Bezyndikatornaya trading system based on a search for the alleged large levels limit buyers and sellers. For the smooth operation needs VPS-server, the recommended minimum deposit – 1 000 units of base currency. Advisor use on highly currency pairs with a small spread / Commission (e.g., EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD, EURJPY, EURGBP, EURCHF).


  • Pyramiding has customizable features, hedging and netting of orders;
  • Accompanying position may be one of three types: a single closure, unidirectional or multidirectional basket orders;
  • Maximum compatibility between a functionality that allows you to change the initial strategy of opening orders for themselves;
  • It can be used with any trading strategy, manual or automatic (advisors) if set MagicNumber = -1.


  • Designed for real trading on today’s market conditions;
  • Use pending orders and real feet;
  • It does not depend on the type of merchant account or broker;
  • It works with both small and large amounts of deposits;
  • Resistant to the break connection, gepam, slippage and spread widening.

Main settings

  • PriceRange – range of price fluctuations;
  • BarsCount – High number of bars for the search or Low-price bars within the range;
  • HighLowCounts – the number of bars with High or Low-price in a given range;
  • StartWorkingTime, EndWorkingTime – work on time;
  • OpenPositions – orders opening strategy;
    • SingleOpen – a single opening;
    • Grid – Net orders;
    • Pyramiding – pyramiding;
    • Hedging – hedging of the symbol;
  • OppositeDirection – open position signal in the opposite direction;
  • OpposingPositions – allow multi-directional positions;
  • VolumeCalculation – method of calculating the trading lot;
    • Manual – specify the initial auction itself;
    • Balance – calculation of the balance of trade of the lot;
    • Equity – on equity;
    • FreeMargin – from the free margin;
  • InitialVolume – initial item or% depending on the selected method;
  • VolumeBehavior – the behavior of the lot;
    • SameVolume – the same lot;
    • IncreaseVolume – increase lot;
    • DecreasesVolume – reduction lot;
  • OrderOpenStep – the initial step of opening orders;
  • OrderStepBehavior – behavior warrants the opening step;
    • SameLevel – similar levels;
    • IncreaseLevel – step increase;
    • DecreasesLevel – step decrease;
  • ClosingPositions – strategy of closing orders;
    • SingleClosing – single closing;
    • UnidirectionalClosing – closing unidirectional basket orders;
    • MultidirectionalClosing – multidirectional closing of the basket of orders;
  • TakeProfit – takeprofit, -1 when not in use;
  • StopLoss – stop loss at -1 is not used;
  • Breakeven – breakeven positions at -1 is not used;
  • TrailingStop – trailing stop -1 when not in use;
  • MagicNumber – magic number at -1 Advisor will work with absolutely all orders;
  • OrdersComment – comment to the transactions;
  • Visualization – display the information on the chart.


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Dollar sharply lower on Wednesday

Dollar sharply lower on Wednesday,

By 17:00 Moscow time on Wednesday the USD index is at 96.50 points, decreasing by 0.5% largely due to events relating to the attack on Congressman Steve Skaliza in Virginia. The media of the latest posts, it became known that the shooter, wounding Congressman rifle, already arrested, and the congressman will have an operation on his hip.

Currency pair EUR / USD has strengthened by 0.5% to a value of 1.1272 points. May CPI Germany remained unchanged at 0.2% and April industrial production in the Euro zone rose by 0.3%.

In Japan, industrial production remained unchanged at 4% in April. USD / JPY has declined 0.7% to 109.30 points.

The average wage UK decreased from 2.3% to 2.1% with expectations of 2.4% in April. In May, the number of applications for the grant of unemployment was 7,3tys. with expectations of 20.3 thousand. GBP / USD pair is trading at 1.2728 points with an increase of 0.2%.

News background in Canada and Switzerland today unsaturated. Currency pair USD / CHF and USD / CAD decreased by 0.2% and 0.3% respectively.

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Ruble strengthened its support stable oil and

The ruble strengthened its support stable oil and the tax period

the national currency strengthened a little today
on weak trading due to
to slow down the drop in oil prices
and the beginning of the tax
period in the
Russia. The ruble today and more
will support these two factors.

According to
Moscow Stock Exchange to 13:40 MSK pair
USD / RUB traded
at 64.49 level, the pair EUR / RUB –
at the level of 74.78. "we
We believe that the dollar / ruble exchange rate will remain
Today in the range 64,50-65,50"- give
its forecast in Sberbank CIB.

If oil
not close to an important level
resistance at $ 50
barrel, the ruble against
US dollar could
strive to 70.00, analysts say
Sberbank CIB.

crude oil
Brent traded at
$ 49.80 in the morning
the price was higher
$ 50 per barrel.

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Forecast from company ForexMart

The forecast from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

Bitcoin exchange rate forecast for June 16

Trading instrument Bitcoin / USD continued its correction and fell to 2250. Bitcoin closed the gap (GAP) on June 5, and moves towards the level of 2100 located in the 38.2 Fibonacci.

All major cryptocurrency significantly lost value after reports Bitmain SegWit2x its intention to launch an alternative protocol.

On H4 Bitcoin reached the target 2400, and SMA could be fixed below the line (100), waiting for completion of correction and generate signals to shopping.

Forecast from company ForexMart

Forecast EUR / USD June 16

EUR in today’s trading is prone to decrease. Dollar feels confident after yesterday’s Fed meeting, where it became clear that the controller is set more strongly than expected by market participants, but at the same time, he keeps his cool. Tomorrow, we expect a corrective movement in the region of 1.11 to 1.10 aim.

Forecast from company ForexMart

Forecast USD / RUB on June 16

Brent crude quotes updated 7-month low, and now at $ 46.71 per barrel. The ruble cost of a barrel of oil is also localized near the lows of a few months less than 2700 rubles. The collapse of oil adversely affects the ruble against USD. Quotes pair rose to the level of 57.60 rubles. However, the support of the Russian currency will get from the next tax period.

Market participants’ attention will be drawn tomorrow at a meeting of the Bank of Russia. If the regulator decides to lower the rate to 0.5%, it could trigger the growth of the pair to 58-59 rubles. When a soft decision to reduce the rate of only 0.25% quotations pair can return to 56.50 rubles field. Thus, the forecast for tomorrow suggests the probability of two opposite scenarios. Follow the news of the Central Bank.

Forecast from company ForexMart

Forecast USD / CAD June 16

USD / CAD pair came close to the level of 1.3300 resistance and demonstrates the development of a rapid fall after correction. The overall trend for the pair remains downward. RSI indicator located on the graph H1 overbought, and this characteristic signal towards further reduction pair. When a new wave of the strengthening of the Canadian dollar should expect the loonie to increase the support level of 1.3221.

Tomorrow the attention of traders will be focused on statistics for May by the index of retail sales in Canada. The last report reflected the growth rate and create a positive reaction in the Forex market. If tomorrow will be better than expected data, the Canadian dollar will resume its growth. The forecast for tomorrow suggests attempts to pair back inside the descending channel.

Forecast from company ForexMart

Forecast NZD / USD June 16

The currency pair New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar after reaching the target at 0.7300 fell to the level of 0.7200, apparently uptrend found the top, there is a possibility of reversal.

After the “hawkish” statements by the US Federal Reserve the US dollar recovered against major currencies.

On H4 kiwi moves in a strong downward trend and trying to consolidate below SMA line (50) at the level of 0.7200, the immediate goal is to bear at 0.7150.
Forecast from company ForexMart

Forecast GBP / USD on June 16

Thursday pound showed growth rebounding from 1.2690 level. Now the pair is consolidating near Pivot level. Today a meeting of the Bank of England at the end of which it was decided to keep the rate at its current level. However, the regulator has appeared closer than ever to raise interest rates: three of the eight officials voted for a rate hike. The forecast for tomorrow suggests price decline to the level of 1.27.Forecast from company ForexMart

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MFC Expert

MFC Expert

MFC EA – adapting adviser, capable to adapt to the current market situation. The basis of the author’s advisor founded strategy.

It is known that the price moves in waves and in a certain range. Even a strong and stable trend has wave retracement and correction. If undulation prices – given, so why not use it? Advisor determines the current wave forms on the basis of which a certain price channels with spreading factor. When you exit price of the generated range, adviser opens a deal.

For each currency pair in the MFC EA there chotnaya or odd wave. The advantage of this method is to determine the optimum parameters of EA. Minimum configuration and ease of use will allow even the novice trader to trade using MFC EA adviser.

Inbox settings

  • Trailing Start – Start tracking position.
  • Trailing Step – Step away or to be transferred to the Stop Loss of the current price.
  • Take Profit Profit level is specified in points.
  • Stop Loss – Level stop order is specified in the claims.
  • Lot – Lot Size (Only works if the field should RISK %% 0).
  • Risk %% – percentage of the current deposit per transaction (if 0 is used Lot said trader).
  • Momentum Period – the period of calculation of market forces.
  • Fractal Period – the number of bars to determine wave.
  • History Bars – the number of bars in history.
  • Minimum bars channel – The minimum length of the channel.
  • Coefficient channel – price channel coefficient.
  • Alert – a notice in case of opening of the transaction (True – show, False – hide)
  • Opposite Signal – When the appearance of the opposite positions of the signal transfer without loss or closure of its current income. (True – enable, False – off)

Monitoring of the adviser.

configuration files to optimize.


Do not you want to use a genetic algorithm. Optimize adviser for each currency pair at a time interval of 2 weeks, using a special setting for odd and even currency pairs. The results obtained are valid trading 1 week and then again perform optimization. You can install Advisor on schedule 4H with the same settings as for the 1H. Advisor can work simultaneously on different periods of the trading instrument. You can also trade manually. If you change the order open advisor, he will find it strange and function Trailing Stop to this order shall not apply. To use the Expert Advisor VPS server. It is not recommended to use the Advisor vapor with a very large spread. How to use MFC EA adviser to see in the video.

Use the following currency pairs: AUDUSD (an even), EURUSD (odd), EURJPY (odd), AUDJPY (odd), CADJPY (odd), GBPUSD (odd), NZDUSD (an even), USDCAD (an even).

Periods for trading: 4H, 1H. optimization period: 1H.

MFC Expert


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Expert GSensor – self-contained automated trading system to the conversion goals and risk, depending on the market volatility and drawdown.

Distinctive features of the robot are:

  • Full automation of the sales process, you only need to configure the initial settings.
  • trading style: momentum swing, trading in a range, averaging.
  • The ability to modify the risk of trade, affecting the profitability of the trade
  • Capital Insurance trader at work and the possibility of returning no results for losing trades.
  • Automatic calculation trading lot size depending on the size of the available resources and the current drawdown (with trade fixed lot).
  • Automatic calculation (recalculation) purposes, depending on the volatility of the market (can be switched off)
  • Automatic calculation of the aggregate position.
  • Automatic calculation trailing stop level (with the possibility of disconnection)
  • Use levels Fibonacci indicators: MA, MACD, Stochastic, ATR, and others. 
  • Several options for exit from the market:

  1.      Closing orders when it reaches the take profit.
  2.      Closing Orders by trailing stop.
  3.      Close orders at a turn in overbought, oversold.

  • Control and protection from the expansion of the spread 
  • Working timeframe M5 

Description of the main expert settings:

  • OpenCloseTrades – EA can be used
    the installation stops and profits mode,
    committing trader manual trading. In this case, the opening and closing of positions only produces
    trader. stops and profits levels are calculated from the values
    Lots and TakeProfit, so that the total profit is equal to the profit one position Lots volume to the size of the profit TakeProfit points. It should be borne in mind that swaps can make a significant error in the result. To enable manual trading mode parameter must be false. They will be “picked up” by the current transaction currency pair.
  • FixedLots – A fixed volume of transactions
  • RiskPercent – level of risk
  • TakeProfit – target level
  • StopLoss – Start-Stop Loss (limit losses when the market reversal)
  • DecreaseFactor – Modifier reduce the volume of transaction after loss
  • IncreaseFactor – The factor of increasing the volume of transaction after loss
  • MaxOrders – Maximum open orders
  • TrailingStop – TreylingStop
  • MaxSpread – The maximum allowable spread for the opening orders
  • Slippage – The maximum allowable slippage
  • MarketWatch – Opening orders for ECN type accounts
  • UseChangeStops – Using a modification of the stop levels and profit
  • FollowPlusSwap – Trade swap in the positive (if any)
  • CloseReverseMode – order closing mode
  • CorrectCloseAll – Correct the gradual closure of all orders 
  • ControlDrawDown – Control and limitation of drawdown
  • PercentDrawDown – Level drawdown to connect trade restrictions
  • FrequencyTrades – The frequency of opening deals
  • AutoChangeTakeProfit – AUTO CHANGEOVER TakeProfit level
  • AutoChangeRiskPercent – AUTO CHANGEOVER level of trade risk
  • AutoChangeTrailingStop – AUTO CHANGEOVER level trailing stop (WarningDividerTS, FineDividerTS, AbsentDividerTS – divisors trailing stop levels depending on the drawdown and volatility)
  • AutoTrailingStopFactor – AUTO CHANGEOVER factor trailing stop level
  • AutoMaxOrders – Automatic change in the number of orders
  • FullAuto – Full Auto Mode  
  • SelectTrendDetector – Selection a method for determining the trend
  • UseTradingHours – Use the time to trade
  • ControlLastActivity – Monitoring activity on the account (temporary elimination of the causes of the lack of activity of the expert for the resumption of activity [useful when using the VPS with the activity requirement for a certain period])


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History orders Visual Demo

History orders Visual Demo

This demo version displays data only 10 orders on the story.

The paid version can be found here:

Useful and interesting little script for trading in Forex.

Used to display the history of orders and trading history of one character.

Double-clicking on it immediately play back the whole history of orders for current symbol graphics.

graphic elements

Space opening and closing orders are shown by arrows.

When the mouse pointer on the displayed transaction flag properties comprising:

Symbol order, ticket, order type, the order position (time and price at opening and closing), the volume of transactions.

Mark lines stop-loss orders to

When you hover the mouse pointer over the mark will display the price of a stop loss.

The line between the points of the opening and closing orders.

A simple click on the graph to visualize complex records
history of orders. This simplifies the review, analysis and synthesis of historical

This script is a switch. When restarting it
immediately remove all your own graphics (but will not remove other
objects on the chart).

The script can be used on any forex charts currency (except
binary options); at any time, you can open and close the
monitor the history of your trade.

The script does not require any external parameters. Click on the script,
after which it will be immediately executed; confirmation dialog box appears
will not be.

History orders Visual Demo

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Another floating currency will be hryvnia National

Another floating currency will be the hryvnia – the National Bank of Ukraine raises

National Bank
Ukraine 6 February raises key
the discount rate by 5.5 percentage points and actually
let the hryvnia in the “free floating”
t. To. The stop control
currency rate fixing. Ukrainian
regulator went to these measures on the recommendation of
The International Monetary Fund.

The key rate in the country
It amounts to 19.5% from Friday (today – 14%), according to the
a statement of the National Bank of Ukraine. regulator
also cancels the daily exchange
auctions. According to the head of the National Bank
Valeriy Gontareva regulator
retain some administrative
measures, including mandatory sale
foreign exporters and revenue
restrictions on individual currency purchases.

The foreign exchange market is still
It is in “panic”
– Gontareva told reporters today.
International reserves of Ukraine today
at the lowest level in 11 years. In past
year, the hryvnia exchange rate has shown the maximum
decline against the dollar – the national currency
fell by 48%, Bloomberg reported.

Now in Kyiv works
IMF mission. government of Ukraine
hopes for financial assistance plus
the $ 17 billion, which contributed to the country
in the past year. On Tuesday, the Minister
Finance of Ukraine Natalia Yaresko
He said that the country needed an additional $ 15

At 14:13 MSK on the pair USD / UAH trading at 16.4755.

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Enrichers first broker in MetaTrader 5 in Pakistan

Enrichers – the first broker in the MetaTrader 5 in Pakistan

Recently, we reported on the launch of the MetaTrader 5 on the currency market of Moscow
Exchanges, and before that the platform made its debut in Thailand, where the first of Apple Wealth
local brokers offered it to its traders. Now the MetaTrader 5 opens
for himself another growing market with significant investment opportunities
– Pakistan. Lahore company Enrichers Private Limited officially became the first MetaTrader-Broker
in the country.

Enrichers first broker in MetaTrader 5 in Pakistan

ENRICHERS – corporate member of the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange PMEX, which
brokerage services in the commodity trading. The company is one of the
the largest market participants and estimated exchange PMEX as a commodity broker №1 in

Director ENRICHERS Syed Abdullah Boukari believes that “PMEX traders get
the ability to trade on the stock exchange through a high-speed and convenient platform
MetaTrader 5 provides access to a variety of built-in services – from
automatic advisers and copy trading to Market ready applications. This gives us a significant competitive advantage, and our customers – new

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GBPUSD general analysis

GBP / USD: general analysis

Current trend

After the fall of the pound last week continues
consolidate laterally channel. waiting for us pretty busy this week
economic statistics, important release will be the decision on interest
the rate of the Bank of England and the report on inflation in the UK. In the United States will
published data on the unemployment rate, the number of new jobs outside
with / x and the index of business activity. The last of the index will be released today,
forecasts he should grow up a bit. Also today, in the first half of the day
will appear on consumer credit data in the UK, which will
a direct reflection of the desire to spend money consumers. In the case of high
figure is expected to increase the currency pair to the level of 1.5457. But if the movement
may continue up to the mark 1.5340.

Support and resistance levels

The nearest resistance level is maximum
Friday’s trading 1.5457. Support is a two-week low 1.5340.

trading recommendations

Expectations of positive statistics on the US on Thursday and Friday
will put pressure on the British currency all week, so
it is recommended to open short positions from the level of 1.5410 and 1.5340 for the purpose of
protective orders in the area of ​​1.5460.

GBPUSD general analysis

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