British pound rose as Bank of England head hinted

The British pound rose as the Bank of England head hinted at a rate hike

Managing the Bank of England Mark Karni said Wednesday that the rise in interest rates in the UK in the next few months may be more appropriate if the economy continues to gain momentum despite the weak performance of consumer spending. After his words the British pound rose 1% against the US dollar.
During his speech at the forum of the European Central Bank in Portugal Carney said that in the case of accelerating the growth of wages and investment companies, he will think over whether to keep the Bank of England’s key rate at a record low of 0.25%. Earlier this month, Carney advocated the preservation of the previous monetary policy, since, in his words, the regulator had to balance between accelerating inflation and slowing economic growth in the UK.
Shortly after Carney’s comments British pound rose 1.1%, to 1.2954 US dollar, reaching its highest level in three weeks. The yield on 10-year UK bonds jumped to 1.181%, the highest since the beginning of May, against 1.078% at the close on Tuesday.
"Partial rejection of the stimulus measures are likely to be necessary, as the Bank of England will no longer have to make compromises, and the decision-making process will go to normal", – he said.
Comments Carney suggests that the Bank of England yet close to raising rates after reducing them after last year’s referendum on membership in the UK ES.Istochnik: “News Feed”

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Screencast Stepan Demura Sensitivity of world

Screencast: Stepan Demura: Sensitivity of the world economy to oil prices have long remained in the economy textbooks

Another video tutorial we again transfer
“Rynok.onlayn” with Stepan Demura
RBC channel. Together with the counterpart Andrei
Esin, Deputy Director General for Investment
NPF “The first Russian Pension Fund”
he answers questions from the audience.

It’s time
I buy rubles for your dollars as
live in a new “zone”, as well as forecasts
ruble, dollar, oil prices and
gold – all discussed the guests of the program.


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How will QE details of program

How will the QE: the details of the program

The European central
Bank released information yesterday
how the program will work quantitative
easing QE. Among other conditions, the future of QE, which starts next Monday, the document contains a list of organizations and institutions,
whose debt the ECB will buy in the first

Here are the basic facts reported by the Bloomberg news agency:

– Purchases under the
program will begin March 9. In total,
the complexity of the volume of purchases will amount to 60 billion
euros per month.

– The ECB will buy
debt with a negative yield until
they will not lower rates on deposits
European Central Bank at the time of purchase. Deposit rate
The ECB is currently 0.2%.

– If the central bank
the euro zone will not be able to buy enough
debt instruments to perform
its location, the ECB will replace
purchases. This regulation is replaced by purchases
should allow the ECB to introduce their target
60 billion euros each month in the market.

– The ECB will not buy
More than 25% of the shares of any one type,
to avoid blocking the majority
companies in the event of any restructuring

– The ECB will buy
only in the secondary market.

– The ECB will buy
debts maturing
only 2 to 30 years.

– The ECB made a list
international and supranational
organizations and institutions whose duty is

Council of Europe Development Bank

European Atomic Energy Community

European Financial Stability

European Stability Mechanism

European Investment Bank

European Union

Nordic Investment Bank

Caisse d’amortissement de la dette
sociale (CADES)

union Nationale
Interprofessionnelle pour l’Emploi dans l’Industrie et le Commerce

Instituto de Credito Oficial

Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau

Landeskreditbank Baden-Wurttemberg

Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank


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Bank of America chose Dublin new center of operations

Bank of America chose Dublin a new center of operations in the EU after Brexit

US banking giant Bank of America Corp. (BofA) has become the first bank in the country, who chose Dublin as a new center of operations in the European Union after the scheduled release of the UK EU (Brexit), Reuters reported.

"BofA has worked in Ireland and is linked to the local community for more than 50 years"- leads the agency words of Director General BofA Brian Moynihan (Brian Moynihan). The government, which sought to attract investment banking in Dublin, welcomed the message, indicating to Reuters.

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Signing of Russian Federation to sanctions bill

The signing of the Russian Federation to the sanctions bill should not lead to a weakening of the ruble

Next week, the ruble is likely to remain in the corridor of 59-60 rubles. / USD., But it is necessary to note the presence of the risk of weakening of the ruble. Firstly, at the exit of a stronger-than-expected statistics on the US economy may fall currencies of most emerging markets. Secondly, within the next two weeks, US President J. Trump has to make a decision about the bill, involving the introduction of new sanctions against Russia. Signing the bill should not lead to a weakening of the ruble, but there is still uncertainty about the consideration of restrictions on investment in Russian government bonds. Support the ruble should be a favorable situation on the oil market: we expect the quotes above the level of $ 50 / bbl..

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Europe is interested in new investments in Russian

Europe is interested in new investments in the Russian economy

Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin said the growing interest of European business to invest in the Russian economy after the passage of the crisis. “I can say that we have coped,” – as the minister answered the question was whether the crisis on the Russian economy, in an interview with NTV.

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