US market will fall by 30% Expert forecast

The US market will fall by 30% – Expert forecast

expert publications
MarketWatch Mark Kuk argues that inevitable
"bearish" the trend in the US
the stock market. The market is waiting for the fall in
thirty%. But if the US market is ready for
this fall?

Mark Kuk in the summer
predicted correction at 20%, but now
it indicates a very strong
a fall. By the way, at that time, Mark is really
I was only partially right – the market index
It fell by only 10%, and a standard
Correction for the US market. But
Mark Kuk is still confident in his
forecasts and even cites evidence.

Meanwhile, indices
The Russell 2000 and Nasdaq Composite lost more than 10%, and
Dow Jones and S P 500 soon to be joined
– Historically, the index falls later.

Recall, Mark Kuk
forecasts of their places on the basis of their own
indicator, which does not just let us return
sell signals.

Mark Kuk convinces
readers that "bearish" market
It has already started and the fall of 30% is very possible.
Listen to the experts
this version, because the summer
market decline Mark Kuk guessed a few
days in advance. But there is, of course,
Cook forecasts and shortcomings, besides
hard to believe in the probability of such
strong fall, whereas now market
in an upward motion. Now drop
it is also possible, but only after a very
high levels. At least, so
still it happened: the market went
in growth, reaching new highs, then
– correction, the panic in the media, the unexpected
turn and rise again to new heights.

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Figure of day what employers are willing to pay

Figure of the day: what employers are willing to pay a salary to graduates?

The maximum salary that Russian employers are willing to pay graduates, is 39 400 rubles., Follows from the research personnel Unity Agency. At such remuneration can expect engineers. The lowest salary of employers willing to offer lawyers without experience.

Unity Recruitment Agency to analyze the situation with vacancies for young professionals without experience. It was found that in the market there is an imbalance between the employers’ proposals and requests graduates.
Particularly large gap between expectations and reality is observed in the sectors where the amount exceeds the number of vacancies resume.

Thus, the average expected salary of young lawyers is 33 400 rubles., Whereas employers are willing to pay a total of 25 600 rubles. In this case, for one vacancy falls 2.6 CV.

In the field of media, where CV is 1.5 times more than the vacancies, the candidates requests modest. Expected salary is 36 300 rubles, employers offer -. 31 400 rubles.

The demand for graduates of financial majors too low – for each vacancy for about 2.5 CV. Nevertheless, their expectations are high. At the suggestion of 35 800 rubles. the average level of requests for 2000 rubles. more. However, applicants requests exceed 45% average border, the maximum (usually voiced their youth) reach up to 100 000 rubles.

Maximum salary Russian companies are ready to pay the engineers – 39 400 rubles. Themselves Applicants are willing to accept 38 200 rubles. Although this group also meet applicants hoping for 100 000 rubles. Applicants whose requests are much different from the average, only 13%. In this case, one of the employer has to offer just 1.2 CV.

Excessive demands of young people leads to the fact that employers refuse from the idea of ​​hiring a “cheap”, and newbies opt for a more experienced expert, says the head of department on work with clients Recruitment Unity Olga Goryunov.

Excessive expectations of graduates due to the peculiarities generation «Y», which is now actively entering the market. Ambitious «Y» are ready to defend their expectations. Even those who are now agreed on the modest amounts, are hoping that a year from their earnings will rise seriously.

However, according to study, only 20-30% increases in most companies, the salary of new employees in the first year of operation. And only in the new sectors (management and economics, IT and telecommunications) have the enterprise, where the growth in certain specialties may be 60%, 70%, 80%, 100%

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Save Europe countdown begins

Save Europe: the countdown begins

warned that the beginning of the reverse
countdown to the moment when the rescue economy
Europe will be too late. themselves
begs medical analogy
resuscitation activities.

– December 19 EU leaders meet
under the new chairmanship. They have
a chance to launch a joint assault on
economic stagnation and high
the unemployment rate, which threaten
Holistic education: voters
They have protested against the very
EU’s existence. However,
signs point to the fact that this
last “storm” may be crowned


Eurozone countries are straining all their forces,
to withdraw from the consequences of their
debt crisis has aggravated
and the results of disagreements with Russia
on the Ukrainian question. inflation
the region is at a level much
below 1%, and the average unemployment rate in the jammed
11.5% (in Spain and Greece, this level
up more than half). even locomotive
European Union – Germany – almost stopped.

US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers
describes a condition in which
Europe runs the risk of slipping, as the long-term
stagnation. This is a long-term,
self-sustaining, a strong decline,
like the one that accompanied
The Great Depression of the 1930s.

themselves. France’s economy – flat line
cardiogram. Italy and all retreated
in the recession zone. In this case, none of these
the two countries do not reduce their deficit
budget and public debt to acceptable EU
levels. This causes tension
relations with Rome and Paris and Brussels

The president
The EU, which is now retiring –
Herman Van Rompuy – last week
He said in his speech: “Without jobs
economic growth and the very idea of ​​a single
Europe is in great danger. ”
Prior to his successor, Donald Pole
Tusk, will face a serious challenge:
First you need to accept the agreement on a new economic course

Mario Draghi: "Work must not only the ECB!"

Save Europe countdown begins

The president
ECB Mario Dragi in August, while
meeting of heads of the world’s regulators
Jackson Hole, outlined the thesis that
It could become the new European course.
He called for greater rigor
the formation of national budgets.
He also recommended a
structural economic reforms,
promoting the growth and shape
large public investments
EU members. Mr. Draghi
quite logically observes that the problems
Eurozone economy should not place
only on the shoulders of the European regulator,
and each country has its part
responsible for general discord.

his speech on Friday, November 21,
he continued to outline the scale
Problems. Draghi painted a pretty
bleak prospects and promised
“As soon as possible” to respond to the
new inflation fall.

Also, many experts believe that
“SuperMario” does a good face on
bad game. The opposition within the board
The ECB, led by the Bundesbank leader
Jens Weidmann, prevents Draghi go
for bolder measures: thus, for example,
the introduction of QE (buying
government bonds).

than most Draghi needs now
– so it is in a high-profile agreements on
summit. They must be, first, on the
the question of investment, and secondly –
about coordinated economic
reforms and significant financial demands.
This will give him the political foundation at
feet, after which he will be able to move
to the beginning of the program of quantitative
liberation “, – he said in an interview
one agency Reuter
senior EU officials. – “But
there is a great risk that the summit
EU leaders to anything not come, and the situation
It will be even worse. ”

restrictions divergent basic
economic situation and the mutual
mistrust – all these factors have a huge
likely to make the summit results
disappointing. France and Italy –
second and third euro zone economy –
now have a big problem, and,
Example Merkel convinced that
they fail in their economic
reforms. Problems more than enough,
but many hope that the leaders
EU still remember warning
Mario Draghi in his speech in Jackson Hole:
“No financial arrangements,
no amount of money can not be a compensation
necessary structural reforms
the euro area. ”

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WY Harmonic Searcher I MT4

WY Harmonic Searcher I MT4

Indicator – an assistant. Multicurrency. Multiperiodny. Multiznakovy. Detects harmonics with a variable damping factor “d”. To search uses the method srednemodulnogo deviation medians. It has many customizable options. Simple and easy to use tool. For this product is facilitated WY Pattern Searcher P6 I MT4.

Expert – version

Item display


  • Show Basic Spline – Displays a basic spline
  • Show Help Spline – Spline auxiliary display
  • Show Spline Labels – display the names of the splines (adjusted later)
  • Use Following Spline – including following mode (dorisovki formation as it is formed)
  • Play Warn. Sound On Detect – beeps at regular formations detected
  • Play Warn. Sound On Following – beeps when current formation dorisovki
  • Play Warn. Sound On Following Break – beeps when changing current formation
  • Clean Old Splines – removes any formation with graphics but the last Splines In Memory
  • Splines In Memory – to leave the past in the chart formations
  • Font Size – the size of the text splines
  • Font Y Coordinate Accumulation – shift on the Y coordinate of the text relative to the anchor point
  • Font X Coordinate Accumulation – the shift of the text on the X coordinate with respect to the anchor point

Enable / disable the search of certain types of harmonics:

  • Searching HARMONIC (a) – searching for the continuation of harmonic oscillations in a horizontal line of the last crest
  • Searching HARMONIC (b) – search harmonic oscillations

The parameters of a single type of harmonics with the name “Har Name.”:

  • “Har Name.” Label – name of the formation
  • “Har Name.” Label Color – the color of the text names
  • “Har Name.” Main Spline Color – the color of the main spline
  • “Har Name.” Help Spline Color – the color of the auxiliary spline
  • “Har Name.” Help Dot Color – the color of the auxiliary dashed lines
  • “Har Name.” Help Spline Y – auxiliary spline is spaced upward a specified number of points
  • “Har Name.” Min Points Size – minimum value of Y-axis of the spline in paragraphs
  • “Har Name.” Max Points Size – the maximum value of the spline on the Y axis in points
  • “Har Name.” Min Bougie Size – the minimum value of the spline on the X axis in the candlelight
  • “Har Name.” Max Bougie Size – the maximum value of the spline on the X axis in the candlelight
  • “Har Name.” Decrement Variation – partitioning search interval decrement (2 – without damping)
  • “Har Name.” Relative Lengthening Left – to extend the initial spline on the left side of (1.0 – 2 times the elongation)
  • “Har Name.” Relative Lengthening Right – to extend the initial spline on the right side of (1.0 – 2 times the elongation)
  • “Har Name.” Average Deviation Of Peaks – relative deviation of the average peak (High and Low)
  • “Har Name.” Maximum Deviation Of Peaks – relative maximum deviation of the peaks (High and Low)
  • “Har Name.” Average Deviation Of Medians – relative average deviation medians

WY Harmonic Searcher I MT4


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Weis Wave for MT4

Weis Wave for MT4

This indicator is an analog Weis Wave from a recognized expert David Weiss. This is a modern adaptation of the method of Wyckoff, incorporates 30 years of experience in different markets. The object of the indicator is to calculate the cumulative amount of previous and current waves.

Features indicator

  • Responds to changes in the behavior of prices in the current wave. The indicator may begin to form a new wave of unconfirmed.
  • It works on all the possible time period.
  • To calculate the available four types of different prices.
  • Flexible adjustment calculation data visualization.

Item display

[Main Settings]

  • price type – price type (close, median, typical, weighted)
  • Wave size – to calculate the wave size indicator.
  • Volume rounding – rounding volumes. It used to reduce the amounts of force waves and convenience of their perception.

[Mapping volume and wave]

  • Show volume labels – display / not display the numerical values ​​of wave forces on the price chart.
  • Show volume waves – display / not display the wave line on the price chart.
  • Show current label – Enable / disable output power of the current wave on the price chart.
  • Current label color – font color strength of the current wave ..
  • Up label color – font color of the rising power of waves.
  • Down label color – font color force descending waves.

[Line styles and font]

  • font type – the font of numeric values ​​on the chart wave forces.
  • font size – font size of the numeric values ​​on the chart wave forces.
  • Wave width – the width of the wave lines on the chart.
  • Wave type – the type of wave lines on the chart.
  • Determined wave color – the color of certain lines of waves on the chart.
  • Undetermined wave color – the color timing uncertainty of the current wave.

[Styles more information]

  • Show info – display / not displayed on the price chart in the main display settings.
  • Info location – position of the additional information block on the chart.
  • font type – the font to display indicator on the chart settings.
  • font size – font size for display on the chart settings.
  • font color – text color for the entire unit more information.

Weis Wave for MT4

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Euro has appreciated strongly after EU promises

The euro has appreciated strongly after the EU promises to help Greece

Agreement with Greece
It was reached at the EU summit in Brussels.
Now the country will be able to
extend assistance from the ECB. About
It is reported by Deutsche Welle.

Prime Minister of Greece
Alexis Tsipras agreed to cooperate
with expert mission creditors and
It promises that they figure out how to pay
part of the debt. “We have not yet overcome
all the way, but it is an important step, “- he said

initiator compromise
– German Chancellor Angela Merkel, she said,
that if Greece wants to continue
aid program, it should rather
submit the appropriate application. It should be reminded,
the amount of debt in Greece is over
320 billion euros – about 174% of GDP

On the back of this news to
12:16 MSK on the EUR / USD pair is trading
at 1.1432 (0.25% increase). This morning at 8:55 am MSK pair reached the 1.1440 mark – according

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Requires a network of training (optimization)!

Professional robot, which implemented trading strategy using neural networks. Used fully connected multilayer feedforward network MLP (multilayer perceptron).

The ability to learn is the main feature of the brain. Artificial neural networks for learning refers to the process configuration of network architecture (structure of connections between neurons) and the weights of synaptic connections (influencing factors signals) to effectively solve the problem. Typically a neural network is trained on a sample (historical data). As the learning process that takes place on some algorithm (used for training optimization genetic algorithm), the network should get better (better) to respond to input signals.

It remains only to check how well-optimized settings allow you to make a prediction for the future. What method is used phased test results. Example, with the settings to optimize the (training) is provided in the discussion.

At the beginning of the current bar is analyzed indicators RSI, SSI, WPR. Results from 10 bars of each of the indicators fall to the input of the neural network. The weighting factors are formed separately for purchases and sales. The network is trained on the data of the indicators and, depending on the signal level at the output of the neural network may be 4 teams (with TypeDual = true): to open / close the buy order to open / close the sell order. And depending on this will open a BUY or SELL and keep this deal will go until the closing signal from the network. There is also a mode of operation of the neural network with two outputs (with TypeDual = false): the first – the entrance to the purchase of automatic exit from the market, the second input to the sale with automatic access to the purchase.

Expert correctly handles the error and works reliably with a capital of 100 USD. The expert uses the basic concepts: breakeven, trailing stop, stop loss and take profit, as well as the closure on the opposite signal, closing the signal and the proper risk calculation. 

Main settings:

  • WorkOpenLong – Allows you to open a long position.
  • WorkOpenShort – Allows you to open a short position.
  • WorkCloseLong – Allows you to close long positions.
  • WorkCloseShort – Allows you to close short positions.
  • WorkCloseReversLong – Allows you to close a long position when opening brief.
  • WorkCloseReversShort – Allows you to close a short position at the opening of the long.
  • SignalBar – The main signal bar.
  • PeriodSignal – The period in which indicators work, and, respectively, and the neural network.
  • TypeDual – Switch mode neural network with 2 or 4 outputs.
  • LevelInLong – entry threshold of the neural network for a long position.
  • LevelOutLong – neural network output threshold for a long position.
  • LevelInShort – entry threshold of the neural network for a short position.
  • LevelOutShort – neural network output threshold for a short position.

The following fields relating to the RSI indicator, similar to all subsequent indicators:

  • EnabledRSI – Activation of the indicator.
  • k1_RSI_long – coefficient of influence of light on the sum signal for a long position.
  • k1_RSI_short – coefficient of influence of light on the sum signal for a short position.
  • Period1_RSI – indicator period.
  • Layer_1AL – Field 1 to the neural network configuration for a long position.
  • Layer_1BL – Field 2 for the neural network configuration for a long position.
  • Layer_1AS – Field 1 to the neural network configuration for a short position.
  • Layer_1BS – Golf 2 for neural network setup for a short position.


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Gold continues to become cheaper

Gold continues to become cheaper

retreats for the third consecutive session.
At this time the decrease is due to comments
The Fed and the minutes of the March meeting
American regulator. increase
rates in the coming months not yet
finally got away with probabilities radar.

as a versatile non-interest in the case of growth
interest rate, the first in nearly 10
years, reduce its popularity among

HSBC, Dzheyms Stil, said:
“The short-term outlook for gold
It looks weak, with a decline in the level of
resistance. ”

The spot
the price of gold fell by 0.4% to $ 1197.71
an ounce after reaching its
a session low at $ 1
195.70. Futures for the June delivery on
time 10.09 MSK traded at 195.80 per 1
troy ounce.

Some experts say that the experience
for gold yet. “The decline of gold
may be temporary, because the chances of
that the Fed will raise rates right now,
very little. It is necessary to take into account the extent to
Now the economy is fragile. It means,
that the current decline in gold prices may
It is just a technical correction.
Today, it may fall to $
In 1190, but in the coming weeks just
quietly return above $ 1,200, ”
– says Li Hui, an analyst at Phillip

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Oil quotes rose slightly on news of reduction

Oil quotes rose slightly on the news of the reduction in US stocks

On Thursday morning, to 9:09
MSK price of the September futures
Brent crude rose to $ 49.71
a barrel (+ 0.16%). The price of WTI futures
dropped slightly – to $ 45.13
a barrel (-0.04%). World oil prices
showed a positive trend
today after the release of statistics on the
stocks "black gold" in USA.
Commercial US crude stocks (except
strategic reserves) for the last
week fell by 4.407 million barrels,
while analysts expected a reduction
stocks only 1.494 million barrels – up
458.2 million barrels.

When this oil
in the United States during the week increased by 0.55%, on 52
th. barrels per day. gasoline stocks
increased by 0.8 million barrels – up to 216.7 million

"Oil prices
remain at a low level
with emphasis on the glut", – He speaks
the head of the oil and gas sector
Asia-Pacific companies
EY Sandzhiv Gupta. The expert suggests
that tomorrow’s labor market data
July can greatly affect the value of

A strong statistics
US will support growth of the dollar, which means
convince the Fed of the need to improve
interest rate. Now a strong dollar
prevents the purchase of oil, estimated
in dollars outside the United States.

However, at 9:15 MSK prices
for Brent futures fell
0.31% – up to $ 49.47
a barrel and WTI – at
0.55%, to $ 44.9
a barrel.

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Universal Custom Indicator Demo

Universal Custom Indicator Demo

Your display no warning system?

Your display is not properly display visual signals to the input / output of the position?

Universal Custom Indicator designed to add alerts system of the signals and proper visual display signals to the input / output position of any custom indicator. Universal Custom Indicator can be used with any display, runs the buffers.

expert Features

  • Adding alerts signals in any custom indicator
    • Alert
    • Notification by email
    • Push-notifications
  • Adding to the arrow indicator signals to improve the visual perception
  • Compatible with any user indicator (Buffer basis)

Note: Demo version It is designed to work only on a pair EURUSD. Get the full version via the link:


  1. Enter the name of the indicator to which you want to add a warning / arrow in the field ‘Indicator_Name’ in the input parameters window (enter the name of the indicator exactly as it appears in your platform. Sensitive and punctuation).
  2. Enter the indicator settings in the ‘Indicator Parameters’ in the input parameters (enter all the parameters, separated by commas).
  3. Type Buy and Sell buffers indicator fields ‘Buy Buffer’ and ‘Sell Buffer’ in the input parameters. (If you do not know the value of the buffer, it is possible to automatically receive buffers).
  4. Enter the required notification settings (Enable / Disable Alert, Enable / Disable notifications to Email, Enable / Disable the mobile device)

Automatic tuning indicator buffers

What is the buffer indicator?: Buffer indicator – it is a signal that is returned by the indicator. We buy signals and sell signals different buffers. Orders for the purchase and sale are opened depending on the buffer.

Automatic adjustment buffersIf you do not know the value of the buffer, it is possible to automatically receive buffers. To automatically receive buffers, follow these steps:

  1. Set Buffer_Selection in meaning Chart Display
  2. On the chart there will be two vertical lines (one blue and one red). Put the blue line on a buy signal, the red on a sell signal.
  3. press Buffer Set, and buffers Buy and Sell will appear on the screen.

Input parameters

  • Indicator_Name: Indicator for modification (case sensitive, sensitive to punctuation – For example: ZigZag, Heiken_Ashi).
  • Indicator_parameters: Display Setting parameters (comma separated – for example: “0,0,0, true, false, 0,0,13”)
  • Indicator_Signal_Shift: Installation signal bar (zero (0) = current bar, one (1) = previous closed bar)
  • Indicator_Time_Frame: Setting a timeframe indicator
  • Buffer_Selection: Buffer selection method (Text = Manual input buffer values, Chart Display = buffers Preparation automatically)
  • Buy_Buffer1: Buffer Buy, if in Buffer_Selection selected Text.
  • Sell_Buffer1: Buffer Sell, if Buffer_Selection selected Text.
  • BARS: The maximum number of bars in the history of the indicator.
  • Push_Notification: Push-notifications (Enable / Disable)
  • send_email: Alert by email (Enable / Disable)
  • use_alert: a visual / audible Alert (Enable / Disable)

Universal Custom Indicator Demo

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