In Ukraine lull Europe moved to increase

In Ukraine, a lull. Europe moved to increase

stock markets rose after
stocks have shown maximum growth
month. This happened against the backdrop of the fact that
Ukrainian and Russian officials
We met for talks: Pavlo
Klimkin and Sergei Lavrov spoke
in Berlin. The aim of the talks was
indicated by the easing of tensions
between the two countries. Although
Brezhnev kissing between politicians
It has not been fixed, the Minister of Foreign
Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Shtaynmeyer
assured that there had been some
success. Lavrov, however, grimly noted,
that no resolution has not been signed
It was.

when you see a de-escalation
geopolitical risk – it is always
works in favor of the markets “, – stated in the
Jacobsen, Director of Investment Bank
A / S (Copenhagen).
– “Short-term movements of the stock
the market is now almost entirely controlled
news on the situation in Ukraine / Russia.
Now we are seeing a temporary relief. ”

index futures rose, Asian
stock markets showed no significant

among individual
Companies increased United
Internet AG (+ 4% on the information
to buy 10.7% stake in Rocket
Internet AG). On
3% “fatter”
Renault SA, does not concern
to a lesser extent due to the fact that
among the 19 industry groups index
Stoxx Europe 600
Automotive lead. Bank
sector shows optimism so
Commerzbank AG added
1.4%. Technological area, too, in order:
It added 1.1% Deutsche Telekom AG,
and even stated that
that she was going to buy a large
cable providers.

stock commotion happened even
tranquil Scandinavia: Tobacco Company
Assens A / S stated
that he was thinking about the IPO, on
background that Swedish Match AB
(Owner of 49% per cent
Assens) earned
1.5% increase to the share price.

In general Stoxx
0.9% 600 up to the middle of the day. Today
growth showed all industries represented
in the index. Futures on the index of S P
500 added 0.4%, but the
Asia-Pacific MSCI
headway, gaining
less than 0.1%.

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Statistical Week calendar of important events

Statistical Week: the calendar of important events

there is a lot of interesting things: the publication
macroeconomic statistics,
and corporate reports, and speeches
officials. But it is clear that the center
attention in any case would
Ukrainian crisis and a variety of
events related to the embargo. West
preparing a “symmetrical response”, Russia,
and mustache is not blowing, is already considering a
list of industrial and medical
goods, which way across the border
It will be “ordered”.

Tuesday August 19
We are waiting for data
Balance of payments euro-zone inflation
UK retail sales
in the Russian Federation. US will present statistics package
of sales in retail chains, inflation,
construction of new homes and permits
for construction. With regard to individual
companies, investors await reports BHP
Billiton and John
Wood Group.

at an economic conference in
Lindau speak German Chancellor Angela
Merkel. Also we are waiting for trade data
Balance in Japan, inflation in Germany
and Russia, building production
in the euro area, the index of the mortgage market.
The Fed and the Bank of England will present reports
their last meeting (expected of them
very much). On Wednesday, it is planned
also a large block of statistics from
individual companies: Cralsberg,
Heineken, Hewlett-Packard, Staples.

August Thursday
, investors and traders
We are looking forward to the start of the annual
Fed symposium in Jackson Hole. A speech
Janet Yellen will speak, and we again
scrutinize the minutes of the
performances, in search of hints
Fed raising interest rates. China
and the US provide business activity
in the industrial sector. France, Germany
and the euro zone as a whole manifest data
for industry and services.
Britain will give retail indices
sales. Also we expect figures on consumer
confidence in the euro zone. among the companies
focus – Report Raiffeisen
Bank and

It will be more relaxed: it gives the data
on inflation and retail sales
Canada. According to its success plans

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Why is panacea for investors have found in western

Why is the panacea for investors have found in western pension funds and what they should learn

Private investors is not easy to determine in which
country and in what format of real estate they invest. There is an opinion that the benchmark should be kept to foreign pension
funds and invest in the same property as they are. Why?
It is believed that they have a very strong investment analysts do not
allowing funds to burn through even in the most critical situations. There are reasons to believe?

The main reason for confidence in the funds, according to experts – is the giant their experience. According to managing real estate investments, the founder of the consulting portal Igor Indriksons,
funds buy all the available intelligence, and, by definition, know much
more private investors. “Normal a private investor is not able to
analyzed at the level of experts of the best business schools in the world. Also
agents can not “dissolve” the funds for the purchase of illiquid real estate, and
a private investor may well. Salaries and bonuses of top management
funds are directly dependent on how much will be successful in the investment
this or that object “, – explains the expert. In other words, employees
Fund appears weighty motivation for the study of the market. More
of funds, mainly adhere to the traditional, conservative strategy, and
therefore, the most sensibly assess investment risks.

capital preservation

According to the specialist in the real estate GDN Property Nelly Moiseenko,
policy of pension funds, both public and commercial,
It aimed primarily at preserving capital. Often
return on investment is just over indicators
inflation. Legislation of each country clearly states what
tools can use the funds for investing, but in any
if a large share always takes the most conservative tool –
government bonds.

“For private investors, indicators of economic situation in the country,
definitely is one of the major investments when a foreign
property, but for the successful investments should also be considered and a number of
other indicators: the analyst of real estate market over the past 15 – 20
years, indicators of construction, credit, and not only “
, – He speaks

According to Igor Indriksons need to look not only where
pension funds and large real estate funds invest their money,
but in which Property format they invested.

“A private investor
emotional and more drawn to the property by the sea or to the luxury
apartments, while the funds no matter what to buy: hostel
a block of flats or parking – fund are concerned only potential risks and
yield, no emotion “
, – He explains the expert.

For example, he said, the US funds are buying apartments from 50 thousand. Up
350 thousand. Dollars, and not at all expensive real estate in Manhattan.

successful funds mainly invest in commercial and
not residential property. At the same time investments are made in
highly facilities, the management of which (especially in Europe)
entrusted to a special management companies. The total percentage of investments in
property does not exceed for European pension funds 10 – 15%
available funds. In the USA, this value is even smaller – 5% “
, – says the president of the International real estate agency Gordon Rock Stanislav Zingel.

Major acquisitions Western PF made on the Russian real estate market, however, mainly in the commercial segment. Thus, the Austrian pension fund Immoeast
acquired two shopping centers in Moscow. We are talking about “The Golden sites
Babylon “and” Fifth Avenue. ” Another Austrian Meinl pension fund
European Land invested in part of the areas of trade and entertainment centers
“Park House” in Volgograd, Yekaterinburg and Kazan. In turn, in its
time controlled CDP Canadian pension fund investment
“Seasons» Ivanhoe Cambridge fund has bought a shopping center in Moscow.

have doubts

Western funds provide a good example, but not so simple. According to Stanislav
Singel, one can hardly say that all investments are correct PF, as their investment strategies
derivative are two components:

– National legislation,
regulating the activities of pension funds in order to maintain
pension savings,

– The desire of management control
companies earn.

“If the first component is not sufficiently developed, it is often pension
funds invest in highly risky assets and contribute to the development
speculative trends, including the housing market. But, on the contrary,
when unnecessary overregulation retirement savings legislation
inflation eats and real estate markets do not receive the life-giving
investment “
, – said the expert.

According to him, in those countries where the wisdom of legislators harmoniously
combined with the “greed” of management, pension funds operate
most successfully. That is, it all depends on a specific country and
pension fund. The recent crisis has shown how successful and
sad stories of the investment of pension funds.

For example, Global Norwegian pension fund carried
investments in the US mortgage securities, thereby actually trusting
funds of the investors of the residential real estate market of the country.
Came the crisis has shown the fallacy of this strategy. After all, this segment hardest hit during the crisis. Not by chance
Only in 2009, Global lost 90 billion dollars.

“Against this backdrop, US pension funds, after huge losses in the 90’s
the last century, very carefully invested in the sector
commercial property – only in highly liquid objects. Therefore,
As of 2008, the period of the global financial crisis,
commercial properties 200 bln, or only 5% has been invested 4
trillion dollars under management of funds. nagryanuvshaya crisis
He demonstrated that it was the high liquidity of commercial real estate
the major financial centers are best endured the crisis “
, – He speaks
Stanislav Zingel.

Thus, the loss of funds from
investments in offices and shopping centers were minimal, however, it is not
save funds generally from losses. Summed other investment
tools – only the first 15 months of the crisis funds lost 20%
own capitalization.

According to the chief economist UK “Finam Management” Aleksandra Osina,
making decisions based on the data of pension funds are very risky.

“The funds come on the market, when they see a trend, but the creation of such a trend
It takes the market, based on the assessment of a fund, on several
months to a few blocks, depending on the conservatism
assessments. Accordingly, at a time when the market is often short-term changes
direction, funds can either do not have time to buy, as it is now
It is happening in the stock market, or buy a “late” as has happened in
early 2011. “
, – said the expert.

According to him, focus on funds may be relevant for the period
low risk when observed credit and consumption boom in the economy,
but now the economy is rebuilt, and the private investor must be carried out
a deeper analysis of their investments. Not necessarily the results of this
analysis will be different from the statistics, which offers
monitoring of funds, but by itself statistics action is now funds
From this point of view is not enough.

According to the director of “Miel – DPM» Natalia Zavalishin,
the question in this case lies in the fact that foreign pension
Funds have significant assets that they can be placed on
long term.

“When it comes to private investment, then, as a rule,
individuals or small entities have other
budgets and are unlikely to repeat the entry in some markets at the same
conditions. A change in the timing and size of investment is unlikely to
reach the same profitability “
, – she explains.

What to do?


The main drawback in building an investment strategy
eye on the pension funds can be considered as a lack of information about their
activity. Says Stanislav Zingel, detailed information about
investment activities of pension funds can be found,
for example, in the catalog Money Market Directory of Pension Funds and
their Investment Managers, now as 40 years to publish Agency
Standard Poor’s. The cost of this tome, annually
2 sent out to thousands of leading financiers in the world, is about
$ 1,500. you can get fragmentary information on this area and
at a number of sites, disseminate knowledge on
free, but more often a fee.

“To find out information through the Internet sites of the largest real estate funds –
these websites publish analytics to investors every quarter. This intelligence can be trusted to 100%, as it is final.
In turn, their plans, such funds do not disclose “
, – says
Igor Indriksons.

According to Alexander Osin, can be carried out independently
study, which funds are invested in real estate, then look
their current positions. However, data in use will be free
keep up the present time more than a few weeks or
months, it is necessary to subscribe for more recent information on
official mailing, for instance, Reuter, DowJones, Bloomberg, etc., or rely on their own strength.

Source: RealEstate.Ru

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ACI Moving Average

ACI Moving Average

Tired select setting indicator, losing precious time? Tired of the uncertainty of their optimality? Frightening uncertainty in their profitability? Then ACI indicator (automatically calibrated indicator) is designed just for you. Running it, you can easily eliminate these three questions, only doing one simple action: clicking on a single “Calibrate” button. And in order to achieve the highest efficiency, to make enough just another additional step: move the slider to the maximum capacity.

ACI will save you a lot of time that can be spent on more useful exercise, for example, on vacation, but the efficiency will increase many times. On top, thanks to a separate graphical user interface, you can not only observe, but also to easily change the display settings on the fly at the same time with the ability to visually select the chart area for their calibration.

calibrated indicator

As used indicator calibrated standard Moving Average, which is present in the terminal. Are used as calibratable parameters:

  1. The averaging period for calculating the moving average.
  2. The shift indicator in relation to the price chart.
  3. The averaging method:
    • simple averaging,
    • exponential averaging,
    • smoothed average,
    • linearly-weighted averaging.
  4. Used Price:
    • The closing price,
    • the opening price,
    • The maximum price for the period,
    • The minimum price for the period,
    • The median price,
    • The typical price
    • The weighted average price.

To calculate the quality (profitnye) using traditional signals to input and output:

If the closing price of the last bar formed above or equal to the value of the indicator in the same bar, the signal is considered for purchase. Otherwise, the signal will be considered for sale.


Automatic calibrator and calibrated by the indicator can be controlled thanks to the graphical interface of ACI, which reduces the number of actions on your part to a minimum. To start the calibration process, you must click on the “Calibrate” corresponding button. When power calibration mark reaches said calibration stop or else it can be stopped by clicking.

Furthermore calibration, ACI also calculates and displays the fly quality (profitnye) calibrated indicator parameters selected for a specified time section of the chart, the calculation is performed by the method specified in the settings (setting “Criterion for calibration”). Temporary change of land on the chart, you can use levels, it needs to move the cursor to the upper or lower part of the level, select it and click start moving.

If necessary, you can increase or decrease the power ( “Power”) calibrator by moving the slider on the clockwise or counter-clockwise, respectively, where the dial a transparent area allows you to adjust from 0% to 20% of the total power, the green from 20% to 50% , and red from 50% to 100%.

If necessary, one can work with multiple copies of the indicator on the same graph.


The indicator has a lot of settings, ranging from setting calibrated indicator and ending settings GUI ACI.

parameter name
Moving Average default settings
Default MA Period averaging period for calculating the moving average by default. 
Default MA Shift The shift indicator relative to the chart by default. 
Default MA Method The default method of averaging. 
Default MA Price The default price. 
Default Power Default power to achieve the calibration.
Maximum Power  Maximum power.
Criterion for Calibration  Criterion calibration. Method for calculating the quality (profitnye).
If you select “Total_Net_Profit”, the quality = total net profit (in pips) – the total net loss (in pips).
If you select “Total_Net_Profit_Total_Drawdown”, then profitnye = total net profit (in pips) – the total net loss (in pips) – the total of all signals maximum drawdown (in pips).
As the prices are the only bars’ closing prices.
Selected interval of the chart 
 Start bar  Bar to indicate the start time segment.
 Finish bar  Bar to indicate the end time segment.
 Moving Average regulator settings
 Minimum MA Period averaging period for calculating the moving average, at least.
 Minimum MA Shift The shift indicator relative to the chart, at least.
 Minimum MA Method The method of averaging, minimum.
 Minimum MA Price Used price, at least.
 Maximum MA Period averaging period for calculating the moving average, maximum.
 Maximum MA Shift The shift indicator relative to the chart, maximum.
 Maximum MA Method The method of averaging, maximum.
 Maximum MA Price Used price maximum.
UI panel settings
 Panel size The size (in pixels) of the panel. 0 – automatic calculation of the size.
 Panel Transparent The level of transparency of the panel. 0 – fully visible, 100 – completely transparent.
 Panel color The main color of the panel.
 Font color of panel Color panel fonts.
 Quality color  Color quality index (profitnye).

ACI Moving Average


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So, my first post will be about oil. As you can see – this friend is hanging out in a big flag of many months. And approximately in the region of 1330- 1300, I plan to buy it, the order is worth a stop while in the 50 n, the expected growth of 500 and above, I would like to take 1,000 points if the nerves will stand, a hundred points will translate into b / y.

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Abolk 701 Visual OpenClose

Abolk 701 Visual OpenClose

Visualizer on the schedule of opening / closing of market orders in the Strategy Tester.


  • _color_openBUY – for open order BUY – the color of opening arrow and line
  • _color_openSELL – for public order SELL – the color of opening arrow and line
  • _color_closeBUY – for a closed order BUY – the color of opening arrow and line
  • _color_closeSELL – for a closed order SELL – the color of opening arrow and line
  • _color_CLOSE – the color of the closing arrow
  • _trend_style, _trend_width – style and line thickness
  • _0magic – a unique number adviser warrants. You can draw the opening / closing is not all orders (for the instrument the chart), but only with the specified Magica. If -1, then all warrants drawn against any councilor. If 0, drawn manually open orders. If >0, drawn just order the appropriate advisor.
  • _ng – atomicity group orders. Magick in advisors and is often used to classify the orders within the advisor. For this to _0magic automatically added to the last few digits. _ng option and need to be “cut off” when searching counselor orders. Parameter _ng – is the coefficient which is divided Sorcere value (i.e., if the “clipped” single digit, then _ng = 10, if two, then _ng = 100).

IMPORTANT. Closed orders are read from the history (the “Account History” terminal). That is, if the story is filtered for a lesser period, then closed orders will not be found.

Abolk 701 Visual OpenClose

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Facts you should know about Scotland

Facts you should know about Scotland

On the eve of the planned referendum on Scottish independence increasingly appears in the media of news, forecasts, warnings. We all know that Scotland was part of the United Kingdom for more than three centuries, but it is quite different from other parts of the UK. We scored as many as 50 facts you need to know about Scotland.

1. Unicorn – an animal which is depicted on the emblem of Scotland.

2. The shortest regular flights in the world take place in Scotland. trip length is half a mile – from the city Westray to Papa Westray in the Orkney Islands. Travel lasts 1 minute 14 seconds.

3. Scotland takes about 790 islands, 130 of them are uninhabited.

4. Skara Brae – Neolithic village, located on the island of Brae, Orkney, is the oldest building in the UK which dates back to 3100 BC

5. In the Mausoleum of Hamilton in South Lanarkshire longest echo in the world – it lasts 15 seconds.

6. In Scotland, more than 600 square miles of freshwater lakes, including the most famous Loch Ness.

7. The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is the second largest city after Glasgow.

8. Edinburgh was the first city in the world, in which there was its own fire brigade.

9. As with Rome, Edinburgh was built on seven hills. The city is the largest number of monuments than anywhere else in the world.

10. Prior to 1603 in Scotland had its monarch. After Elizabeth died I, Iakov VI Scots was also controlled as Scotland and England, as a result it has also become Jacob I England.

11. The City of St. Andrews is considered "the birthplace of golf". Here it is played back in the 15th century.

12. It is believed that Koroleva Viktoriya during her visit to the Scottish Highlands smoked a cigarette to ward off gnats.

13.Edinburg became home to Skye Terrier Greyfaersa Bobby, who captured the hearts of all who know his story.

After the owner’s death, Bobby every day for 14 years, came to the cafe, where used to be with the owner, received a muffin and returned to the master’s grave in the cemetery. There he met his death and was buried. In Edinburgh, there is a fountain with a sculpture of Skye Terrier. The monument was erected in 1872 after Bobby’s death, which has earned a reputation as the most faithful dog in the world.

14. In Scotland at the moment – the second largest country in the UK, after England.

15. The highest point of Scotland – Ben Nevis, 1343 meters.

16.Deviz Scotland – “Nemo me impune lacessit”, or: "Nobody will touch me with impunity". It is used by the Order of the Thistle, and in later versions of the Royal Coat of Arms.

17. Scotland – favorite country of the royal family who likes to relax in the castle of Balmoral on the banks of the River Dee.

18. In the north-east of the country girls called “quines”, and young men – “louns”.

19. The first recorded appearance of the Loch Ness Monster was in 565 AD, when the monster attacked one of the followers of St. Columba.

St. Columba – Irish holy monk, the preacher of Christianity in Scotland. St. Columba is one of the twelve apostles of Ireland. In the year 563 Saint Columba founded the first monastery in what is now Scotland and was rector there.

20. The Scottish city of Aberdeen is known as the oil capital of Europe, as well as the Granite City.

21. The deepest lake in Scotland, Loch Morar, reaches a depth of 328 meters, and is considered the seventh deepest lake in the world.

22. The smallest viskarnyu Scotland Edradur in Pitlochry, visit 000posetiteley 100 a year, but it produces only 90 000 liters of malt whiskey.

23. Scotland – birthplace of the oldest tree in Europe, fortingelskogo yew, whose age is about 3000 years old. According to local legend, Pontius Pilate was born in the shadow of the yew tree, and played there when I was little.

24. The raincoat was invented in 1824 in Scotland. It was invented Charlz Makintosh, a chemist from Glasgow. In the UK, the cloak is still called “Mac”.

25. The state religion of Scotland – Christianity.

26. Scotland gained independence in 1314, when Robert Bryus defeated the English army at the Battle of Bannockburn.

27. The Kingdom of Scotland was an independent until May 1, 1707, when the Act of Union Scotland joined England to form a single state – the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

28. July 1, 1999, for the first time since 1707, Scotland got its own parliament.

29. The territory of the country is 78,772 km ?.

30. The country’s population – about 5.2 million, is about 8.5% of the total UK population.

31. Population density – 65.9 people / km ?..

32. In North America, lived about the same as the Scots, as in most of Scotland, while, according to the US Census and Canada, about 5 million people claim that they have Scottish roots.

33. Scotland has its own judicial system, distinct from England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The jury could return a verdict of “guilty”, “not guilty” and “proven guilty.”

34. Bank of Scotland, founded in 1695, is the oldest existing banks in the UK. He was also the first bank in Europe, which began to produce their own banknotes.

35. Among the famous Scottish inventors – Logue John Baird who invented television in 1925, Aleksandr Grem Bell, who invented the telephone in 1876, and Alexander Fleming who invented Penicillin in 1928.

36. The first university clinic in America, Baltimore Infirmary, founded surgeon from Glasgow Granville Sharp Pattison in 1816.

37. In Scotland, the three official languages: English, Scottish and Gaelic, which is spoken by only 1% of the population.

38. In Scotland, 19 universities and colleges, including the University of St Andrews, where they met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – William and Kate.

39. The area of ​​Scotland, roughly equal to the area of ​​the Czech Republic, the United Arab Emirates, Panama, the State of Maine in the US or the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

40. Two of the first Prime Minister of Canada – Dzhon Makdonald (1815-1891) and Aleksandr Makkenzi (1822-1892) – were Scottish.

41. One of the most famous products produced in Scotland – whiskey – was invented in China. At first it was distilled monks in Ireland in the early 15th century, and only after 100 years of whiskey came to Scotland.

42. The most infamous Scottish dish – haggis. It is made from sheep’s offal – liver, heart and lungs boiled in mutton stomach. It is not known where it originated, but similar dish mentioned in Greece 2500 years ago.

43. Scotland – birthplace of many great thinkers, including Adam Smith, James Watt, David Hume and Dzhona Styuarta Mill.

44. Among the famous Scottish inventions – logarithms (1614), bitumen (1820) and the tire (1887).

45. Many known Scottish invention – kilts, tartan (checkered pattern) and pipes – not been invented in Scotland. Kilts originated in Ireland, plaid ornaments were discovered in central Europe, the Bronze Age, and the bagpipe came from central Asia.

46. ​​Known representatives of literature – Sir Walter Scott, Lord Byron and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

47. Flag Scotland is a picture of Andrew’s cross.

48. Thistle is the symbol of Scotland.

49. In Scotland, home to most red-haired people in the world. About 13% of the population of Scotland – red, and 40% of the population are carriers of a recessive gene.

50. The first official international football match was played in 1872 in the West of Scotland between England and Scotland.

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Forex Black Hole

Forex Black Hole

Why Black Hole?

Black Hole adviser works on the same principle as that of black holes in the solar system.

This adviser takes advantage of market movements in any direction for 24 hours, five days a week.

It is a reliable adviser to the type of Martingale, applying stop-loss, trailing stops and profit-taking on all orders at predetermined percentage of the total bill.

Watch the video. To save the size and time of the video is a small first visual test, and then normal.

Please note that the facilities are not used in the test mode in order to save space and time.

Forex Black Hole


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Apple lost Chinese audience where to put new

Apple lost the Chinese audience: where to put the new iPhone 6?

On the eve of the long-awaited
tomorrow’s presentation of the company
Apple in many
It appears a variety of media
materials, which are not only write about
company about the devices and on the managers
Apple. Perhaps,
most unusual article this weekend
was that if you’re going
buy a new iPhone, will have
Change clothes.

It was
China is one scary story. AT
August 2012, the whole country was
shocked by the news that a teenager in
Hunan Southern Province sold one of
his kidneys to buy a new
iPhone. And the horror did not end there –
Soon the police found the gang that
bought up human bodies, using
as bait Apple expensive phones. Horror, you agree?

such sensational
history, when people line up
long queues in front of shops where
Apple releases its new sale
product, suggest that
China – the largest market in the world
Smartphones – the people just crazy
mobile phones.

And yet, the kidney-for-iPhone
illustrates a key reason why
Golden Age for Apple in China, may be,
I have come to an end. In a country where the workers
They earn an average of just over $ 600 a month,
budget phones that cost less
three times than the iPhone. For example, Phones
Chinese manufacturing Xiaomi More
replacing the American giant, the Chinese phones are even looks very
similar. And the company faster "squeezes" Apple to Chinese
market. So, in May of this year, Xiaomi
ahead of Apple, although at that time was still standing on the
third place behind Samsung and Lenovo Group in terms of sales.

Apple lost Chinese audience where to put new

Presentation of the next Xiaomi news, April 2014

However, while
budget smartphone in China is cheaper
1,000 yuan ($ 162), iPhone still enjoys
demand among affluent consumers. IN 2013
Umeng, the Agency conducted a survey,
released in March last year, which
It showed that among phones "of high
class" (More expensive 3,000 yuan, or $ 486), about
80% – iPhones. But the essence of something is that cheap
phones used mainly for
entertainment, and users who
buy more expensive and quality
Gadgets, nominate more
requirements – they need a machine with the help of
which they can use
Mobile search, monitor
personal finance, shopping and
t. e. Given this trend, not
surprisingly, in Hong Kong (one of
the richest places in China) "iPhone-mania"
until it weakens.

By the way, China Mobile, the largest
provider of wireless communication in China,
I have already started taking pre
orders for the iPhone 6. On Monday morning
the company is already registered 65392
pre-orders. But if the price
a new gadget will be big, it can
be a problem in the Chinese market.

Tomorrow, 9 September, the presentation of new products from Apple. The whole world is waiting for the statements of many new media iPhone 6, clock iWatch and the OS update iOS 8.

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All Pending Orders with StopLoss MT5

All Pending Orders with StopLoss MT5

All Pending Orders with StopLoss opens any combination of pending orders (Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit and Sell Limit) and close all existing pending orders.

When boolSL = true this script calculates one common value of the stop-loss for the first / last orders and set this value for all pending orders.

Input parameters

Before pending orders open a window of the input parameters, which can be edited:

  • DeleteAllPendings: in meaning true all pending orders (for the current currency) are removed. (Pending orders will not be created!).
  • Order_Type: Select the desired type of pending orders (Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit or Sell Limit).
  • boolSL: in meaning true Stop Loss It is set for each position.
  • Stop_Loss: Stop-loss.
  • InitLot: The size of the initial bid.
  • LotCoeff: in meaning 1 All pending orders will be the same size of the lot.
  • InitStep: The difference in points between two consecutive orders.
  • StepCoeff: in meaning 1 the distance between all the positions will be the same.
  • NumOfOrders: Number of pending orders to be placed on the chart.


  • If DeleteAllPendings = true, script will remove all existing pending orders for the current currency pair.
  • You must allow automated trading in the “Expert Advisors” (Tools->Options).

All Pending Orders with StopLoss MT5

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