Ruble strengthened its support stable oil and

The ruble strengthened its support stable oil and the tax period

the national currency strengthened a little today
on weak trading due to
to slow down the drop in oil prices
and the beginning of the tax
period in the
Russia. The ruble today and more
will support these two factors.

According to
Moscow Stock Exchange to 13:40 MSK pair
USD / RUB traded
at 64.49 level, the pair EUR / RUB –
at the level of 74.78. "we
We believe that the dollar / ruble exchange rate will remain
Today in the range 64,50-65,50"- give
its forecast in Sberbank CIB.

If oil
not close to an important level
resistance at $ 50
barrel, the ruble against
US dollar could
strive to 70.00, analysts say
Sberbank CIB.

crude oil
Brent traded at
$ 49.80 in the morning
the price was higher
$ 50 per barrel.

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In Europe multidirectional dynamics miners in

In Europe, multidirectional dynamics, miners in a minor key

Europe on Monday departs from the recent
Rally: very weak Chinese figures
knocked down mining stocks
companies. However, information on transactions
mergers and acquisitions helped save
the main European indices afloat.
At the time of 17.25 MSK composite index of the largest
European industrial companies Euro
Stoxx 50 added 0.46%; CAC 40
increased by 0.37%. But the DAX and
FTSE lost 0.04% and 0.22%

Nokia added 2% on the news
the possible sale of its units,
dealing cards. 5.9% added
Sydbank shares after
group presented the return program
redemption of shares.

We feel bad today
mining firms: BHP
Billiton and Anglo American lost
to 2% each. In addition to all the troubles
mining sector, Citigroup
also downgraded Metal
and mining industries to
“Neutral”. Today analytical
Bank department lowered its forecast
the cost of iron ore to 36 dollars
per tonne in the third quarter, more
strongly weakened the position of the miners on

Volkswagen declined 1.7% quotes:
here erupted management
a crisis. Chief executive officer
Corporation, Martin Winterkorn, going
to fight for his position, although on Saturday
it became known that he had lost the confidence

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Oil quotes rose slightly on news of reduction

Oil quotes rose slightly on the news of the reduction in US stocks

On Thursday morning, to 9:09
MSK price of the September futures
Brent crude rose to $ 49.71
a barrel (+ 0.16%). The price of WTI futures
dropped slightly – to $ 45.13
a barrel (-0.04%). World oil prices
showed a positive trend
today after the release of statistics on the
stocks "black gold" in USA.
Commercial US crude stocks (except
strategic reserves) for the last
week fell by 4.407 million barrels,
while analysts expected a reduction
stocks only 1.494 million barrels – up
458.2 million barrels.

When this oil
in the United States during the week increased by 0.55%, on 52
th. barrels per day. gasoline stocks
increased by 0.8 million barrels – up to 216.7 million

"Oil prices
remain at a low level
with emphasis on the glut", – He speaks
the head of the oil and gas sector
Asia-Pacific companies
EY Sandzhiv Gupta. The expert suggests
that tomorrow’s labor market data
July can greatly affect the value of

A strong statistics
US will support growth of the dollar, which means
convince the Fed of the need to improve
interest rate. Now a strong dollar
prevents the purchase of oil, estimated
in dollars outside the United States.

However, at 9:15 MSK prices
for Brent futures fell
0.31% – up to $ 49.47
a barrel and WTI – at
0.55%, to $ 44.9
a barrel.

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Daily technical analysis of “blue chips”

Daily technical analysis of “blue chips”


Bouncing Severstal raises the question of the return of the price to the level of the breached support and now resistance 674. The purpose of the bulls 679-680r. Potential shopping area is April 1 – 645

Recall that on 23 March the price broke through the Severstal major support 674, supporting the idea of ​​a strong downtrend. The first objective Fibonacci breakthrough (674) – 627. The mark of rebound principle 630r deploys upward position in the short term. Short-foot buyers are April 1 – 636.7. Medium-foot sellers are located on 1 April 668.3.


VTB March 31 was tested at least 2015. (0.0591) and lower it to 0.05837, but penetration has not taken place, the price is returned by 6 kopecks.

In the case of a penetration level of 0.0591 price can go to 0.5113. Softer bear embodiment represents a goal from 0.05611 0.06389 resistance level. The opposite option bullish movement from the minimum benchmark 0.0647 gives 0.05837. Short-sellers April 1 foot located at 0.06157, above are medium-foot sellers 0.06262.

Norilsk Nickel

Rebound on Monday March 30, MMC (before the annual report on March 31) raises the question of penetration up the February-March the downward movement corridors to 11219, but levels above 10,500 at the end of March, proved attractive to sellers. Earlier the sale of shares of MMC on the level of 10870 (to 9524) showed a downward force of the corridor, in which the correction of the December-February growth.

Short-foot buyers are April 1 – 9776 (medium-term stops are practically in the same place – on 9893).


Rosneft’s share of the district implemented a rebound mid December and March range (239.07). For bulls originated tangible goal up at 261.11-262.75. Medium-foot buyers placed April 1 at 236.09, short-foot buyers are located almost in the same place – in the area of ​​238.83.

Potential zone near shopping is April 1 – at 249.15

Sberbank of.

According to the action developed in the framework of a bullish rebound downward corridor. His current goal 64.81

Potential shopping area is April 1 – at 62.19.

Bears still a further embodiment of the maximum goal 58.38 26 March 65.8

Short-sellers are foot 1 April – 63.06. Medium-foot vendors placed April 1 at 64.15.


bullish rebound developed by Lukoil. His goal was formulated at the level of 2720. A possible option to continue giving benchmark already in 2828.

Potential shopping area is April 1 – to 2674.

Earlier, the stock almost reached its goal in 2565 (the second goal of the Fibonacci level of penetration of local minimum 26/02/15 – 2895). Even more aggressive variant was played by the strong resistance level of 2753 (up 26 March) – The objective of 2454.

At the level of 2565 is supported – it came after a gap up on 15 January.

Short-foot buyers are April 1 – 2584 (short-sellers were broken foot yesterday at 2684), medium-foot sellers are April 1 at 2744.3.


Dynamics of Gazprom shares at the end of the beginning of this week and revealed intentions rebound. As a result, the actual position at the beginning of the week turned up. Local formulated goal rebound from now to 139.24-141.91. Medium-foot buyers April 1 located at 132.12, short-foot buyers are virtually in the same place at 133.58.

Potential zone near shopping is April 1 – 138.2 below.

After breaking March 10 local minimum level (02/26/15) 149.1 – bears for actualized target total wave motion – 141.99, which was reached on March 13. The second objective Fibonacci after breaking 149.1 (when closing below 141.99) – 130.49 mark.

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Monday ended in stock markets of Europe in red

Monday ended in the stock markets of Europe in the red

By the close of trading on Monday
European stocks were
red zone, the agency
Bloomberg. Composite index
the largest enterprises of the region Stoxx
Europe 600 fell by 0.29% – to the level of 406.56, although
and trading volume yesterday was extremely low
due to closed markets in the UK,
Germany and Switzerland. French
CAC 40 index fell 0.5% yesterday, Italian
FTSE MIB – 2.1%.

The Spanish IBEX 35 index
Monday fell 2% after the news
that the country’s ruling People
Party in the recent municipal and
regional elections won with the worst
the result of the last 20 years. absolute
Most failed to gain party
in any of the Autonomous Communities
country, but a lot of votes received
the left and right party PODEMOS Ciudadanos.
Preliminary data report that
The People’s Party gained only 27.03%
vote, after it goes Spanish
Socialist Workers’ Party (25%

"were the results
tough warning the party, which,
in fact, used in a number of hegemony
regions of the country from the Spanish people".
– says professor of history and international
Relations of the Pontifical University of Comillas
Emilio Saenz Frances.

On Monday, quotes
shares of Banco Santander SA and Spanish banks
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA fell more than
2%, shares of power company Iberdrola SA fell
2.7%. In addition, shares of Fiat
Chrysler Automobiles NV yesterday fell by 3.1% when
It was rumored to merge General Motors Co. and Fiat
Chrysler. However, GM’s board of directors until
He refuses to meet.

Greek stock
ASE index dropped on the session by another 3.1%
when the media started talking about the fact that the country
will not be able to make another payment
IMF loan on June 5 because the treasury
no money. This was stated by Minister
Nikos Vutsis country’s internal affairs in
air local television. "Four
payments to the International Monetary Fund
up EUR 1.6 billion, this money will not
will be paid, they are not", – he said.
According to the schedule of payments to be Greece
list the IMF that amount in four
receiving from 5 June 19.

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Brent and WTI continues to become cheaper

Brent and WTI continues to become cheaper

On Friday, oil
prices fall. fears of oversupply
fueled by the statistics on the number of
working drilling in the US (it has grown).
In addition, Chinese regulators began
investigation on suspicion of manipulation
in the stock market.

By 10.50 MSK
August futures for Brent
costs $ 61,61, WTI fell
to $ 56.54.

in oil prices continues from the beginning
May the negative sentiment associated with
in that the signs of declining production
in the United States is not observed. To this is added
record figures in production in Russia
OPEC countries: countries should form
their budgets, and in view of falling prices
oil they can only increase
production. Can not be discounted
accounts and the Greek crisis and fears
about commodity markets in China: all
it presses the potential demand.

suggests that Brent will
move down, and over the next

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Gold near 5 year lows on Fed rate increase expe

Gold near 5-year lows on Fed rate increase expectations

gold continues
lower quotes. Now, to 9.31 MSK,
troy ounce with delivery August 15
143.40 worth 1 dollar. Such a low price
the yellow metal for the last time
It was recorded March 1, 2010. During
Time gold slipped by 1.23%.

Platinum and palladium
also decreased: platinum 0.29% to 1 008.65
dollars, palladium – by 0.59% to 628.20

Analysts say gold will
decline in the future. Since the beginning of the year
precious metal lost more than 3%. Him
not helped neither the Greek crisis or collapse
Chinese stock market – all factors
Months of interrupted growth
the expectation of interest rate rise
Fed. This week in Congress Janet
Yellen reiterated the central bank‘s intention
US rate increase this year if
economy will grow at the expected
pace. This strengthened the dollar (on Thursday
it rose against a basket of currencies to
seven-week high). rising dollar,
usually accompanied by a decrease

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US indices fell Thursday at 0 04% 0 42%

US indices fell Thursday at 0.04% – 0.42%

stock markets
decreased throughout the world, and the yield
bonds rose. investors weighed
effects probable increase
US interest rates before year-end
for the global economy.

The Fed on Wednesday
It maintained its rate at the minimum
levels, but it has carried out a verbal
intervention, hinting at greater
the probability of the December increase.
Also from the Fed disappeared
a slowdown warning
the world economy.

Wall Street
Thursday continued to win back the
news. “Big Three” little
It decreased by organizing a kind
rebound after a sharp rise on Wednesday.
Additional pressure on the market has had a
weak accountability of corporations, as well as
GDP data. According to the Ministry
trade, the US economy grew by 1.5%
yoy, lower than forecasts

Thursday decreased by 0.13%; S P 500 – on
0.04%; Nasdaq – on 0,42%.

Results showed utility sector
services S P 500, he fell
0.6%. Just finished the day minus
exactly half sectors S P – 5

Results showed the health sector:
it grew by 0.4%. Here are 6% added shares
Allergan. Manufacturer
Botox has confirmed that is in
merger talks with state
Pfizer. The record
Pfizer reduced quotation

companies included in the S P 500 already
We reported on the results of the quarter
activity. analysts have revised
their forecasts and now expects that the
the total profit in the III quarter
decrease only 1.7% (compared with
4.2% strength forecast as of October 1).

statements for the III quarter
It dropped by 4.6% of market value
Goodyear Tire Rubber Co.

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US crude inventories rose more than expected

US crude inventories rose more than expected. Quotes went down

according to
released Wednesday evening Management Reports
US Energy Information Administration, stocks
of crude oil in the US rose by 2.847 million
barrels. Projections suggest that
increase of 2.787 Mill.

On this information
oil quotes quickly began
fall: Brent again
It fell below $ 50
barrel and traded to 18.36 MSK on the mark
$ 49.94. WTI futures
fell 1.09% to $ 47.39.

support oil
another one has a closing
from the Libyan port of shipment and the strike
oil workers in Brazil. Therefore, for
the last day of “black gold” has added
more than 3%, and passed Brent
through the important psychological mark
$ 50 per barrel. growth stocks
more than predicted pressed on
“Black gold” and once again raises concerns
overabundance of raw materials on the market.

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Europe closed yesterday in red because of falling

Europe closed yesterday in the red because of falling commodity companies quotes

stock exchanges
Western Europe started the week is not the most
positive trading session – the main
indices were in
the red, falling behind stock prices
commodity companies and service companies
entertainment. Following the auction, the consolidated
Stoxx Europe 600 index fell by 0.36%
France’s CAC 40 – by 0.44%, the British FTSE
100 – 0.46%, German DAX – 0.25%.

Shares of Glencore
Plc fell by 2,1%, Rio Tinto Group – on 0,7%, BHP
Billiton – by 1.6%. Paper Credit Suisse fell
2.9%, when the company completed the sale of
58 million new shares. shares Germany
generation company RWE AG declined
price by 4.7% after rumors of
that the company has difficulty in
the search for new investors. Due to the very
volatile oil prices on Monday
Total SA shares fell 0.9%.

shares of Swiss
pharmaceutical company Novartis AG fell 1.45% yesterday as analysts
Voltobel lowered recommendations on them. paper
Playtech Plc tumbled 9% when the company refused
two acquisitions of 500 million pounds
sterling ($ 750 million). shares Germany
Wincor Nixdorf AG rose by 5.9% when held
the news that the company buys
American Diebold Inc. for 1.8 billion euros. it
the merger will result in the largest
global manufacturer of ATMs
sales amounting to more than $ 5 billion a year.

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