Moving Linear Regression

Moving Linear Regression

Moving Linear Regression (MLR) – indicator indicating the calculated value of the linear regression on each bar (candle). Indicator is drawn on a graph as curve.

It has two parameters:

  • Per – the number of bars (candles) used to calculate the value of the linear regression;
  • Shift – offset relative to the current schedule.

You can use the MLR indicator as a better alternative to the “retarded” Moving Average.

The most effective is the use of the indicator on “Intersection – bounce” strategy (see screenshot 3).

Moving Linear Regression

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Abolk 701 Visual OpenClose

Abolk 701 Visual OpenClose

Visualizer on the schedule of opening / closing of market orders in the Strategy Tester.


  • _color_openBUY – for open order BUY – the color of opening arrow and line
  • _color_openSELL – for public order SELL – the color of opening arrow and line
  • _color_closeBUY – for a closed order BUY – the color of opening arrow and line
  • _color_closeSELL – for a closed order SELL – the color of opening arrow and line
  • _color_CLOSE – the color of the closing arrow
  • _trend_style, _trend_width – style and line thickness
  • _0magic – a unique number adviser warrants. You can draw the opening / closing is not all orders (for the instrument the chart), but only with the specified Magica. If -1, then all warrants drawn against any councilor. If 0, drawn manually open orders. If >0, drawn just order the appropriate advisor.
  • _ng – atomicity group orders. Magick in advisors and is often used to classify the orders within the advisor. For this to _0magic automatically added to the last few digits. _ng option and need to be “cut off” when searching counselor orders. Parameter _ng – is the coefficient which is divided Sorcere value (i.e., if the “clipped” single digit, then _ng = 10, if two, then _ng = 100).

IMPORTANT. Closed orders are read from the history (the “Account History” terminal). That is, if the story is filtered for a lesser period, then closed orders will not be found.

Abolk 701 Visual OpenClose

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Today I want to talk about a couple of evrobritanets. judging by my traffic strategy will be strong (volatility).

Once again I look to my robot, which is written by the correlation group of currencies. Investors willing to consider. In the meantime, here’s my predictionDAILY FORECAST FOR ACTUAL SETTINGS

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VR Your Period DEMO

VR Your Period DEMO

Demo version

The indicator allows the trader to create any schedule period.

Now the trader can create, customize, and analyze graphs in the range from 1 to 10,000 minutes.


  • Time Frame / Period – the period specified schedule strictly in minutes, 1 hour = 60 min, 1 day = 1440 minutes and so on..
  • Start Time – start time of data analysis terminal candles.

The indicator can be started in the strategy tester. Thus as
Start Time is recommended to indicate the start date of the test. recommended
testing period – M1.


The indicator is based on the terminal minute candle MetaTrader
4. The older date Start Time, the more minute the candles should be
convert light and draw the new candles.

For processing large amounts of data may take time,
so it is recommended to set Start Time is not older than six months.

The indicator is designed so that when it is installed between
terminal native schedule changes to minutes without the possibility of change
period through a terminal key.

This is done to obtain the most accurate data for the calculation of
another period specified by the user in the input field or settings

When installing any other indicators in conjunction with VR indicator
Your Period party, as well as built-in indicator terminal
calculated from the data terminal with the M1 and do not take for calculation of candles and
periods indicator VR Your Period.

Limitation of the demo version:

The settings are retained only Period (maximum 10) and Start Time. Other settings are available in the full version.

Go to page the full version.

VR Your Period DEMO


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Scalp Tools Support and Resistance Levels

Scalp Tools Support and Resistance Levels

A handy tool for the analysis of important price levels in the market. Calculates support and resistance levels, and automatically saves all important settings for each symbol and timeframe! Very easy to use thanks to the graphical interface! Details are shown in the YouTube-video in HD-quality.

Please do not click “Download Trial” button! This tool does not work on a stand-alone graphics / strategy tester! Available product demo (works only on USDCAD): Scalp Tools Support And Resistance Levels

This utility does not work in the strategy tester!


  • SRLinesWidth – line thickness
  • SRLinesColorM1 SRLinesColorMN1: Color lines corresponding timeframes
  • AutoSaveType
    • SAVE_PERIODS_AND_SYMBOLS: All the settings for each symbol period and are stored separately
    • SAVE_ONLY_PERIODS: Saves the settings separately timeframe
  • IncreaseDecreaseFont – change only in the case of display problems (too large or small font)


  • M1 – MN1: Enables / disables the timeframes.
  • High / Low distance: Minimum distance between the maximum and minimum
  • Min pips diff: The minimum distance between two lines
  • Analyze bars: The number of bars for the calculation.


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Adviser strategy is based on the definition of the divergence of the volume and price consolidation within certain ranges.

Recommended for:

  • EURUSD M15;
  • USDJPY M15.


  • Lot, if Risk = false – If Risk = false, will be the lot;
  • Risk on / off – the inclusion of money management;
  • Risk Percent – percentage of risk;
  • Take Profit – the level of take-profit;
  • Stop Loss – stop-loss level;
  • Comment to order – comment on the open orders;
  • Magic Number – magic number to distinguish their orders from strangers;
  • Slippage – the maximum level of slip.


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Account Protection

Account Protection

This simple EA protects your account against unexpected major subsidence caused by the work of other advisors. The product is designed to supplement the counselors do not have their protection against subsidence mechanisms.

Many trading robots that are sold in the store, do not allow to adjust the drawdown. Of course, if your position is closed by margin calls due to the adviser, in excess of the allowable losses, to do something too late. Account Protection Advisor allows you to avoid this situation by closing your position immediately upon reaching a certain level of drawdown (in percent) or after a specified time.

Warning: Use the product at your own risk. Make sure that your trading strategy adviser compatible with Account Protection work. Otherwise there is a risk of large losses.


  • PercentageToClose = 80.0: Close your position when it reaches the specified value equity (as a percentage of the account balance). Thus, if the equity of your account falls to 80% of all trades are closed. Maximum drawdown in this case would be 20%
  • FiftyPercentAlarm = false: Activate an alert if the drawdown is already halfway to the value of the previous parameter (in this example, the alert triggered when a 10% loss)
  • TewntyPercentAlarm = false: Activate an alert if loss left to grow for another 20% to the value of the first parameter (in this example, the alert triggered when a 16% loss)
  • CloseTime = false: True if all transactions are closed at certain parameter alarm time.
  • alarm = 145: The closing of all transactions at CloseTime, to true. Use the time of your broker. For example, to close all trades at 8:55 brokerage time, enter 855. To close the deal at 20:55, enter 2055
  • XpanelDistance = 1250: The location of the dashboard. Increasing the value is shifted upwards to the right panel. With a decrease – up to the left.

Account Protection

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VR Small Chart

VR Small Chart

Indicator displays a separate graph of the small size of the operating window, the principle minigrafikov MT5.

Possible collapse / expand the schedule, change the schedule tool chart period, displaying the timeline and price scales.

The program works in the strategy tester and may change during minigrafikov.


  • Select symbols – All Symbols: All symbols are supplied by the broker, Only market watch: only those characters that are present in the market review
  • Prefix – two letters to separate multiple display copies (at start more than one copy indicator on the one chart Prefix shall be different)
  • Colors Skins – color schemes, setting Manual can customize your own scheme, using the parameters described below
  • Background – background color
  • Border – color fringes window
  • Border width – thickness of the rims of the window
  • Button – the color buttons
  • Button border – color fringes buttons
  • Button pressed – the color of the pressed button
  • Button text – the color of the button text
  • Price text – the color of the price scale
  • Price background – the color of the marker of the current price
  • Price border – color fringes marker current price
  • Current price – the color of the current price
  • Buy body – the body color of the Bull Candle
  • Buy border – color fringes and shadows bullish candle
  • Sell ​​body – the body color of the Bear Candle
  • Sell ​​border – color fringes and shadows bearish candle


When testing the indicator in the strategy tester, do not set the test speed slider to the maximum value!

At maximum speed indicator may slow down, as required to process a large amount of data per millisecond.

VR Small Chart


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ID Numbers of bars for MT5

ID Numbers of bars for MT5

Indicator to determine numbers of bars in a graph or a predetermined number of discharge bars by means of histograms numbers. In addition, it can automatically display information on the schedule of the date, time, Open, High, Low and Close on the bar with your desired static or dynamic number and allocate its vertical line.

Provided showing values ​​Open, High, Low and Close estimated to the desired decimal place.

According to the principles of work in many ways it is similar to the light ID Numbers of bars MT4.

Accordingly, ID Numbers of bars for MT5 There are several ways to allocate the required bars and their combination: automatic change of color histograms after a predetermined number, the restriction on the number of columns of the histogram, the vertical line to the desired bar.

It is useful when you want to:

  • Determine the number of the bar and / or to obtain information on a certain bar. In particular, denoting it in the chart under static or dynamic number. For example, for the commercial assay, the indicator, counselor or script.
  • Select the required number of visually bars. For example, with strategies and tactics, taking into account those periods of time, it is possible to set the number of bars.
  • Checking or adjusting the correctness of the indicators, scripts and advisers, if their functions laid calculations based on the specific bars.
  • Quickly see how many bars on the chart.

When asking a number of bars, remember that the current bar (the very first in the chart on the right) is in the terminal number zero.

How to use the ID Numbers of bars for MT5

Use the indicator is very easy. Having tested his work, you will see for yourself. Main Control Indicator – through its intuitive control panel on the chart.

This control panel called up via button subwindow indicator. To save space on the chart, you can set in the pane of the analyzer, and other indicators.

Briefly describe only ways output lines with the required information about the bar and static or dynamic bar numbers:

I. Methods set output lines of information on the desired bar

  1. Move the vertical line on the indicator bar interest.
  2. Or change in the properties of the vertical line of the indicator the date and / or time on the unknown.
  3. Or write the desired number of bars per line “The line on the bar, indicator located in the control panel.

If necessary, you can add horizontal levels of the histogram through a bookmark indicator properties “Levels.” For example, when you want with levels further highlight bars with numbers greater than and / or less than any.

II. Selection display of static or dynamic bar number

If the parameter “Dynamic bar number“Properties of the indicator to leave”Yes“, Then at least the appearance of the graph of new bars, the vertical line in the selected bar will be with him to go to the left. In the information line of the display will change (increase) only number you require the bar. The rest of the data on it, of course, will not be changed .

If the parameter “Dynamic bar number“Indicator properties to choose”No“, The vertical line will change color and will stay in place you selected rooms bar without going to the left as they appear in the chart of new bars. The indicator lines gradually will change the date, time and price mark, depending on the bar, passing under the criteria you number.

Note: Setting the indicator to the chart, it should be noted that originally specified in its parameters, the color used for light backgrounds.
If necessary, replace the colors of your own.

In the strategy tester, this indicator does not work, because in the strategy tester for MT5 has not yet provided the work with graphical objects used in this indicator.

If the vertical line of the indicator is on the zero bar, the indicator table only displays the bar number, date, time of opening and price Open.

ID Numbers of bars for MT5

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recommended for best results only M1.

  • Recommended couples: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD. Run simultaneously.
  • The minimum deposit is $ 100 for the shoulder 1: 500 with 0.1 lot size (without risk).
  • Less shoulder requires the use of a mini-lot of 0.01. For more lots more necessary deposit.
  • It is recommended to work with a broker with low spreads.
  • Before using a live account is necessary to conduct tests on history or on a demo account.

This simple expert uses a strategy of “Rainbow” for scalping.

  • Martingale, trade on the grid, the arbitration shall not apply
  • Closely spaced stops
  • Screenshots using a live account


  • MagicNumber = 24011988 – magic number expert
  • Takeprofit = 100.0 – Take Profit in points
  • Stoploss = 200.0 – stop-loss points
  • Trailingstop = 50.0 – trailing stop in points
  • Lots = 0.1 – fixed lot size, within the meaning of 0.0 is used in the automatic calculation of lot% of the risk
  • MaxLots = 1.0 – the maximum allowable lot
  • RiskPercent = 5 – percentage of the risk of automatic lot size
  • Slippage (slip) = 3;
  • MaxSpread = 15.0 – the maximum allowable spread for entry

Contact me if you have questions or suggestions.


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