Forex Ichimoku Clouds Overview EURUSD

Forex: Ichimoku Clouds. Overview EUR / USD


four-hour graph. Tenkan-sen line is above Kijun-sen, both of them are directed upward. Chinkou Span line is approaching the price chart above.
Cloud recently been turned downward to upward. The pair is trading within the
clouds, the borders of which are levels of support (1.1346) and resistance

Forex Ichimoku Clouds Overview EURUSD


On the daily chart
Tenkan-sen line is below the Kijun-sen, both lines are horizontal. Chinkou Span line is below the price chart,
current cloud – downward. After prolonged drop vapor
corrected to the level of Tenkan-sen. The nearest resistance level
is the Kijun-sen line (1.1471). The estimated level of support – one of the
previous minima line Chinkou Span (1.1203).

Forex Ichimoku Clouds Overview EURUSD

Key levels

Support levels:
1.1346, 1.1203.

Resistance: 1.1402, 1.1471.

trading recommendations

on the four-hour
chart the pair is trading within the cloud, and on the day we see correction
downward movement. Deferred items for sale should put under the bottom
boundary cloud (1.1346) to 1.1203.

Anastasia Glushkov

Analyst LiteForex Investments Limited

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Economic news from company ForexMart

Economic news from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

All “Volvo” will be electric cars

CEO of Volvo has announced that in 2020 the company’s plants will produce only hybrids and pure electric vehicles.

After 2019 the automaker refuses to car production, working only on the internal combustion engine. The company is completely reoriented on the development of electric and hybrid cars.

Hakan Samuelsson, CEO of the Volvo, said that all company cars will be equipped with electric motors in the future. Also, the automaker no longer plans to develop new models of petrol and diesel engines.

Earlier, Volvo has announced plans in 2025 to sell 1 million. EVs. The Swedish company owned by the Chinese Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. From 2019 to 2021 at plants in Europe, the US and China, Volvo plans to launch production of 5 new models, of which 3 are pure electric vehicles.

Economic news from company ForexMart

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SILVER Fed Minutes gives chances for growth

SILVER: Fed Minutes gives chances for growth


He continued to show fairly strong growth. The precious metal which
does not bring the interest income received the previous day is quite a positive signal to
Parties to the Protocol of the last meeting of the Fed. The tone of comments of officials
It was soft enough. As a result, the market began to lay a smaller share
the probability of a rate hike in September. Against this backdrop, the dollar fell under
pressure, making assets denominated in it more expensive. additional
factor in favor of the fact that the Fed may refrain from raising rates, and became
smaller than expected increase in inflation pressure. In addition, it is not necessary
forget the fact that the market is now clearly not configured to take risks, resulting in
a strong demand for safe assets.


the silver level in the area formed 15.634 resistance. Provided that
this hurdle is passed, can reactivate the “bulls” that
It will provoke an increase in the number of long positions in the metal and the likely acceleration
its growth.
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Bill concerning manipulation of Forex market

The bill concerning the manipulation of the Forex market has been approved by the three largest banks

?The bill concerning the manipulation of the Forex market has been approved by the three largest British banks – Barclays PLC, HSBC Holdings and RBS. These financial institutions have agreed to pay compensation to victims of forex manipulation in the US in the amount of 600 million pounds sterlingov.Dannoe decision was taken at a US federal court. Compensation will be paid to a number of applicants, including multinational companies, as well as hedge funds and pension funds that lost money as a result of financial manipulation on the part of Forex bankov.Sredi above three banks the largest costs associated with the manipulation of the currency market and the violation of the legal activities carried Barclays Bank.

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Going on cent account

Going on a cent account.

If you have successfully mastered all the technical aspects of trading on a demo account, it’s time to move on to work with real money, do not stay too long especially in the demo, it can only harm the formation of ideas about the forex market.

Work on a live account will help foster a sense of the market, learn how to manage their own emotions and not to succumb to psychological pressure.

It is clear that the right should not start trading career with a multi-million dollar deals, such experiments are in most cases ended in failure, especially for beginners invented cent account.

Ability to work on cent accounts provide so-called brokers cent, although in recent years and respectable brokerage company acquired a similar ground.

Cent account – it trade with real money, but here everything is reduced to a hundred times, that is already 1 lot equals 100,000 units did not, but only 1,000 deposit as calculated not in whole units, and in cents.

Advantages of this approach are obvious, using just $ 10 and a leverage of 1: 100 you are able to open a transaction volume of 1 micro lot.

In addition, trade on cent account is a good opportunity to check how stable operating terminal of your broker and how quickly execute orders sent.

Despite the small amount, usually at the micro accounts trading with deposits of 10 to 100 dollars, you already start making and get an idea on how to trade the forex important psychological factor.

Newcomers often ask – is it possible to earn a cent accounts?

Yes you can, if you use high leverage and trade on scalping, but then lost the very meaning of the use of this type of accounts. After all, if your trade volumes are more than 10 000 thousand, it is better to use a standard account with more favorable trading conditions.

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Central Bank of Russian Federation postponed

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation postponed the entry into force of the Forex Law for one year

CBR agreed to postpone for a year the Law “On Forex“, which had previously been proposed by members of the State Duma Committee on Financial rynkam.Takzhe was asked to review the amount of collateral towards snizheniya.Reshenie to postpone was made taking into account the numerous requests of brokerage companies that simply do not time to collect the necessary documents and to restructure their business strategy under the new legislation. CBR also banned forex dealers to conclude financial transactions with individuals who are not qualified investorami.Pomimo this, foreign forex brokers will be required to comply with the Russian legislation in the event that clients of such brokers work with the IP-addresses belonging to Russian providers .

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Ruble rejoice withdrawal from Syria

Ruble rejoice withdrawal from Syria

U.S. dollar
in demand in the first day of the new trading week. However, news
Feed was pretty poor, so sharp fluctuations were observed. Chinese
news disappoint, the regional elections in Germany have been not in favor of the Angels
Merkel, and Iran undermines the position of the oil. As a result, we have suffered more than others
commodity currencies. AUD / USD down below 0.75. USD / RUB returned
above 70.00 after attempts to gain a foothold in the region of 69.30.

indices have experienced a surge in demand, for the most part on correction than
ttto any specific drivers. Brent initially fell to 38.80 on
negative comments on Iran, but the evening show some
recovery. Gold also receded into the background – it has slipped to 1234 USD / oz..
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