Screencast Stepan Demura Sensitivity of world

Screencast: Stepan Demura: Sensitivity of the world economy to oil prices have long remained in the economy textbooks

Another video tutorial we again transfer
“Rynok.onlayn” with Stepan Demura
RBC channel. Together with the counterpart Andrei
Esin, Deputy Director General for Investment
NPF “The first Russian Pension Fund”
he answers questions from the audience.

It’s time
I buy rubles for your dollars as
live in a new “zone”, as well as forecasts
ruble, dollar, oil prices and
gold – all discussed the guests of the program.


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Old World hopes obedient Greece Indexes rose

Old World hopes obedient Greece. Indexes rose on Tuesday

trading in Europe ended in an amicable
growth of most indices. investors
hope that the Greek
Prime Minister and Minister of Finance
be able to agree to mutual advantage
and Greece, and the European Union.

A source
Bloomberg agency
Greek government says that
Greeks are hoping to attract short-term
financing of approximately 10 billion euros.
This will help them avoid credit
the collapse of the country, and to gain time to
discuss new terms of debt repayment.
And another suggestion of Greece – highlight
s 1.9 billion of profits earned
creditors as income from
Greek bonds. Plus, as already
stated yesterday, the Minister of Finance
country, Yanis Varoufakis, today during
meeting with the Eurogroup intends
asking for an increase in bill
limit from the current 15 billion euros to 23 billion.
For this study Greek promises
implement the order of two-thirds of reforms
in a country that had previously been promised

result of all these Greek news
ASE stock index yesterday
He laid on the shoulder of his other colleagues
the Old World, flying 8% immediately (in
mainly due to the banking sector,
some members of which
capitalization increased by 15% and higher).

the pan-European index Stoxx Europe
600, reared per day of 0.6%,
We were leading high-tech companies:
Nokia added 2.5%.

banks behaved differently: so, Raiffaisen
added 7% on news
business reorganization and takes its
units from unfavorable regions
(From Poland and Slovenia, it goes very,
and in Russia and Ukraine greatly reduces
presence). UBS declined
2.8%: A Guide afraid that
profitability negatively
It affects anomalous strengthening franc.

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Euro has appreciated strongly after EU promises

The euro has appreciated strongly after the EU promises to help Greece

Agreement with Greece
It was reached at the EU summit in Brussels.
Now the country will be able to
extend assistance from the ECB. About
It is reported by Deutsche Welle.

Prime Minister of Greece
Alexis Tsipras agreed to cooperate
with expert mission creditors and
It promises that they figure out how to pay
part of the debt. “We have not yet overcome
all the way, but it is an important step, “- he said

initiator compromise
– German Chancellor Angela Merkel, she said,
that if Greece wants to continue
aid program, it should rather
submit the appropriate application. It should be reminded,
the amount of debt in Greece is over
320 billion euros – about 174% of GDP

On the back of this news to
12:16 MSK on the EUR / USD pair is trading
at 1.1432 (0.25% increase). This morning at 8:55 am MSK pair reached the 1.1440 mark – according

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US SEC has attended to safety of informants sneak

US SEC has attended to the safety of informants, sneak

– Commission for the Securities and Exchange Commission
– early check for that, are not subject to
Does it harassed informants
within their corporations. Employees,
that notice within their companies
corporate violations may report
this regulator. The company is unlikely
I feel great joy about it,
and now the SEC
began to fear that her informants
may be subjected to repression and
negative attitudes at work.

the last few weeks, according to
informed sources Wall
Street Journal, SEC sent
letters to a number of companies in which required
to provide certain documents,
which theoretically can show
employees oppression facts. For example,
Sometimes corporations require written
failure employees from profits that
those obtained by “yabednichestva”
(In most cases this financial
remuneration). In this case, disappear
almost all incentives “knock” on
home company but deep feelings
satisfaction. SEC this practice
to expose and stop.

2011 SEC program
reward informants realized
almost 20 times payment is usually not
exceeded $ 1 million. but
One particularly corrosive informant
nayabednichali of 58 million dollars, “surrendering”
their employer – Bank
of America, which
subsequently fined 16.65 billion. Each
year since SEC
thousands of slander, but the real
investigations begin only in small
share of them, because the informant must
report a significant regulator,
accurate and detailed information,
and more desirable to complete the documentary

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Enrichers first broker in MetaTrader 5 in Pakistan

Enrichers – the first broker in the MetaTrader 5 in Pakistan

Recently, we reported on the launch of the MetaTrader 5 on the currency market of Moscow
Exchanges, and before that the platform made its debut in Thailand, where the first of Apple Wealth
local brokers offered it to its traders. Now the MetaTrader 5 opens
for himself another growing market with significant investment opportunities
– Pakistan. Lahore company Enrichers Private Limited officially became the first MetaTrader-Broker
in the country.

Enrichers first broker in MetaTrader 5 in Pakistan

ENRICHERS – corporate member of the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange PMEX, which
brokerage services in the commodity trading. The company is one of the
the largest market participants and estimated exchange PMEX as a commodity broker โ„–1 in

Director ENRICHERS Syed Abdullah Boukari believes that “PMEX traders get
the ability to trade on the stock exchange through a high-speed and convenient platform
MetaTrader 5 provides access to a variety of built-in services – from
automatic advisers and copy trading to Market ready applications. This gives us a significant competitive advantage, and our customers – new

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Forex Ichimoku Clouds Overview EURUSD

Forex: Ichimoku Clouds. Overview EUR / USD


four-hour graph. Tenkan-sen line is above Kijun-sen, both of them are directed upward. Chinkou Span line is approaching the price chart above.
Cloud recently been turned downward to upward. The pair is trading within the
clouds, the borders of which are levels of support (1.1346) and resistance

Forex Ichimoku Clouds Overview EURUSD


On the daily chart
Tenkan-sen line is below the Kijun-sen, both lines are horizontal. Chinkou Span line is below the price chart,
current cloud – downward. After prolonged drop vapor
corrected to the level of Tenkan-sen. The nearest resistance level
is the Kijun-sen line (1.1471). The estimated level of support – one of the
previous minima line Chinkou Span (1.1203).

Forex Ichimoku Clouds Overview EURUSD

Key levels

Support levels:
1.1346, 1.1203.

Resistance: 1.1402, 1.1471.

trading recommendations

on the four-hour
chart the pair is trading within the cloud, and on the day we see correction
downward movement. Deferred items for sale should put under the bottom
boundary cloud (1.1346) to 1.1203.

Anastasia Glushkov

Analyst LiteForex Investments Limited

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China friendship started right under noses of

China friendship started right under the noses of US – Latin America

Latin America –
last business friend of China.
Chinese banks have increased investment
in Latin America by 71% last year,
and the country plans to double trade
Central and South America for
the next decade. This occurs when
US power across America begins
weaken. Cash from the United States actually
run to the regions because investors
there are better deals with
real estate and other industries.

China does not seem to
worried about short-term prospects.
"We look at it not just as
economic game. This game also has a
political and strategic nuances".
– says Ilan Berman, vice president
American Foreign Policy Council
in Washington.

In informal
conversations Berman notes that China
Argentine helped fund the physical
Nuclear energy, which launched the first
Bolivian companion and rumored to be helping
Venezuela to start their own

But now these relations
mainly economic.

While the US still
It remains trading partner number 1
Latin America, China is already beginning
press it in some regions. China
ahead of the US in trade with Brazil,
Argentina, Peru and Venezuela, according to

This is a great co-operation
China and Latin America for many
reasons. China needs many
Latin American goods, such as
oil and soybeans, and some countries
Latin America desperately fighting for
cash that China will
happy to provide.

Recall that country
Latin America formed an alliance in 2010
It was called CELAC (Community countries
Latin America and the Caribbean)
which did not enter the United States and Canada. Two
Celac months ago the country had a large
meeting. Rather than go
in Washington, DC, they went to Beijing
The first official meeting with China.

Of course, the new friendship
While many are not entirely clear. Chinese
and Latin American countries is slowing
in growth. The demand for goods is reduced and
China and Latin America due to
commodity boom. But the potential for
long-term relations remains the same
very large. Chinese President Xi
Jinping pledged to double trade
with Latin America within the next
decade – up to $ 250 billion.

"China is
source of financing and export
for the markets, without any kind of pressure, and it adheres to
transparency, openness of practices
Markets – Western-style democracy".
– says Evan Ellis, an expert and a professor
Latin America from War College
US Army.

Venezuela is
a good example. During the time when
economy strong “storm”
(Some even call it the economy
the worst in the world), China comes into play,
giving the South American region
billions of dollars in investment in exchange for oil.

Money talks: banks
China provided $ 22 billion for Latin
America last year. It is more than
It was sent to the World Bank and the region
Inter-American Development Bank together
According to Margaret Myers, an expert in
Inter-American Dialogue. "These countries
really welcomed China
open arms", – He speaks

Meanwhile, US
companies lose interest in Latin
America. Direct investment from the US
firms declined in Latin America
almost 20% since 2011, according to the Ministry

Despite the recent
Cuba’s statement, Latin America
It remains low in the ranking of priorities
US policy. Now her “sleepy
look “in the direction of Latin America
I allowed China to use this moment
for their own benefit.

"When Western capital
left in Latin America … there appeared
vacuum. Why not fill it,
Chinese thought?" – says David
Morton, market analyst and chief strategist
of Rocaton Investment Advisers.

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Four Signals

Four Signals

Advisor for trading 10 minute binary options.

Advisor continuously analyzes at least four different indicator and increases the confidence probability trade.

The analysis takes place on at least RSI, CCI, Stochastic indicator and Bollinger Bands.

The expert has a high accuracy at a very volatile and especially currencies on the goods.

The user can set:

  1. The length of time expiration
  2. Thresholds trade confidence levels
  3. Multipliers for specific indicators
  4. investment amount

The main factors. Other input parameters:

  • The name of the log file
  • Folder for storing logs
  • Use sound alerts or not
  • Minutes of the beginning and end
  • Multipliers and RSI thresholds
  • Multipliers and thresholds CCI
  • Multipliers and thresholds Bollinger Band
  • Multipliers and thresholds Stochastic

The multipliers multiply the value of RSI, CCI, Bollinger and Stochastic a predetermined number of user with user-specified thresholds. In fact it adds the values โ€‹โ€‹of factors and gives confidence probability. Once reached or exceeded the level of trust (confidence level as defined by the user), the trade will be carried out automatically, and the notification will be sent to the mobile device and the screen.

Notifications and History is also saved in a log file in the CSV format, so that traders can analyze their data.

This expert may be used in conjunction with many other plug-in binary options for MetaTrader 4, or as an independent adviser. Orders are placed using BO API plug-in, but if you do not use the plug-in, you will still be able to trade and receive signals to your mobile device, or in the form of pop-up windows in your MetaTrader 4 terminal.

Four Signals

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How will QE details of program

How will the QE: the details of the program

The European central
Bank released information yesterday
how the program will work quantitative
easing QE. Among other conditions, the future of QE, which starts next Monday, the document contains a list of organizations and institutions,
whose debt the ECB will buy in the first

Here are the basic facts reported by the Bloomberg news agency:

– Purchases under the
program will begin March 9. In total,
the complexity of the volume of purchases will amount to 60 billion
euros per month.

– The ECB will buy
debt with a negative yield until
they will not lower rates on deposits
European Central Bank at the time of purchase. Deposit rate
The ECB is currently 0.2%.

– If the central bank
the euro zone will not be able to buy enough
debt instruments to perform
its location, the ECB will replace
purchases. This regulation is replaced by purchases
should allow the ECB to introduce their target
60 billion euros each month in the market.

– The ECB will not buy
More than 25% of the shares of any one type,
to avoid blocking the majority
companies in the event of any restructuring

– The ECB will buy
only in the secondary market.

– The ECB will buy
debts maturing
only 2 to 30 years.

– The ECB made a list
international and supranational
organizations and institutions whose duty is

Council of Europe Development Bank

European Atomic Energy Community

European Financial Stability

European Stability Mechanism

European Investment Bank

European Union

Nordic Investment Bank

Caisse d’amortissement de la dette
sociale (CADES)

union Nationale
Interprofessionnelle pour l’Emploi dans l’Industrie et le Commerce

Instituto de Credito Oficial

Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau

Landeskreditbank Baden-Wurttemberg

Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank


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Most stocks are now threatened by rise of Fed

Most stocks are now threatened by the rise of Fed rates

Imagine this
picture: do you celebrate your birthday,
and all around non-stop talking about
your death. Such is the life of the bull
the stock market, which is officially “notes”
six years this week.

Instead of
focus on the 200% increase in the stock
market, where investors are more worried
about whether there is a likelihood that the stock
They will live and still see the seventh day
Birth “bull market”. The biggest
threat for him is just a rise in interest
rates from the Fed.

Remember how the action
fell on Friday – after a few days
after the Nasdaq broke through the level in
5000 points for the first time in 15 years. so investors
We were surprised by the strong February
employment report, and analysts
indicate a high probability of raising rates
The Fed in June. In other words, good
unexpectedly bad news
– for the market, at least.

«S P 500 awoke after
hangover from euphoria Nasdaq, then succumbed
casual “worker” (Refers to the reports on the labor market – ca. Perevi.). fright “, – writes
Sam Stoval in the report, chief investment
strategist S P Capital IQ.

So why is Wall Street
I lost sleep over some wretched
rate hike?

1. This is the end of light
money. To raise interest rates –
it’s like to push the punch bowl away
from the stock market. One of the locomotives
bull market since 2008 – it is a policy
Fed to keep rates close to zero.
These emergency actions pushed
investors into riskier assets,
making it less attractive alternative.
Remember that cash in the bank virtually
do not work, and bond yields
It was extremely low, which is why investors
rushed into action.

2. Historical “red
flags. ” If you look at history,
then the fears of investors about the
rate hikes have a certain
meaning. After the Second World War was
16 cycles, during which the Fed raised
interest rates. Risks are particularly acute
felt when the Fed raises rates
first. In the six months before or
after the first increase rate of 500 S P
experienced a decline in the amount of 5% – more than 13 times,
According Stovala. It means that
More than 80% of the time the stock market suffered
hit when the Fed raised rates.

Is the market chained
Fed “handcuffs”? some investors
already afraid of negative reaction in the
time – Dow Jones fell by 279
points on Friday in response to the news
that the unemployment rate fell
to seven-year low. And although the market
recovered slightly on Monday,
the ongoing turmoil in the stock
the market can actually become
Fed “handcuffs.”

"If this continues,
The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC),
It is not likely to move. Fed plays
in the stock market. Let us not
pretending that nothing is happening".
– says Michael Block, chief market
strategist Rhino Trading. he pointed
the fact that in October the stock
the market began "jump" after the statement of the head
St. Louis Fed James Bullard, who
He suggested the central bank to expand
its bond buying program.
Investors reaching for any comment,
Although the Fed is ultimately completed
quantitative easing program.
"Here’s how the Fed twisted these days"-
Block wrote.

Suppose that the Fed
It is actually ready to go ahead and
will raise rates in June or at the end of the year.
How the market will react?

History does not give
the ability to accurately predict how
It will be hard after the Fed raising rates.
In past times was different negative
the reaction in the stock market, including
three bear market, when stocks fell
at least 20%. Stock market
also survived two rollback (decrease
at least 5% but less than 10%) and two correction
10% or more.

Stoval believes not
will bear market,
especially because the US economy
It looks healthy, corporate earnings
continue to grow, and the shares still look
better than the alternative assets. But
one thing is clear that a correction is long overdue.
S P 500 did not suffer from decrease of 10%
or more over the last four years (from
October 2011). This usually happens
once a year and a half.

Correction may be
terrible for investors, but it may be
it is a healthy thing in the long
term. This will allow cash
sit on the sidelines, then to
you can use them for purchases at more attractive
prices and ease fears that stocks
It became too expensive. The average take for S P 500 just four months,
to get back to break-even after
correction, said Stoval. "although this
it may be appropriate – to prepare
to correction, but you need to immediately prepare
and to restore the – ultimately,
and we may be able to extend this year
on good colors and then we will celebrate
It has seven years of the bull market", – he said.

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