Martex (From the words “martingale »and« Forex“) – Universal Advisor Forex hedging and with averaging strategy (Martingale). Martex may average not only their orders, but other orders opened by another advisor or trader opened manually. To do this, just set in the advisor magic number -1 (minus one). Advisor will be interesting for both beginners and experienced traders.

Key features and benefits advisor Martex

  • can open orders in both directions, to buy and sell at the same time;
  • Martingale is possible “foreign” orders, including a trader to manually open and even with “castle”;
  • averaging two styles to choose from (Classic and Aggressive);
  • two martingale strategy to choose, according to various indicators;
  • it is possible to work only with the Martingale initial volume of the lot;
  • It can operate without the martingale, as a normal trend Advisor;
  • there is a stop-loss, which can optionally disable;
  • It has separate indicators for the opening of trading positions and martingale;
  • It has two configurable timeframe separately for trading and separately for martingale;
  • You can set a level of drawdown at which the adviser will suspend its work;
  • You can set your stop out level (Stop Out) at which the Advisor will automatically close all open positions;
  • there is a trailing stop and breakeven for single orders and orders for averaging;
  • closing with a profit of single orders or a series of orders martingale when the direction of moving averages;
  • while profit single orders are closed for take-profit, and a series of open orders for martingale in the percentage of the profit from the Balance;
  • You can set a limit on the number of orders open on martingale;
  • Advisor to work with “hot keys” with the help of which you can very quickly close all open positions in the terminal;
  • Martex adviser works on both the dollar (USD) and the ruble bills (RUR);
  • It works on accounts with the quotation 4 and 5 decimal places.

Councilor parameters (reduced)

Block 1 «GENERAL SETTINGS» – General settings.

  • Magic Number – magic number;

Block 2 «RISK MANAGEMENT» – risk management.

  • Take Profit – Take Profit;
  • Stop Loss – stop-loss;
  • Use stop loss – use stop-loss;
  • Lots – setting a fixed volume of the lot;
  • AutoLot – Risk in% – automatic calculation of the volume of the lot.

Block 3 «INDICATORS FOR TRADING» – displays for trade.

  • Timeframe for Moving Averages (MA) – timeframe for the MA;
  • Close orders with profit on MAs – close orders at a change in direction MA;
  • Period Long MA – long period MA;
  • Shift Long MA – long shift MA;
  • Type Long MA – long range type MA (calculation method);
  • Price Long MA – range of prices for a long MA;
  • Period Short MA – short period MA;
  • Shift Short MA – shift short MA;
  • Type Short MA – short range type MA (calculation method);
  • Price Short MA – range of prices for short MA.

Block 4 «TRAILING STOP AND BREAKEVEN» – trailing stop and breakeven.

Block 5 «MARTINGALE PARAMETERS» – Martingale parameters.

  • Martingale on / off – incl. / off. martingale;
  • Profit% martingale – percentage of profits at Martingale, at which all orders are closed;
  • Drawdown in%, to stop trading – a specified percentage of the drawdown when reaching trade will be suspended;
  • Stop Out%, close all orders – a specified percentage of the loss after which all orders are closed;
  • Loss in pips for martingale – loss of points after which work will begin martingale;
  • Step martingale – the minimum step between orders martigeyla;
  • Multiplier (Classic) – factor for classical martinegeyla;
  • Style martingale (Classic, Aggressively) – martingale style choice;
  • Divider (Aggressively) – divider for aggressive martingale;
  • Maximum number of orders – the maximum number of orders for martingale.
  • Allow hedging – permit trade in both directions (to allow hedging);
  • Percentage for closing hedging orders – profit percentage at which you want to close the hedged order;
  • Multiple close by – close by opposite positions.

Block 6 «MARTINGALE INDICATORS» – Indicators for martingale.

Block 7 «WORK FRIDAY» – work on Friday.

Complete Guide to the adviser Martex, test reports, as well as set-files to it can be found in the “Discussion” section.



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Mr Lowry EA

Mr Lowry EA

Mr. Lowry EA – Counselor, allowing you to apply the strategy developed by Scott Lawrie from the intersection of moving averages in different situations, for example:

  • You can specify different application periods. The program runs on a specified period of time regardless of the schedule on which it is running.
  • You can specify the maximum spread in the performance of operations, saving on unnecessary high commissions and increase profits.
  • If desired, you can customize the use of a mobile stop level.
  • You can also configure the use of take-profit. Check the number of characters in your broker’s quotes.
  • The lot size can be calculated based on a percentage of your capital. It is recommended to use from 0.01 to 0.05 lots for each $ 1,000 of capital.
  • Taking into account the time difference in different markets, you can determine the time at which the operation should be open or closed.

Input parameters:

  1. Trading Style: trading style. “Intraday” mode is used to close the transaction on the same day. The “Swing” mode, the transaction will be closed in the same week. When the mode “Position trading” the transaction will remain open for more than one week.
  2. Day for start trading: the first day of trading (the default values ​​are optimized for use on server time GMT + 2).
  3. Day for end trading: Day Trade Deadline. (The default values ​​are optimized for use on server time GMT + 2)
  4. Hour start trading: hour pre-trade (0-24). (The default values ​​are optimized for use on server time GMT + 2)
  5. Hour close trading: hour of trading end (0-24). (The default values ​​are optimized for use on server time GMT + 2)
  6. Main period: period for the advisor.
  7. Max value for spread: maximum spread.
  8. Volume: lot size for every thousand of your capital.
  9. Tecnical settings: setting each of the three moving averages.
  10. Close Winning trades: the conditions for the closing of winning trades, as well as the desired level of SL, TP and minimum income.
  11. Close losing trades: the conditions for the closure of loss-making positions.
  12. UsePenalizationFactor: at a value of true, the penalty factor will be used in case of consecutive losses.

Important: The default values ​​are optimized advisor on historical data for the past 10 years in the pairs AUD / USD, EUR / JPY, EUR / GBP, EUR / USD, GBP / JPY and GBP / USD to 5 characters after the decimal point and the basic period of 240 minutes. When using this advisor should be understood that these results are not a guarantee of success in the future, and that no one except you will not be liable for any decisions or investments you have made in the market.

When tested in the tester strategies do not forget that the adviser working on the main configured timeframe specified in the settings, regardless of the schedule period in which the adviser working. For example, if a tester is selected period of 5 minutes, but the parameters specified period of 240 minutes, all calculations will be made for a period of 240 minutes, but they will be visualized in the graph and calculated according to 5 min 5 min. This allows for faster and more accurate testing the strategy tester using the opening price of minute bars. The results will be very similar to the results in the “Every tick”, but testing is much faster.

Mr Lowry EA

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Often trading opportunities appear unexpectedly and almost always require fast and precise execution. Intuitive myPosition tool is designed precisely for such situations. Just drag the stop level and the entrance to the desired value, and the tool will take care of the size and position of the target price.

No hot keys or unwanted windows – panel myPosition always positioned at the right edge in the vicinity of the current price and is always ready for use.

position is calculated based on user preferences. You can select one or two goals, the risk of a percentage or a fixed amount of any financial instrument.

myPosition panel instantly adjusts and distributes harmoniously stop input, the purpose and size of the position relative to each other at the time, how you plan to trade by moving myPosition on the chart. Never before have you seen your settings with such clarity. This reduces stress and helps to minimize errors caused by the long tedious routine tasks manually and makes planning for the next transaction in the exciting process.

Tool “myPosition” works as a standalone product, customized specifically for your shopping needs, from scalping to position trading, on any timeframe. If desired, for a more complete input system, you can optionally use ‘myEntry’.


  • All levels are graphically displayed on the graph.
  • Takes the position of 1 or 2 parts.
  • It calculates the size of the position on the basis of: (a) a fixed value, (b) interest risk on account balance, available funds or free margin.
  • Adjustable parameters risk ratio for profit.
  • Automatically draws the purpose (s).
  • Do not ignore the spread:
    • It calculates the true value of the risk to reward ratio, including in the calculation of the spread.
    • Draws on the chart the correct price of supply and demand – the yellow line BID and red dotted line ASK.
    • Intelligently adapts to the warrants for the purchase and sale.
  • Customizable “buffer” item to enter and stops for a candle or price patterns.
  • Suitable for any trader, for any timeframe.
  • It can be used for stop-and limit orders.
  • Tested free in the strategy tester.

Instructions for use

  • Drag the levels of stops and the entrance to the approximate desired value.
  • Press ADJUST settings button, and the program will adjust the size of the input and outputs.


myPosition panel options are easy to use. The default values ​​are:

The overall risk is 2% of the account balance to the transaction for the position of two parts, the purpose of at least 1: 1 for positions 1 and 2: 1 for the 2 position.

(The default values ​​are shown in parentheses)

  • Risk (2.0) – selected risk percentage or fixed value, for example, 2% of the account balance per trade or $ 100 on the deal.
  • RiskMethod (1) – 1 = percent balance, 2 = a fixed value.
  • AccountSizeMethod (1) – percentage of account balance = 1, 2 = available funds, 3 = free margin. The parameter is not used when the risk in the form of a fixed amount.
  • Target1RR (1.0) – the number of points in relation to risk. For example, for the purpose of 1: 1 point 1.0, Goal 2: 1 point 2.0, etc.
  • Target2RR (2.0) – the same parameter for the target price the second position. When trading position in one portion specify the value 0.
  • EntryBuffer (0) – the number of points at which the input level is changed in accordance with a candle or pattern ADJUST button after clicking on myPosition panel. For brokers with five-digit quotes 10 points is 1 pip.
  • StopBuffer (20) – the number of points for placing a stop level for candles or pattern after pressing the ADJUST button. For a five-digit quotes brokers 20 points 2 = pip.
  • ShowPrice (true) – Display the entry price, stop and exit on the chart.
  • ShowAsk (true) – displaying prices ASK demand as a red dotted line showing the levels for placing orders with uchetorm spread.
  • ShowComment (true) – Display options trading at the top of the chart.
  • Floating_Offset (20) – the right distance between the current candle and floating tool.

NoteIf you do not want to take into account the spread in the order management system, and set the parameters AdjustRiskForSpread AdjustRewardForSpread in is false. Not recommended.


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Fractals ST Patterns

Fractals ST Patterns

Indicator Fractals ST patterns It is a modified indicator Fractals Bill Williams, and allows you to specify any number of bars to find fractal. This simple indicator corresponds to the parameters ST patterns Strategy. Structural Target patterns at its core is the market itself, consistently divided into components. for the formation ST patterns We do not want the trend line, the geometric proportions of the model itself, trading volume and open interest in the market. They are easily recognized and are being built on the basis of the fact of penetration fractal levels and distances to the objectives. ST patterns removed from the market uncertainty inherent in the prior art graphic compositions and simplify the work of the trader.

A fractal is a set of two arrows – upwards (upper fractals) and down (lower fractals). Each fractal satisfies the following conditions:

  • Upper fractal – the maximum (high) signal bar is greater than or equal to the maximum of all the bars from a range of left and right;
  • Lower fractal – a minimum (low) signal bar is less than or equal to the minimum of the range of bars on the left and the right.

Input parameters

  • Bars around – the number of bars before and after the central bar;
  • arrow offset – Indent arrows from the high / low bar prices in paragraphs.

tab Colors (Color), you can customize the colors and size of the arrow to separate the upper and lower fractals.

Fractals ST Patterns

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Why do traders lose

Why do traders lose? (Continued)

A very interesting question, and let’s try to figure it out (continue the theme – and .

Let us consider a typical example, analyzing the schedule, e.g. GBPUSD H12:

Why do traders lose

On the chart the general trend is down, but as long as pullback – turn ind.4 and blue ind.3.

Our last action – profit for the fastest indicator (on the schedule – is turning blue ind.3).

Further analysis should show the future scenario of possible actions. This two options:

1. After the rollback downward trend will continue.

2. Rollback can develop into a general trend reversal.

The best option – to wait for a reversal trend upward as open a position in the continuation of the trend is very dangerous.

The second option – to wait for a reversal of all the one-way indicator. This is the correct version, but still dangerous enough, because of the possible situation with a sharp tug at the end of a trend and a very sharp reversal of the trend. There need a safety net in the intraday trend, for example 2:00 graph, for a very quick closing position to avoid a big disadvantage in the transaction –

Conclusions: The main difficulties begin at the end of a trend, or at the transition when changing the direction of the trend. And here it is best to play it safe and not take any action on the opening of a new transaction, and wait for complete clarity in the analysis.

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Grid Inside

The Grid Inside

The Grid Inside works in counter-trending mode, automatically opens a new order when the target price on the Fibonacci 23.6 and 73.6 levels.

If the price goes in the wrong direction, it opens another warrant with a calculated size of the lot and the price.

All positions are closed when the target profit, indicated in the parameters.

Because TGI does not use stop loss, it is not recommended to install it on an account with a sum of more than you can afford to lose.

You can restrict the margin for closing the orders when the specified target level of margin.

I recommend to use the virtual server (VPS), and the parameter H1 timeframe pipStep, equal to 40 or higher. The recommended initial deposit – 1200 USD or higher with a minimum item 0.01.

The adviser works on any currency with low spread, the maximum – about 15.

Input parameters

  • useMM – use money management, the initial lot size multiplied in accordance with the amount in the account.
  • fixedLot – the fixed value of the lot.
  • moneyTarget – the number of points at which all transactions will be closed, works as a virtual take-profit.
  • depositLoad – used for capital management, the value for each original lot (for example: 2000 -> original lot is 0.01, at 4000 -> original lot is 0.02).
  • maxMarginLimit – limiting margin using moneyTarget, if trading is becoming too risky, all transactions are closed on marginTarget.
  • marginTarget – similarly moneyTarget, the transaction closed when this value is reached.
  • cciPeriod – the number of bars for the calculation of the CCI.
  • cciPrevious – last bar for comparison to the current value of the CCI.
  • cciHighLowLevel – highs and lows, accounted indicator CCI.
  • displayInfo – enable the display of information.
  • buyAndSell – allow the simultaneous use of orders for sale and purchase.
  • lotFactor – lot multiplier for further orders.
  • pipStep – minimum distance to move the new target level.
  • pipStepExpo – minimum distance factor for a new target price.
  • targetThreshold – the minimum distance above or below the last price.
  • minChannelHeight – the minimum distance for the maximum and minimum price levels for the start of trading.
  • maxChannelHeight – the maximum distance for the maximum and minimum price levels for the opening of a new deal.
  • channelBars – the number of bars needed to calculate the maximum and minimum prices of candles.
  • uniqueSymbol – Simultaneous operation of only one symbol, when false to limit the simultaneous operation with other couples is removed.
  • initHour – hour pre-trade (GMT).
  • endHour – hour of trading end (GMT).
  • Monday – allow to trade on Mondays.
  • Tuesday – allow trade on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday – allow trade on Wednesday.
  • Thursday – allow trade on Thursday.
  • Friday – allow to trade on Fridays.

Grid Inside

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As low ready to drop price Traders are being

As low ready to drop the price? Traders are being watched

Stock market traders will be
follow the small flurry of economic
Reports on Thursday, but the focus
is the bond market.

Say “boring” about
bonds this week is impossible.
Caught between the opposing methods
US Federal Reserve policy and the European
the central bank, bond yields
I took the most dramatic twists and turns,
as investors began to revise
portfolios at the end of the month. I propose to adapt the translation of an article from CNBC portal.

While S P 500
for the first time crossed the point of 2000 dealers
debt bonds this week
They watched as their yield is creeping down,
especially lost securities of
Germany and Belgium, the Netherlands and
Finland – rotation was negative.
Thus, the German 10-year bonds fell
0.90% for the first time Wednesday, while
Italian and Spanish 10-year-old
bonds are traded at a 10-year
profitability. It was not so long ago, because
these peripheral Eurozone securities
It is seen as risky.

economic reports
informed on Thursday about the level of unemployment,
as well as the GDP for the second quarter. Information
on pending sales will
later. Meanwhile, the yield of lower
duration Treasury
Bonds got a little push
up on expectations that the Fed will be in
eventually raise rates in
next year. Latest news from
Europe on Wednesday, including the Minister
German Finance Volfganga Shoyble,
tried to crush rumors that the ECB will
take additional measures to
mitigation policy, and then yield
bonds became even lower. According to
traders concerns about Ukraine
and reports that Russia has sent troops
in this country, also slightly affected
movement in the market.

Europe’s economy will
in the spotlight again on Thursday when
Germany will report the inflation data.
Betting on the fact that the European economy
It weakens and there is a risk of deflation, rather
just give a negative mood

The yield on 30-year-olds
bonds fell to 3.10, touching
the lowest level since May 2013.
Long-term bonds now!

While the market
rampant speculation that the ECB may
to build a new facility
for banks next week, there
some evidence that it could
offer or QE QE
at the end of the year or next year. A
many investors believe that the ECB
it will be difficult to run a program on
the purchase of government bonds, similar to QE

"the trend now
to reduce inflation, which means
the potential to reduce yields
bonds. What is undervalued
paper and there is a real imbalance between supply
and suggestions. They are in short supply", – he said,
chief investment
strategist at Northern Trust Dzhim Makdonald.
He noted that the Bank of Japan is buying
government bonds at the time,
When the Fed buys Treasury bonds
by QE.

McDonald said that
the growth of the stock market and rising prices for
Bonds can coexist, and low
bond yields are not
warning. "We accept that
the bond market is currently
exposed to high liquidity, so
it really is a different story with
interest rates".

There are signs that the Fed
begins to move prices higher in the second
half of next year, but it is not
It means that it will be for reserves
painfully until the economy improves.

Traders will also be
to monitor the situation around
Ukraine on Thursday. Although McDonald
He said he did not see much impact
news on the market of Ukraine is now
time, but the stock is still not on the
a record high, when markets
very restless.

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Kiev is not obstruct transit of Russian gas to

Kiev is not obstruct the transit of Russian gas to Europe

Ukraine will not be
prevent the transit of Russian
gas to Europe and overlap pipelines.
This statement was made Minister of Energy
Yuriy Prodan during the summit
Heads of the Customs Union in Minsk,

He also noted that
European traders and energy
companies do not have contracts with
“Ukrtransgaz”, as “the European
companies have to “Gazprom” of the contract.
“The guarantee of gas supplies to Europe depend
exclusively on the behavior of Gazprom,
and its behavior unpredictable.
Gazprom wants to … – shut the gas, but wants
– closes the gas, “- he said ambiguously
Ukrainian minister.

Energy Evrokomisar
Günther Oettinger, in his turn, said,
that at the moment concerns the overlap
No gas transit RIA

Recently, the media reported,
Ukraine within the framework of anti-Russian
sanctions may prohibit the transportation of
Russian energy resources through its

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Eurozone in anticipation of trouble

Eurozone: in anticipation of trouble

If Germany, France and Italy did not find a way to lift the European economy afloat, the euro is doomed. Just a few years ago, the leaders of the euro area thought that after the storm finally came clear days. Due to the promises of Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank, to “do everything possible” to maintain currency, confidence has returned to the continent. It seemed as growth resumed, albeit at a slow pace. Distressed peripheral countries were restored after the adoption of the rescue and painful measures to reduce the budget deficit and improving the competitiveness of the programs. Unemployment, particularly among young people, remained extremely high, but at least it was reduced in most countries. Spreads on bonds fell sharply against the background of the fact that the financial markets have ceased to believe in the euro disintegration. It was an illusion. In recent years the euro area gave the boat again to flow. In the second quarter of their combined GDP stagnating in Italy again he slipped into a clear recession, French GDP remained unchanged, and even mighty Germany was faced with an unexpectedly strong decline in performance. The figures for the third quarter look anxious, partly because of the growth in the Eurozone will slow down even more because of Western sanctions against Russia. At the same time, inflation dropped to a dangerously low level, up to about 0.4%, well below the target of 2%, the European Central Bank. Because of this, there are fears that the euro area as a whole could become a victim of extensive deflation. The yield on German bonds is less than 1% – another harbinger of falling prices. The euro zone is in stark contrast with the United States and Britain, whose economy has been experiencing steady growth.

The fact that four years ago began as a banking crisis has turned into a crisis of growth, which now covers three major economies. Germany is teetering on the brink of recession. France gripped by stagnation. Italy’s GDP barely exceeds the level achieved at the input of the single currency 15 years ago. Since the share of these three countries account for two-thirds of the GDP of the Eurozone, growth in countries such as Spain and the Netherlands, can not compensate for their lethargy. The root causes of the new Europe of adversity are three very familiar and interrelated problems. The first – the lack of political leaders with courage and determination, which are necessary for the implementation of structural reforms to enhance competitiveness and, ultimately, the resumption of growth: large country lost two years, bought the promise of Mr. Draghi, to do “everything possible”. The second – the public is not sure of the acute need for radical change. And the third problem: despite the efforts of Mr. Draghi, the monetary and fiscal conditions are too stringent and restrict growth, which complicates the implementation of structural reforms.

Economic Reforms

In the euro area are noticeably different manifestations of these problems. But the most acute problems of all three appear in France. Recently, its president, Socialist Fransua Olland was forced to change the composition of the government to remove it from the Arno Monteburga that, despite the post of minister of economy, persistently criticized the current policy. Mr Hollande, who became president in 2012 on a promise of cloudless future, can hardly be called a reformer, like Thatcher. But after March, he appointed Manuel Valls Prime Minister, at least he has implemented the principles of public spending cuts, tax cuts and structural reforms. In theory, a new and more cohesive government might succeed, but public opinion is not ready for this. Mr Hollande is not just unpopular; in contrast to the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who led a strong case for tough reforms (still held), the French president was unable to convince voters that the pathological changes, including a reduction in the state budget, are inevitable. Instead, Mr. Monteburg and his team make a tempting offer: if the Eurozone will cancel the existing rules and allow an increase in the budget deficit and government spending, painful reforms will no longer be needed as the economy miraculously yourself get out of a dangerous situation.

Mr. Monteburg rights with respect to the third European problems: excessive austerity, mainly carried out in the continent Germany. At the annual economic meeting in Jackson Hole, Mr. Draghi implicitly admitted that in the euro area held too tight fiscal and monetary policy. He hinted that he was in favor of quantitative easing, and used by America and Britain and called to ensure that fiscal policy is more conducive to stimulate growth – a message that was clearly addressed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. That’s all it strongly insists on the respect of budgetary discipline in the euro area, just as the German Bundesbank most opposed to quantitative easing.

Angie, you’ve never tried

Despite the general gloom, it should be possible for the negotiations. If Mr. Hollande and Mr. Renzi will be able to show a sincere desire to carry out structural reforms, Ms. Merkel must agree on a less tight fiscal policy (including an increase in public investment in Germany) and a looser monetary policy. Close your eyes and imagine how these three leaders are working with the European Commission on the completion of the single market and the promotion of trade deals with the United States. Unfortunately, in reality, Ms. Merkel is no particular reason to believe France or Italy, when the external pressure exerted on them weakened, they immediately abandoned the commitment to reform. She also promoted Jean-Claude Juncker, to do nothing of the candidate, as president of the European Commission. So, it will be difficult. But without a new push by the European leaders will not resume growth, and deflation is restored. Japan experienced a lost decade in the 1990s., And is still struggling with the consequences. But unlike Japan, Europe is not a single and united country. If monetary union will bring only stagnation, unemployment and deflation, some people in the end will vote for an exit from the Eurozone. Due to the promise of Mr. Draghi set the lower limit of the national debt, backed the market risk related to the fact that financial pressure can cause the collapse. However, the political risk that one or more countries decide to abandon the single currency is constantly increasing. The euro crisis is not over, he was waiting on the horizon.

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Apple continues to fall already up to $ 97 15

Apple continues to fall: already up to $ 97.15

Apple continued premarket
a fall. Yesterday, shares of the company worth
97.99 dollars, and today it is expected that
they will be traded for 97.15 dollars.
Apparently, all the same they were too
overrated: on the expectation of new products
share technical giant of the current
the year grew by 22%, but the market correction
not long to wait, and to 10
September immediately after the iPhone’s debut
5 s and 5 – shares retreated from
already at the top level of 2.3%.

with “mom” went back and Asian
Apple’s suppliers in Taiwan
(Semiconductor Manufacturing Co – minus
1.6%, China AAC Technologies Holdings Inc –
minus 2.3%).

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