Bezyndikatornaya trading system based on a search for the alleged large levels limit buyers and sellers. For the smooth operation needs VPS-server, the recommended minimum deposit – 1 000 units of base currency. Advisor use on highly currency pairs with a small spread / Commission (e.g., EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD, EURJPY, EURGBP, EURCHF).


  • Pyramiding has customizable features, hedging and netting of orders;
  • Accompanying position may be one of three types: a single closure, unidirectional or multidirectional basket orders;
  • Maximum compatibility between a functionality that allows you to change the initial strategy of opening orders for themselves;
  • It can be used with any trading strategy, manual or automatic (advisors) if set MagicNumber = -1.


  • Designed for real trading on today’s market conditions;
  • Use pending orders and real feet;
  • It does not depend on the type of merchant account or broker;
  • It works with both small and large amounts of deposits;
  • Resistant to the break connection, gepam, slippage and spread widening.

Main settings

  • PriceRange – range of price fluctuations;
  • BarsCount – High number of bars for the search or Low-price bars within the range;
  • HighLowCounts – the number of bars with High or Low-price in a given range;
  • StartWorkingTime, EndWorkingTime – work on time;
  • OpenPositions – orders opening strategy;
    • SingleOpen – a single opening;
    • Grid – Net orders;
    • Pyramiding – pyramiding;
    • Hedging – hedging of the symbol;
  • OppositeDirection – open position signal in the opposite direction;
  • OpposingPositions – allow multi-directional positions;
  • VolumeCalculation – method of calculating the trading lot;
    • Manual – specify the initial auction itself;
    • Balance – calculation of the balance of trade of the lot;
    • Equity – on equity;
    • FreeMargin – from the free margin;
  • InitialVolume – initial item or% depending on the selected method;
  • VolumeBehavior – the behavior of the lot;
    • SameVolume – the same lot;
    • IncreaseVolume – increase lot;
    • DecreasesVolume – reduction lot;
  • OrderOpenStep – the initial step of opening orders;
  • OrderStepBehavior – behavior warrants the opening step;
    • SameLevel – similar levels;
    • IncreaseLevel – step increase;
    • DecreasesLevel – step decrease;
  • ClosingPositions – strategy of closing orders;
    • SingleClosing – single closing;
    • UnidirectionalClosing – closing unidirectional basket orders;
    • MultidirectionalClosing – multidirectional closing of the basket of orders;
  • TakeProfit – takeprofit, -1 when not in use;
  • StopLoss – stop loss at -1 is not used;
  • Breakeven – breakeven positions at -1 is not used;
  • TrailingStop – trailing stop -1 when not in use;
  • MagicNumber – magic number at -1 Advisor will work with absolutely all orders;
  • OrdersComment – comment to the transactions;
  • Visualization – display the information on the chart.


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Formula saving deposit in crisis situations

Formula saving deposit in crisis situations

I think there are a lot of gambling people who try their trading.

I once lost at roulette so much money, how much cost kopeck piece in the metro station Student. And most of all in my trading, I was suffering from non-compliance with money management rules, and because of the desire to make maximum use of the entire deposit.

Firstly, it leads to the use of my arm at all accounts 1: 500.

Secondly, it leads to the fact that the level of the free margin is minimal, and the ratio of available funds margin almost always becomes less than 200%, and sometimes even approaching 100%.

More than a dozen times in the two years that I’m trying to make a profit, I merged the deposit in full (though the amount of funds I have never made more than $ 800), which is of course a pity.

Some time ago I thought for a solution to this problem.

That said, I decided to create a robot savior deposit. And not so long ago my attempts were unsuccessful.

Maybe someone also have options out of desperate situations, which he often uses, for example, in such extreme price movements, which are shown in the figure, anticipating this article.

I’m thinking about selling my savior created by robot, so the technology will not reveal until the end.

Let me just say, but I think that most of it will be clear and without my explanation, that the first stage is simply applied Blocking.

For beginners I explain what I mean by this.

If you say you should order up unprofitable, and a loss on it is so significant that it can completely demolish the remains of the deposit, and to close the order at a loss you will certainly not like you do not want, you just need to put a counter-order with the same size of the lot.

Most of the dealing centers, in my opinion, let you do this without changing the overall margin. (At least my DTS provides this feature).

Under Blocking and understood by the installation of the same order of magnitude of a counter.

Whatever happens after that with the prices, no matter where they do not move, your loss will be fixed and will no longer increase, at least until the time comes to issuing swaps overnight or over the weekend. But swaps are relatively small and not catastrophic.

So we have a situation where such costs up 1.5 lots, down worth 1.5 lots, and the free margin remained little more than 40 – 60 dollars.

As someone who comes when suddenly there is this situation?

I will publish your hints in exactly one month.

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Old World hopes obedient Greece Indexes rose

Old World hopes obedient Greece. Indexes rose on Tuesday

trading in Europe ended in an amicable
growth of most indices. investors
hope that the Greek
Prime Minister and Minister of Finance
be able to agree to mutual advantage
and Greece, and the European Union.

A source
Bloomberg agency
Greek government says that
Greeks are hoping to attract short-term
financing of approximately 10 billion euros.
This will help them avoid credit
the collapse of the country, and to gain time to
discuss new terms of debt repayment.
And another suggestion of Greece – highlight
s 1.9 billion of profits earned
creditors as income from
Greek bonds. Plus, as already
stated yesterday, the Minister of Finance
country, Yanis Varoufakis, today during
meeting with the Eurogroup intends
asking for an increase in bill
limit from the current 15 billion euros to 23 billion.
For this study Greek promises
implement the order of two-thirds of reforms
in a country that had previously been promised

result of all these Greek news
ASE stock index yesterday
He laid on the shoulder of his other colleagues
the Old World, flying 8% immediately (in
mainly due to the banking sector,
some members of which
capitalization increased by 15% and higher).

the pan-European index Stoxx Europe
600, reared per day of 0.6%,
We were leading high-tech companies:
Nokia added 2.5%.

banks behaved differently: so, Raiffaisen
added 7% on news
business reorganization and takes its
units from unfavorable regions
(From Poland and Slovenia, it goes very,
and in Russia and Ukraine greatly reduces
presence). UBS declined
2.8%: A Guide afraid that
profitability negatively
It affects anomalous strengthening franc.

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Smart 6M

Smart 6M

Smart 6M EA trades with the trend, without indicators, according to their calculations. Mainly used scalping.

In the settings you can change the initial lot, the ratio of trade aggression, stoploss, DeltaTP and software stoploss. Everything else is automatically calculated.

The lot size shall not exceed 0.01 cents per 1,000 deposit on a cent account and, accordingly, 0.01 to $ 1,000 dollar bill.


  • Lot0 – the initial lot.
  • AggresKoef – rate trading aggression. The higher the ratio, the higher the profit, but the greater the risk.
  • SL0 – Stop-loss program. Number of points loss order in which the robot closes the deal.
  • DeltaTP – Stop-loss is the difference between software and software teykprofitom. Program teykprofit calculated as SL0 + DeltaTP. DeltaTP may be negative.
  • StopLoss – stoploss.

Smart 6M

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EURUSD analysis and forecast

EUR / USD: analysis and forecast

Current trend

On Tuesday, the dollar fell against the euro and a basket of major currencies
after the controversial economic news from the US. Thus, orders for goods
durables decreased by 3.4% in December, confounding forecast
This growth rate at 0.5%. The volume of orders for durable goods
use excluding transport equipment for the same period as
decreased 0.8%. Meanwhile, the level of confidence of American consumers
January rose to 102.9 points, which is the best result since August

Today during the day may be a slight strengthening of the euro to
US Federal Reserve meeting. Due to the instability of the world economy forecast
US monetary authorities decision difficult. Probably, the interest rate
will be left unchanged, will continue the growth of the euro against
the dollar. In that case, if the Fed decides to increase the key rate, the euro
significantly weaken, so it is recommended to open short positions, so this decision
American regulator, will have a long impact on the market.

Support and resistance levels

The nearest resistance level is 1.1383 price – a maximum of trading today.

Support is the price level of 1.1306 – the level of the moving average with
period 55.

trading recommendations

Under these circumstances, necessary to open long positions in
the current price for the purpose at the level of 1.1383 and a protection order at the level of 1.1306.

EURUSD analysis and forecast

Igor Shchukin

Analyst LiteForex Investments Limited

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History orders Visual Demo

History orders Visual Demo

This demo version displays data only 10 orders on the story.

The paid version can be found here:

Useful and interesting little script for trading in Forex.

Used to display the history of orders and trading history of one character.

Double-clicking on it immediately play back the whole history of orders for current symbol graphics.

graphic elements

Space opening and closing orders are shown by arrows.

When the mouse pointer on the displayed transaction flag properties comprising:

Symbol order, ticket, order type, the order position (time and price at opening and closing), the volume of transactions.

Mark lines stop-loss orders to

When you hover the mouse pointer over the mark will display the price of a stop loss.

The line between the points of the opening and closing orders.

A simple click on the graph to visualize complex records
history of orders. This simplifies the review, analysis and synthesis of historical

This script is a switch. When restarting it
immediately remove all your own graphics (but will not remove other
objects on the chart).

The script can be used on any forex charts currency (except
binary options); at any time, you can open and close the
monitor the history of your trade.

The script does not require any external parameters. Click on the script,
after which it will be immediately executed; confirmation dialog box appears
will not be.

History orders Visual Demo

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Requires a network of training (optimization)!

Professional robot, which implemented trading strategy using neural networks. Used fully connected multilayer feedforward network MLP (multilayer perceptron).

The ability to learn is the main feature of the brain. Artificial neural networks for learning refers to the process configuration of network architecture (structure of connections between neurons) and the weights of synaptic connections (influencing factors signals) to effectively solve the problem. Typically a neural network is trained on a sample (historical data). As the learning process that takes place on some algorithm (used for training optimization genetic algorithm), the network should get better (better) to respond to input signals.

It remains only to check how well-optimized settings allow you to make a prediction for the future. What method is used phased test results. Example, with the settings to optimize the (training) is provided in the discussion.

At the beginning of the current bar is analyzed indicators RSI, SSI, WPR. Results from 10 bars of each of the indicators fall to the input of the neural network. The weighting factors are formed separately for purchases and sales. The network is trained on the data of the indicators and, depending on the signal level at the output of the neural network may be 4 teams (with TypeDual = true): to open / close the buy order to open / close the sell order. And depending on this will open a BUY or SELL and keep this deal will go until the closing signal from the network. There is also a mode of operation of the neural network with two outputs (with TypeDual = false): the first – the entrance to the purchase of automatic exit from the market, the second input to the sale with automatic access to the purchase.

Expert correctly handles the error and works reliably with a capital of 100 USD. The expert uses the basic concepts: breakeven, trailing stop, stop loss and take profit, as well as the closure on the opposite signal, closing the signal and the proper risk calculation. 

Main settings:

  • WorkOpenLong – Allows you to open a long position.
  • WorkOpenShort – Allows you to open a short position.
  • WorkCloseLong – Allows you to close long positions.
  • WorkCloseShort – Allows you to close short positions.
  • WorkCloseReversLong – Allows you to close a long position when opening brief.
  • WorkCloseReversShort – Allows you to close a short position at the opening of the long.
  • SignalBar – The main signal bar.
  • PeriodSignal – The period in which indicators work, and, respectively, and the neural network.
  • TypeDual – Switch mode neural network with 2 or 4 outputs.
  • LevelInLong – entry threshold of the neural network for a long position.
  • LevelOutLong – neural network output threshold for a long position.
  • LevelInShort – entry threshold of the neural network for a short position.
  • LevelOutShort – neural network output threshold for a short position.

The following fields relating to the RSI indicator, similar to all subsequent indicators:

  • EnabledRSI – Activation of the indicator.
  • k1_RSI_long – coefficient of influence of light on the sum signal for a long position.
  • k1_RSI_short – coefficient of influence of light on the sum signal for a short position.
  • Period1_RSI – indicator period.
  • Layer_1AL – Field 1 to the neural network configuration for a long position.
  • Layer_1BL – Field 2 for the neural network configuration for a long position.
  • Layer_1AS – Field 1 to the neural network configuration for a short position.
  • Layer_1BS – Golf 2 for neural network setup for a short position.


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Adviser strategy is based on the definition of the divergence of the volume and price consolidation within certain ranges.

Recommended for:

  • EURUSD M15;
  • USDJPY M15.


  • Lot, if Risk = false – If Risk = false, will be the lot;
  • Risk on / off – the inclusion of money management;
  • Risk Percent – percentage of risk;
  • Take Profit – the level of take-profit;
  • Stop Loss – stop-loss level;
  • Comment to order – comment on the open orders;
  • Magic Number – magic number to distinguish their orders from strangers;
  • Slippage – the maximum level of slip.


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Simply SR

Simply SR

The indicator shows the support / resistance levels. It serves to identify values ​​for takeprofit / stoploss and placement of pending orders. A clear display makes Simply SR convenient directly in the trade, and in the analysis of historical data. Levels are calculated as close as possible to their spots trader and tested as the zigzags with graphic constructions. Thus Simply SR is suitable for all timeframes and tools. Calculated buffers organized in order to facilitate use of the indicator in the advisors.

Displaying indicator

SimplySR displayed with three blue stripes above the level of prices and the three red lines below the price. Accordingly, it is the next potential support and resistance levels.

Using indicator

Resistance levels of support are used to set StopLoss / TakeProfit in transactions in the market and for the placement of pending orders.

Strong levels are determined by the length of the corresponding line. Closely adjacent to each other lines also indicate a strong level.

Simply SR indicates the position of potential levels. When installing, consider the neighbors orders to lines psychologically important (round) levels, as well as the strength and momentum of market volatility.

indicator settings

To determine the levels and placement SimplySR requires no configuration.

All indicator parameters are used to alert the trader:

group “On level breakdown” – setting alerts in overcoming the level of support / resistance price. At the request of the trader’s indicator will sound an alert, send a letter or a “push” notification

group “On detect new level” – a similar setup alerts when detecting a new neighbor of resistance / support levels

Simply SR

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Divergence on Stochastic

Divergence on Stochastic (Divergence in Stochastik)

policy options:

System: + trend reversal

Difficulty: easy more than average

Timeframe from D1 to M30

Shopping couples: Multicurrency

Strategy Description:

The strategy is to find the entry point into the position based on the trading signals bullish and bearish Divergence (both direct and reverse) on Stochastic.

To get started on this strategy, you must:

1. Have on the trading terminal candlestick price plot selected pair;

2. build on the candlestick chart:

– Bollinger band with the default settings: 20.2 (hereinafter in the examples highlighted in yellow);

– moving average MA8 (shown in red);

– trendlines (red);

– equidistant channels (red);

– Support and resistance levels (also in red).

Trend lines, levels and channels (three last paragraph) are constructed as their location on the chart.

– Fractals are desirable, but not necessary.

3. Building Stochastic oscillator with standard parameters: 5,3,3. It distinguish overbought (0 – 20) and pereprodannosti (80 – 100) – designated by the white dotted line.

Further, the graphs Rates stochastic tracking formation Divergence in timeframes of M30 to D1. The larger the timeframe, the more likely the operation of a trading signal.

Entry points occur when the stochastic line crossed its moving average (solid crossed dotted) at an acute angle in the overbought zone and -pereprodannosti two curves come out of these zones and the price chart and the Stochastic has formed a clear divergence. For an entry point, you can also take an earlier point – the formation of the second peaks (troughs) on Stochastic, as the second peak (trough) usually completes its formation with a delay of one or two candles. In this case it is possible to obtain more profits.

To find the signal confirming the input position are constructed in the graph line rates and indicators named above in the 2nd paragraph. Price rebound from the border (or midline) Bollinger band channel trendline or support levels, resistance increases the likelihood of the right turn of the price and the movement in the other direction. Preferably the presence of topping pieces.

Closing price of the moving average MA8 confirms that the reversal has occurred and the movement in the chosen direction will be continued. It can serve as a basis for building up the position.

Close positions should be when the stochastic lines reached a level opposite the zone (or the price has reached the opposite Bollinger band or border equidistant channel).

The size of the positions – a total of not more than 1/10 of the deposit. If the price has gone in the right direction and is set to breakeven, the search for new divergence on other pairs and finding also includes a lot (lots) of not more than 1/10 of the deposit.

Stop-losses are required, and depending on the pair, timeframe and market volatility ranging from 40 to 70 points.

1. Divergence on Stochastic

The screenshot 1 shows bovine Divergence on Stochastic D1 EUR / USD. Price rebound from the lower boundary of the Bollinger Bands.

Entry Point – 1.3035,

Closing price – 1.3217. Manually.

Stop-loss – 1.2965 (not shown).

2. Divergence on Stochastic

The screenshot 2 on the left side shows bovine Divergence on Stochastic (H 4, NZD / USD).

Entry Point – 0.7492,

Closing price – 0.7567. Manually.

Stop-loss – 0.7422 (not shown).

On the right side of bearish divergence on Stochastic.

Entry Point – 0.7759,

Closing price – 0.7697. Manually.

Stop-loss – 0.7829 (not shown).

Showing rebounds from the boundaries Bollinger.

3. Divergence on Stochastic

3 shows the screenshot bear on Stochastic Divergence (D1, XAU / USD).

Entry Point – 1654.49,

Closing price – 1585.55. Manually.

Stop-loss – 1656.00 (not shown).

Rebound from the Bollinger Bands border.

At all not shown screenshots stop losses in order not to encumber the drawing with additional lines. Their values ​​are given in the text.

================================================== =========

P.S .: I would like to hear your suggestions on the confirmation divergence indicators and / or alternative entry points.

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