Positive motivation in trading

Positive motivation in trading

Let’s start with what appeared young trader!

The most common way a novice trader
Advertising: «On FOREXe some millionaires, and lacks only you
!!! “Well, who would refuse from such
zavlekushki? Naturally all run
take their turn to how to join this elite group as soon as possible not very poorest members
society … More: Express training for a couple of weeks
any courses, view multiple video clips and reading diagonally two
books: and both of the psychology of trading, such as Alexander Elder "How to play and win at the stock exchange", And of possible (but not required) that represents the FOREX and for what it is.

Next has been going on is not so much fun as a novice:
necessary to examine the trading platform to its core capabilities and open
a demo account to test the volume of acquired knowledge, and, of course, your intuition, which is constantly whispering:
“Open position – a 100% gain!”

After a while, there is a feeling that here it is – the beginning of a new
life, and it remained one small thing – to open a real account and find the bag more
(Instead of the purse) …

I think many people remember the pleasant moments of their
life … But all good things come to an end has a property
and begins polosochka
a different color, which is why it continues for too long …

It was at that moment my eye caught the other books where the “detail” signs that FOREX – is a scam, and that only 5% of the
100% earn in this market and exclusively at the expense of your made

Rosy picture begins to change color in the gray tones
different colors, and there is not surmountable feeling that you “threw at
grandmother “… and I want to forget this for faster
period of life, like a bad dream.

Here are just now need the right
built positive motivation, that young trader did not give up their new

try to identify the topics that would be supported by the trader in his desire
continue to engage in trading:

  1. slender
    logical Scheme design a trading strategy to make a profit on
    market (combating negative material on FOREX).
  2. examples
    successful trading
    market – targets for growth.
  3. examples
    breakeven trade on FOREX
    Proving the fallacy of reasoning generally accepted on this subject (
    opening new prospects for improving skills).
  4. long-term objectives in trading, for which it is desirable to pay attention.
  5. ….

You can try to continue this list, and for each item
offer information to motivate the trader in his future work.

P.S. One possible motivation options trader:

according to claim 1 – http://fxmail.ru/subscribes/subscribe/?subscribe_id=3714

according to claim 2 – Signal Analysis

according to claim 3 – https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/151

according to claim 4 – https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/1314

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  • EURUSD analysis and forecast

EURUSD GBPUSD the Analysis Goldman Sachs

EUR / USD, GBP / USD: the. Analysis – Goldman Sachs

EUR / USD Technical looks indecisive, says Goldman Sachs.

“Correction can either pass as bear flag or zigzag ABC. Recent risks of a deeper pullback to 1.1661-1.1704 ~ (ABC goals and 38.2% of the sweep from December 16th) … looks more likely at the moment given how little movement there has been in the past week, «GS explains.

“It is important to focus on the 1.1237-1.10. If at any point in this level breaks, there is a decent break below this, which runs to about 1.0286- 1.0103 ….

“A break below 1.1237-1.10 can assume that the market still has a direction ?? downward«, GS adds.

EURUSD GBPUSD the Analysis Goldman Sachs

Addressing the GBPUSD, GS believes that seems very close to the turn, the growth of a January 23 resembles a classic wedge.

“Further confirmation, in turn, will be determined by a break below the base (currently ~ 1.5376). Since currently about 5 waves in this structure, it makes it potentially complete formation ABCDE, «GS clarifies

“Long-term wedge ultimately aimed at ?? 1.4832-1.4814. (And possibly even more) »GS.

“A break below 1.5376 looks inevitable, and eventually have to open risks for ~ 1.50-1.4952 (lows from late-Jan /. Early February),« GS

EURUSD GBPUSD the Analysis Goldman Sachs

EURUSD GBPUSD the Analysis Goldman Sachs

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Gold continues to become cheaper

Gold continues to become cheaper

retreats for the third consecutive session.
At this time the decrease is due to comments
The Fed and the minutes of the March meeting
American regulator. increase
rates in the coming months not yet
finally got away with probabilities radar.

as a versatile non-interest in the case of growth
interest rate, the first in nearly 10
years, reduce its popularity among

HSBC, Dzheyms Stil, said:
“The short-term outlook for gold
It looks weak, with a decline in the level of
resistance. ”

The spot
the price of gold fell by 0.4% to $ 1197.71
an ounce after reaching its
a session low at $ 1
195.70. Futures for the June delivery on
time 10.09 MSK traded at 195.80 per 1
troy ounce.

Some experts say that the experience
for gold yet. “The decline of gold
may be temporary, because the chances of
that the Fed will raise rates right now,
very little. It is necessary to take into account the extent to
Now the economy is fragile. It means,
that the current decline in gold prices may
It is just a technical correction.
Today, it may fall to $
In 1190, but in the coming weeks just
quietly return above $ 1,200, ”
– says Li Hui, an analyst at Phillip

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Oil quotes rose slightly on news of reduction

Oil quotes rose slightly on the news of the reduction in US stocks

On Thursday morning, to 9:09
MSK price of the September futures
Brent crude rose to $ 49.71
a barrel (+ 0.16%). The price of WTI futures
dropped slightly – to $ 45.13
a barrel (-0.04%). World oil prices
showed a positive trend
today after the release of statistics on the
stocks "black gold" in USA.
Commercial US crude stocks (except
strategic reserves) for the last
week fell by 4.407 million barrels,
while analysts expected a reduction
stocks only 1.494 million barrels – up
458.2 million barrels.

When this oil
in the United States during the week increased by 0.55%, on 52
th. barrels per day. gasoline stocks
increased by 0.8 million barrels – up to 216.7 million

"Oil prices
remain at a low level
with emphasis on the glut", – He speaks
the head of the oil and gas sector
Asia-Pacific companies
EY Sandzhiv Gupta. The expert suggests
that tomorrow’s labor market data
July can greatly affect the value of

A strong statistics
US will support growth of the dollar, which means
convince the Fed of the need to improve
interest rate. Now a strong dollar
prevents the purchase of oil, estimated
in dollars outside the United States.

However, at 9:15 MSK prices
for Brent futures fell
0.31% – up to $ 49.47
a barrel and WTI – at
0.55%, to $ 44.9
a barrel.

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Daily technical analysis of “blue chips”

Daily technical analysis of “blue chips”


Bouncing Severstal raises the question of the return of the price to the level of the breached support and now resistance 674. The purpose of the bulls 679-680r. Potential shopping area is April 1 – 645

Recall that on 23 March the price broke through the Severstal major support 674, supporting the idea of ​​a strong downtrend. The first objective Fibonacci breakthrough (674) – 627. The mark of rebound principle 630r deploys upward position in the short term. Short-foot buyers are April 1 – 636.7. Medium-foot sellers are located on 1 April 668.3.


VTB March 31 was tested at least 2015. (0.0591) and lower it to 0.05837, but penetration has not taken place, the price is returned by 6 kopecks.

In the case of a penetration level of 0.0591 price can go to 0.5113. Softer bear embodiment represents a goal from 0.05611 0.06389 resistance level. The opposite option bullish movement from the minimum benchmark 0.0647 gives 0.05837. Short-sellers April 1 foot located at 0.06157, above are medium-foot sellers 0.06262.

Norilsk Nickel

Rebound on Monday March 30, MMC (before the annual report on March 31) raises the question of penetration up the February-March the downward movement corridors to 11219, but levels above 10,500 at the end of March, proved attractive to sellers. Earlier the sale of shares of MMC on the level of 10870 (to 9524) showed a downward force of the corridor, in which the correction of the December-February growth.

Short-foot buyers are April 1 – 9776 (medium-term stops are practically in the same place – on 9893).


Rosneft’s share of the district implemented a rebound mid December and March range (239.07). For bulls originated tangible goal up at 261.11-262.75. Medium-foot buyers placed April 1 at 236.09, short-foot buyers are located almost in the same place – in the area of ​​238.83.

Potential zone near shopping is April 1 – at 249.15

Sberbank of.

According to the action developed in the framework of a bullish rebound downward corridor. His current goal 64.81

Potential shopping area is April 1 – at 62.19.

Bears still a further embodiment of the maximum goal 58.38 26 March 65.8

Short-sellers are foot 1 April – 63.06. Medium-foot vendors placed April 1 at 64.15.


bullish rebound developed by Lukoil. His goal was formulated at the level of 2720. A possible option to continue giving benchmark already in 2828.

Potential shopping area is April 1 – to 2674.

Earlier, the stock almost reached its goal in 2565 (the second goal of the Fibonacci level of penetration of local minimum 26/02/15 – 2895). Even more aggressive variant was played by the strong resistance level of 2753 (up 26 March) – The objective of 2454.

At the level of 2565 is supported – it came after a gap up on 15 January.

Short-foot buyers are April 1 – 2584 (short-sellers were broken foot yesterday at 2684), medium-foot sellers are April 1 at 2744.3.


Dynamics of Gazprom shares at the end of the beginning of this week and revealed intentions rebound. As a result, the actual position at the beginning of the week turned up. Local formulated goal rebound from now to 139.24-141.91. Medium-foot buyers April 1 located at 132.12, short-foot buyers are virtually in the same place at 133.58.

Potential zone near shopping is April 1 – 138.2 below.

After breaking March 10 local minimum level (02/26/15) 149.1 – bears for actualized target total wave motion – 141.99, which was reached on March 13. The second objective Fibonacci after breaking 149.1 (when closing below 141.99) – 130.49 mark.

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Euro fell because of Greece but levels off after

The euro fell because of Greece, but levels off after the bond placement

between Greece and its creditors on Thursday
day contributed to the fact that the euro
I fell against the dollar and 14 other world
Rates from the main list, breaking a two-day growth period. Minister
German Finance Wolfgang Schäuble
publicly stated that for
Greece assistance from the EU should take
commitment to reform and
said that “further concessions
excluded. ”

fell to $ 1.0640, but after
having been placed sovereign
Spanish and franuzskie bonds again
She began to rise, to 13.14 reaching the mark in

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Oil continues to rise on slowing shale boom

Oil continues to rise on slowing shale boom

oil continues to go up after
the emergence of signs of weakening production
in USA. At the time of 9.19 MSK Brent
with supply costs $ 60.30 in May
per barrel for WTI May futures
worth 53.65 dollars. True,
limited growth slowdown
China’s quarterly GDP growth to
six-year low.

US Energy Information Administration released
forecast report, which predicted
decline in oil shale energy production
in May – this will be the first decline in the past
four years. Analysts suggest
that this event for the second day
It has a positive impact on oil

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Yen was rising dollar continues to fall euro

The yen was rising, the dollar continues to fall, the euro has updated two-month highs

Thursday the yen rising against the dollar after
how the Bank of Japan did not expand
performance of its monetary
stimulation. By 10:45 MSK USDJPY stands
at the level of 118.93. The annual rate of increase
the monetary base in the central bank remains
at 80 trillion yen a year by buying
government bonds and risky assets.

Mo Siong, FX strategist Bank of Singapur,
said that, probably, the dollar
will remain for some time in the range of
117 – 122?.
“At this stage we do not see any
catalysts obvious weakening
Japanese currency “, – he said.

The Bank of Japan will take a wait
for some time now in Japan there
though weak, but still economic growth.

the greenback is constrained
disappointing statistics
data: the US economy has almost stood on
place during the first quarter.
In a statement, representatives of the Federal Reserve
said yesterday that the economic downturn
– a temporary phenomenon, but still
do not plan to in the near future to increase
interest rate.

euro jumped to a two-month
high against the dollar and continues to
grow today: EURUSD
10.57 on Thursday at around 1.1219,
something not seen since 26 February. it
takes place against the background of the dollar falls,
and because fears of deflation in Europe

Murata, currency strategist at Brown
Brothers Harriman (Tokyo)
He says: “Based on the fundamental
Data, I think the rebound is too
strong, and it is – an opportunity to leave
in short positions on the euro. ”

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Asia rose Tuesday falling only Australian Index

Asia rose Tuesday, falling only Australian Index

Following the auction on
Asia-Pacific stock markets
region of summary share index of region
MSCI Asia Pacific rose by 0.06%, and during the auction
he grew up to 0.3%. By the end of trading
sessions, the Japanese Nikkei 225 rose 0.68%
Chinese Shanghai Composite – by 3.12%, Hong Kong
Hang Seng – 0.27%, but the Australian S P / ASX
200 dropped to 0.77%.

The Japanese market is growing
the weakening of the yen against the dollar, as the
Writes Bloomberg. last recorded
maximum of two weeks reduction
appreciation of the yen against the US dollar, which supported
Japanese exporters. For example,
share price of electronic products
Component TDK Corp., which receives 91%
revenue from abroad increased during
trading up 2.7%. Today, the yen against the dollar
again fallen – up to 120.02 yen to 10:48 MSK,
and yesterday at the closing of the pair USD / JPY
It was at around 119.99.

"The consequences of such
factors such as the weakening of the yen, a decrease
oil prices and the growth of wages of employees,
It suggests that corporate
We arrived in Japan this fiscal year
will be better than in the previous year, – says
an analyst at SMBC Friend Securities in Tokyo Toshihiko
Matsuno. – It is positive and what
Company seeks to actively encourage the
shareholders. In terms of global
investors, shares in Japanese companies
They look very attractive".

Quotes securities Stanley
Electric Co. and Klab Inc. increased by 2% when they
announced the repurchase of own shares.
The value of shares Chiyoda Corp. grew by
2.8% on news that the company received
a major maintenance contract
gas project in Africa. The Chinese market has grown
today after the stock prices
Financing for paper brokerage
companies Huatai Securities and Changjiang Securities grown
10%, it is the daily limit of price movement.

Those investors who
do not participate in the IPO on this
week, buy shares, because we are sure
that the increase in their prices lagged behind the rest of
market. Those who are planning to take
participation in primary placements occupy
waiting position, the trader says
of Shenwan Group in Shanghai Gerri Alfonso.

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Oil on Friday little more expensive Brent traded

Oil on Friday a little more expensive, Brent traded above $ 63 a barrel

after a slight
growth on Thursday oil quotes
continued to rise on Friday morning, and while the price dynamics remains positive.
By 8:36 MSK futures for Brent crude oil
trading at
$ 63.02 per
barrel, while the price per barrel of WTI
at that time it was on the mark
$ 58.25.

How to find
Some experts, oil prices
beginning of the year rose mainly
due to the short-term reasons – such as
concern on the background of unrest in
The Middle East. In addition, the increased demand for oil in China, the second largest
the world’s largest consumer and importer
oil. Plus, reduced trade
US crude stocks, on which also sharply
market reacts. Oil production in the country is also
little falls.

In the end, the market
reacts to yesterday’s data from the
Energy Information Agency
US – on their data, in the last week
the country’s crude oil reserves declined
to 2.802 million barrels instead of the expected
0.857 million barrels analysts.

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