Euro falls before announcement of results of

Euro falls before the announcement of the results of the ECB meeting

By 14:49 MSK pair EUR / USD
I dropped to the level of 1.0594
(0.59% decrease) a closing layer
1.0655. According to analysts, the European
the currency is losing ground because of another
the European Central

Today is the
ECB meeting, which announced
decision on rates. according to
According to information portals, the regulator
It left rates at the same low level
to 0.05%, as analysts had expected. what
As for other rates, economists
predict the rate on deposits
the level of -0.2%, a marginal rate –
around 0.3%.

expect any changes in the program
repurchase assets so quickly. in any
case, the ECB is likely to repeat that
its actions depend on the statistical data".
– said Commerzbank strategist in London, Peter

Investors expect that
ECB meeting today will raise the key
issues, including program
quantitative easing deflation
euro area, the dynamics of the GDP of the eurozone countries. At 15:30 MSK on Wednesday to begin
A press conference by ECB President Mario Draghi,
which is usually strongly influences the course

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ID Numbers of bars for MT5

ID Numbers of bars for MT5

Indicator to determine numbers of bars in a graph or a predetermined number of discharge bars by means of histograms numbers. In addition, it can automatically display information on the schedule of the date, time, Open, High, Low and Close on the bar with your desired static or dynamic number and allocate its vertical line.

Provided showing values ‚Äč‚ÄčOpen, High, Low and Close estimated to the desired decimal place.

According to the principles of work in many ways it is similar to the light ID Numbers of bars MT4.

Accordingly, ID Numbers of bars for MT5 There are several ways to allocate the required bars and their combination: automatic change of color histograms after a predetermined number, the restriction on the number of columns of the histogram, the vertical line to the desired bar.

It is useful when you want to:

  • Determine the number of the bar and / or to obtain information on a certain bar. In particular, denoting it in the chart under static or dynamic number. For example, for the commercial assay, the indicator, counselor or script.
  • Select the required number of visually bars. For example, with strategies and tactics, taking into account those periods of time, it is possible to set the number of bars.
  • Checking or adjusting the correctness of the indicators, scripts and advisers, if their functions laid calculations based on the specific bars.
  • Quickly see how many bars on the chart.

When asking a number of bars, remember that the current bar (the very first in the chart on the right) is in the terminal number zero.

How to use the ID Numbers of bars for MT5

Use the indicator is very easy. Having tested his work, you will see for yourself. Main Control Indicator – through its intuitive control panel on the chart.

This control panel called up via button subwindow indicator. To save space on the chart, you can set in the pane of the analyzer, and other indicators.

Briefly describe only ways output lines with the required information about the bar and static or dynamic bar numbers:

I. Methods set output lines of information on the desired bar

  1. Move the vertical line on the indicator bar interest.
  2. Or change in the properties of the vertical line of the indicator the date and / or time on the unknown.
  3. Or write the desired number of bars per line “The line on the bar, indicator located in the control panel.

If necessary, you can add horizontal levels of the histogram through a bookmark indicator properties “Levels.” For example, when you want with levels further highlight bars with numbers greater than and / or less than any.

II. Selection display of static or dynamic bar number

If the parameter “Dynamic bar number“Properties of the indicator to leave”Yes“, Then at least the appearance of the graph of new bars, the vertical line in the selected bar will be with him to go to the left. In the information line of the display will change (increase) only number you require the bar. The rest of the data on it, of course, will not be changed .

If the parameter “Dynamic bar number“Indicator properties to choose”No“, The vertical line will change color and will stay in place you selected rooms bar without going to the left as they appear in the chart of new bars. The indicator lines gradually will change the date, time and price mark, depending on the bar, passing under the criteria you number.

Note: Setting the indicator to the chart, it should be noted that originally specified in its parameters, the color used for light backgrounds.
If necessary, replace the colors of your own.

In the strategy tester, this indicator does not work, because in the strategy tester for MT5 has not yet provided the work with graphical objects used in this indicator.

If the vertical line of the indicator is on the zero bar, the indicator table only displays the bar number, date, time of opening and price Open.

ID Numbers of bars for MT5

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StaticticsOfVirtualTrade – a very simple and effective script for manual testing of trading strategies. Opening virtual transaction is determined by plotting the up or down arrow, closing – applying a cross. Information test displayed in a table at any of the corners of the graph (set in your script).

Input parameters

  • TextColor – the color of the text;
  • TextSize – text size;
  • TextCorner – text arrangement angle;
  • IncludeSpread – inclusion in the calculation of the spread of the script.



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Support Resistance ZigZag

Support Resistance ZigZag

Light notes of support and resistance levels, and each maximum
minimum zigzag, as well as maximum and minimum prices per day.

Suitable as a basic trading strategies and technical analysis.

It makes it easy to detect trends and reversals, channels, breakdowns and other patterns.

It works on any market and time frame.

Additional parameters are not required.

Support Resistance ZigZag

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