file to play. It must be in the Sounds folder of your terminal. 

Important! This indicator is not redrawn! 


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Dollar weakened against euro but rises against yen

The dollar weakened against the euro, but rises against yen

During trading on Thursday,
in the morning the euro against the US dollar by 9:52 MSK
It rose to $ 1.1086 (+ 0.29%) in comparison with the level
closing $ 1.1053. However, the dollar becomes more expensive
against the yen – investors are waiting for June
unemployment data, which again
can raise the forecast wave of rise
Fed interest rates this year. USD / JPY pair
trading at
123,40 level (+ 0.19%). The euro also strengthened
against the yen – with EUR / JPY was trading at
mark 136.77 (+ 0.46%).

Today, the Ministry of
US Department of Labor will publish unemployment data
in June. According to Bloomberg estimates experts, the number of
jobs grew by 233 in the US in June
th., and the unemployment rate dropped to 5.4% from

"Good account of
Unemployment will increase expectations of growth
Fed rates and support the purchase
dollars and selling yen, – said a senior
economist at Mizuho Bank Ltd. Tokyo Daisuke
Karakama. – However, I have doubts
as to how significant
perhaps in anticipation of a stronger dollar
Greek referendum".

"Traders already
prepare for the worst, and now
reduce short positions in the euro –
Karakama said. – continued
repositioning helps
some strengthening of the euro".

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MQL5 community Now in Japanese – Now in Japanese!

Japan is among the seven countries whose residents often visit the site This is a very important audience for us, which is to feel
themselves on the resource at home. Especially we charge for these users
language barriers and launching the Japanese version of the site at

Materials of the site up to now translated into 5 languages, is now
added sixth – Japanese. We want to be clear for all 800,000
Registered users of the site and are constantly engaged in localization Talk to a trader in one language – that is what we strive for.

MQL5 community Now in Japanese

Tens of thousands of Japanese people are already regularly use the resource,
to find information about algotreydinge in the financial markets. And then
launch a localized version of the site of their number will only increase. After all, the provided unique information, which is not present in the other
sites and powerful service base for the MetaTrader platform:

  • 4 000+ signals to automatically copy trades
  • 6 000+ commercial applications in the Market
  • 6 000+ Free Code Library
  • 500+ developers willing to write any robot
    the level of difficulty.

The site interface has been translated into Japanese, a professional team is now actively
He is working on the translation of the materials section "Articles" and libraries
Codes Code Base.

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Why traders difficult to maintain long term su

Why traders difficult to maintain long-term success

Why traders difficult to maintain long-term success

In film "Broadcast News" starlet Tom asks Aaron, the famous reporter: "What do you do when your life begins to exceed your wildest dreams?" "Keep it to yourself", – said Aron. This is good advice for the winning traders. One of the problems that prospective traders often forget to take into account – as far as can change lives when their work will bring, finally paid off and they begin to trade profitably. In one of our studies in Innerworth, we have found that relatively few of our customers anticipate any adverse effects, when they will have huge trading profits. In other words, it seems that many of our readers are exposed "fear of success". However, many have become successful traders say that success has not been as expected. There are many stories about how at last realized huge profits winning traders have led to confusion in the society. For example, once your family and friends see that you have any extra money, they feel envy or jealousy. They may take offense at you for what you have more money and resources than they have. There are, in addition, the common belief that trading – it "easy money", But you do not deserve to income for which did not have to work hard. In the end, winning traders feel that they have with their new wealth was no place that their family and friends do not treat them the way they expected. Some successful traders may feel a strong need to find new friends and new surroundings. You secretly believe that the more you make a profit, the more difficult it will be your life? If so, this belief may lie in the subconscious, powerfully affecting your results. However, this trend is easy to neutralize. Just leave your success to themselves. There are many good reasons to do so.

Many traders succeed, but often fleeting. It is difficult to maintain long-term success. One of the main reasons for the impossibility of conservation success – extreme stress. Stress and social pressure should be minimized. Public pressure – a significant source of stress. For example, if you decide to raise their standard of living or to show off their trading achievements, to establish a reputation in your environment, you will feel the urgent need to maintain social status and to protect its reputation. This social dynamic is much more powerful than imagine traders. It can not be underestimated. The best way to neutralize this effect – just keep the success to themselves. Do not try to put yourself in a favorable light. Do not talk with your friends about trade, and of course, do not tell them how well you work. The modest and, to some extent, secretive you are, the easier it will be to stay focused on trade. Remember, winning traders ultimately sell for profit. They find pleasure in trading, both in itself. Paradoxically, when traders forget about profits, they achieve high results. When they focus on income, their actions appear hesitant. So, ultimately, there is no reason for the sharp change their lifestyle just because you win. It is better to keep the success to themselves, keeping revenues for possible subsidence or other cloudy days, and enjoy the process of trade. By doing so, you will be able to keep trading profitability.

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Barclays Sell EURUSD and buy USDCHF

Barclays: Sell EUR / USD and buy the USD / CHF

* Barclays Plc. – one of the largest in the UK and the world of financial conglomerates with a wide presence in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Traders should consider selling EUR / USD and buying USD / CHF this week, according to Barclays Capital.

In its portfolio of Barclays maintains shorts in EUR / USD from 1.1287 to 0.99 goals, and in Long USD / CHF from 1.0068 to 1.350 goals.

just added to your blog or Apostolidi.rf (who conveniently Cyrillic) new forecasts

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