Neuron Learning

Neuron Learning

Neuron Learning – multi-adviser.

Advisor uses to trade high-risk trading strategies like the Martingale. It works with take-profit and Elman neural network. Stop-loss is not used.

It may work on other major pairs.

Advisor is based on a 39 input, 10 hidden and 2 output nodes of the neural network, as well as the sigmoid function of automatic learning in real life. Trade is almost every candle. Neuron Learning studies on the history of candle and predicts the next candle.

Particular attention should be paid to the output node. It uses a single layer of the neural network and is more effective if there is confirmation of a trend change, and that the price will not return to its previous value.

input node


  1. High – Open
  2. Open – Low
  3. ATR (3)
  4. Stdev (3)
  5. RSI (3)
  6. WPR (3)
  7. Stochastic (5,3,3) Mode_Main
  8. Stochastic (5,3,3) Mode_Signal
  9. AD
  10. ADX (3) Mode Main
  11. ADX (3) Mode PLUSDI
  12. ADX (3) Mode MINUSDI
  13. MFI (3)


  • Minimum shoulder – 1: 500.
  • The minimum initial deposit – only $ 1000.
  • Use the M1 or M5 timeframe.


  • training: Enables the robot learning mode.
  • load_neuron: Download Results robot training.
  • transaction: Allow discovery transactions.
  • reset: restore the default result of training, working with load_neuron: true.
  • max_loop: Robot depth training.
  • lot: the number of lots.
  • TakeProfit: The level of take-profit.
  • MaxSpread: Maximum spread, in which trade is allowed.
  • Slippage: Allowable slippage for opening orders.
  • max_order: The maximum number of orders.
  • Min_Margin_level: minimum margin level on the account as a percentage, when you reach this level of the transaction will not take place.

Neuron Learning

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Exotic currency pairs minor but profitable

Exotic currency pairs: minor but profitable

Nobody argues that
the most liquid – International Forex Market
in the world. Similarly, it is an indisputable
the fact that the level of liquidity
It is largely the result of the relationship
in popularity of specific currencies. About
70% of trade transactions involve
a limited number of the most popular
currencies such as US dollar
(USD), euro (EUR), Swiss Franc (CHF),
British Pound (GBP) and Japanese Yen
(JPY). In addition, it is becoming popular
Canadian (CAD) and New Zealand (NZD)

After these front
reaching rates in popularity are
currency pairs, called "crosses"
(Cross quotes), in particular containing no
US dollar (USD). Other
currency pairs are called "exotic".
bids on them are carried out with a smaller
volumes, participants in these trades
is limited contingent
traders. Interestingly, some
Even the Russian ruble referred to

around trade
exotic currency pairs there
a number of myths, some of which are immediately
also discourage trading in Forex
traders and other errors lead to
erroneous conclusions. Try to understand,
what are the key characteristics from
these rates, try to dispel myths
and lead strong enough
arguments "BEHIND" trade "exotic"
and share experiences of innovation
approach to exotic trade

The main difference – it
geographical origin of the currency.
Geographically exotic currencies
come from the following regions: Asia,
Middle East, Pacific
region and Africa. The most important
Trader technical differences exotics
from the majors and cross quotes:

1. Higher (from the point
Day of motion in points)

This factor is
basic, and large amounts of other
important difference is its direct
or indirect causes. In exotic
currency – significantly different in comparison with the
American and European meaning
interest rates
Local central banks,
lack of activity, as a result of
which price may rise sharply
or fall, political and economic
medium with high volatility.

2. High values
brokerage commissions (spreads).

In good-quality and cost
brokerage commissions stable value
It has a direct relationship with the popularity
trading tool, as it is associated
with transaction costs.

The real problem,
that may occur is the lack of
information on currency movements. AT
the case of the majors and cross quotes trader accustomed to
work with more easily
information available – it very much
on the Internet, on TV. While both opinions,
analyzes and forecasts are available concrete
via the Internet almost non-stop mode,
in the case of the presence of such exotic
materials is very complex
task. And you have to collect information
bit by bit, and even a small amount
Amateur blogs do not help alleviate the
this task.

high volatility
– it is certainly very good. After all
the potential for earnings in volatile
and Non-Volatile markets varies widely.
But do not forget that volatile
Market – this is a very risky market.
Take for example the British pound.
For this currency can be seen daily
movement from 150 to 550 points. And if you take
exotic currency pair USD / ZAD
(Dollar / South African rand), then it
Daily movement can occur before
1,000 points in a day. But this is only
average value. And in the period of unrest
day step can reach from 7000 to
8000 points. Of course, in comparison with the
the British pound, you can do
good money. But, at the same time as
It mentioned above, together with the
potential earnings significantly
It grows and risk.

Sometimes trading
“Minor” prevents currency pairs
psychological factor. Everyone thinks:
“Why do I need it, when there is a sea
major currency pairs for which
enough information to
stable and so on? “At this time,
everyone is aware of how much trouble will
him that he would trade on
on the “exotic” currency market.

Why do we sell
“Exotic” when there is stable
major currency pairs?

1. First of all,
profit. Nor in any other currency
Forex pair you will not be able to obtain such
big profits in a short period
time as “exotic”. Of course,
If there are more at your disposal
the commercial capital, which you can
manipulated without fear of losing, then
you can easily trade in this case and
major currency pairs. But all things
things being equal, the potential
yield “exotic” significantly
higher than the major currency pairs.

2. At trade
minor currency pairs for
You have a wide horizon
actions. You can explore the inner
market of a particular country and on the basis of
develop a variety of

3. Ability to use
exotic currency pair as a
an additional source of income.

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Asian markets did not show uniform dynamics

Asian markets did not show uniform dynamics

Today on
Asian trading was demonstrated
mixed. Following the publication of
Information about the growth of China’s GDP (the
unconvincing in the last five years)
Asian exchanges behaved
differently. Affected and local

For example, in Hong Kong
Tuesday night will be a meeting
student protesters with representatives
administration. Against this background, Hang
Seng added 0.1%.

Composite index
the region fell by 0.5%, but on the eve of
MSCI Asia Pacific added 2.2%
(This was the biggest rise since
September 2012.

Nikkei down
on 2%; Kospi lost 0.8%;
Shanghai Composite – 0,7%. Australian
S P / ASX added 0.1%, along
as already mentioned, Hang Seng.

individual companies, for example, the Toyota
Motors Corp. It showed 1.6% bonus
fall (on the background growth of the yen against
majors). The same reason
1.5% and taken away from Sony Corp.

Mobile lost on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
1.8%: it announced a profit reduction
Now for the past five quarters

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CloseIfProfitorLoss with Trailing

CloseIfProfitorLoss with Trailing

Closing of positions in MetaTrader 4 and the total profit \ loss with trailing earnings.

The? S can enable the Virtual stops (Separate Order), closing and settlement separately BUY SELL positions (Separate BUY SELL), Closing and settlement of all symbols, or the current character (All Symbols), Enable trailing earnings (Trailing Profit)

Closing occurs on the deposit currency, items, and% loss.

Advisor is designed for use in any account in a pair with any adviser or manual trading. As soon as the overall balance of transactions on a pair or all pairs is greater than or equal to the value specified in the settings, all positions are closed and deleted orders.

This version is able to not only close the profit at the set level, but also to trailing, to get more profit.

You can also try this EA Profit or Loss Pad for MetaTrader 5.

This panel adviser, is a part of our system, “Trafficking in one click” – VirtualTradePad

The detailed description and examples of use in our blog


external options

  • MagiccOrder – closure of the magic number: -1 – all orders;
  • MagikToClose – Magick position to calculate and closing;
  • OpenHour – Councilor Hours start hour
  • OpenMinute – Councilor Hours minute start
  • CloseHour – Councilor Hours hour end
  • CloseMinute – Councilor Hours minute End
  • CLP_TralOptionsStep – Step modification trailing earnings
  • BalanceStart – the balance of which will be calculated percentage. 0 – variable is populated at the time of launch.
  • Orderdelete – delete pending orders at the closing position.
  • Use_Lots_in_CLP_Points – – when calculating pips, EA will also take into account the lot of these positions. This option is useful when trading on hedge account with different lots.
  • AutoCorrect_LevelCLP – Automatic verification of the values ​​entered in the field of our advisor.
  • PROFITLOSS_EXTRASETS4 – Block Alert profit and loss of the deposit currency.


  • The panel is running on the symbol on which the (Current Symbol), or considers the total profit or loss for all symbols (All symbols).
  • The panel can be used as a virtual stop loss or take profit. To do this, set the size of the profit or loss in pips (Profit p or Loss p) and check, and choose your character. Advisor will close the transaction on your tool counts.
  • In the panel, you can select the type of closure: profit in dollars, in pips or in% of the balance sheet, as well as a loss of dollars in pips or in% of balance.
  • You can also adjust the trailing profits. Advisor, after receiving the income, remember the value and will trail the profit before closing.
  • There is also a “CLOSE ALL” button that closes the position character or all positions (depending on selection) instantly.
  • Directly on the panel displays information about the current status of your account on the proposed closure methods.

Other features:

  • This panel can be used in conjunction with other panels and indicators from our collection.
  • Clicking Close causes the program to end.
  • Close Button \ Open turns \ panel unfolds on the chart.
  • You can move the graph panel. To do this, click on the top panel of the line next to the Close button and the Close, and drag the toolbar to place convenient for you.

Terms of use:

  • Place the panel on your currency pair.
  • Depending on how you want to close positions (for all characters or current), select the appropriate option on the panel itself.
  • In order to select the tick closure type to be active, you must enter a parameter value other than 0, the for-profit indicates a positive value, and for the loss – negative, eg -100.
  • Put a checkmark in the paragraphs that you want to use when closing.
  • Turn button Close if Profit or Loss, it should light up in blue. This means that the adviser involved in the work.
  • As soon as the profit or loss of your positions will cross the mark established levels, the transaction will close.

CloseIfProfitorLoss with Trailing


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Midnight EA

Midnight EA

Midnight EA – advanced on the basis of the system price Action (Price action), analyzing the current situation and forecast future price movements. Advisor does not use anything other than the price movement. Martingale, grid, hedging, scalping and other risky methods are not applicable.

The adviser works late at night (midnight GMT) on M30. The lifetime of the warrants – from a few minutes to 2-3 hours. Sometimes it takes more time, but in the morning all orders are usually closed.

Advisor works with all pairs, but I recommend using 16 pairs, I select during the numerous optimizations and tests. Couples can choose the settings (setting Selected_Symbol). If the characters do not contain any prefixes and suffixes, leave Selected_Symbol equal Automatic – Advisor automatically detects and uses a pair of pre-setting, hard-coded in the EA. In the presence of a prefix or suffix to select the desired parameter pairs Selected_Symbol. To trade on pairs not included in the list, select Automatic.

Portfolio with 16 pairs tested since the beginning of 2010 to the end of 2016, it has been committed ~ 50,000 transactions. When a spread of 20 and a fixed volume of orders, average win ratio was approximately 95% from profit factor higher than 3 and less than 3% drawdown (At 0.2 volume of orders in the lot and the initial deposit of $ 1,000 for each pair; proportionally change with the item in 0.01i $ 50 deposit on pair values).

With a smaller initial capital (or other reasons), you can start with the most effective 7 pairs: GBPCAD, CADCHF, GBPCHF, EURCAD, EURCHF, USDCHF, AUDCAD. For them win ratio is more than 97%, a profit factor – more than 4. Starting with the lot in 0.01, you will need no more than 150-200 $ Balance, the drawdown should not exceed 5%.

Correlation between 16 pairs of low. This means a high degree of diversification in low loss.

Midnight EA loss prevention algorithm has more than 30-45 pips on each pair, depending on, inter alia, of the spread. The algorithm prevents a sharp increase in the spread and other unfavorable movements before closing unprofitable warrants the stop-loss. Stop-loss is a dynamic, invisible to the broker and resistant broker manipulated spread. Take-profit is also dynamic and hidden – depending on market conditions.


  • selected Symbol – choose a pair. By default, Automatic (if the characters in your terminal have prefixes or suffixes, select a specific pair)
  • Magic Number – magic number, default 55555 (must be different from the magic numbers your other advisors)
  • max Slippage – maximum slippage, default 1,
  • Max Spread To Trade – the maximum spread, default 25 (valid values ​​are 20-30)
  • GMT Offset For Testing – time difference between your broker and GMT The, default 0,
  • Alerts – alerts, False The default,
  • Notifications – notification True The default,
  • Emails – Posts by email, False The default,
  • auto Lots – auto-detection of the lot volume, default False (fixed value), and True is calculated automatically,
  • Lots To Balance Factor – ratio of lots to balance, by default 10 (see FIG. descriptions below)
  • Trade Size In Lots – the volume of transactions in lots, by default 0.01,
  • Holiday Break – weekend: from Start In December (Default – December 20) to End In January (By default, 8 January).

Money_Management (money management):

  1. Auto_Lots = False: EA trade fixed lot specified in Trade_Size_in_Lots,
  2. Auto_Lots = True: advisor calculates the volume of the lot, depending on the parameter Lots_To_Balance_Factor – ratio = 1 is EA trade 0.01 lots for every 1000 units of balance (e.g., Factor equal to 10 = 0.10, when the balance of the lot = 1000 USD / EUR / .. If the balance in 1500 USD / EUR / .. warrant = 0.15 lots).

Remember, no one except you is not liable for any investment decisions made by you. Current yield strategies and trading systems does not guarantee them the same performance in the future.

Good luck!

Midnight EA


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Asian markets are in minor key

Asian markets are in a minor key

At 9.32 MSK Japanese
Nikkei index lost 1%; Hang
Seng “left” down to 0.7%; Shanghai
Composite suddenly increased to 0.3%; Australian
S P / ASX "lost “0.9%;
and the Korean Kospi Index slid
down to 0.4%.

The reason is almost
overall fall – in general “disorder”
World markets: Europe, fever, high
volatility in the US, where tonight
also fell major indexes falling
the price of oil. However, for example, in the fall
Japanese index “to blame” for the most
part of the strengthening of the yen, given that
the main share of “systemically important”
companies in the country of the Rising Sun
work for export, and thus a strong
their yen is not very profitable.

And the dollar and euro
again today fell against the yen
– and after the shares fell and the world-famous
“Blue chips”. Sony, Nissan and
Toyota lost 2% each;
Hitachi Ltd. dropped 4.5%;
Mitsubishi slid down on
3.2%; Mazda Motor Corp. weakened on
4.7%. Only Konica Minolta Inc. gone
Counter-trend” and showed an increase
0.8% after being presented the “smart
glass “with full-color holographic

In the Hong Kong market
he doctor ordered weaken: firstly,
It plays the role of political instability;
and secondly, the relationship with Wall Street here
It is quite high. Many banks have lost
and technology companies, serious
reduction observed in heavyweights
Hang Seng Index. telecommunications
China Mobile Ltd lost giant
1.5%; one of the largest creditors
Industrial Commerzial Bank lowered
their rates by 1.4%. developer
online gaming NetDragon Websoft Inc.
I retreated to 2.5%, and its competitor Boyaa
Interactive International Ltd decreased by 1.8%.

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Asian markets move in different directions

Asian markets move in different directions

On Thursday, markets
Australia and Hong Kong are rising, after
how the Fed minutes dated September
the meeting did not signal for an early
increase in interest rates.

S P / ASX added
1.06%, rebounding from an eight-month low.
Here on horseback was the banking sector,
who reported on the increased profit
in recent months. So, ANZ
Banking Group added 1.66%;
Westpac has increased by 1.83%; National
Australia Bank increased capitalization

Hang Seng added 0.97%. increase
led by companies from the sector
service and communications. Among
outstanding increases can be noted
jump 1.06% casino operator Galaxy
Entertaiment and increase in capitalization
3.08% of the retailer Belle International Holdings.

In Japan grew
the yen against the dollar and fell against that background
Nikkei (-0,70% to 10.09 MSK)
as the strengthening of the yen means
deteriorating terms of trade for
exporters who benefit from a strong
dollar. Accordingly, to 10.09 MSK Mazda
It lost 1.88%. Toyota and
Nissan grown at 0.24% and 0.01%
respectively, but everything is relative: in
the beginning of Asian trading, they rushed
forward very substantially higher than
1%, and by the end of the day seriously lost
all advantage.

sector, electronics manufacturers are also
shed tears: Hitachi loses
1.35%; Toshiba – 1,48%.

shanghai Composite
I slid down to 0.1%, Korean
stock exchanges are closed on the occasion of the national

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In Europe gloom reigns

In Europe gloom reigns

Among the European markets continue to
fall: IMF reduced term
global growth market. Special
dreary forecasts drawn to

17.04 MSK, towards the end of day trading,
Europe 600 (strongly
injured yesterday after poor
German statistics) has already managed to fall
0.66. Weakened and DAX
and CAC
40 (-0.65%)
and FTSE

Let me remind you,
Tuesday, the IMF presented its forecast
on the prospects of global economic
growth, and he was again negative (with
down for the third time this
year). Permanent weakness in the euro zone
Recently, it increased the risk of the beginning
deep recession and deflation three
Europe’s largest economies
– Germany, France and Italy. Probability
recession has doubled over the last six
months and is now running at 38%.

Steiner, a strategic consultant
commented: “The report as a whole
It inspires a certain share in despair
regarding the fate of the world economy. ”
Other strategies, Geri Dzhenkins of LNG
Capital, he said,
what could be the agenda of the IMF consisted
to still convince the ECB
refer to the program of direct
quantitative easing. “When
European policy makers are looking at growth
and the number of employment in the United States and
UK, they are likely to set
matter how much the euro zone does not apply
the same treatment of QE,
who cured the Anglo-Saxons. ”

It seems
everything plays against Europe: its internal
plagues added Ebola,
which is a serious blow to the tourism,
recreational sector of course, and,
airlines. Holding IAG
Airways and Iberia),
EasyJet, Air France, TUI, Intercontinental Hotels Group –
they all fell between 1.8 and 3.6%. Fever
and crippled French industry
Bollore group,
It has significant investments in the African
industry: the stock lost 6.7%.

France fell
also because of the strike of pilots,
whose strike in one easy motion
hand wiped the board with revenues 20% annual
underlying profits of the company.

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Benefit EA

Benefit EA

Advisor is based on Martingale system in both directions, with an inner overlap of the second and Martingale RRS function (risk reduction system)

Basic deposit 10000

Shoulder 1: 500, 1: 1000

Chart Period: M1, M5 and M15



Base settings

  • New_Cycle – enables or disables the cyclical opening of branches of warrants
  • MAGIC – the magic number should be changed, if one account is used several currency pairs which operates this EA
  • Slippage – slip forex rates, the default value of 3, should not be changed unless you know what it is
  • Max_Trades – the maximum number of open orders in a branch (Max 17)
  • Max_Lot – the maximum value of the lot

TP settings

  • TP Buy – Take profit Buy, level of points on which the adviser is going to close the position
  • TP Sell -Take profit Sell, level of points on which the adviser is going to close the position
  • VTP – enables or disables Trailing
  • Trailing_Start – the level at the point at which the adviser is going to open Trailing
  • Trailing_Size – the volume in which points adviser will be used for broaching Trailing_Start or close

Risk Reduction System

  • RRS – enables or disables work Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_oOrder – order number from which the branch starts to work Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_cOrder – order number from which the branch stops working Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_TPTake profit in points for which will be closed orders related to the function Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_Trailing_Start – the level at the point at which the adviser is going to open Trailing for orders Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_Trailing_Size – the volume in which points adviser will be used for broaching RRS_Trailing_Start functions Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_Profit_Percent – a tool for getting out of debt drawdown (recommended 70-90%)

Buy and Sell settings

  • Step_Buy (Sell) – step opening of another branch in points order
  • Step_Coef_Buy (Sell) – increasing the opening rate of the next step, order
  • Step_Coef_Start_Order_Buy (Sell) – order number at which begins work Step_Coef_Buy (Sell)
  • Step_Mass_Buy (Sell) – the value in the default locations, the step of opening orders if Step_Coef_Buy (Sell) is 0
  • Min_Lot_Buy (Sell) – minimum bid opening of the first order
  • Lot_Exp_Buy (Sell) – magnification factor Min_Lot_Sell subsequent orders

Time filter settings

  • Time_Filters – enables or disables the operation in timeslots

Benefit EA


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As Apple stole from banks dream

As Apple stole from banks dream

Victor LysenkoOsnovatel and CEO RoketbankaNovaya Apple Pay technology does not threaten the banks and payment systems. It just would deprive them of a monopoly on information about customer behavior, and this is a huge source of future income

The last few years, bankers anxiously glancing at the Apple side, waiting for the invasion of their territory. Around the preparations for the attack were many rumors. Finally, a week ago, the company launched its project payments Apple Pay, and it is now possible since the facts in hand to find out what it is.

In connection with an Apple campaign on the financial market there are many questions. whether banks will suffer? Is there a threat of payment systems? The answer Samsung? And in the end, what is so new Apple’s done, what not to do to her?

Banks had something to fear from the very beginning of Apple smartphones look like a logical device for payment. In 2012, there was PassBook application that allows you to use loyalty cards and coupons, well, about 800 million accounts with iTumes attached to them by credit card customers and say nothing.

Not enough detail. And this year, Apple has made the last few steps: quickly add user identification by fingerprint, built into their smartphones NFC function, as well as contracts with payment systems, several major banks and retail chains with the United States.

What is the process of buying in a store using Apple Pay? To begin, the user needs to bind to service their bank card by already tied to iTunes or add a new one. It’s enough to take a picture of the map and enter the security code. The store at the checkout buyer brings the smartphone to the terminal on the screen pops up a notice of the impending purchase, for which authorization is sufficient to press a finger on the Touch ID button. The coincidence of the fingerprint is the proof of payment, and money is deducted from the card attached, the customer is informed about this phone vibration. This is one of the simplest procedures offered at the market.

Apple – is not the first company to try their hand at mobile payments, and they still take root is not very smooth. It turned out that simply connect the card to the mobile app is not enough: pay card itself often faster than waiting for the application to determine which store you are and what you should do. And the user’s behavior in this case, changes little. But Apple, in the first place, really implemented payments “in one click”, and secondly, find a way to move to the phone from a leather wallet is not only a bank card, and all that it is, including the loyalty program cards and transportation cards. And thirdly, already a huge amount of users linked to the iTunes charts in its assets.

It is important that this is a safer method of payment than payment cards. The data of the card when making the payment does not appear anywhere instead of a smartphone and the terminal exchange “token” – a special code, which is formed for a specific transaction. This was possible thanks published in March this year, the consortium EMVCo specifications, brings together the largest payment systems (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB). That is, the attackers are much less likely to intercept card data and use them for fraud.

So, what does this mean for the payment systems? Their position is only strengthened, because Apple now uses not only have they created earlier infrastructure in the form of credit cards, processes, etc., but also a new specification for contactless payments.

What to expect the banks? Banks can temporarily relax them in the near future is not threatened. Now Apple has agreed with the six largest banks in the United States (American Express, Bank of America, Capital One Bank, Chase, Citi and Wells Fargo) that Apple the Pay service will serve their cards. Many are not included in this list of banks got in line and wish to connect too. According to preliminary information, Apple will take with them 0.15% of the amount of transactions carried out. For most countries, it is quite a moderate percentage, and the banks will be able to a “pull”. That is much in the pocket of the banks climb Apple does not plan, in fact, like to make a payment hold.

Does Apple take the place of the banks? No, I do not want – the company does not get into the business in which it is necessary to come from an unexpected transaction in Bulgaria, and there are not huge revenues to explain to tens of millions of customers, where in the discharge of their map. For Apple, it is more important to capitalize on the sale of their devices than to climb into a complex card business of banks. Rather, it repeats the story of the sale of music tracks through iTunes at a low price: if they were all amazed low price of music supposedly not profitable for Apple’s, and the company has earned a lot of money by selling players.

Already connected to the project, the Bank exhaled with relief and rejoicing retreated threat advertising partnership with Apple on your site or on the ATM screen. However, Apple has stolen from banks dream. The last few years a lot of people told the banks that they have the Holy Grail – information about the buying behavior of customers, which can be converted into a huge source of revenue through targeted offers to users and promotional mechanics. This Grail exists, but the banks of it will get nothing, Apple wants to pick it up yourself. The company is already gaining in his team of specialists in loyalty programs and its advertising platform iAd she already has.

Apple Pay Promotion will not, of course, an easy walk in the park. A number of major reteylovyh networks, including such giants as Wal-mart, Kmart, 7-Eleven, and Best Buy, said they will block at accepting payments via Apple Pay. And they do it not just to Apple peak: the network together and create their own application called CurrentC, which is expected to launch next year. And retailers want to exclude from the chain more and payment systems to save on commissions: the money should be charged not with a credit card, and directly from the customer’s account. However, so far none of the banks is not connected to this system.

It is clear that the fight for the NFC-payments and transaction information of clients to be sharp. And the main competitor, Samsung, will not sit still and try to counterattack. Galaxy S5 smartphone already lets you log in to the PayPal payment system, fingerprint, and there are rumors that in the near future, the company will present and “smart” watches with similar payment functions.

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