Gold rises in price Tuesday on Comex

Gold rises in price Tuesday on the Comex

The subdivision
New York Mercantile Exchange’s Comex
gold futures
December delivery traded at
$ 1.289,80 per ounce. Gold,
It was likely to find support at
$ 1.281,00 and resistance
$ 1.298,80.

The dollar index has changed
0.02% and traded at $ 81.40.

At the same
Exchange index, silver delivery
changed by 0.12% in September – up to $ 20.208
per ounce, while the index of the September copper
changed by 0.28% and trading at
$ 3,239 per pound.

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Bank of England did not succumb to temptation

The Bank of England did not succumb to the temptation and kept its benchmark interest rate unchanged

Today, in a statement
Bank of England sounded information
that as long as the bank does not intend to change the base
interest rate, leaving it at the level
0.5% per annum. This level is
minimum already since the founding
British Central Bank.

By the way, the information
coincided with analysts’ expectations.

British Central Bank also
retained volume of asset purchases
at the same level – 375 billion pounds
sterling (about $ 636 billion). Actually
this means that the program funds
which were exhausted in October 2013
year, is currently suspended.

The last time the Bank
England changed the rate March 5, 2009 –
then it was reduced to the current
level of 0.5%, which is minimal
over 320 years of history of the Central Bank.

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Europe leads Friday trading in red

Europe leads the Friday trading in the red

Today, most
stock markets of the Old World began
trading with losses. Europe is waiting for statistics
Data from the US (GDP for the second quarter and
Consumer Confidence Index), and
Against this backdrop, the major indexes were down.
And even today the world awaits a vote in the
British Parliament on the topic
the country’s participation in the Allied Coalition
“Playing war games” in the Middle East.
If the voting results will be
positive, then in the near future
British aircraft will take part in
war, which America and the Arab countries
are now with the self-proclaimed
Islamic State. All this does not
adds stability nor European
markets or both major currencies in the region
(The euro and the pound).

So, Stoxx
Europe 600 lost 0.2% (and week
This index completes altogether with the fall
to 2,5%), FTSE weak
to 0,14%, CAC 40 lost
0,16%, DAX lost

individual companies, is fairly cheaper
grown yesterday shares in Air
France. Today, the air carrier
It lost 2.6% capitalization due to stubbornly
striking pilots. The company convinces
rebels to return to work, but stubborn
pilots strike extended to 30
of September.

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Euro falls due to uncertainty in negotiation

Euro falls due to the uncertainty in the negotiation of Greece and the eurozone

On Wednesday
evening the euro has fallen to a seven-year
low against the pound – while still
under the influence of the Greek conflict. TO
16:55 MSK on the EUR / GBP pair has reached a point
0.7396 – the lowest since January 2008. Yesterday
the pair closed at 0.7422.

As reported
foreign media today are waiting for Greece
intensive talks with representatives
The European Union. At the meeting must
decide what to do next – t. To through.
two weeks of the current term expires
on economic aid agreement
Greece from evrokreditorov. A
the new Greek government as
known, it does not intend to renew it
agreement, t. To. wants to decide for itself
their problems. And all this only strengthens
fears that the conflict with the international
creditors will lead to Greece’s exit
from the euro zone.

euro dollar today has fallen dramatically in the afternoon,
approximately at 14:30 MSK – EUR / USD pair reached
to the level of 1.1293. Now, to 17:00 MSK, the pair is trading
at the level of 1.1313. It is only against the euro, yen
grown – with EUR / JPY is trading now
at 135.51, up 0.23%.

At the meeting
today the Greek Finance Minister Yanis
Yanis Varoufakis must submit the Eurogroup
requirements of the completion of the international
financial assistance program and the transition
a new restructuring agreement
debt. He wants to achieve "transitional
agreement"To gain time to
of June and a final design

center of attention, and the Greeks, probably,
will present the plan met with resistance.
So there are bearish for the euro
risk, and after any recovery to $ 1.1360
will sale"- said Jeremy
Stretch from CIBC World Markets.

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Dollar falls awaiting reports from US and Fed

Dollar falls awaiting reports from the US and the Fed meeting minutes

On Wednesday afternoon US
Dollar drops against the major world
currency. Markets thus preparing for
publication of inflation reports and
minutes of meetings of the Federal
Reserve. Both events have
provide new clues about the timing
rate hikes.

By 11:23 MSK pair EUR / USD
increased by 0.34% – up to 1.1062, rising from
week low reached in
Tuesday – 1.1016. The dollar falls
against yen (0.12%) and CHF.
The dollar index was down by 0.22% – up
mark of 96.78.

Participants hope to market,
that in July the Fed meeting minutes
It allows you to see any additional
hints about plans to raise the regulator

Australian dollar
restored the position – The AUD / USD rose
0.24% to 0.7360. During previous sessions,
Australian currency dropped to 6% after
for another collapse of the Chinese
shares. A pound was supported
after the release of the inflation report, which
reinforced expectations of a rate hike
Bank of England in the coming months. Couple
GBP / USD rose by 0.17% – up to 1.5687.

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Bill concerning manipulation of Forex market

The bill concerning the manipulation of the Forex market has been approved by the three largest banks

?The bill concerning the manipulation of the Forex market has been approved by the three largest British banks – Barclays PLC, HSBC Holdings and RBS. These financial institutions have agreed to pay compensation to victims of forex manipulation in the US in the amount of 600 million pounds sterlingov.Dannoe decision was taken at a US federal court. Compensation will be paid to a number of applicants, including multinational companies, as well as hedge funds and pension funds that lost money as a result of financial manipulation on the part of Forex bankov.Sredi above three banks the largest costs associated with the manipulation of the currency market and the violation of the legal activities carried Barclays Bank.

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