TrailBars Expert Advisor is an auxiliary minesweeper open positions.

Puts stop loss if it is not.

The total stop-loss for all orders of the same type (BUY or SELL)

Trailing stop position at the price specified minute bar.

Bezubytka function.

Opposite positions Tralee separately from each other.

System settings

  • trail type – type of trailing stop: the symbol or magick.
  • minutes bars trail – Trailing stop at the price specified minute bar.
  • stoploss – a stop-loss.
  • breakeven – breakeven.
  • trail step – move the trailing stop.
  • OrderMagicNumber #1 – the magic number # 1.
  • OrderMagicNumber # 2 – the magic number # 2.
  • OrderMagicNumber # 3 – the magic number # 3.



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Real deal on MCD

The real deal on MCD

Real deal on MCD

The real deal on McDonald’s shares.

Initial stop standing at 97.55, take profit ratio at 95.85 to stop Teika (Risk Gain) was more than 1 to 5.

Then the stop-loss has been transferred to breakeven at 96.39.

The transaction closed on foot, then the price went on to reach the original goal of Teika.

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Market Snipper

Market Snipper

Market Snipper – an advanced indicator that follows the market and generates signals to buy or sell in the most important points. Market Snipper indicator usually shows a single arrow, but it can show and more. In this case, the opposite trend can begin.

The input parameters of the indicator Market Snipper, you can adjust the distance between the hands and the price bars. Input parameter MA_Period indicator helps avoid signals against big trends.

Market Snipper indicator can be used on different timeframes, but it is better to use indicators with a timeframe M15 or older.

Note: I do not recommend to buy or sell, if there is no pronounced peaks or troughs in the price chart with arrows appears.
Do not forget to set a trailing stop-loss and stop-loss as soon as the arrow tails.
Market Snipper

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UOB about pair NZDUSD

UOB about a pair NZD / USD

* United Overseas Bank Limited (commonly known as UOB) S THE Singaporean multinational banking organization with its head – office in Singapore.

Bank analysts write that the pair NZD / USD ?? retain its bullish trend above 0.6900.

“… A break above 0.6900 will indicate that the NZD joined the bullish trend.

The next target is at 0.7000. Stop-loss at 0.6800, but 0.6860 is already a strong short-term support. “

Signals are copied, distributed, and to earn $

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ROMAN5 Fractals TrailingStop

ROMAN5 Fractals TrailingStop

ROMAN5 Fractals TrailingStop executes a transfer function to breakeven. TrailingStop automatically moves Stop Loss levels using fractals. ROMAN5 Fractals TrailingStop can be used on any chart. The utility also has built-in sound notification when a new signal. In addition, the function is available via email notification. Your e-mail address and SMTP server settings must be specified in the settings of MetaTrader 5 (the “Mail”) terminal.

Version 1.1:

  • Sends push-notifications to the mobile terminal.
  • Can
    turn off / disable input into long / short positions (UseBuySellEntry =
    true / false). This is for testing.

ROMAN5 Fractals TrailingStop

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