Busy gold

The busy gold

Recently gold has risen in price after a week
sliding down: on the Russian-Ukrainian
increased border tensions. AT
a result of the demand for gold has grown –
Investors tried to “escape” from the risks
transferring its assets in a trouble-free

However, a meeting was held yesterday in
Minsk between the presidents of Russia and
Ukraine, the parties tried to negotiate
to resolve the conflict. It is clear that to
the end of the talks is still far away, but
the fact of the peace talks again made
gold pass correction process: it
again went down.

Gold is trading around $ 1280.50
per troy ounce. Supports – at
1270 dollars and below – 1240 dollars.
The resistance for the near future – on
$ 1300 and above – in the field
$ 1324 – 1325.

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Currency market When ruble falls

Currency market. When ruble falls

Ruble still surprises with its
resistance under the weight of negative factors. Brent crude continues
fall. Breaking the mark of $ 49.00. / Bbl. only a matter of time.

Currency market When ruble falls

Despite the fact that the conflict and the rupture of diplomatic relations
Qatar initially helped Brent rise in connection with the threat of failure in
supplies, a few hours later the price went down again. This is due to the new
wave of fear that the fate of the agreement reached in May, is now under threat.
A further objective will be the level of 48.50 dollars. / Bbl. Continued on site

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  • Busy gold



The indicator to the right stretches all the rectangles drawn on the chart manually. The indicator can automatically recognize three types of boxes:

  • Support
  • Resistance
  • Breakdown

For each timeframe using a single color, which can be configured for input parameters tab. Rectangles shown in the current timeframe (drenched in color) and on the smaller time frames (outlines).

Special boxes (identifiable by the description of rectangles, see screenshots):

  • Keyword “Exclude” – a continuation of the triangle will be canceled.
  • The keyword “Custom” – boxes marked “Custom” will be painted a distinctive style (shading, color, contours).


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Price Frequency

price Frequency

The main objective of this indicator – to find support and resistance levels using a frequency of occurrence of a certain level of prices. The indicator will show the frequency of the price on the right side of the graph. The lowest frequency, most likely, will be the level of support / resistance, and overcoming of this level – breakdown.

Note: Make sure that the graphics are offset activated.

Price Frequency

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Ruble rebounded after reaching agreement in Minsk

The ruble rebounded after reaching an agreement in Minsk

The Russian ruble has won back losses and traded in the flat, gaining a foothold above weekly highs after Minsk made a decision to cease fire.

At the moment the USD / RUB is trading slightly higher by 0.32% at 65.35, retreating from fresh daily lows at 64.51 marked on reaching an agreement. The ruble is likely to continue to be supported against the dollar, as the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France managed to conclude an agreement on a cease-fire in the eastern Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the military operations will be discontinued on February 15th. “We have decided on a ceasefire and the agreement reached on key issues,” – said Putin told reporters after hours of negotiations.

Levels of USD / RUB

Resistance is located at 67.61 and 68.42, and support – on 63 and 61.

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Canadian Dollar on Wednesday evening has surprised

Canadian Dollar on Wednesday evening has surprised traders

Last night
the Canadian dollar was literally
a state of “free fall” when
The Bank of Canada unexpectedly announced that
reduces the rate from 1.00% to 0.75%. The pair USD / CAD,
for example, the Canadian fell more than 300
points. Now the pair has steadily
It is trading at levels of about 1.23 – to 10:50
by MSK at around 1.2358.

Yesterday’s reports showed that wholesale
Canadian sales in November fell by
0.3%, while expected to only 0.2%. Later, the head of the Bank of Canada delivered a speech,
Now many couples with Canadian gradually adjusted to higher levels.
For example, the pair AUD / CAD yesterday
rose from the level of 0.9924 to 1.0036, and today
It traded near the level of 1.0000.

USD / CAD rose yesterday,
After a few levels of resistance.
The pair has traded almost unchanged
Asian and European sessions, but
in the US rose sharply. Now
Resistance is expected at
1.2387, support – at the level of 1.2261. It is possible to rise to 1.30 within a few months.

In addition to these pairs
Canadian shaken as the position of pairs
EUR / CAD, NZD / CAD, CAD / CHF (see

Canadian Dollar on Wednesday evening has surprised

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Euro falls due to uncertainty in negotiation

Euro falls due to the uncertainty in the negotiation of Greece and the eurozone

On Wednesday
evening the euro has fallen to a seven-year
low against the pound – while still
under the influence of the Greek conflict. TO
16:55 MSK on the EUR / GBP pair has reached a point
0.7396 – the lowest since January 2008. Yesterday
the pair closed at 0.7422.

As reported
foreign media today are waiting for Greece
intensive talks with representatives
The European Union. At the meeting must
decide what to do next – t. To through.
two weeks of the current term expires
on economic aid agreement
Greece from evrokreditorov. A
the new Greek government as
known, it does not intend to renew it
agreement, t. To. wants to decide for itself
their problems. And all this only strengthens
fears that the conflict with the international
creditors will lead to Greece’s exit
from the euro zone.

euro dollar today has fallen dramatically in the afternoon,
approximately at 14:30 MSK – EUR / USD pair reached
to the level of 1.1293. Now, to 17:00 MSK, the pair is trading
at the level of 1.1313. It is only against the euro, yen
grown – with EUR / JPY is trading now
at 135.51, up 0.23%.

At the meeting
today the Greek Finance Minister Yanis
Yanis Varoufakis must submit the Eurogroup
requirements of the completion of the international
financial assistance program and the transition
a new restructuring agreement
debt. He wants to achieve "transitional
agreement"To gain time to
of June and a final design

center of attention, and the Greeks, probably,
will present the plan met with resistance.
So there are bearish for the euro
risk, and after any recovery to $ 1.1360
will sale"- said Jeremy
Stretch from CIBC World Markets.

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Deal to eur aud

The deal to eur \ aud

The deal on the euro Audi, translated without loss before the news, finally knocked on without loss, and flew up on the greedy, we had to leave the feet of the pin bar where he was, the price is now caught resistance \ intermediate level, let’s see what will happen today after Draghi

Deal to eur aud

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Daily technical analysis of “blue chips”

Daily technical analysis of “blue chips”


Bouncing Severstal raises the question of the return of the price to the level of the breached support and now resistance 674. The purpose of the bulls 679-680r. Potential shopping area is April 1 – 645

Recall that on 23 March the price broke through the Severstal major support 674, supporting the idea of ​​a strong downtrend. The first objective Fibonacci breakthrough (674) – 627. The mark of rebound principle 630r deploys upward position in the short term. Short-foot buyers are April 1 – 636.7. Medium-foot sellers are located on 1 April 668.3.


VTB March 31 was tested at least 2015. (0.0591) and lower it to 0.05837, but penetration has not taken place, the price is returned by 6 kopecks.

In the case of a penetration level of 0.0591 price can go to 0.5113. Softer bear embodiment represents a goal from 0.05611 0.06389 resistance level. The opposite option bullish movement from the minimum benchmark 0.0647 gives 0.05837. Short-sellers April 1 foot located at 0.06157, above are medium-foot sellers 0.06262.

Norilsk Nickel

Rebound on Monday March 30, MMC (before the annual report on March 31) raises the question of penetration up the February-March the downward movement corridors to 11219, but levels above 10,500 at the end of March, proved attractive to sellers. Earlier the sale of shares of MMC on the level of 10870 (to 9524) showed a downward force of the corridor, in which the correction of the December-February growth.

Short-foot buyers are April 1 – 9776 (medium-term stops are practically in the same place – on 9893).


Rosneft’s share of the district implemented a rebound mid December and March range (239.07). For bulls originated tangible goal up at 261.11-262.75. Medium-foot buyers placed April 1 at 236.09, short-foot buyers are located almost in the same place – in the area of ​​238.83.

Potential zone near shopping is April 1 – at 249.15

Sberbank of.

According to the action developed in the framework of a bullish rebound downward corridor. His current goal 64.81

Potential shopping area is April 1 – at 62.19.

Bears still a further embodiment of the maximum goal 58.38 26 March 65.8

Short-sellers are foot 1 April – 63.06. Medium-foot vendors placed April 1 at 64.15.


bullish rebound developed by Lukoil. His goal was formulated at the level of 2720. A possible option to continue giving benchmark already in 2828.

Potential shopping area is April 1 – to 2674.

Earlier, the stock almost reached its goal in 2565 (the second goal of the Fibonacci level of penetration of local minimum 26/02/15 – 2895). Even more aggressive variant was played by the strong resistance level of 2753 (up 26 March) – The objective of 2454.

At the level of 2565 is supported – it came after a gap up on 15 January.

Short-foot buyers are April 1 – 2584 (short-sellers were broken foot yesterday at 2684), medium-foot sellers are April 1 at 2744.3.


Dynamics of Gazprom shares at the end of the beginning of this week and revealed intentions rebound. As a result, the actual position at the beginning of the week turned up. Local formulated goal rebound from now to 139.24-141.91. Medium-foot buyers April 1 located at 132.12, short-foot buyers are virtually in the same place at 133.58.

Potential zone near shopping is April 1 – 138.2 below.

After breaking March 10 local minimum level (02/26/15) 149.1 – bears for actualized target total wave motion – 141.99, which was reached on March 13. The second objective Fibonacci after breaking 149.1 (when closing below 141.99) – 130.49 mark.

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Oil is consolidated within the range. Can work down and
test the level of support for, or test level
resistance. With good PF may be considered both a login option

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