Screencast Maks Kayzer financial crisis was followed

Screencast: Maks Kayzer. The financial crisis was followed by a bank

In the markets of the economic disaster, and it began with the Persian Gulf – all the markets are falling. In the next issue of the transfer "Overview Max Keizer" trying to understand what the future of our economies.

"Fed bubble burst" – the newspaper writes Bloomberg. We are waiting for a new financial crisis? And after him – the bank? And all because of falling world oil prices. But the companies involved in the production of shale oil and gas, thrown into
the market a large amount of bonds to finance their business – this
Fed policy has contributed a lot. And How
Now pay?

Meanwhile in the UK are developing rapidly
IT-technologies, as well as online TV. This tells
Program guest – TV presenter and former banker Brayan Rouz.


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Euro falls due to uncertainty in negotiation

Euro falls due to the uncertainty in the negotiation of Greece and the eurozone

On Wednesday
evening the euro has fallen to a seven-year
low against the pound – while still
under the influence of the Greek conflict. TO
16:55 MSK on the EUR / GBP pair has reached a point
0.7396 – the lowest since January 2008. Yesterday
the pair closed at 0.7422.

As reported
foreign media today are waiting for Greece
intensive talks with representatives
The European Union. At the meeting must
decide what to do next – t. To through.
two weeks of the current term expires
on economic aid agreement
Greece from evrokreditorov. A
the new Greek government as
known, it does not intend to renew it
agreement, t. To. wants to decide for itself
their problems. And all this only strengthens
fears that the conflict with the international
creditors will lead to Greece’s exit
from the euro zone.

euro dollar today has fallen dramatically in the afternoon,
approximately at 14:30 MSK – EUR / USD pair reached
to the level of 1.1293. Now, to 17:00 MSK, the pair is trading
at the level of 1.1313. It is only against the euro, yen
grown – with EUR / JPY is trading now
at 135.51, up 0.23%.

At the meeting
today the Greek Finance Minister Yanis
Yanis Varoufakis must submit the Eurogroup
requirements of the completion of the international
financial assistance program and the transition
a new restructuring agreement
debt. He wants to achieve "transitional
agreement"To gain time to
of June and a final design

center of attention, and the Greeks, probably,
will present the plan met with resistance.
So there are bearish for the euro
risk, and after any recovery to $ 1.1360
will sale"- said Jeremy
Stretch from CIBC World Markets.

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Next deadline for Greece Five days before disaster

The next deadline for Greece. Five days before the disaster

Greece did not time left.
In early April, the government should
will make payments on bonds
– and will not be able to do so, unless
receives fresh tranche from creditors
from the euro zone.

the fact that the clock has already started ticking, with
rather alarmingly, an additional
pressure on the country continues to grow.
On the ECB this week ruled out Greek
banks from its program of buying up
short-term government debt
securities (the analog of our T-bills). These papers were
an important source of funding for
Greek government for
this stressful period.

this week, Greek Prime Minister Alexis
Tsipras met in Germany with Angela
Merkel, in another attempt to weaken
the tension between the two countries.
The visit seems to have been useful, but with Greece
and have not removed the requirement to hold a number
economic reforms and to allow external
intervention in the economy. otherwise
country will not receive more money from the EU.
Greece was given another “last time”
and this term – Monday. After five
days country must submit a plan
reforms and prove to his colleagues
the eurozone that its “repair”
in the economy will lead the country into conformity
high requirements. If colleagues
agree to this plan – the country will receive
1.3 billion euros, which will pay for
its debt obligations. – if not, apparently, it is declared defaulted.

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Yen was rising dollar continues to fall euro

The yen was rising, the dollar continues to fall, the euro has updated two-month highs

Thursday the yen rising against the dollar after
how the Bank of Japan did not expand
performance of its monetary
stimulation. By 10:45 MSK USDJPY stands
at the level of 118.93. The annual rate of increase
the monetary base in the central bank remains
at 80 trillion yen a year by buying
government bonds and risky assets.

Mo Siong, FX strategist Bank of Singapur,
said that, probably, the dollar
will remain for some time in the range of
117 – 122?.
“At this stage we do not see any
catalysts obvious weakening
Japanese currency “, – he said.

The Bank of Japan will take a wait
for some time now in Japan there
though weak, but still economic growth.

the greenback is constrained
disappointing statistics
data: the US economy has almost stood on
place during the first quarter.
In a statement, representatives of the Federal Reserve
said yesterday that the economic downturn
– a temporary phenomenon, but still
do not plan to in the near future to increase
interest rate.

euro jumped to a two-month
high against the dollar and continues to
grow today: EURUSD
10.57 on Thursday at around 1.1219,
something not seen since 26 February. it
takes place against the background of the dollar falls,
and because fears of deflation in Europe

Murata, currency strategist at Brown
Brothers Harriman (Tokyo)
He says: “Based on the fundamental
Data, I think the rebound is too
strong, and it is – an opportunity to leave
in short positions on the euro. ”

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Economic news from company ForexMart

Economic news from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

All “Volvo” will be electric cars

CEO of Volvo has announced that in 2020 the company’s plants will produce only hybrids and pure electric vehicles.

After 2019 the automaker refuses to car production, working only on the internal combustion engine. The company is completely reoriented on the development of electric and hybrid cars.

Hakan Samuelsson, CEO of the Volvo, said that all company cars will be equipped with electric motors in the future. Also, the automaker no longer plans to develop new models of petrol and diesel engines.

Earlier, Volvo has announced plans in 2025 to sell 1 million. EVs. The Swedish company owned by the Chinese Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. From 2019 to 2021 at plants in Europe, the US and China, Volvo plans to launch production of 5 new models, of which 3 are pure electric vehicles.

Economic news from company ForexMart

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Quotes of gold fell

Quotes of gold fell

response to the strengthening of the dollar and
rapidly unfolding events
Gold in Greece dropped to $ 1
168.60 to 16.01 MSK. The situation with the Greek
the crisis was not able to give precious
push up the corresponding metal,
and now, when it was reported
Tsipras agreement on most of the conditions
lenders, investors are still intensively
out of the safe-haven asset. pressure on
gold have strong economic
data from the US, which increase
the likelihood of a quick recovery rate

the situation remains
tense: the actual default by Greece
It took place, and the danger of the country’s output
from the euro zone is still high. Therefore,
soon on the market, including
and raw materials, expected to be high

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Head of China’s banking supervision predicted

The head of China’s banking supervision predicted a new world financial crisis

The world may face another global financial crisis in the next five years, said director general of the Commission on the China Ming Liao banking. Economy not soon return to pre-crisis levels

?His pessimistic forecast Min Liao said at the summit on the global agenda of the World Economic Forum in Abu Dhabi. Interview with Director General of the Commission for the China Banking Regulatory published on the Forum website.

According to Liao Min, over the next five years, the world will face another financial crisis. “The reason is that most of the problems related to the financial crisis in 2008, remained unresolved,” – said General Director of Regulatory China Banking Regulatory Commission. Read more (click source)

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Iran has banned imports of consumer goods from

Iran has banned imports of consumer goods from the United States

Iran has banned imports of consumer goods from

TEHRAN (AFP) – Iran plans to ban the import of consumer goods from the United States, said Thursday the Minister of Trade and Industry. The country is preparing for the lifting of economic sanctions.

“In order to increase the national production, we need to stop imports of US consumer goods and to ban products that symbolize the US presence in the country”, – writes Mohammad Reza Nematzade on the official website of the Ministry.

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Euro slightly reduced growth of dollar after

Euro slightly reduced the growth of the dollar after the release of US unemployment data

The number of initial applications for unemployment benefits fell by 16 thousand. To 278 thousand. For the week ended January 23. Figure fell short of the forecast value – 282 thousand This was reported by the US Department of Labor..

Earlier, the index rose for three consecutive weeks, leading some analysts to speak of a possible deterioration in the labor market in response to the recent slowdown in economic activity.

A week earlier, the indicator value was 294 thousand (revised indicator.) – the highest level since early July. However, the level of this indicator remains very low by historical standards.

Euro slightly reduced the growth of the dollar after the publication of statistics. By 17:00 GMT, the euro / dollar was trading near $ 1.0917 compared with $ 1.0927 at the time of the news.

The dollar fell against major world currencies after yesterday’s Fed statement, which made clear that it takes a cautious stance and go in the near future to increase the rates.

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Fed aims to smooth adjustment of monetary policy

Fed aims to smooth adjustment of monetary policy

According to the accompanying note to the end of the meeting the US Federal Reserve, changes will be made gradually monetary policy. In addition, the regulator expressed expectations that economic activity will rise at a moderate pace, and the labor market will improve their performance.

Also note said that consumer spending grew at a steady pace, but the growth of production costs are still not satisfactory.

Note that at the end of the two-day meeting of the US regulator has decided to leave the key rate unchanged.

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