NextGen Scalper

NextGen Scalper

NextGen SCALPER Pro analyzes the market every minute and determines the levels of entry based on the models of the market, levels and trends.

No need to set-files – all your settings built into EA.

The direction is determined via an adaptive intelligent system incorporated into the EA.

Powered by (as tested in the “Every tick”): EURUSD, GBPUSD, CADUSD, AUDUSD and USDJPY.

Timeframes: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4

  • Not martingale.
  • Not mesh.
  • No hedging.
  • Constant use of stop-loss and take-profit.

Advisor uses a combination of three different systems.

The advisor has set optimal parameters, so it does not need .set files.

For each transaction set take profit and stop loss for protection against high drawdown.

Minimum deposit: $ 50.

Use the VPS to provide round the clock communications with the trading server broker.


  • Lots – lot size underlying transaction, not for all transactions.
  • Slippage – allowable slippage.
  • MagicNumber – Basic magic number.
  • SpreadLimit – the maximum spread in pips. Recommended value 3.
  • UseMoneyManagment money management, with true lot size will be calculated based on the size of the balance sheet and the percentage of acceptable risk.
  • RiskPercent – risk percentage of the balance at mm = True.

NextGen Scalper

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Pending Trade News

Pending Trade News

The script at a specified time (eg 15 seconds before the release of important news) puts two pending orders (Buy Stop and Sell Stop) on each selected financial instruments of the 8 possible (EURUSD GBPUSD USDJPY USDCHF USDCAD EURJPY GBPJPY AUDUSD). All is not triggered pending orders are removed at a given time. All financial instruments must be opened in the window Market Overview. The names of financial instruments from different brokers, as well as the different types of accounts may differ; so you need to edit the parameters of the script names of financial instruments as they are displayed in the Market Overview.


  • TP – take profit;
  • SL – stop loss;
  • GAP – the distance from the price at the time of issuing the pending order to the price of pending order triggering;
  • DateTimeOpen – date and time of pending orders;
  • DateTimeClose – date and time of the closure is not fulfilled pending orders;
  • Lot – volume of transactions;
  • The choice of financial instruments to be placed pending orders;
  • Editing names of financial instruments.

Pending Trade News

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ZigZag Zona

ZigZag Zona

Advisor “ZigZag Zona” uses custom indicator “ZigZag”, by which (under predetermined conditions noted in the screenshots) advisor sets initial pending orders:

  • to purchase buy stop – on top of the ZigZag;
  • for sale Sell ​​stop – on depression ZigZag.

Thereby restricts the movement of prices established area of ​​the warrants. Next Advisor starts working on the principle that used in the EA Zona.

The EA provides:

  • Trade in time;
  • closing orders when the profit level – in the currency or points;
  • closing orders when it reaches the loss level in the deposit currency;
  • Off advisor after closing all the orders of the profit or loss;
  • the inclusion of trailing stop at a given level of profit in points.

On the screen the following information is displayed for a specific advisor:

  • Magic – Identification number adviser;
  • current points – operating margin in points for open orders;
  • current profit – current profit in the deposit currency for the open orders;
  • today profit – Daily Profit in deposit currency (in the tester shows the net profit from the beginning of the test);
  • min Distance – the minimum distance between orders and BUY SELL;
  • Current Distance – the current distance between orders and BUY SELL;
  • breakeven Point – breakeven (settlement) in the extreme points of order.


Trade time settings necessary for the installation of the first orders, that is, at what time are allowed to put the first order, as well as the completion of trade time and if there are no open orders – all pending orders are removed. If there is at least one open order counselor work will continue

  • OpenHour – opening hour of trading;
  • OpenMinute – Minute opening;
  • CloseHour – close of trading hour;
  • CloseMinute – Minute of the close of trading.

trade Preferences

  • Magic – advisor identification number, if Magic 0, then the adviser can work with orders manually open;
  • Lots – Lot fixed only for the first orders, the minimum amount of 0.01.

ZigZag indicator settings

setting an indicator on the screen is not required, it is sufficient availability of custom indicators. Use the current timeframe, the variables: Deviation = 5, Backstep = 3

  • ExtDepth – variable Depth indicator ZigZag, value of 5 to 100. The default setting is 12.

zone settings

  • ZONAUSE – if you use the area, the true, if you do not use the area, the false – will be installed only the first two orders;
  • StopLevel – distance in paragraphs, in which opposite (immediate execution) is opened after the first installation of a pending order, if StopLevel less min Distance, the distance between the orders will be equal to the value min Distance. If StopLevel = 0, the installation of warrants will take place on the indicator ZigZag.
  • BreakevenPercentage – the distance from the border zone (extreme orders) to the point of break-even in percentages from Current Distance (Distance between the current orders and BUY SELL), after passing this point price earnings will be positive.

Settings for the closure of the total profit or loss

  • TypeofClose – closing orders on profit in the deposit currency TypeofClose = 1, closing orders profit in points TypeofClose = 2, closing orders profit in points or in the deposit currency TypeofClose = 3..
  • CloseProfit – if the closing of the total profit, true, if not close, the false;
  • NumberOfPointsProfit – the number of points to close at profit;
  • NumberOfMoneyProfit – the amount of currency to close at profit;
  • CloseLoss – if the closing of the gross loss in the deposit currency, true, if not close, the false;
  • NumberOfMoneyLoss – the amount of currency to close at loss;
  • OFFEaAfterClosePROF – if you turn off the Advisor after closing orders on profit or loss, the true, if not off, then false.

treylig-stop setting of total profits

  • TrailTotalProfitUSE – if you use a trailing stop, you true, if you do not use it, false;
  • LevelProfit – level of profit in pips, which is included with the trailing stop;
  • TrailingStop – distance trailing stop.

ZigZag Zona

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BRIKC country associated risks when investing

BRIKC country associated risks when investing

In 2001, Jim O’Neill (. English, Jim O’Neil), economist, one of the largest commercial banks Goldman Sachs in the world, used the abbreviation BRIKC (English, BRIC.) With respect to the four countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China . Then the analyst did not know that by doing so made the most courageous macroeconomic application of all time. O’Neill suggested that in the future the state will be listed the main drivers of the global economy, given their correct demographic characteristics, the vast resources of wealth, the growth of the middle class, as well as a relatively stable fiscal and monetary policy. While the predictions come true economist. The growth index MSCI BRIC over the past 10 years, more than 8 times higher than the income from S P 500, and the total volume of GDP BRIKC countries last year jumped to 13.3 trillion dollars.

Equally good results have led many investors to include these
emerging countries in their portfolios, so that you can
would benefit from the rapid growth of the group. However, despite the
rosier long-term BRIKC countries, here lies a lot
risks in addition to the global macroeconomic pressures. Finally,
not without reason these economies called “developing”.

Investors are extremely important to deal with all the “pitfalls”
given the large contribution BRIKC countries into the world economy and their
share in emerging market assets. Since each of the four
countries is radically different from each other, understand the characteristics of risk
Each of them – a truly difficult task. When investing in the country
BRIKC should not lose sight of the inherent risks, which will be mentioned

Dragon full of lies

When it comes to emerging markets investments,
the most popular option in the minds of many investors is China.
In the end, the country has all the classic signs
emerging market. Nevertheless, to invest in the economy
Asian Dragon is not as easy as to buy a share in Germany.

The biggest problem most likely is the lack of
generally accepted accounting principles (Eng., GAAP) or
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). this aspect
many by surprise even the best investors. For example, the control
hedge fund billionaire Dzhon Polson (Eng., John Paulson) lost a lot of
money on Chinese forest plantations, Sino-Forest Corp. Thus, the company
He accused of falsifying books and falsification of land
possessions. Often the charges are recorded in the forgery of bank deposits and
accounts. Due to the disclosure of information and lack of transparency much
difficult to see the real picture, especially when compared with the shares
Companies in developed countries.

Things get even worse when investors have to deal with
dubious official Chinese statistics and overly regulated and
because bureaucratic communist government. Most
large companies in the country one way or another controlled by Beijing.

The endless corruption in Russia

Despite the recent accession to the World Trade Organization
(WTO), the investor may face considerable investment
risks. The largest of them is corruption and political
pressure. It has become a commonplace that bribery and organized
crime permeates legal business. according to
A study by Information Science for
Democracy Foundation, the average size of small bribes in the last 10 years
The Russian Federation has been steadily increasing. In 2001, it was
priblizitelno1817 rubles, while by 2010 had risen to
5285, which accounted for 93% of the average worker’s salary.

Investors also have to confront the local government. If
adhere to views that do not coincide with the President’s wishes
Vladimir Putin, the development of business, as well as the investment process,
It may stall. In an extreme case, the investor can threaten and imprisonment
Finally. An example is the story Mihaila Hodorkovskogo,
former chairman of the oil giant Yukos. In 2005
he was accused of bribery, but it is believed that the real reason
are political in nature.

Latin American raw king

Although corruption is not open in Brazil as serious
the problem, as in Russia, investors still face certain
risks. They create a “protectionist approach of the government.” Now
country occupies 2nd place in Latin America in the number of protectionist
measures, behind only Argentina. Here we should mention the support of the local
products, high tariffs on imported goods, tax exemptions
to support domestic producers and limit access
investors in the strategically important natural resources. For example, if
investor wants to participate in the development of oil fields, he
partnerstvovat necessary to state energy giant
Petrobras. In general, such a policy can lead to the fact that
Brazil lose part of the profit from the investment, if the government would go
further and nationalize various assets.

Asian bureaucratic nightmare

Given the high degree of power of the people in India, the investor is quite ready
encounter with some fraction bureaucracy. However, Indian
bureaucratic machine is called “the most stifling in the world.” open your
business in India is very difficult, because the local and national
government usually puts his hand to the commercial market. Similarly
Investors impossible to enforce the contract, especially
When business partners tend to make deals with undeclared
third party. According to estimates of the Hong Kong Science Center
Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, India’s bureaucratic
the system simply does not allow the country to equalize the rate of economic growth
with their opposing countries.


BRIKC country can boast of its economic growth and
provides investors with new opportunities to replenish the portfolio
valuable papers. However, investors still await a lot of risks.
Understanding all the “pitfalls” is the key to success in
conditions as rapidly developing economies of giants.

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Length Movement MT5

Length Movement MT5

It measures the length of the selected movements in pips.

It is intended to measure the average typical motion that suggests the expected size after the motion signal.

Often the market is moving in one direction about the movements of the same length (if such a pattern is now present). By measuring the length of these motions, it is possible to understand how many points will be roughly estimated movement after signal.

This will provide information on the ratio of the size of the foot to the possible profit and will not open a position with a known small expected return.

Or if the movement is already underway, comparing it with the size of the typical movements (as is now usually the price goes), we can assume the point where it is more logical to close a position as possible: pullback / correction / reversal.

As well, this indicator can be useful if you need to measure the length of any movement or length of a large number of movements and see the information on the monitor.


  • Move_to_create_buttons – the color of the text that specifies where to create the button.
  • BUTTON_OFF – color buttons.
  • BUTTON_ON – the color of the buttons pressed.
  • background_BUTTON – background buttons (by default the same as the background graphics).
  • Line – color measuring line.
  • Line_Style – measuring line style.
  • Text_Down – color of the text to move down.
  • Text_Up – text color for upward movement.
  • Font_Size – font size, indicating the points.

Length Movement MT5


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In the Forex market, the main focus on the liquidity of the EURUSD pair, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY and XAUUSD. It is on these instruments expert ZZTop The stability, good results, which you can find in the tab “Discussion”. Also to copy transactions available signal.

Distinctive features

  • EA trades breakdown levels;
  • at the point of entry affects only one option, which allows you to minimize the likelihood of reoptimization;
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit is automatically adapted to the current volatility;
  • It calculates the amount of position built risk management system;
  • Support Market Execution and Instant Execution.

You can manually optimize the parameters for trading or take advantage of free configuration that I personally sent to you upon request.


  • Magic – advisor identifier;
  • AvgSprd – the average spread in points;
  • StopLevels – size levels StopLevels your broker in points;
  • Commission – the size of the full Commission in points;
  • Risk – risk per trade as a percentage of the deposit;
  • Deposite – the amount of which is calculated Risk (0 – the current balance);
  • Positions – Long&Short or LongOnly, or ShortOnly;
  • InnerZone – shift inward from the level in points;
  • OuterZone – shift outwardly from the level in points;
  • TimeLimit – time to open a position, in seconds;
  • MultipleTrades – a limit on the number of simultaneously open positions;
  • MainPeriod – defines the entry point, the recommended range of 10 to 50;
  • StopLoss – the recommended range of 10 to 100. If 0 is not established;
  • TakeProfit – the recommended range of 10 to 100. If 0 is not established;
  • Trailing – recommended range of 10 to 100. If 0 is not used;
  • TimeOut – close the transaction after a specified number of minutes;
  • TimeBreake – translate stop-loss to breakeven after the specified number of minutes;
  • UseTradingTime – or not to use a time limit;
  • CloseTime – close all transaction if more than the specified time (hh: mm);
  • OFF_Hour – not to trade in these hours (12,13,18);
  • OFF_Day – do not trade on specific days of the week (1,2,5);
  • Draw – display the chart with arrows missed signals.

Please leave your feedback or suggestion on how to improve the trading system ZZTop.


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FIA Flag of Imagine HFT

FIA Flag of Imagine HFT

FIA Flag of Imagine HFT – is advisor to high-frequency trading, aimed at the achievement of profit targets for each individual transaction.


  • Trades for all symbols without restrictions
  • It uses martingale
  • Sensitive to slippage settings spreads, commissions and execution
  • Fits any broker and account type, which allowed the use of automated trading


  • Lot size: not less than the minimum size of lots for the particular symbol.
  • Other parameters: parameters except LotSize and ProfitPerUnit must be integers.
  • Deposit: recommended $ 50 000 or more to 0.01 lots.

Change settings:

You can change the settings according to the acceptable level of risk. After setting up, the adviser of parameters can also be an effective tool for intraday and even long-term trade.


  • LotSize – Lot size start trading cycle. Default 0.01 Lot.
  • AlphaGo_ID – advisor magic number, allows the adviser to the different symbols and tamyrfeymah. In this case, you must specify a different value.
  • slippage – slip control when entering a trade. 1 = 1 points.
  • ProfitPerUnit – setting take-profit cycle for transactions. Default = 0.3, i.e. take profit of 0.3 dollars for every lot of 0.01 (default bid).
  • RiskHedgeLevel– option to extend the cycle of transactions. Integer. The higher the value, the less EA trades with more conservative risk. Use integer value greater than 0. recommended value in the range from 1 to 10, respectively.
  • Starting_Time- start time adviser. platform time, not local time. Integer value in the range 0-24.
  • Finish_Time- the close of the advisor. platform time, not local time. Integer value in the range 0-24. If these two parameters are set to 0, the EA will trade without a time limit.

Test results

Attached test results were obtained on EURUSD with the default settings. During testing, the adviser worked without time restrictions, including economic news release time. Test Advisor and configure it based on acceptable risk and expected return.


The adviser offers a good solution for automated trading. It recommended for high-frequency trading.

You must configure the Adviser for specific pairs, and avoid unexpected market volatility to reduce risk.

It is necessary to carefully choose a broker based spreads, commissions and trade execution.

Do not forget to configure advisor for specific couples and market conditions.

FIA Flag of Imagine HFT

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Proton EA

Proton EA

Proton EA – strategy for Forex trading with the trend and momentum, which uses indicators to enter and exit trades. Proton EA allows you to change all the parameters of the selected indicators in order to achieve the best results. With this advisor you can choose whether or not to trade on Friday or not. At EA has a safe mode option, which sets the stop-loss level bezubytka to reduce losses. There is the possibility of using a trailing stop. Expert is fully optimized for your needs. Advisor equipped with adjustable filter volume for protection against unexpected volatility. It features news filter that controls the news. News Filter allows Proton EA receive a steady stream of news from site. This advisor operates as a 4 and a 5-digit quotes. This means that you can use such a pair is USDJPY, CHFJPY EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, and many others.


  • timeframe: M1 to M5.
  • pairs: EURUSD / GBPUSD, other couples may be used after the optimization parameters.
  • Minimum deposit: 100 $ 0.01 bid.
  • minimum shoulder1: 500.
  • trading days: Every day, but it is recommended to use a filter for news news with high importance.

Input parameters

  • Lot – lot size.
  • Stop Loss (pips) – stop loss in pips.
  • Take profit (pips) – Take Profit in pips.
  • Max Slippage (Points) – maximum slippage in points.
  • max Spread – maximum spread at operation pending order.
  • Trade on Friday – turn on / off trade on Friday.
  • Magic Number – unique magic number adviser.
  • Safe mode – enable / disable the restoration of unprofitable orders.
  • Safe mode percentage – works only when the Safe mode, the percentage of stop-loss, in which the start order to achieve the overlap bezubytka / profit at the level of stop-loss (stop loss of the original trade). However, the number of pips take profit of the original transaction becomes the distance to the stop-loss overlapping the transaction.
  • Moving Avg Period – period moving average.
  • Moving Avg Method – averaging the moving average method.
  • Moving Avg Apply To – applied price of the moving average.
  • CCI Period – CCI period indicator.
  • CCI Apply To – to calculate the price.
  • CCI Over Bought – value overbought.
  • CCI Over Sold – the value of oversold.
  • Parabolic Sar Step – Parabolic SAR step.
  • Parabolic Sar Maximum – the maximum value of Parabolic SAR.
  • Enable Trailing Stop – enable / disable the trailing stop.
  • Trailing Start (pips) – beginning trailing in pips.
  • Trailing Distance (pips) – trailing distance in pips.
  • Trailing Step – Trailing Stop step.
  • Volume Filter Option – enable / disable the volume filter.
  • Volume Filter Period – period of the filter.
  • Volume Filter Min – the minimum value filter.
  • Volume Filter Max – the maximum value of the filter.
  • Use News Filter – enable / disable the news filter.
  • Time before high impact news – the number of minutes before the news of high importance for the suspension of the adviser.
  • Time after high impact news – pause time in minutes after the release of high importance news, during which the adviser does not work.
  • Time before medium impact news – the number of minutes before the news of medium importance for the suspension of the adviser.
  • Time after medium impact news – pause time in minutes after the news with an average importance, for which the Advisor is not working.
  • Time before low impact news – the number of minutes before the news of low importance to pause adviser.
  • Time after low Impact news – pause time in minutes after the news of low importance, for which the Advisor is not working.
  • High impact news – enable / disable the news with high importance.
  • Medium impact news – enable / disable the news with an average importance.
  • Low impact news – enable / disable the news of low importance.
  • Currency to display the news – Currency Filtration advisor.
  • Draw lines on the chart – enable / disable the display of news on the chart.

To turn on the news filter, open the “Tools” > “Settings” > “Expert Advisors“. Tick ​​the “Enable WebRequest for the following URL”. Add the following: “” and click OK.

Proton EA

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When stocks and bonds do not give anything or

When stocks and bonds do not give anything – or how to make money work

Historically, that sometimes there were periods when the dividend yield of the stock market was very low. There have also been instances where a long time bondholders received a very modest income from its securities. And then, and another goal at the moment investors in a difficult position.

Charles Farrell, CEO of Northstar Investment Advisors, considered that if his portfolio contains equal shares list S P 500 and the medium-term government bonds, they would give a yield of 1.67% last year and is projected – 1.85% this year. But in 1925, the owner would have received from the same 4.3% income portfolio.

The thing is that
stocks and bonds, which give us
Now less income, we need to make
work that they bring us money.
He estimated that if, within the next
decades portfolio will also share
equally between stocks and bonds,
total revenue from it will be about
2-2.5 percentage points per year more than
inflation. With inflation at 2.1%
the last 12 months (compared to
average 3%) current low income
from stocks and bonds are not as worried,
as it seems, "even if both the market
will grow by 30% and give more inflated
with cash flows in terms of income".

Medium-term government bonds
(Five-year) currently provide
income by 1.8%. You get meager returns
yields below the inflation rate, and you
could suffer if interest
rates have sharply increased. What is the profit of 1,9%
for S P 500? Investors seem to be less
outraged by this, that, in part because
companies themselves aggressively buying back its
shares, which gives a chance to return the money

Over the past ten
years the company bought enough
the number of shares to compensate
new release. This change is historic
template when shareholders collectively
see its stake diluted to several
again – by about two percentage points
in year. And it becomes not clear whether
continue the pace of foreclosures. Companies have already started
free use corporate
cash to buy back shares,
partly because they are reluctant
at great expense. However, low
costs can not be sustained. Besides
addition, the timing of these ransoms sometimes frightening.
For example, companies selling more
volumes of stocks at the market peak in 2007, and
then sharply “cut” back to their
during the collapse in 2008 and 2009, and now again
sell these shares.

When stocks and bonds do not give anything or

stock market investors
also not so much concerned about the tiny
dividend yield, because
they have become accustomed, that dividends provide
through the sale of shares. In fact, in
Falling equity markets, as a rule,
better not to go, while
high-yield stocks is often better to keep
profitability. There is a more fundamental
question: how to make money from the company,
which will never return money
shareholders, and you depend on someone
another who pay more for their shares,
what you have done so.

Farrell advises
repay their debts. Suppose
you have a mortgage loan worth
5%. It seems “cheap” money.
But the pace and scale of the impact is likely to
higher than the return of your bond,
so it makes sense to sell bonds
to repay the mortgage loan.

And what to do with your
portfolio? Given the investment
costs and minimize
Investment tax bill, you
We should keep more than the markets provide.
It turns out obvious: save more.

"if you have
$ 500,000 in a portfolio with a yield of 4%, you
add $ 20,000 annually
as income portfolio"notes
Farrell. "But if it will only
2%, you add only $ 10,000 per year. that
compensate for the loss, you should pay more
and save, you might want to share,
that will give you more income".

Farrell proposes to reduce the risk of
bonds through the purchase of securities with less
term, higher-quality bonds,
and more funds to invest in shares,
including stocks of companies that regularly
pay dividends.

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Trajecta Cortex

Trajecta Cortex

Trajecta Cortex – an indicator of trading signals, which is based on evolutionary, not redrawn, self-tuning algorithms Trajecta Labs, enclosed in Trajecta Neuron system.

Description of the trading signal

  • Trajecta Labs System: Trajecta Neuron
  • System Strategy: based on machine learning and artificial neural networks
  • Signal Strategy: It based on the functional filters
  • Signal algorithms: Standard and author genetic algorithms and indicators
  • Alarm Setup: automatic
  • Market / tool: Any currency pair in the Forex market
  • Basic setup parameters: EURUSD, H1 and USDJPY, M5
  • The best currency for this strategy: USD, EUR and JPY
  • The best time frames for this strategy: H1 and D1
  • Recommended trade signal quality: not less than 80%
  • Purpose: best suited for swing trading
  • Risk: preferred moderate risk
  • Home base system: Trajecta Magic
  • test period of history: 2,000 (check minimum number of terminal bars)
  • Timeframe for backtesting: any timeframe, it is important to select the best recommended as part of a trading signal quality.

On indicator system of trading signals Trajecta Labs

The indicator system of trading signals from the company Trajecta – this innovative system, nepererisovyvayuschihsya, automatic indicators of trading signals to buy / sell any currency pair and period.

Decision support system in our indicators are based on the same technology that is used in our successful line of trading signals Trajecta Labs, published in MQL5. At the same indicators are used instead of experts. The main difference here is that the indicators do not set the order, and allow the trader to make decisions using the trading signals indicator. 

Commercial fully performed by the trader. The advantage of such indicators – it is their very low cost compared with our 100% automatic trading experts and commercial signals for subscription.  

All our trading signals are based on “smart” system to determine the best and worst trading periods (intelligent risk analysis).

Indicator allows you to visualize the best point in time for trading using the trend review panel and allows a trader to visual testing strategies on any pair and timeframe.

In addition, it is not necessary to configure anything – tuning indicator is based on data analysis of the most profitable Trajecta Labs sets the parameters for signal algorithms. The indicator will search the signals to buy / sell and inform you about them using the alerts, customizable by the user.

With trade signals represented indicator merchants can determine the best pairs and timeframes and visually evaluate those or other trading signals.

Trajecta VTP – Panel trends survey

This is our first indicator that a trend view pane Trajecta VTP – innovative panel that facilitates decision-making by using the trading signals indicator. The panel laid algorithm for determining best and worst signal periods. The information is provided in real-time using the following notation:

  • Grey Colour: probably a weak trend (usually at the beginning of the appearance of the signal)
  • Green color: probably a strong trend (a good time to partially close a position)
  • Blue colour: probably nearing the end of a strong trend
  • Red color: probably a bad sign (be prepared to stop the trade)

Trajecta VIB – Visual Testing indicator

Exerting a lot of effort to create the possibility to visualize the testing of trading signals indicator, we have developed a visual testing technology indicators – Trajecta VIB.

Our innovative system will allow for multiple testing on any pair and time frame with a single click.

To do this, you need to maximize the scale of the graph and visually compare the number of bars of green / blue and red bars. The more bars, the green / blue color, the better.

Quality Control Panel

Quality control panel displays information about the last signal and its quality:

  • version indicator
  • Strategy
  • The last signal (BUY or SELL)
  • Average signal period (the average length of all signals)
  • Signal quality (signal quality indicators in real-time)

alerts panel

You can activate alerts panel and receive messages when the signal changes of direction.

Step by step instructions on the use of

  1. Select a symbol for trade
  2. Select the period in which the sale will be conducted
  3. Wait to buy or sell signal (be patient when working on periods over M30)
  4. Align the Stop Loss and Take Profit
  5. If the signal quality in the description below the recommended trade signal, return to step 1 and adjust the steam and / or period.

Trajecta Cortex

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