MACD Turbo with Push and Email Alerts

MACD Turbo with Push and Email Alerts

MACD indicator Turbo is a customizable MACD histogram, push-notifications, pop-up alerts, and alerts, sent by e-mail. You can set the MACD calculation parameters and manage alerts system. Alerts are triggered when MACD line crossing the zero level, and at the intersection of the signal line and MACD line. You can also choose whether to be a complete intersection (Printed) or you just touch lines (Touch). Touching may not become a complete intersection after the formation of the spark current / period.


  • Use Alert Pro Speech Synthesis: use the Alerts Pro system – a module of synthetic notifications, which generates the synthesized voice announcements (available separately)
  • Display the Histogram: If true, it displays a histogram – a delta between the MACD and signal lines. Useful for detecting trend changes
  • Histogram Colour: choose a color histogram
  • Histogram Width: choose the width of the histogram – options: ‘Normal’ (the norm), ‘Thick’ (wide), ‘Thicker’ (wider) and ‘Thickest’ (widest)
  • Signal Line Colour: choose the color of the signal line
  • Signal Line Width: choose the width of the signal line – options: ‘Normal’ (the norm), ‘Thick’ (wide), ‘Thicker’ (wider) and ‘Thickest’ (widest)
  • Signal Line Style: set the style of the signal line, using the default options MT4
  • MACD Line Colour: set the color of lines MACD
  • MACD Line Width: choose the width MACD line – options: ‘Normal’ (the norm), ‘Thick’ (wide), ‘Thicker’ (wider) and ‘Thickest’ (widest)
  • MACD Line Style: set the MACD line style using the default MT4 options
  • Period For Fast EMA: during the fast EMA (default 12)
  • Period For Slow EMA: during the slow EMA (default 26)
  • Period For Signal SMA: Signal period EMA (default 9)
  • Alerts System Enabled: If true, the system is activated alerts
  • Use Pop-Up Alerts: with pop true alerts are activated using standard alerts function in MT4
  • Use Email Alerts: If true, alerts are sent via email to the address registered in the email settings MT4 ( “Service” / “Settings” / tab “Mail”)
  • Use Push Alerts: If true, the mobile device sent push-notification
  • Zero Line Crossover Alerts: if true, the system generates an alert when crossing line MACD zero line on the graph MACD
  • Alert Interval in minutes: minimum interval between alerts
  • Maximum number of alerts allowed before reset: limit the maximum number of alerts for a predetermined interval,
  • Alert only on Physical / Printed Crossover: If true, the alert is triggered only if the actual intersection. When false alerts triggered and the touch.
  • Suppress Alert Counter Reset Alerts: if true system notifies the reset counter alerts when new candle / time graph.

MACD Turbo with Push and Email Alerts

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First transactions on MasterCard cards across

The first transactions on MasterCard cards across the NBTS were successful

The first “five”
Russian banks (Gazprombank, “Russia”
SMP Bank, “Alexander” and MDM Bank)
from January 30, “including” a new channel
processing domestic transactions
of MasterCard cards. These banks have spent the first full-fledged operations through processing
NBTS center.

About the first results of the transition to processing
NBTS reports the Central Bank of the Russian Federation –
through it pass all the calculations
new payment system.

Recall that the connection
NBTS to be completed by 31 March.
In mid-January, the Russian branch
MasterCard signed a contract with the NBTS to transfer
Clearing operations in the country. AT
the end of January of the same intent
said Visa, but still it is not an agreement with

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XLpips mechanical trading system operating according to the algorithm of neural networks. This indicator is the most effective entry points into the market and in the form of arrows provides a signal to the trader. Up Arrow – buy, down arrow – sell. In addition, this indicator can predict the imminent approach of reversal rates and inform the trader by highlighting the corresponding color histogram and a text message.

An additional advantage of this indicator is that it is able to send push notifications and email trader.

An indicator:

  • parametr1 – is calculated parameter indicator. That it affects the calculation of the input wavelength of the analyzing. With this parameter you set the frequency of the input signals indicator.
  • bars – the number of bars used to calculate the indicator. The maximum allowable value 2000. The default value 1000 (recommended).
  • UpColor – color signal to buy.
  • DownColor – color sell signal.
  • FlatColor – the color of the flat signal.
  • TextColor – text color of the indicator on the chart.
  • email – sending signals to the email. The default is off.
  • push – sending push notifications. The default is off.
  • alert – alert signals. The default is off.
  • sound – when a playback of the sound signal. The default is off.
  • music – the sound file to play. It must be in the Sounds folder of your terminal. 

Important! This indicator is not redrawn! 


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AIOS Breakout

AIOS Breakout

Employment counselor AIOS BREAKOUT based on samples during the London session every Monday when the market is still being formed.

Advantageously EA trades GBPJPY. However, the user can change the settings to work with other couples.

Councilor parameters:

  • Traded day – day trading
  • Range from, range to – trade range
  • break high, break low – the number of points that will be added to the range
  • minimal range, maximal range – management size range
  • close order day, close order time – date and time of closing deals
  • close in reverse – the closure of the opposite position – True / False
  • money management – money management system
  • traded lots – if auto MM system is switched off, you can specify the size of the lot
  • TP1, TP2 – size levels of take profit TP1 and TP2
  • autostop loss, pips add to SL, Stop loss – control of the stop-loss level
  • 1 trailing stop, trailing stop 2 – using a trailing stop to position position 1 and position 2

AIOS Breakout

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Due to relocation of Moscow stock exchange in

Due to the relocation of the Moscow stock exchange in a new data center costs of brokers to grow by a third

trade system
Moscow stock exchange, now at
data center M1, will move in the next year
in the data center DataSpace. brokers have to
will follow her, so as not to lose
millisecond, important when high
trade. This was reported today
“Vedomosti” newspaper.

trading exchange system is located in
data center M1, there is also
60 equipment of its customers – it’s banks,
brokers and physical persons. approximately half
of these stores in M1 also additional
equipment. Large brokers holding
70% of the turnover on the Moscow Stock Exchange, is located
their equipment near a shopping
system to minimize the risk

“Every millisecond
delays cost tens or hundreds of thousands
dollars “, – says former managing
Director of Alfa-Bank Denis Soloviev.

However, with the move in
DataSpace, most likely, many brokers
You have to buy new equipment
– about $ 10 thousand.
for the trading server, they need to be 5-10, plus
even the cost of the license, transfer and
loss when moving.

Moscow Exchange chose
DataSpace, because the processing center
Data for maximum
security and is certified
operating stability of Tier III Gold (in
world only five such centers). simultaneously
that DataSpace is one of the most
reliable, it is also the most expensive.
Most likely, the top thirty brokers
Exchange will provide favorable conditions for the
accommodation, the new rates will increase
above all in the third.

Special lease conditions of the data center
directly (e.g., for
placement of additional equipment)
It is still under discussion between the parties
trading and DataSpace. The most important thing is now able to do is fix
rates in rubles. Above rates
discussed in the currency. final rates
and accommodations for brokers
the new data center will be announced in May, promises
Moscow Exchange. Brokers are waiting for their
publication to calculate costs and
prepare to move.

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This EA is a tool for managing orders.

Adviser may:

  • Install / Uninstall take profit.
  • Set / change / remove the stop-loss.
  • Manage all the orders, or just have a specific ID.


  • ManageOrders:
    • Order_By_Order = Manage each order separately.
    • Same_Type_As_One = manage the same orders (all buy or sell all as one order as in the “basket” system).
  • PutTakeProfit: Set Take Profit for the order (yes / no).
  • TakeProfitPips: Take Profit in pips.
  • PutStopLoss: Set the stop loss for the order (yes / no).
  • StopLossPips: Stop Loss in pips.
  • UseTrailingStop: Use a trailing stop-loss (yes / no).
  • PutStopLossAfter: Set the stop loss for a warrant if the warrant has a profit of x pips.
  • TrailingStop: Trailing stop loss in pips (distance for following the warrant).
  • TrailingStep: step movement trailing in pips.
  • UseBreakEven: Use breakeven (Set stop-loss only profit) (yes / no).
  • BreakEvenAfter: Set the stop loss order if there is a profit of x pips.
  • BreakEvenPips: The number of pips from the opening price of the warrant for the installation of stop-loss.
  • DeleteTakeProfit: Remove the take-profit (yes / no).
  • DeleteStopLoss: Remove the stop loss (yes / no).
  • MagicNumber:
    • >0: The change order identifier (with a special ID, this value sets the ID).
    • 0: all change orders (open advisor or manually).
    • -1: The only change orders opened manually.
  • SoundAlert: Play sound signal at each operation.
  • ColorBackground: Customize the background color for comment.


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US bank system on verge of new crisis

US bank system on the verge of a new crisis

financial risk for the United States
It is now slightly different from the risk
which provoked the crisis in 2008
– the big banks have accumulated too much
debts at a very low level of own

according to
chief economist of the International
Monetary Fund, Simon Johnson,
which he expressed in his article
Project Syndicate, along with the risk
slowness becomes regulators
a serious threat to the entire
The US economy. Johnson says
the current situation in the US
economy resembles the events that
led to the financial crisis seven years
ago. "While all
financial crises begin in different ways,
each time repeats the same
Location: the big banks are in
trouble and on the brink of collapse".
– he says.

As an example,
the author says about one of
the largest US banks – Morgan
Stanley, the level of equity
is not more than 4% and, consequently,
the remaining 96% – it’s debts in one way or another
form. In 2008, the level of own
capital of the banking group Citigroup
It was 4.2%, and at the time of the crisis
the bank was in a very difficult position.

According to Johnson, the coefficients
capital adequacy, which
used by different regulators,
only contribute to the deterioration of the situation
cases, because misleading
inhabitants – used when calculating
items such as goodwill and deferred
tax assets. Johnson, however,
notes that the current situation
all in the banking sector is much better,
than before the crisis of 2008, even though
minor changes in the global
economy may nullify all
action to correct the situation,
because in the end the US banks, on average
It owns only 5% of the equity.

"We have already seen this film, and it is poorly
I ended. The next time you can see
even more eerie thriller"- warns

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Greece what’s next Who is next

Greece, what’s next? Who is next?

Europe is a sharp detective
continues. And with each new series, it becomes more and more interesting.
Went to a referendum, the Greeks said no, austerity measures and the imposition of Brussels
politicians. About what it can speak? And the fact that European policy and
centralized management, shows the inconsistency. probably no one
He does not want to learn from the mistakes of history. The Soviet Union was also central planning
and what it brought! So the EU is repeating the same mistakes. Can not state with
different interests and political system, to receive commands from a single
center. Yes, and even in the bargain does not take into account the interests of the population. But in the background
event, gathering strength from the leftist party. One example Syriza in
Greece. Which leads to further destabilization of the situation.

Policy of the Central Bank of the majority of leading world
infinite credit to the economy, can not continue for long. At the end
all, all bubbles burst, and that this is coming to a climax.
The first bells sounded, but it seems no one hears. The Greeks have shown that
You can dictate their terms to creditors. They have not paid the IMF 1.5 bln. Dollars.
and even held a referendum. But this week, Greece’s next payment, but
now before private creditors on the bonds. The amount of 2 bln. Dollars. If
they are not paid on these debts, you can safely talk about the default. And there 20
July, when Greece has to pay the next tranche of the ECB. And no money. But the IMF’s
He spoke about what can give money to the Greeks. Probably it was scared!

And in turn, even more of the EU economy. AT
Late last month, Italy has requested assistance, and there, for a moment, the debt of 1.5 trillion. dollars. If you start here
problems, Greece, with its 320 billion. dollars. seem kindergarten. And there look,
Ireland and Portugal to speak. And Spain can connect to this
dances. Then, only memories remain of the EU. But it is in the long-term
term. Yet it is not clear how to end an epic with Greece. After all, it just
will not be released from the euro zone. After all, it will trigger an avalanche. And then no one can
save Europe from collapse. Politicians understand this very well and try to get out of
the situation with minimal losses. But Greece is strongly resisted, though her
someone standing and incites to action, saying that we’ll cover, if that.

Summarizing, we can consider such
developments. At the EU summit which takes place on Tuesday, Greeks will bend
a line and go to the end. By and large, they have nothing to lose. Then we wait
Friday, July 10, when Greece must pay on the bonds in the amount of 2
bln. dollars. If there is no calculation will be followed by declaration of default. hence,
They will have to arrange something. After all, no one wants to default, as all
will run away from European assets, and it will cause a serious collapse. remains
agree. Unless, of course, there is no question about the EU in order to drive
another crisis. And this will be steeper in 2008. Looking at the current leaders
Greece, we can say that behind them there are serious forces that will go to
end and play figure Watchers. And the ultimate goal may be
the elimination of a player like the Euro. And then on the world stage opens the way
for the new currency, the yuan. But that is another story.

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Theory of limiting exchange theory of limiting

The theory of limiting exchange. The theory of limiting exchange.

I made the first deal on the emulator Exchange in 19 years. Now I’m almost 32. All this time I have tried to combine its reality with the outside world through discussion, experimentation and observation of causality. All the while I was trying to determine the value and origin of things down some theories and destroying them with others as long as unable to formulate precisely the problem of finding ourselves: the limit of the binary system. To do this required a source of information, the abstract to convey the state of a complex natural process with a myriad of causal factors. Exchange tape-best state system of people an indicator that people have. The pulse of the world, only to die along with his body.

This is the first publication of the results of two years of work on the subject matter limitations of mutual exchange in a closed binary system. Otherwise, the solution of problems and the limits of the initial amount of the material for the current or historical status. I can not give formula equations and the principle of copyright security concerns, but will detail the overall properties of the system, with a daily, if possible publication schedules behavior within it.

The system represents a classical channel structure. The calculation is performed only in the analog (y; t) field values. Channel division exposed billions unequal velocities (portions levels). A practical application have meaning only portions of the first division iteration. A total of eight. All speeds are parallel.

To construct the required channel
only 2 coordinates. The channel may be constructed in any
Extrema any time difference. The channel is not redrawn, the data is simply transferred to the other, the opposite channel.

It has nothing to do with the method of
markings on Fibonacci waves Elliott Keltner channels, channels
Donchian, marking Demark, linear regression models, levels
Murray, Uilyama Ganna and quantum theory of evolution A. Duque. Trading on the limit theory of exchange can be carried out at any time, including
milliseconds in an arbitration or HFT. For practical reasons, I will post daily channels to the interval H4 or H1 as possible every day.

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In Greece negotiations with creditors is progress

In Greece, negotiations with creditors is progress

This weekend
(Saturday-Sunday), the Minister of Finance
Greece Euclid Tsakalotos and Minister
Economy Giorgos Statakis held
hours of talks with representatives of
The European Commission, the IMF, the ECB and the stabilization
fund ESM. According to the newspaper The Wall Street
Journal, there has been progress in the negotiations,
which undoubtedly pleases investors, but
still remain doubts
that the third aid package for Athens have time
approve until August 20, when it is necessary
ECB to pay another part of the debt –
EUR 3.2 billion.

greek negotiators
reported that during the meeting they discussed
economic reform and budgetary
expenditure to be carried out,
to approve an aid package from the
creditors and allocated tranche
The program in the amount of 86 billion euros.
The parties discussed the draft memorandum,
which made together with all the
negotiators. As said,
one official
eurozone "He was made a serious

If Greece does not have time
or will not be able to translate regular payment
the ECB, the default on this debt significantly
complicate the situation in the country, because
may result in the rejection of the ECB
funding Greek banks. Main
moment in which Greece will
negotiate with creditors – is the amount of
budget cuts and
forming in the bulk state assets fund
$ 50 billion, which put up for sale.
Such were the conditions lenders who
approved by the Government of Greece and all
eurozone countries. In addition, the negotiations
will discuss the restoration of financial
Greek system, which was hit hard
due to the outflow of funds from deposits in banks
and a sharp deterioration in the economy
country: many borrowers simply
have been unable to recover their

To the resources
the banking sector, according to some
estimated to require about EUR 25 billion.
This week, the Prime Minister of Greece
Alexis Tsipras is to convene Parliament,
who is now on vacation to
speed up the approval of the agreement and in time
complete all the 20 of August. To approve the agreement
It helps support the opposition
parties, analysts say, because coalition
Tsipras "Syriza" not very much
support of its action.

According to other estimates, it is unlikely
whether the parties can reach an agreement
until 20 August – too long and
painful were previous negotiations,
which lasted for five months,
kept in suspense by many world
markets. Moreover, any agreement in Athens
with lenders still require
support the euro area, which,
most likely, too, will have to carry out
emergency meeting.

Again, according to the
The Wall Street Journal, the finance ministers of
the euro area is expected to hold a
meeting this week. But hardly
Ministry of Finance of Germany is ready
an agreement with Greece, the representative
Germany has refused to comment on how
course of the negotiations, saying only that Athens
you must upgrade all parties
management. Doubt is the position
The IMF, which has just recently stated that
his participation in the third aid package
Greece is doubtful and may only
In that case, if the fund is confident
that the country is able to cope with
a huge debt load. And for this
may require restructuring
Greek debt against which, again
same acts Germany.

Today Greek
the stock market continues to grow – to
10:55 MSK ASE stock index
rose to 2.14%.

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