Visa is looking for partner for Russian domestic

Visa is looking for a partner for the Russian domestic processing: to no avail

Visa has not yet found a partner for the Russian domestic processing, told the head of the company’s innovation department "Visa Russia, the CIS and South-Eastern Europe" Andrew Aleykin.Visa continues to search for Russian domestic partner.

"Once it is completed, we will inform", – he said.

The law on the establishment of Russian payment cards of the National System (NBTS) and ensuring the smooth operation of international payment systems, was adopted in the spring of this year, after Visa and MasterCard have refused to serve the customers of a number of Russian banks, came under US sanctions because of the inclusion of Crimea in structure Russia. It contains a prohibition on the unilateral termination of the provision of services not only to operators of payment systems, but also operators of payment infrastructure, settlement centers, as well as the participants in the payment system.

In addition, the payment system operator, which is not a national importance, is obliged to submit to a special account with the Central Bank a security deposit. The premium has become a major challenge for the international payment systems. He equated the amount of money transfers in the territory of Russia in the framework of the payment system in two days. Morgan Stanley’s experts assessed the contribution rate for MasterCard to $ 1 billion, and for Visa – almost twice as much: $ 1.9 billion.

June 25 has been published for expert discussion draft decree giving reprieve Visa and MasterCard to pay contributions until 31 October. During this time they will find partners in Russia.

Within the framework of St. Petersburg International Forum in May of payment systems management held talks with representatives of the Russian government, following which it was announced that Visa and MasterCard will continue to work in Russia.

Companies create subsidiaries, which will be integrated into the formed national payment system. Operators six months to cooperate with the Russian payment systems, and then it will take another year and a half to create "daughters". Processing will be carried out in Russia.

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There is such a thing as self-synchronization. The bottom line is – if at some commonality of 5% per cent at the same time make an action – the others begin to repeat it. The theory can also be called CEDC – Enough general theory of management.

If the peacefully grazing herd horses frighten 5% of the individuals and “put them to flight,” the rest of the herd goes wrong with the place; If even 5% chance synchronous fireflies will flash, then there will also be a flash of a meadow.

This feature manifests itself in humans. Recently, British scientists set up an experiment: a large, spacious hall invited people and gave them the task of “navigate as you like.” And some were given a clearly defined task exactly how and when to move. Thus, it was experimentally confirmed that the 5% of people moving with purpose, can make the whole set to move in the same direction.

For Auto Sync requires that some set of objects has at least partly identical information and algorithmic state and were in conditions which allow the exchange of information between them – if unaddressed, circular. In this case, the speed of their response to the flow of information that is identical for all of them, should be high enough.

Incidentally, a similar experiment can spend each. It is enough to come to the concert with a group of friends and start to clap in sync in those moments when you want to, and the whole room will repeat for you.

Some practical conclusions from this: it is not necessary to make groups more than 20 people. 20/100% * 5% = 1 – this unit is the leader, the increase in the number of people entails a loss of control. In the audience, where people 30-40, the teacher will be very difficult to set the tone for a class and keep the group’s attention. This law can be applied to other situations, try, but do not rely on it. Nothing is absolute.

The launch of such a process is possible only when people are in a state of not realizing their actions, objectives and reasons. When the level of personal discipline, awareness, control is very low. And this is a structureless control when it is not necessary for each to say what he should do and how: enough 5% per cent, which will start the process of auto-syncing.

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European banks have found risky assets to $ 1

The European banks have found risky assets to $ 1 trillion. dollars

On the balance sheets of European banks, which are currently inspected by regulators, may be potentially unsafe assets to $ 1 trillion. This is the conclusion of Professor Stephen Alexander Berlin European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) and Dr. Josef Korte of the Goethe Institute in Frankfurt am Main.

Conductance regulator stress tests are not able to reveal the real extent of the risk in respect of sovereign bonds. Moreover, the fact that international regulations allow banks to consider them as risk-free, allowing supervisors to ignore this danger.

According to a study by Stephen and courts, 64 of Europe’s largest banks may have the balance sheets of risky assets associated with sovereign bonds, for a total amount of 806 billion euros ($ 1.04 trillion). And even despite the fact that banks can easily pass the last stage of the stress tests, the results of which will be announced in October, according to the authors of the study, they have too little capital, or, at least, very little excess capital.

"Banks too much invested in sovereign bonds, because they are amenable to the EU as the promotion and "banks are accumulating too much risk if they do not have to keep the capital, which reflects economic risks"- Stephen said. Results of the study Corte and Stephen testify that risks are localized within countries, which can cause a domino effect, when the problems of one country would entail a difficulty in other countries of the Union, like the case of Cyprus, where banks have invested EUR 5.8 billion in Greek debt, provoked a crisis that forced the island nation to ask for financial assistance to Europe and the International Monetary Fund.

According to experts, the majority of high-risk bank is located in Spain and Italy.

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European banks are unhappy with Mario Draghi

European banks are unhappy with Mario Draghi

representatives of control
ECB Governing Council wish to speak against Mario
Draghi today. He said yesterday

The national central
banks operating in the euro zone plan
led the European challenge
Central Bank Mario Draghi this
Wednesday for his “secretive style” management,
urging him to act more
collectively. especially bankers
outraged that Draghi announced publicly
about the purpose of immediate increase in the balance
ECB, though the council was not going to do
any public statements.

"Mario became some
… more secretive and less collegial.
National leaders sometimes banks
feel in the dark", – he said,
a veteran of the ECB. Even members of the board
The ECB had not been informed in advance
on two key recent statements,
said two source.

Following the
stress tests of European banks, many
investors wary – they are afraid
repetition of 2010, when the Irish banks
We passed the stress tests shortly before
as the country’s financial system collapsed,
writes the FT.

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Greece what’s next Who is next

Greece, what’s next? Who is next?

Europe is a sharp detective
continues. And with each new series, it becomes more and more interesting.
Went to a referendum, the Greeks said no, austerity measures and the imposition of Brussels
politicians. About what it can speak? And the fact that European policy and
centralized management, shows the inconsistency. probably no one
He does not want to learn from the mistakes of history. The Soviet Union was also central planning
and what it brought! So the EU is repeating the same mistakes. Can not state with
different interests and political system, to receive commands from a single
center. Yes, and even in the bargain does not take into account the interests of the population. But in the background
event, gathering strength from the leftist party. One example Syriza in
Greece. Which leads to further destabilization of the situation.

Policy of the Central Bank of the majority of leading world
infinite credit to the economy, can not continue for long. At the end
all, all bubbles burst, and that this is coming to a climax.
The first bells sounded, but it seems no one hears. The Greeks have shown that
You can dictate their terms to creditors. They have not paid the IMF 1.5 bln. Dollars.
and even held a referendum. But this week, Greece’s next payment, but
now before private creditors on the bonds. The amount of 2 bln. Dollars. If
they are not paid on these debts, you can safely talk about the default. And there 20
July, when Greece has to pay the next tranche of the ECB. And no money. But the IMF’s
He spoke about what can give money to the Greeks. Probably it was scared!

And in turn, even more of the EU economy. AT
Late last month, Italy has requested assistance, and there, for a moment, the debt of 1.5 trillion. dollars. If you start here
problems, Greece, with its 320 billion. dollars. seem kindergarten. And there look,
Ireland and Portugal to speak. And Spain can connect to this
dances. Then, only memories remain of the EU. But it is in the long-term
term. Yet it is not clear how to end an epic with Greece. After all, it just
will not be released from the euro zone. After all, it will trigger an avalanche. And then no one can
save Europe from collapse. Politicians understand this very well and try to get out of
the situation with minimal losses. But Greece is strongly resisted, though her
someone standing and incites to action, saying that we’ll cover, if that.

Summarizing, we can consider such
developments. At the EU summit which takes place on Tuesday, Greeks will bend
a line and go to the end. By and large, they have nothing to lose. Then we wait
Friday, July 10, when Greece must pay on the bonds in the amount of 2
bln. dollars. If there is no calculation will be followed by declaration of default. hence,
They will have to arrange something. After all, no one wants to default, as all
will run away from European assets, and it will cause a serious collapse. remains
agree. Unless, of course, there is no question about the EU in order to drive
another crisis. And this will be steeper in 2008. Looking at the current leaders
Greece, we can say that behind them there are serious forces that will go to
end and play figure Watchers. And the ultimate goal may be
the elimination of a player like the Euro. And then on the world stage opens the way
for the new currency, the yuan. But that is another story.

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World can save reform of International Monetary

The world can save the reform of the International Monetary Fund

Over the past five years
"big twenty" Absolutely not
pay attention to certain issues and
general ill cope with their
Main objective – maintaining stability
the global financial system. Professor
rights at the Institute of Sao Paulo Camilla
Willard Duran believes that the union
no longer able to strengthen the financial
and monetary stability in the world.

The thing is that
G-20 is growing every year
and more topics and issues that need to be
discuss, and, of course, cover all
completely fails. At times when
financial storm is coming, a great
Twenty obliged to stop trying
to solve all the problems at once (it’s just
impossible) and to focus on their
original purpose.

See – the Fed is about to
It dares to raise, she held
almost zero since the
the last crisis. Yes, tougher
monetary policy is necessary,
but it can cause a serious crisis
liquidity in developing countries,
and this is not just the most talked
different experts. And these problems are, in my
all undoubtedly affect the growth
and development of the world economy. That’s why,
According to Kamilly Dyuran, G-20 members
just have to concentrate and
establish a secure base, which would
helped the country survive the coming
hard times. And individually need
strengthen the role of the International Monetary
Fund, making it increasingly perform
its functions and may even hold
Facility within reform. By the way, about this
also recently said Raghuram Rajan,
the head of Central Bank of India – he
I asked to create a sustainable global
financial support network, which
can assist countries in
liquidity crisis.

By the way, the necessary
institutional mechanism is already there –
is the department of special rules
Drawing (SDR) IMF.
Formal structures can exchange
in this department own
IMF international reserve asset to
other currencies. Moreover, even the IMF
may designate some country with
strong balance of payments become
liquidity provider to another
countries. This appointment mechanism
(Designation mechanism), which never
used, is capable of providing
guaranteed access to world currencies
in times of crisis.

And to
turn this department
IMF in full, “the global center
liquidity “, which will soften
future crises, it is necessary just to hold
reform. And ideally – also strengthen the role of
IMF in the global arena. But the problem is,
that the large countries (in particular – the United States)
unwilling to do so, and their policies
actively block appropriate

However, the countries
it is not necessary to abandon the idea of ​​reform,
that will strengthen the role of the IMF, but it must also
hedge their bets. For example, with
from "coalition of the willing"consisting
from developed and developing countries,
It should work to create
institutional mechanism
It helps to effectively and quickly respond
for the next crisis. The most obvious
option – duplicate structure
SDR Department and to create
a separate agreement between the two countries
this coalition. But there is a great
limitations. The most basic advantage of the Department of the IMF is that the system
It is almost universal and is supported
Governments of the world (thus
Currency exchange on reliable
software – SDR), and it will

While the crisis threat
Liquidity remains very serious,
fit and not a perfect option – it will confirm the economists. Noted that the international financial
system has become some kind of fragmented? A proof of that –
popular in recent years, bilateral and multilateral
agreements on currency swaps. For example,
Chiang May initiative to unite the country
ASEAN with China, Japan and South Korea.
And the BRICS countries in general have created your own pool
exchange reserves (CRA). such association
to specify in advance the resources (usually –
foreign exchange reserves), which can be
used at the time of the swap.
But there is no guarantee that at the time
crisis, the central bank of any country
really open, as promised, a currency
line without additional political
conditions. For example, the same countries pool
CRA shall have the right to refuse to provide
support and may even require
accelerated return of their funds,
if they have balance of payments problems.

That’s why it is necessary and
IMF to finalize the mechanism to
developing countries were willing to
crisis. It is necessary to approve the management reform
Fund set up this "coalition
volunteers" and begin to develop
effective response mechanism
a crisis.

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MM error for discussion at forum

MM error – for discussion at the forum

The error lies in looking at the deposit as a separate entity. Excuse me, but you read the book? Attentively ?? or stand before the eyes of millions of unknown and reigns on Wall Street …

In all (I underline – all), books dedicated to MM, investing and money management in black and white, red thread spelled out simple truths:

  1. We considered all personal capital as a whole
  2. capital invested in proportion to the markets / assets with different risk, return and liquidity
  3. Purpose of investments – is the preservation and enhancement of the total capital
  4. all this economy is controlled by personal budget and its rules
  5. and finally domestic rule – the income is that you can freely spend, rather than numbers with a broker

as soon as the MM (or current account figures) are in conflict with this there is a chance to fly from the market in general.

In principle, the normal approach may be considered:

  • the initial investment (initial depot) – less than 1% of personal assets (less risky investments)
  • allowable replenishment (and respectively the total risk for the transactions drawdown.) – not more than 5% of net income, that is, the sum of which is not hit hard on the personal pocket.
  • removed (displayed in a less risky and more liquid form) ALL cream.
  • deposit only increases as the total personal capital.

Of course following these rules will not work "deposit crackdown", or "Ferrari in a year" 🙂

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Show drawdown on chart

Show drawdown on chart

This risk management tool for your account. It displays the graph information loss. You can change the size and color of the text displayed on the graph. You can install it on multiple graphs simultaneously. Please contact me if you have any problems with the purged. You can also request addition to other functions.

Version MetaTrader 5:


  • Size – font size.
  • Color – text color.

Show drawdown on chart

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