Opinion UBS on GBPUSD pair

Opinion UBS on GBP / USD pair

According to analytical forecasts UBS Swiss bank experts, the pair GBP / USD is under strong pressure in anticipation of an early referendum on Scottish independence. Analysts expect that in the context of the forthcoming meeting of the Bank of England’s monetary policy and the local oversold decline should slow down. "However, we recommend to sell on rise to $ 1.6515 / 25, with a stop above $ 1.6555 and $ 1.6405 purpose / 15" – noted strategists at UBS.

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EURUSD GBPUSD the Analysis Goldman Sachs

EUR / USD, GBP / USD: the. Analysis – Goldman Sachs

EUR / USD Technical looks indecisive, says Goldman Sachs.

“Correction can either pass as bear flag or zigzag ABC. Recent risks of a deeper pullback to 1.1661-1.1704 ~ (ABC goals and 38.2% of the sweep from December 16th) … looks more likely at the moment given how little movement there has been in the past week, «GS explains.

“It is important to focus on the 1.1237-1.10. If at any point in this level breaks, there is a decent break below this, which runs to about 1.0286- 1.0103 ….

“A break below 1.1237-1.10 can assume that the market still has a direction ?? downward«, GS adds.

EURUSD GBPUSD the Analysis Goldman Sachs

Addressing the GBPUSD, GS believes that seems very close to the turn, the growth of a January 23 resembles a classic wedge.

“Further confirmation, in turn, will be determined by a break below the base (currently ~ 1.5376). Since currently about 5 waves in this structure, it makes it potentially complete formation ABCDE, «GS clarifies

“Long-term wedge ultimately aimed at ?? 1.4832-1.4814. (And possibly even more) »GS.

“A break below 1.5376 looks inevitable, and eventually have to open risks for ~ 1.50-1.4952 (lows from late-Jan /. Early February),« GS

EURUSD GBPUSD the Analysis Goldman Sachs

EURUSD GBPUSD the Analysis Goldman Sachs

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