PL chart

PL chart

PL chart – is a powerful indicator of building bars on the profit / loss on your account. In this case, the schedule symbol does not matter. Each bar built PL chart, is a value of the profit or loss of the corresponding bar on the price of the terminal graph. This is handy because you can see the profit / loss for the month, week, day, hour, minute, and so on, simply by switching timeframes schedule. For example, if you want to see the amount of profit on the account of the day, just go to any schedule, select the D1 timeframe and throw in PL chart on the chart. Indicator draw profit / loss by day, and you can scroll the graph back and forth to see the results for the different days.

PL chart

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Does it make sense to work on market in both

Does it make sense to work on the market in both directions?

trade strategy in the channel. Test torgovli.Matematicheski when averaged in a losing position and receive
fixed profit in the direction of market movement, it is possible.
In practice, this looks tak.http: //

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Formula saving deposit in crisis situations

Formula saving deposit in crisis situations

I think there are a lot of gambling people who try their trading.

I once lost at roulette so much money, how much cost kopeck piece in the metro station Student. And most of all in my trading, I was suffering from non-compliance with money management rules, and because of the desire to make maximum use of the entire deposit.

Firstly, it leads to the use of my arm at all accounts 1: 500.

Secondly, it leads to the fact that the level of the free margin is minimal, and the ratio of available funds margin almost always becomes less than 200%, and sometimes even approaching 100%.

More than a dozen times in the two years that I’m trying to make a profit, I merged the deposit in full (though the amount of funds I have never made more than $ 800), which is of course a pity.

Some time ago I thought for a solution to this problem.

That said, I decided to create a robot savior deposit. And not so long ago my attempts were unsuccessful.

Maybe someone also have options out of desperate situations, which he often uses, for example, in such extreme price movements, which are shown in the figure, anticipating this article.

I’m thinking about selling my savior created by robot, so the technology will not reveal until the end.

Let me just say, but I think that most of it will be clear and without my explanation, that the first stage is simply applied Blocking.

For beginners I explain what I mean by this.

If you say you should order up unprofitable, and a loss on it is so significant that it can completely demolish the remains of the deposit, and to close the order at a loss you will certainly not like you do not want, you just need to put a counter-order with the same size of the lot.

Most of the dealing centers, in my opinion, let you do this without changing the overall margin. (At least my DTS provides this feature).

Under Blocking and understood by the installation of the same order of magnitude of a counter.

Whatever happens after that with the prices, no matter where they do not move, your loss will be fixed and will no longer increase, at least until the time comes to issuing swaps overnight or over the weekend. But swaps are relatively small and not catastrophic.

So we have a situation where such costs up 1.5 lots, down worth 1.5 lots, and the free margin remained little more than 40 – 60 dollars.

As someone who comes when suddenly there is this situation?

I will publish your hints in exactly one month.

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PZ Trade Manager Pro MT5

PZ Trade Manager Pro MT5

item management is time-consuming? adviser Trade Manager Pro It can do this for you, avoiding the errors inherent in the trader, and improving the quality of your trade. Advisor improves the efficiency of your trade ten times!

  • Capital preservation is the highest priority
  • It allows profits to grow without your participation
  • It allows you to make a risk-free deal
  • Automatic stop-level movement following the price
  • The initial value of the stop-loss and take-profit is also installed automatically

Advisor produces the following steps after you open an item:

  1. The initial stop-loss is set automatically (Optional)
  2. The initial take profit is set automatically (Optional)
  3. Additional gains fixed as soon as possible by closing the trade 50% (Optional)
  4. Moves to stop loss at the first time bezubytka (Optional)
  5. Move the stop level using your chosen method, prior to his trip (Optional)

Other interesting features:

  • informational content (Just look at the terminal to find out what actions produced Advisor)
  • Trailing Stop colored leaves “footprints” on the screen.
  • Customizable risk reward ratio in the case of partial closure and achieve bezubytka level.
  • Select from five different methods of working with a trailing stop!

Supported methods of working with a trailing stop

  • Channel Donchian (Donchian Channel)
  • Average True Range
  • Parabolic SAR
  • moving averages
  • points

Try out the free version!

Since the adviser does not trade in its own and its behavior can be assessed only by opening the position, I also put a free version. 

It is completely suitable for the job, is not limited by timeframes, but has fewer features.

  • Ratio of profit to risk in case of partial closure and achievement level bezubytka is 1: 1
  • Partial closing always occurs at 50% of the lot size
  • Trailing stop does not leave “footprints” on the screen
  • Only one method of working with a trailing stop (point)

Why position management plays an important role in the trade?

Take two professional traders and plant them for a terminal in a random day of the week. One we’ll give the job to buy EUR / USD, and the other – to sell the same pair. Most probably both of our traders will go from the position at a profit, or at least with minimal loss due to the partial closure of their positions at the right time.

Now we take two inexperienced traders and give them the same task. Most likely, both closed with a loss. Why? What’s so special professionals know they do not know to begin? And how can you replicate their success?

The answer lies in the correct exit from the position. The idea that the way out of position is always more important than the entrance, is fairly well known, but it seems, does not have much popularity among retail traders. Ask for an inexperienced trader, why he took a position, and you’ll hear something like: “The euro area is going through hard times, so I decided to sell” or “The Australian dollar has just touched the support line, so I went into the purchase.”

Newcomers are always looking for suitable entry point, often focusing on the “unmistakable signals to buy / sell”, while the disciplined and professional traders are constantly looking for suitable exit point and never forget the preservation of capital.

Beginners usually start to worry about the correct closing position only after open it. This leads to the formation of harmful traders for trading habits. Traders begin to manage emotions such as fear and greed. As a result, the trader holds open losing positions in the hope of turning and closing profitable, already afraid of losing profits. That is, he does exactly the opposite of what needs to do really!

Each transaction must comply with the following provisions:

  1. Capital preservation is the highest priority
  2. Cuts off the loss quickly
  3. Let profits run

important details

  • Stop-loss moves following the price only when necessary to keep the profits (Leaving the transaction is enough time to develop)
  • Stop-loss is moved only once in a bar, not at every tick.
  • The need for partial closing evaluated on each tick.


Arturo Lopez Perez, a private investor, speculator, programmer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.
PZ Trade Manager Pro MT5


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Old World hopes obedient Greece Indexes rose

Old World hopes obedient Greece. Indexes rose on Tuesday

trading in Europe ended in an amicable
growth of most indices. investors
hope that the Greek
Prime Minister and Minister of Finance
be able to agree to mutual advantage
and Greece, and the European Union.

A source
Bloomberg agency
Greek government says that
Greeks are hoping to attract short-term
financing of approximately 10 billion euros.
This will help them avoid credit
the collapse of the country, and to gain time to
discuss new terms of debt repayment.
And another suggestion of Greece – highlight
s 1.9 billion of profits earned
creditors as income from
Greek bonds. Plus, as already
stated yesterday, the Minister of Finance
country, Yanis Varoufakis, today during
meeting with the Eurogroup intends
asking for an increase in bill
limit from the current 15 billion euros to 23 billion.
For this study Greek promises
implement the order of two-thirds of reforms
in a country that had previously been promised

result of all these Greek news
ASE stock index yesterday
He laid on the shoulder of his other colleagues
the Old World, flying 8% immediately (in
mainly due to the banking sector,
some members of which
capitalization increased by 15% and higher).

the pan-European index Stoxx Europe
600, reared per day of 0.6%,
We were leading high-tech companies:
Nokia added 2.5%.

banks behaved differently: so, Raiffaisen
added 7% on news
business reorganization and takes its
units from unfavorable regions
(From Poland and Slovenia, it goes very,
and in Russia and Ukraine greatly reduces
presence). UBS declined
2.8%: A Guide afraid that
profitability negatively
It affects anomalous strengthening franc.

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Smart 6M

Smart 6M

Smart 6M EA trades with the trend, without indicators, according to their calculations. Mainly used scalping.

In the settings you can change the initial lot, the ratio of trade aggression, stoploss, DeltaTP and software stoploss. Everything else is automatically calculated.

The lot size shall not exceed 0.01 cents per 1,000 deposit on a cent account and, accordingly, 0.01 to $ 1,000 dollar bill.


  • Lot0 – the initial lot.
  • AggresKoef – rate trading aggression. The higher the ratio, the higher the profit, but the greater the risk.
  • SL0 – Stop-loss program. Number of points loss order in which the robot closes the deal.
  • DeltaTP – Stop-loss is the difference between software and software teykprofitom. Program teykprofit calculated as SL0 + DeltaTP. DeltaTP may be negative.
  • StopLoss – stoploss.

Smart 6M

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MFC Expert

MFC Expert

MFC EA – adapting adviser, capable to adapt to the current market situation. The basis of the author’s advisor founded strategy.

It is known that the price moves in waves and in a certain range. Even a strong and stable trend has wave retracement and correction. If undulation prices – given, so why not use it? Advisor determines the current wave forms on the basis of which a certain price channels with spreading factor. When you exit price of the generated range, adviser opens a deal.

For each currency pair in the MFC EA there chotnaya or odd wave. The advantage of this method is to determine the optimum parameters of EA. Minimum configuration and ease of use will allow even the novice trader to trade using MFC EA adviser.

Inbox settings

  • Trailing Start – Start tracking position.
  • Trailing Step – Step away or to be transferred to the Stop Loss of the current price.
  • Take Profit Profit level is specified in points.
  • Stop Loss – Level stop order is specified in the claims.
  • Lot – Lot Size (Only works if the field should RISK %% 0).
  • Risk %% – percentage of the current deposit per transaction (if 0 is used Lot said trader).
  • Momentum Period – the period of calculation of market forces.
  • Fractal Period – the number of bars to determine wave.
  • History Bars – the number of bars in history.
  • Minimum bars channel – The minimum length of the channel.
  • Coefficient channel – price channel coefficient.
  • Alert – a notice in case of opening of the transaction (True – show, False – hide)
  • Opposite Signal – When the appearance of the opposite positions of the signal transfer without loss or closure of its current income. (True – enable, False – off)

Monitoring of the adviser.

configuration files to optimize.


Do not you want to use a genetic algorithm. Optimize adviser for each currency pair at a time interval of 2 weeks, using a special setting for odd and even currency pairs. The results obtained are valid trading 1 week and then again perform optimization. You can install Advisor on schedule 4H with the same settings as for the 1H. Advisor can work simultaneously on different periods of the trading instrument. You can also trade manually. If you change the order open advisor, he will find it strange and function Trailing Stop to this order shall not apply. To use the Expert Advisor VPS server. It is not recommended to use the Advisor vapor with a very large spread. How to use MFC EA adviser to see in the video.

Use the following currency pairs: AUDUSD (an even), EURUSD (odd), EURJPY (odd), AUDJPY (odd), CADJPY (odd), GBPUSD (odd), NZDUSD (an even), USDCAD (an even).

Periods for trading: 4H, 1H. optimization period: 1H.

MFC Expert


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ZigZag Wave Medvedev Double

ZigZag Wave Medvedev Double

Zigzag which is not redrawn, requires no configuration and reflects the real picture of the market, allows you to watch not only important for trade moments of change of mood of buyers and sellers, but also actively involved on the winning side in the battle for their share of profits. Described indicator consists of two zigzags: main ( indicates the direction of the transaction, and the second ( 12330) allows in small waves of oscillation patterns to find profitable entry and build positions. This is very conducive to the line direction. It is only one, but a role that she reserved, making it very popular. The line is not in the full sense of the support line or resistance, but when it works, it becomes clear its purpose. She, in a sense, moving over the tops of small zigzag and connect them in series with the top of the main zigzag and, conversely, when the main swing is in the cavity, the line slides along the cavities of small zigzag. This gives a unique opportunity to observe the change of direction. In some cases, this line serves as a median line pitchfork.

In addition, it equipped with a zigzag support and resistance levels, allowing you to quickly respond to changing formations. What it provides signals the emergence of new levels, as well as their breakdown. Furthermore it is possible to adjust the degree of sensitivity of the indicator on the support and resistance levels by selecting options for their formation. By default, the first option, it reflects the low sensitivity. To increase it enough to change the version number from 1 to any other.


  • MinBars – calculates the number of bars. By default – 1 000 0 – all bars.
  • InpColor – color line direction of movement;
  • InpStyle – display style;
  • InpWidth – thickness.
  • display_option_res_sup – the option to generate support and resistance levels. Default-1. Any other figure, a variant;
  • arrow – display of levels right price tag. Default – enabled;
  • set_Alert_new_res_sup – new switch setting signal levels of support or resistance. Default – enabled;
  • set_Alert_breakdown_res_sup – inclusion breakdown signal levels of support or resistance. Default – enabled;
  • number_bar_breakdown – bar number on which we celebrate the breakdown of its closing prices. By default – 1.

I appreciate your constructive suggestions and feedback.

ZigZag Wave Medvedev Double

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US SEC has attended to safety of informants sneak

US SEC has attended to the safety of informants, sneak

– Commission for the Securities and Exchange Commission
– early check for that, are not subject to
Does it harassed informants
within their corporations. Employees,
that notice within their companies
corporate violations may report
this regulator. The company is unlikely
I feel great joy about it,
and now the SEC
began to fear that her informants
may be subjected to repression and
negative attitudes at work.

the last few weeks, according to
informed sources Wall
Street Journal, SEC sent
letters to a number of companies in which required
to provide certain documents,
which theoretically can show
employees oppression facts. For example,
Sometimes corporations require written
failure employees from profits that
those obtained by “yabednichestva”
(In most cases this financial
remuneration). In this case, disappear
almost all incentives “knock” on
home company but deep feelings
satisfaction. SEC this practice
to expose and stop.

2011 SEC program
reward informants realized
almost 20 times payment is usually not
exceeded $ 1 million. but
One particularly corrosive informant
nayabednichali of 58 million dollars, “surrendering”
their employer – Bank
of America, which
subsequently fined 16.65 billion. Each
year since SEC
thousands of slander, but the real
investigations begin only in small
share of them, because the informant must
report a significant regulator,
accurate and detailed information,
and more desirable to complete the documentary

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Expert GSensor – self-contained automated trading system to the conversion goals and risk, depending on the market volatility and drawdown.

Distinctive features of the robot are:

  • Full automation of the sales process, you only need to configure the initial settings.
  • trading style: momentum swing, trading in a range, averaging.
  • The ability to modify the risk of trade, affecting the profitability of the trade
  • Capital Insurance trader at work and the possibility of returning no results for losing trades.
  • Automatic calculation trading lot size depending on the size of the available resources and the current drawdown (with trade fixed lot).
  • Automatic calculation (recalculation) purposes, depending on the volatility of the market (can be switched off)
  • Automatic calculation of the aggregate position.
  • Automatic calculation trailing stop level (with the possibility of disconnection)
  • Use levels Fibonacci indicators: MA, MACD, Stochastic, ATR, and others. 
  • Several options for exit from the market:

  1.      Closing orders when it reaches the take profit.
  2.      Closing Orders by trailing stop.
  3.      Close orders at a turn in overbought, oversold.

  • Control and protection from the expansion of the spread 
  • Working timeframe M5 

Description of the main expert settings:

  • OpenCloseTrades – EA can be used
    the installation stops and profits mode,
    committing trader manual trading. In this case, the opening and closing of positions only produces
    trader. stops and profits levels are calculated from the values
    Lots and TakeProfit, so that the total profit is equal to the profit one position Lots volume to the size of the profit TakeProfit points. It should be borne in mind that swaps can make a significant error in the result. To enable manual trading mode parameter must be false. They will be “picked up” by the current transaction currency pair.
  • FixedLots – A fixed volume of transactions
  • RiskPercent – level of risk
  • TakeProfit – target level
  • StopLoss – Start-Stop Loss (limit losses when the market reversal)
  • DecreaseFactor – Modifier reduce the volume of transaction after loss
  • IncreaseFactor – The factor of increasing the volume of transaction after loss
  • MaxOrders – Maximum open orders
  • TrailingStop – TreylingStop
  • MaxSpread – The maximum allowable spread for the opening orders
  • Slippage – The maximum allowable slippage
  • MarketWatch – Opening orders for ECN type accounts
  • UseChangeStops – Using a modification of the stop levels and profit
  • FollowPlusSwap – Trade swap in the positive (if any)
  • CloseReverseMode – order closing mode
  • CorrectCloseAll – Correct the gradual closure of all orders 
  • ControlDrawDown – Control and limitation of drawdown
  • PercentDrawDown – Level drawdown to connect trade restrictions
  • FrequencyTrades – The frequency of opening deals
  • AutoChangeTakeProfit – AUTO CHANGEOVER TakeProfit level
  • AutoChangeRiskPercent – AUTO CHANGEOVER level of trade risk
  • AutoChangeTrailingStop – AUTO CHANGEOVER level trailing stop (WarningDividerTS, FineDividerTS, AbsentDividerTS – divisors trailing stop levels depending on the drawdown and volatility)
  • AutoTrailingStopFactor – AUTO CHANGEOVER factor trailing stop level
  • AutoMaxOrders – Automatic change in the number of orders
  • FullAuto – Full Auto Mode  
  • SelectTrendDetector – Selection a method for determining the trend
  • UseTradingHours – Use the time to trade
  • ControlLastActivity – Monitoring activity on the account (temporary elimination of the causes of the lack of activity of the expert for the resumption of activity [useful when using the VPS with the activity requirement for a certain period])


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