Currency intervention in Hong Kong less than

Currency intervention in Hong Kong: less than a year and a half

Managing money
Treatment of Hong Kong said today
infusion of the Hong Kong dollar,
the first time in the last year and a half.
infusion Amount – $ 2,099
billion, and it happened one day on June 24 –
July 1.

Against the background
that corporations need to Hong Kong
the dollar, the market demand for it has grown,
and the rate has risen to the intervention threshold
($ 1 – 7.75
Hong Kong dollars).

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Russian market is growing to match world’s stock

The Russian market is growing to match the world’s stock exchanges

on the Russian stock market opened mixed today as yesterday: MICEX index to 10:05 MSK rose 0.25% to 1377.66 points, the RTS fell by 0.20% to 1196.32 points. After 7 minutes of the market "shot"And began a rapid growth: MICEX index to 10:12 MSK rose 0.88% to 1386.29 points and the RTS added 0.46% to 1204.29 points.

Investors see no reason to refuse to buy still cheap Russian stocks greed for awhile overcome fear.
Speculators on the Russian stock market on the eve of a two-day rally, after trying to play again to increase: in the morning the market opened in different directions, before lunch there were more bargains for sale, and in the evening market is closed again without a definite trend: MICEX index rose by 0.13% to 1374 19 points, the RTS fell by 0.41% to 1198.72 points.
Close eve shortly after the Russian market, European exchanges have shown the worst result compared with Mosbirzhey: almost all the indices were down, the German DAX lost most (-1.21%), the British FTSE 100 – less than the others (-0.01%).

On the eve of the US indices declined markedly: Nasdaq – on 0,27%, S P 500 – on 0,16%, Dow Jones Industrial Average – 0.06%. Reports publishing season is already priced in, and new incentives for the assault record levels, which is the US market, no.
Exchange of the Asia-Pacific region, taking over the baton from the closed US sites have started today is positive: all the major indexes rising in the range 0.2-1%. The exception is the Chinese market: the Shanghai index fell by 0.40% to 9: 576 MSK due to weak macroeconomic data published today. In particular, the volume of new lending in one of the world’s biggest economies unexpectedly fell in July.

Gold prices sixth trading session held steady at above $ 1,310 per troy ounce (COMEX playground of the New York Mercantile Exchange).

Oil prices continue to decline. Among the reasons for the fall in oil prices – to the completion of the military operation in Israel Add news of US fuel inventories, which grew, and began working in Libya terminal "Ras Lanuf"Freed from the rebels.
The price of European Brent oil on the eve fell $ 1.66, or 1.59%, to $ 103.02 per barrel at the end of trading in London. Today Brent to 9:15 MSK lost in the price of $ 0.45, or 0.44%, and traded at $ 102.57 a barrel.
The cost of the American variety WTI (Light) at auction in New York on Tuesday fell $ 0.71, or 0.72%, to $ 97.37 a barrel today to 9:16 MSK fell to $ 97.07 (? $ 0.3 or 0.31%).

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Modified VIX Fix

Modified VIX Fix

“VIX Fix – a powerful indicator capable of detecting price depression for any asset

VIX (Volatility Index) – a ticker symbol implied volatility of S&P 500 calculated Chicago Board Options Exchange. VIX is a popular measure of market risk, as well as one of the best ways to measure the existing price depressions. Unfortunately, it exists only for S&P 500 …

The indicator VIX Fix Larri Vilyamsom was published in 2007. It synthesizes the volatility index VIX for any asset (not only the S&P). VIX Fix reflects the interest of investors in the future of the movement, where high indicators associated with price depressions. The influence of investor sentiment is amplified in the price troughs, so VIX and VIX Fix is ​​best suited to determine only depressions. Here, we present a modified VIX Fix, which includes the modification of the standard deviation and the Stochastic, Williams proposed in article 2007, releasing the depression and help you accurately find the entries in the transaction.


We’ve added alerts and email alert, are sent in determining the price depression period “Normal” VIX Fix (i.e., turquoise color histogram bars) and at the intersection of the signal line stochastic user upper and lower thresholds “Stochastic” VIX Fix (see screenshots). Information about the e-mail recipients and SMTP must be indicated in the MT4 settings before using e-mail alerts.


  • VIX Type (Regular or Stochastic): Selecting one of the display types, normal VIX Fix (wherein the hollows are allocated using BB) or stochastic VIX Fix
  • Color Scheme (Default or User Define): Selecting a color scheme: Default – the default, “User Define” – manual adjustment of the indicator color
  • Invert values ​​(may help visualization): Reverse values. In normal mode, higher values ​​indicate pricing VIX Fix cavity. When inversion low values ​​of VIX Fix mean price depression, some people prefer this type of visualization. This inverts both regular and stochastic VIX.
  • Calculation period for standard deviation (Default = 22): the number of bars used for calculating the standard deviation, which is used in the calculation
  • Bollinger band length (Default = 20): for calculating the number of bars BB (VIX is applied to the conventional type, selection bars turquoise color)
  • Bollinger band standard deviations (Default = 2.0): number of standard deviations for calculation BB (VIX is applied to the conventional type, selection bars turquoise color)
  • Calculation period for percentile (Default = 50): the number of bars to calculate the percentage change (VIX is applied to the conventional type, selection bars turquoise color)
  • High percentile threshold (0.85 = 05%): custom threshold for a high percentage range (VIX is applied to the conventional type, selection bars turquoise color)
  • Stochastic K period (if VixStochastic Type): the number of bars for the calculation of the line K stochastic VIX
  • Stochastic D period (if VixStochastic Type): the number of bars for the averaging calculation line D from the line K stochastic VIX
  • Turns on / off all alerts: Include (if true) or off (if false) all notifications. When choosing VIX conventional type, that is all that is required, it will include a warning on price depressions (turquoise histogram bars). When choosing the type VixStochastic, also need to select the type of alert (See options “For VixStochastic: …” below)
  • For VixStochastic: Alert when above upper threshold: When true alerts are delivered when the value of the stochastic VIX Fix will be above a certain upper threshold user
  • For VixStochastic: Upper alert threshold (Default = 80.0): A user-defined upper threshold for alert. This is an absolute value that automatically adapts to a negative value if Invert Values ​​= true.
  • For VixStochastic: Alert when below lower threshold: When true alerts are delivered when the value of the stochastic VIX Fix will be below a certain lower threshold, the user
  • For VixStochastic: Lower alert threshold (Default = 20.0): A user-defined lower threshold for alert. This is an absolute value that automatically adapts to a negative value if Invert Values ​​= true.
  • Turn on alerts message: If true, the update will appear in a popup window
  • Turn on alerts sound: When true beeping
  • Turn on alerts email: If true, the notification will be sent by email

Determination of the entry and exit points

Modified VIX Fix It defines the periods of market downturn, and stochastic modification VIX helps to detect an entry point (call). However, the VIX does not determine the exit point, as the indicator is best suited to determine the price troughs, not tops.

Modified VIX Fix well with fading trend indicators, such as the Fano Factor, for detecting the exit points and / or Relative Momentum Index to determine / confirm the inputs and outputs.

Modified VIX Fix

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NextGen Scalper

NextGen Scalper

NextGen SCALPER Pro analyzes the market every minute and determines the levels of entry based on the models of the market, levels and trends.

No need to set-files – all your settings built into EA.

The direction is determined via an adaptive intelligent system incorporated into the EA.

Powered by (as tested in the “Every tick”): EURUSD, GBPUSD, CADUSD, AUDUSD and USDJPY.

Timeframes: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4

  • Not martingale.
  • Not mesh.
  • No hedging.
  • Constant use of stop-loss and take-profit.

Advisor uses a combination of three different systems.

The advisor has set optimal parameters, so it does not need .set files.

For each transaction set take profit and stop loss for protection against high drawdown.

Minimum deposit: $ 50.

Use the VPS to provide round the clock communications with the trading server broker.


  • Lots – lot size underlying transaction, not for all transactions.
  • Slippage – allowable slippage.
  • MagicNumber – Basic magic number.
  • SpreadLimit – the maximum spread in pips. Recommended value 3.
  • UseMoneyManagment money management, with true lot size will be calculated based on the size of the balance sheet and the percentage of acceptable risk.
  • RiskPercent – risk percentage of the balance at mm = True.

NextGen Scalper

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Pending Trade News

Pending Trade News

The script at a specified time (eg 15 seconds before the release of important news) puts two pending orders (Buy Stop and Sell Stop) on each selected financial instruments of the 8 possible (EURUSD GBPUSD USDJPY USDCHF USDCAD EURJPY GBPJPY AUDUSD). All is not triggered pending orders are removed at a given time. All financial instruments must be opened in the window Market Overview. The names of financial instruments from different brokers, as well as the different types of accounts may differ; so you need to edit the parameters of the script names of financial instruments as they are displayed in the Market Overview.


  • TP – take profit;
  • SL – stop loss;
  • GAP – the distance from the price at the time of issuing the pending order to the price of pending order triggering;
  • DateTimeOpen – date and time of pending orders;
  • DateTimeClose – date and time of the closure is not fulfilled pending orders;
  • Lot – volume of transactions;
  • The choice of financial instruments to be placed pending orders;
  • Editing names of financial instruments.

Pending Trade News

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In Ukraine lull Europe moved to increase

In Ukraine, a lull. Europe moved to increase

stock markets rose after
stocks have shown maximum growth
month. This happened against the backdrop of the fact that
Ukrainian and Russian officials
We met for talks: Pavlo
Klimkin and Sergei Lavrov spoke
in Berlin. The aim of the talks was
indicated by the easing of tensions
between the two countries. Although
Brezhnev kissing between politicians
It has not been fixed, the Minister of Foreign
Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Shtaynmeyer
assured that there had been some
success. Lavrov, however, grimly noted,
that no resolution has not been signed
It was.

when you see a de-escalation
geopolitical risk – it is always
works in favor of the markets “, – stated in the
Jacobsen, Director of Investment Bank
A / S (Copenhagen).
– “Short-term movements of the stock
the market is now almost entirely controlled
news on the situation in Ukraine / Russia.
Now we are seeing a temporary relief. ”

index futures rose, Asian
stock markets showed no significant

among individual
Companies increased United
Internet AG (+ 4% on the information
to buy 10.7% stake in Rocket
Internet AG). On
3% “fatter”
Renault SA, does not concern
to a lesser extent due to the fact that
among the 19 industry groups index
Stoxx Europe 600
Automotive lead. Bank
sector shows optimism so
Commerzbank AG added
1.4%. Technological area, too, in order:
It added 1.1% Deutsche Telekom AG,
and even stated that
that she was going to buy a large
cable providers.

stock commotion happened even
tranquil Scandinavia: Tobacco Company
Assens A / S stated
that he was thinking about the IPO, on
background that Swedish Match AB
(Owner of 49% per cent
Assens) earned
1.5% increase to the share price.

In general Stoxx
0.9% 600 up to the middle of the day. Today
growth showed all industries represented
in the index. Futures on the index of S P
500 added 0.4%, but the
Asia-Pacific MSCI
headway, gaining
less than 0.1%.

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Statistical Week calendar of important events

Statistical Week: the calendar of important events

there is a lot of interesting things: the publication
macroeconomic statistics,
and corporate reports, and speeches
officials. But it is clear that the center
attention in any case would
Ukrainian crisis and a variety of
events related to the embargo. West
preparing a “symmetrical response”, Russia,
and mustache is not blowing, is already considering a
list of industrial and medical
goods, which way across the border
It will be “ordered”.

Tuesday August 19
We are waiting for data
Balance of payments euro-zone inflation
UK retail sales
in the Russian Federation. US will present statistics package
of sales in retail chains, inflation,
construction of new homes and permits
for construction. With regard to individual
companies, investors await reports BHP
Billiton and John
Wood Group.

at an economic conference in
Lindau speak German Chancellor Angela
Merkel. Also we are waiting for trade data
Balance in Japan, inflation in Germany
and Russia, building production
in the euro area, the index of the mortgage market.
The Fed and the Bank of England will present reports
their last meeting (expected of them
very much). On Wednesday, it is planned
also a large block of statistics from
individual companies: Cralsberg,
Heineken, Hewlett-Packard, Staples.

August Thursday
, investors and traders
We are looking forward to the start of the annual
Fed symposium in Jackson Hole. A speech
Janet Yellen will speak, and we again
scrutinize the minutes of the
performances, in search of hints
Fed raising interest rates. China
and the US provide business activity
in the industrial sector. France, Germany
and the euro zone as a whole manifest data
for industry and services.
Britain will give retail indices
sales. Also we expect figures on consumer
confidence in the euro zone. among the companies
focus – Report Raiffeisen
Bank and

It will be more relaxed: it gives the data
on inflation and retail sales
Canada. According to its success plans

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WaveTrend Momentum Oscillator

WaveTrend Momentum Oscillator

WaveTrend Momentum Oscillator – a modification of the popular and convenient WaveTrend oscillator. WaveTrend Momentum Oscillator adds a component in the calculation of the rate of WaveTrend, to more quickly provide more accurate entry point in a trending market.

Do you prefer the original oscillator WaveTrend? WaveTrend Momentum Oscillator It allows you to switch between the tempo and the original versions of the WT. They both provide valuable information depending on market conditions.

When WT lines are above the level perekuplennosti and intersect below the control line, it is a good signal to sell. When WT lines are above the level pereprodannosti and intersect above the reference line, it is a good signal to buy. Colored circles indicate the signals to buy and sell. Differences between WT and price movement may indicate an upcoming turn.


We added the sending of audio, pop-up and e-mails at intersections WaveTrend in overbought conditions (sell signal) and oversold (buy signal). Levels perekuplennosti pereprodannosti and selected by the user. Information about the e-mail recipients and SMTP must be indicated in the MT4 settings before using e-mail alerts.


  • WaveTrend Type (Momentum or Original): Selection or tempo of the original type indicator WaveTrend
  • Calculation period (Default = 10): the number of bars to calculate WaveTrend
  • Averaging period (Default = 21): the number of bars for averaging WaveTrend
  • Momentum Length (Default = 4): the number of bars for the calculation of the rate of WaveTrend
  • Overbought Level (circles & alerts): User-defined overbought level to draw colored circles and send notifications
  • Oversold Level (circles & alerts): User-defined level of oversold to draw colored circles and send notifications
  • Turn on / off all alerts: If true, resolve any warning to the false prohibited all alerts
  • Alert when signal crosses ctrl above overbought level: If true, the notification will be delivered at the intersection of lines above WT levels perekuplennosti (put signal)
  • Alert when signal crosses ctrl below oversold level: If true, the notification will be delivered at the intersection of lines above WT levels pereprodannosti (call signal)
  • Turn on alerts message: If true, the update will appear in a popup window
  • Turn on alerts sound: When the true signals are supplied to the sound
  • Turn on alerts email: If true, the notification will be sent by email

WaveTrend Momentum Oscillator

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BRIKC country associated risks when investing

BRIKC country associated risks when investing

In 2001, Jim O’Neill (. English, Jim O’Neil), economist, one of the largest commercial banks Goldman Sachs in the world, used the abbreviation BRIKC (English, BRIC.) With respect to the four countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China . Then the analyst did not know that by doing so made the most courageous macroeconomic application of all time. O’Neill suggested that in the future the state will be listed the main drivers of the global economy, given their correct demographic characteristics, the vast resources of wealth, the growth of the middle class, as well as a relatively stable fiscal and monetary policy. While the predictions come true economist. The growth index MSCI BRIC over the past 10 years, more than 8 times higher than the income from S P 500, and the total volume of GDP BRIKC countries last year jumped to 13.3 trillion dollars.

Equally good results have led many investors to include these
emerging countries in their portfolios, so that you can
would benefit from the rapid growth of the group. However, despite the
rosier long-term BRIKC countries, here lies a lot
risks in addition to the global macroeconomic pressures. Finally,
not without reason these economies called “developing”.

Investors are extremely important to deal with all the “pitfalls”
given the large contribution BRIKC countries into the world economy and their
share in emerging market assets. Since each of the four
countries is radically different from each other, understand the characteristics of risk
Each of them – a truly difficult task. When investing in the country
BRIKC should not lose sight of the inherent risks, which will be mentioned

Dragon full of lies

When it comes to emerging markets investments,
the most popular option in the minds of many investors is China.
In the end, the country has all the classic signs
emerging market. Nevertheless, to invest in the economy
Asian Dragon is not as easy as to buy a share in Germany.

The biggest problem most likely is the lack of
generally accepted accounting principles (Eng., GAAP) or
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). this aspect
many by surprise even the best investors. For example, the control
hedge fund billionaire Dzhon Polson (Eng., John Paulson) lost a lot of
money on Chinese forest plantations, Sino-Forest Corp. Thus, the company
He accused of falsifying books and falsification of land
possessions. Often the charges are recorded in the forgery of bank deposits and
accounts. Due to the disclosure of information and lack of transparency much
difficult to see the real picture, especially when compared with the shares
Companies in developed countries.

Things get even worse when investors have to deal with
dubious official Chinese statistics and overly regulated and
because bureaucratic communist government. Most
large companies in the country one way or another controlled by Beijing.

The endless corruption in Russia

Despite the recent accession to the World Trade Organization
(WTO), the investor may face considerable investment
risks. The largest of them is corruption and political
pressure. It has become a commonplace that bribery and organized
crime permeates legal business. according to
A study by Information Science for
Democracy Foundation, the average size of small bribes in the last 10 years
The Russian Federation has been steadily increasing. In 2001, it was
priblizitelno1817 rubles, while by 2010 had risen to
5285, which accounted for 93% of the average worker’s salary.

Investors also have to confront the local government. If
adhere to views that do not coincide with the President’s wishes
Vladimir Putin, the development of business, as well as the investment process,
It may stall. In an extreme case, the investor can threaten and imprisonment
Finally. An example is the story Mihaila Hodorkovskogo,
former chairman of the oil giant Yukos. In 2005
he was accused of bribery, but it is believed that the real reason
are political in nature.

Latin American raw king

Although corruption is not open in Brazil as serious
the problem, as in Russia, investors still face certain
risks. They create a “protectionist approach of the government.” Now
country occupies 2nd place in Latin America in the number of protectionist
measures, behind only Argentina. Here we should mention the support of the local
products, high tariffs on imported goods, tax exemptions
to support domestic producers and limit access
investors in the strategically important natural resources. For example, if
investor wants to participate in the development of oil fields, he
partnerstvovat necessary to state energy giant
Petrobras. In general, such a policy can lead to the fact that
Brazil lose part of the profit from the investment, if the government would go
further and nationalize various assets.

Asian bureaucratic nightmare

Given the high degree of power of the people in India, the investor is quite ready
encounter with some fraction bureaucracy. However, Indian
bureaucratic machine is called “the most stifling in the world.” open your
business in India is very difficult, because the local and national
government usually puts his hand to the commercial market. Similarly
Investors impossible to enforce the contract, especially
When business partners tend to make deals with undeclared
third party. According to estimates of the Hong Kong Science Center
Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, India’s bureaucratic
the system simply does not allow the country to equalize the rate of economic growth
with their opposing countries.


BRIKC country can boast of its economic growth and
provides investors with new opportunities to replenish the portfolio
valuable papers. However, investors still await a lot of risks.
Understanding all the “pitfalls” is the key to success in
conditions as rapidly developing economies of giants.

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US session ended in red zone

The US session ended in the red zone

Trading on Wall Street closed the fall of the US stock indices. This happened against the backdrop of escalating conflict in Ukraine, the problems in the Middle East and, of course, after the fall of the Malaysian airliner over Donetsk. Killed nearly 300 people, quite definitely, that the plane was shot down, but that’s what – is unclear. Both sides accuse each other, commenced an investigation.

time S P 500 fell
to a minimum of three months values.
Analysts say that investors have begun to
massively sell shares because
economic situation depends
by geopolitical conditions, and now
Geopolitics is very complicated.

A fall
stock market lasted the whole day in the United States,
but the total acceleration of the already acquired
at the end of the trading session, when it was
it is known that Israel launched a ground
operation in the Gaza Strip.


S P lost
1.18%. DJIA fell by 0.94%.
Nasdaq Composite slid down

As for individual corporations, then
14% cheaper shares of the manufacturer
“Flash drives» – SanDisk (quarterly
Company statements are not pleased
investors). The insurance company UnitedHealth
Group Inc., on the other hand, raised her
quotes by 1.6%, and also due to the publication

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