The indicator to the right stretches all the rectangles drawn on the chart manually. The indicator can automatically recognize three types of boxes:

  • Support
  • Resistance
  • Breakdown

For each timeframe using a single color, which can be configured for input parameters tab. Rectangles shown in the current timeframe (drenched in color) and on the smaller time frames (outlines).

Special boxes (identifiable by the description of rectangles, see screenshots):

  • Keyword “Exclude” – a continuation of the triangle will be canceled.
  • The keyword “Custom” – boxes marked “Custom” will be painted a distinctive style (shading, color, contours).


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Ready-professional system maintenance position. Works on all
currency pairs and on all timeframes. Advisor correctly handles the error and works reliably
On the market. The expert uses
basic concepts: breakeven and trawl. For trawl method is selected, based not on the indicators and on the last bar
said time interval (TrailingStep
) Or point (Trailing Stop= 0).

Overview of parameters:

  • Deviation – requotes.
  • Sleeps – waiting position modification. 
  • Trailing Period – the period for which runs trawl.
  • Trailing Breakeven – level bezubytka, 0 – off.
  • Trailing Start – the level of the beginning of the trawl, 0 – off.
  • Trailing Stop – the level of the trawl, 0 – off trawl paragraphs, the active period of the trawl.
  • TrailingStep Period – trawl over the period.


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Scalp Tools Support and Resistance Levels

Scalp Tools Support and Resistance Levels

A handy tool for the analysis of important price levels in the market. Calculates support and resistance levels, and automatically saves all important settings for each symbol and timeframe! Very easy to use thanks to the graphical interface! Details are shown in the YouTube-video in HD-quality.

Please do not click “Download Trial” button! This tool does not work on a stand-alone graphics / strategy tester! Available product demo (works only on USDCAD): Scalp Tools Support And Resistance Levels

This utility does not work in the strategy tester!


  • SRLinesWidth – line thickness
  • SRLinesColorM1 SRLinesColorMN1: Color lines corresponding timeframes
  • AutoSaveType
    • SAVE_PERIODS_AND_SYMBOLS: All the settings for each symbol period and are stored separately
    • SAVE_ONLY_PERIODS: Saves the settings separately timeframe
  • IncreaseDecreaseFont – change only in the case of display problems (too large or small font)


  • M1 – MN1: Enables / disables the timeframes.
  • High / Low distance: Minimum distance between the maximum and minimum
  • Min pips diff: The minimum distance between two lines
  • Analyze bars: The number of bars for the calculation.


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Slice Of Heaven

Slice Of Heaven


Description of the latest updates on news Adviser can be found on my blog

  • First Counselor, combining 8 councilors with different analytical systems and different approaches for each pair, depending on how the couple or group of couples acting in relation to the levels of support and resistance, breakdown night scalping, trend, or different interests of the market. The entire analysis is based on data from multiple timeframes.
  • This is similar to a multi-level filter that gives the best deal, as the possibility of a deal to go through many checks before it will open.
  • Slice of Heaven sells 19 pairs at a time. You do not have to worry about the loss, as proposed here involves ultra-high accuracy on average only 1-2 trades a day.
  • To feel the power of this EA, it is necessary to use all together 19 pairs. Please do not limit yourself to only a part of them.
  • For security reasons, the adviser will not open 2 transactions on a single candle. Therefore, for example, when installing on a daily schedule, he will not open the 2 transaction in the same day by the same couple in the same direction. Therefore, we recommend 5-minute timeframe, so as not to miss a single deal.
  • Regarding the news: it is unlikely that a job counselor will affect the output of conventional and even breaking news. This is due to the high accuracy and the fact that the decision on the opening of the transaction depends on the results of long-term analysis. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to carry out a good fundamental analysis on and off a pair when you change the interest rate one of its currencies.


  • When installing the adviser on the chart in the settings you need to choose a pair to which the Advisor is installed.
  • In some pairs of the transaction will appear regularly, while others may be just 1 deal per month. It depends on the volatility of the pair, so you need to start working at full speed together because they complement each other.
  • Select a good ECN-broker, which offers a wide range of couples with different spreads.

Features martingale:

  • EA does not depend on anything other than real trading style. However, for fans of the martingale has a unique system of Martingale (disabled by default), which differs from other similar systems. This martingale system goes into standby mode, I am after receiving a certain number of pips loss (this number can be specified manually), and then begins to search for the best entry point, as well, depending on the signals and analysis results. With this martingale is no longer a matter of luck and does not create an additional loss-making transactions as usual.
  • Also, the martingale system has a choice of the number of opened deals. You can select 2 simultaneously open trades, 3 or even 3. You can specify different values ​​for TP and SL deals on martingale, or use the general parameters and trailing bezubytka.

Trailing Stop:

  • There are two adjustable parameters: Trailing level (stops distance from the current price) and Trailing Activation (beginning level trailing stop).


  • There are 2 adjustable parameters: BreakEven Level (number of pips to fix) and Breakeven Activation (at what level should begin translating to breakeven).


  • Each pair must have its own unique magic number. Make sure that the magic number is incremented by 1000, as adviser uses a range between these values ​​to assign a unique magic number for each open position (for example: you set adviser on AUDUSD, EURCAD, USDCHF and AUDUSD etc. To be used values >>1000, EURCAD >> 2000, USDCHF >> 3000 and so on).
  • Without martingale with all 19 pairs at a time: you can safely install the lot size of 0.05 when working with $ 500 or 0.1 at 1000 $.
  • With the default settings, and with all 19 pairs maximum drawdown of 25%


  • A complete list of expert parameters available here.

Slice Of Heaven

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MultiTimeFrame Momentum

MultiTimeFrame Momentum

This indicator is based on the classic indicator of Momentum. 

The indicator shows the MTF-Momentum indicator data from four timeframes specified in the input parameters.

the default settings:

  • TF1 = 1;
  • TimeFrame2b = true;
  • TF2 = 5;
  • TimeFrame3b = true;
  • TF3 = 15;
  • TimeFrame4b = true;
  • TF4 = 60;
  • InpPeriod = 14;
  • InpappPRICE = 0;

TF1-TF4 values ​​may be in the following ranges:

  • TF1 – from M1 (1) to H4 (240);
  • TF2 – from M5 (5) to D1 (1,440);
  • TF3 – of M15 (15) to W1 (10080);
  • TF4 – of M30 (30) to the MN1 (43200).

All selected timeframes should not be lower than the current chart timeframe.

You can use the data from all four or at least timeframes with the parameters: TimeFrame1b – TimeFrame4b.

MultiTimeFrame Momentum

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Completely renovated in MetaTrader 5 for Android

Completely renovated in the MetaTrader 5 for Android: held redesign, add a glass of price tick chart and financial news (VIDEO)

Trading in MetaTrader 5 from your Android-device was
even more convenient and enjoyable. In the latest build of the application received a new look, is entirely consistent with the guideline Google Style Guide, – our designers
significantly upgrade the program.

Completely renovated in MetaTrader 5 for Android

However, we have worked not only on the envelope,
but also on the content: you are now available new opportunities for approximating
application functionality to the desktop version:

  • Added support for glass prices. The option is available for
    characters that are traded in the stock exchange during runtime.

  • tick chart is now available trade transactions.
  • added
    the system log, which records information on all events during
    of the terminal, including sophisticated trading.

  • Became available to financial news. Without leaving
    terminal, you can quickly read all the important messages about the situation in the markets and
    keep abreast. News editors are selected on the basis of "only
    really useful for trading information, no debris, no advertisements".

In addition, in the new build, appeared timeframes
W1 (one week) and MN (month), localization in Greek and was conducted
Portuguese and added sound trading. Of course, errors of previous versions were corrected.

"Mobile" in relation to the MetaTrader 5 Android is now not
so "pared down" – the application was close to the possibilities
desktop version. Download the latest build, and evaluate all these innovations themselves –
application evaluation button is now in the tab "About" and also looks
in a new way.

Note: Support for devices with older versions of the operating system
Android (4.0 or later) is stopped,
but previous build of the MetaTrader 5 Android is not removed and remains
available for download from Google Play or on the official website in the MetaTrader 5.

The same dramatic changes soon and await
MetaTrader 4 Android – release should be out within the next month.
Follow our news.


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Elder MACD Combo

Elder MACD Combo

Histogram MACD monitors the difference between the reference and signal lines MACD (first computed using an exponential moving average). For a better display in the derivation of lines and histograms in one window, the histogram values ​​are multiplied by 2. In addition, the rising and falling of the histogram bars are displayed in different colors.

In the indicator MACD Combo implemented jointly display the MACD line and the MACD histogram. With one parameter, you can change the parameters for calculating both indicators.


  • MACD_Short_Length (12) – Quick EMA MACD period for calculation;
  • MACD_Long_Length (26) – slow EMA for the MACD calculation period;
  • MACD_Smoothing_Length (9) – smoothing period MACD signal line;
  • Time_Ratio (1) – usually equal to 1 when displaying the MACD chart timeframe. On the other hand, if you analyze the daily chart, and want to see the weekly MACD, set this value to 5 for the multiplication of all the parameters to 5;
  • Display_Factor (2) – scale factor.

Elder MACD Combo

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Ding Dong Multi Trader

Ding Dong Multi Trader

Counselor Ding Dong Multi Trader is designed specifically for users who do not want to understand the complicated settings. Advisor does not need to optimize and ready to work.

Employment counselor Ding Dong Multi Trader is based on a trend-following. Upon detection of a trend adviser opens a position. If the market goes in the opposite direction, but the conditions for the trend remain, the adviser continues to open transactions in the same direction.

Advisor calculates and sets the levels TakeProfit and StopLoss for each order on the basis of statistical analysis. Orders are closed or to achieve the level of TakeProfit, or in the case of the opposite trend in the level StopLoss.


  • Fast transaction – the maximum retention time of the transaction does not exceed one week.
  • Easy to use.
  • Supported pair and timeframes: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, AUDUSD, EURGBP, NZDUSD, EURAUD, EURJPY, GBPJPY, AUDJPY, USDCAD, AUDCAD, EURCAD and XAUUSD on timeframes M15, M30, H1 and H4.


  • MagicNumber – the magic number of transactions.
  • Slippage – the maximum allowable slippage.
  • SpreadLimit – the maximum allowable spread for trading.
  • Lots – the lot size of the base for opening transactions (note that EA can increase the lot size when trading).
  • Risk – adjustment to the transaction risk.

Ding Dong Multi Trader


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PL chart

PL chart

PL chart – is a powerful indicator of building bars on the profit / loss on your account. In this case, the schedule symbol does not matter. Each bar built PL chart, is a value of the profit or loss of the corresponding bar on the price of the terminal graph. This is handy because you can see the profit / loss for the month, week, day, hour, minute, and so on, simply by switching timeframes schedule. For example, if you want to see the amount of profit on the account of the day, just go to any schedule, select the D1 timeframe and throw in PL chart on the chart. Indicator draw profit / loss by day, and you can scroll the graph back and forth to see the results for the different days.

PL chart

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Divergence DeMarker or any custom

Divergence DeMarker or any custom

Displays divergence for any user of the indicator. It is enough to specify the name of the indicator, the default DeMarker.

Additionally, you can set the smoothing of the selected indicator readings and levels, at the intersection where you can be notified. Custom indicator must be compiled (with the extension EX5 file) and be in the directory MQL5 / Indicators client terminal or nested subdirectories. Used zero buffer preset indicator with default parameters.

Input parameters

  • Indicator name – name of the indicator, which will be calculated for the divergence, the default DeMarker;
  • Period DeMarkeraveraging period DeMarker, default 7;
  • Applied price – the price used by default Close price;
  • Smoothing method – smoothing method by default Simple;
  • Smooth – smoothing period, the default 4;
  • Level1 – level indicator, the default 0.3;
  • Level2 – level indicator, the default 0.7;
  • Bar for divergence calculated – bar number to calculate the divergence, the default second;
  • Calculated bar – the number of bars to display divergence default 300;
  • Filter by volume – filter by volume, by default false. When enabled, if the amount is less than the average for the previous 100 bar, the divergence signals are not supplied. A choice of three modes: False, True, Auto. In Auto mode, the filter is automatically turned on the M30 timeframe and under, off timeframe older M30;
  • Display divergence alert – inclusion of divergence warning, default true;
  • Arrows displacement – offset for the display of arrows, default 0.0001;
  • Display cross level alert – Enable notifications for the intersection of the given indicator levels, default true;
  • Draw indicator trend lines – device to display trend indicator lines at divergence default true;
  • Draw price trend lines – the phone to display the trend lines on the chart with the divergence, default true;
  • Line bull divergence color – the choice of color of the trend line with the bullish divergence on Green default;
  • Line bear divergence color – the choice of color of the trend line with bearish divergence, the default Red.

Also I recommend indicator: Angle DeMarker – display DeMarker line angle for a more accurate determination of potential points of minimum and maximum.

Divergence DeMarker or any custom

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