Currency intervention in Hong Kong less than

Currency intervention in Hong Kong: less than a year and a half

Managing money
Treatment of Hong Kong said today
infusion of the Hong Kong dollar,
the first time in the last year and a half.
infusion Amount – $ 2,099
billion, and it happened one day on June 24 –
July 1.

Against the background
that corporations need to Hong Kong
the dollar, the market demand for it has grown,
and the rate has risen to the intervention threshold
($ 1 – 7.75
Hong Kong dollars).

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SignalFinder MA

SignalFinder MA

SignalFinderMA – multi-indicator, which displays on the same graph the information about the direction of the trend on several currency pairs and timeframes. the trend calculation is based on the indicator Moving Average.

Main characteristics:

  • Mounted on a single graph.
  • Definition of a trend going on the last closed bar.
  • Intuitive and simple interface.

Input parameters:

  • Symbols – currency pairs.
  • TimeFrames – time periods (time frames).
  • MA Period – period moving average.
  • MA Shift – shift of the moving average.
  • MA Method – a method of smoothing moving average.
  • MA Applied Price – the price for the moving average calculation.

List of currency pairs and time frames specified, separated by commas.

If the currency pair or timeframe does not exist or is entered in error, the table they will be marked in magenta.

Indicator Signals:

  • Blue arrow – on the last bar closed bullish trend.
  • Red arrow down – on the last bar closed bearish trend.
  • Gray point – the absence of a trend.
  • Yellow dot – loading history.

SignalFinder MA

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Trading and Poker find ten differences

Trading and Poker: find ten differences

Between those who make money in the Forex market and those who spend their working days at the poker tables online, at closer inspection it turns out to be quite a lot in common. Analytical skills, intuition, the ability to control himself and to measure statistical parameters – and he and the other set of qualities required for the player of forex, and professional poker player. Of course, there are differences. For example, the game of poker is allowed only "hand": Is strictly forbidden to play robots. But automated trading – a very common tool for trading in Forex, because to write or order under its strategy trading robot means to rid themselves of a variety of problems, including psychological.

So what is it that like forex and poker?

The correlation between playing poker and trade currency pairs – is quite logical. Forex trading involves high risk and does require special training. Other success factors – knowledge, experience and emotional control – all this is very similar to a “Go Bag” poker player.

Rules of the game

In poker, we
choose between certain games:
whether it is Texas Hold’em, Omaha
or another species. In trade
Forex we choose between currency
pairs. All of the major pairs are tied to
The US dollar, and each has its own style
and individuality, so each
of them have to adapt to
get a psychological advantage.


On forex, we
We compete with other traders,
large hedge funds and large
Global banks – they all have
strong capital and experience. In this way,
we must carefully choose their
position and play the most carefully.
There are a trading psychology recognized
patterns of behavior, and all of them should be studied,
to try to anticipate the other steps
traders. Exactly the same thing, but
more pronounced – in poker. Our
task – to figure out what a person is going


Currency market
– the largest and most liquid in the world:
It draws on a daily basis for more than 4
trillions of dollars. There is no such
major players, someone one could "break open" market, but global events
can influence the market and change the position
in the expected direction. In poker, a lot
more important factor banal luck –
We got exactly the card that
gets, and we operate only by them.
However, and in Forex success it is very necessary,
and you catch it by the tail, if you read
all about money management principles
tools and be able to calculate statistics
the likelihood of its success. As in
poker, you are bound to be losses,
but sooner or later they will become


As is the case with
online poker, you have to deal with
trading bounds successively
and constantly, always in accordance with its
pre-developed trading plan.
First you have to learn all the procedures
and understand all the basic stuff, doing
playing the demo version. Similarly, in
Poker: first comes online game
virtual money, and only when you
You feel that they are ready to “come in large
world “, throws you into your account money

Forex brokers offer system
free demo version where you can
get acquainted with the market, choose your
currency pairs – in other words, to grow roots.


Analysis in Forex will be your main
tool, which with the help of graphs
will assess whether the right to
direction you are moving, or missing
their currencies. Many believe that the movement
market is fully subject to chance,
but traders rely on technical
analysis to understand the boundaries when it
comes to choosing the entry and exit points
On the market.

In addition, markets
and provide data for fundamental
analysis, according to which merchants
We must interpret the data and make
decisions about where moves

skills, the ability to quickly assess
probability and intuitive repeat
successful strategy – you do not find that the
it all too similar to online poker?


Currency trading
– only the business process that
It should be deprived of absolutely all
emotions. We must follow their gradual
I plan to block all their movements
aside logical process undermining
decision-making and, in general, think only
the coldest in the world head. Not
Is it true poker players gentlemen, it sounds
very familiar?

high income
– high risk

Do not enter
misconception in forex trading have
risk. Among the newcomers are very high
the failure rate because they
impatient or lack
experience in order to survive – let alone
more – to flourish. Exactly so
same is the case with poker players.

successful trading
– it’s not about passion and not about luck (equal
as well as a successful poker game). It’s about
game about the differences and iron
self-discipline, just as in

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Trajecta Cortex

Trajecta Cortex

Trajecta Cortex – an indicator of trading signals, which is based on evolutionary, not redrawn, self-tuning algorithms Trajecta Labs, enclosed in Trajecta Neuron system.

Description of the trading signal

  • Trajecta Labs System: Trajecta Neuron
  • System Strategy: based on machine learning and artificial neural networks
  • Signal Strategy: It based on the functional filters
  • Signal algorithms: Standard and author genetic algorithms and indicators
  • Alarm Setup: automatic
  • Market / tool: Any currency pair in the Forex market
  • Basic setup parameters: EURUSD, H1 and USDJPY, M5
  • The best currency for this strategy: USD, EUR and JPY
  • The best time frames for this strategy: H1 and D1
  • Recommended trade signal quality: not less than 80%
  • Purpose: best suited for swing trading
  • Risk: preferred moderate risk
  • Home base system: Trajecta Magic
  • test period of history: 2,000 (check minimum number of terminal bars)
  • Timeframe for backtesting: any timeframe, it is important to select the best recommended as part of a trading signal quality.

On indicator system of trading signals Trajecta Labs

The indicator system of trading signals from the company Trajecta – this innovative system, nepererisovyvayuschihsya, automatic indicators of trading signals to buy / sell any currency pair and period.

Decision support system in our indicators are based on the same technology that is used in our successful line of trading signals Trajecta Labs, published in MQL5. At the same indicators are used instead of experts. The main difference here is that the indicators do not set the order, and allow the trader to make decisions using the trading signals indicator. 

Commercial fully performed by the trader. The advantage of such indicators – it is their very low cost compared with our 100% automatic trading experts and commercial signals for subscription.  

All our trading signals are based on “smart” system to determine the best and worst trading periods (intelligent risk analysis).

Indicator allows you to visualize the best point in time for trading using the trend review panel and allows a trader to visual testing strategies on any pair and timeframe.

In addition, it is not necessary to configure anything – tuning indicator is based on data analysis of the most profitable Trajecta Labs sets the parameters for signal algorithms. The indicator will search the signals to buy / sell and inform you about them using the alerts, customizable by the user.

With trade signals represented indicator merchants can determine the best pairs and timeframes and visually evaluate those or other trading signals.

Trajecta VTP – Panel trends survey

This is our first indicator that a trend view pane Trajecta VTP – innovative panel that facilitates decision-making by using the trading signals indicator. The panel laid algorithm for determining best and worst signal periods. The information is provided in real-time using the following notation:

  • Grey Colour: probably a weak trend (usually at the beginning of the appearance of the signal)
  • Green color: probably a strong trend (a good time to partially close a position)
  • Blue colour: probably nearing the end of a strong trend
  • Red color: probably a bad sign (be prepared to stop the trade)

Trajecta VIB – Visual Testing indicator

Exerting a lot of effort to create the possibility to visualize the testing of trading signals indicator, we have developed a visual testing technology indicators – Trajecta VIB.

Our innovative system will allow for multiple testing on any pair and time frame with a single click.

To do this, you need to maximize the scale of the graph and visually compare the number of bars of green / blue and red bars. The more bars, the green / blue color, the better.

Quality Control Panel

Quality control panel displays information about the last signal and its quality:

  • version indicator
  • Strategy
  • The last signal (BUY or SELL)
  • Average signal period (the average length of all signals)
  • Signal quality (signal quality indicators in real-time)

alerts panel

You can activate alerts panel and receive messages when the signal changes of direction.

Step by step instructions on the use of

  1. Select a symbol for trade
  2. Select the period in which the sale will be conducted
  3. Wait to buy or sell signal (be patient when working on periods over M30)
  4. Align the Stop Loss and Take Profit
  5. If the signal quality in the description below the recommended trade signal, return to step 1 and adjust the steam and / or period.

Trajecta Cortex

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What’s going on in currency market

What’s going on in the currency market

Today Euro
got a clear driver to increase – for
due to strong business performance
activity in France and Germany. But
the market is in no hurry to buy in large quantities
single currency: German figure was
still lower than last month. And
Eurozone business activity
becomes lower, indicating that
a slowdown of the European economy.
The result of all these events – EUR / USD
It is trading at around 1.3260. Support
– at the levels of 1.3220 and 1.3100. Resistance
– at 1.3330 and 1.3400.

Yen remains
under the iron heel of consolidating
dollar. In addition, the forecast GDP growth
Japan this past day has been lowered more
than doubled. This is further made
yen fall. Today, USD / JPY
It is trading at 103.70. Resistance
It remains at 104.10, support – in the area

British pound
It shows a rather agonistic
behavior. On the one hand, retail
sales in the country have shown not the most
good statistics: they rose by only
0.1 m / m, although the predicted 0.4 m / m.
This triggered a wave of sales
“British.” However, growing the economy
rate of increase in the number of working
Places, household incomes are growing that
It allows us to hope for a quick
recovery of the British currency.
GBP / USD remains at
1.6580. Support – at 1.6560, resistance
– at 1.6740.

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All Pending Orders with StopLoss MT5

All Pending Orders with StopLoss MT5

All Pending Orders with StopLoss opens any combination of pending orders (Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit and Sell Limit) and close all existing pending orders.

When boolSL = true this script calculates one common value of the stop-loss for the first / last orders and set this value for all pending orders.

Input parameters

Before pending orders open a window of the input parameters, which can be edited:

  • DeleteAllPendings: in meaning true all pending orders (for the current currency) are removed. (Pending orders will not be created!).
  • Order_Type: Select the desired type of pending orders (Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit or Sell Limit).
  • boolSL: in meaning true Stop Loss It is set for each position.
  • Stop_Loss: Stop-loss.
  • InitLot: The size of the initial bid.
  • LotCoeff: in meaning 1 All pending orders will be the same size of the lot.
  • InitStep: The difference in points between two consecutive orders.
  • StepCoeff: in meaning 1 the distance between all the positions will be the same.
  • NumOfOrders: Number of pending orders to be placed on the chart.


  • If DeleteAllPendings = true, script will remove all existing pending orders for the current currency pair.
  • You must allow automated trading in the “Expert Advisors” (Tools->Options).

All Pending Orders with StopLoss MT5

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Eurozone in anticipation of trouble

Eurozone: in anticipation of trouble

If Germany, France and Italy did not find a way to lift the European economy afloat, the euro is doomed. Just a few years ago, the leaders of the euro area thought that after the storm finally came clear days. Due to the promises of Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank, to “do everything possible” to maintain currency, confidence has returned to the continent. It seemed as growth resumed, albeit at a slow pace. Distressed peripheral countries were restored after the adoption of the rescue and painful measures to reduce the budget deficit and improving the competitiveness of the programs. Unemployment, particularly among young people, remained extremely high, but at least it was reduced in most countries. Spreads on bonds fell sharply against the background of the fact that the financial markets have ceased to believe in the euro disintegration. It was an illusion. In recent years the euro area gave the boat again to flow. In the second quarter of their combined GDP stagnating in Italy again he slipped into a clear recession, French GDP remained unchanged, and even mighty Germany was faced with an unexpectedly strong decline in performance. The figures for the third quarter look anxious, partly because of the growth in the Eurozone will slow down even more because of Western sanctions against Russia. At the same time, inflation dropped to a dangerously low level, up to about 0.4%, well below the target of 2%, the European Central Bank. Because of this, there are fears that the euro area as a whole could become a victim of extensive deflation. The yield on German bonds is less than 1% – another harbinger of falling prices. The euro zone is in stark contrast with the United States and Britain, whose economy has been experiencing steady growth.

The fact that four years ago began as a banking crisis has turned into a crisis of growth, which now covers three major economies. Germany is teetering on the brink of recession. France gripped by stagnation. Italy’s GDP barely exceeds the level achieved at the input of the single currency 15 years ago. Since the share of these three countries account for two-thirds of the GDP of the Eurozone, growth in countries such as Spain and the Netherlands, can not compensate for their lethargy. The root causes of the new Europe of adversity are three very familiar and interrelated problems. The first – the lack of political leaders with courage and determination, which are necessary for the implementation of structural reforms to enhance competitiveness and, ultimately, the resumption of growth: large country lost two years, bought the promise of Mr. Draghi, to do “everything possible”. The second – the public is not sure of the acute need for radical change. And the third problem: despite the efforts of Mr. Draghi, the monetary and fiscal conditions are too stringent and restrict growth, which complicates the implementation of structural reforms.

Economic Reforms

In the euro area are noticeably different manifestations of these problems. But the most acute problems of all three appear in France. Recently, its president, Socialist Fransua Olland was forced to change the composition of the government to remove it from the Arno Monteburga that, despite the post of minister of economy, persistently criticized the current policy. Mr Hollande, who became president in 2012 on a promise of cloudless future, can hardly be called a reformer, like Thatcher. But after March, he appointed Manuel Valls Prime Minister, at least he has implemented the principles of public spending cuts, tax cuts and structural reforms. In theory, a new and more cohesive government might succeed, but public opinion is not ready for this. Mr Hollande is not just unpopular; in contrast to the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who led a strong case for tough reforms (still held), the French president was unable to convince voters that the pathological changes, including a reduction in the state budget, are inevitable. Instead, Mr. Monteburg and his team make a tempting offer: if the Eurozone will cancel the existing rules and allow an increase in the budget deficit and government spending, painful reforms will no longer be needed as the economy miraculously yourself get out of a dangerous situation.

Mr. Monteburg rights with respect to the third European problems: excessive austerity, mainly carried out in the continent Germany. At the annual economic meeting in Jackson Hole, Mr. Draghi implicitly admitted that in the euro area held too tight fiscal and monetary policy. He hinted that he was in favor of quantitative easing, and used by America and Britain and called to ensure that fiscal policy is more conducive to stimulate growth – a message that was clearly addressed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. That’s all it strongly insists on the respect of budgetary discipline in the euro area, just as the German Bundesbank most opposed to quantitative easing.

Angie, you’ve never tried

Despite the general gloom, it should be possible for the negotiations. If Mr. Hollande and Mr. Renzi will be able to show a sincere desire to carry out structural reforms, Ms. Merkel must agree on a less tight fiscal policy (including an increase in public investment in Germany) and a looser monetary policy. Close your eyes and imagine how these three leaders are working with the European Commission on the completion of the single market and the promotion of trade deals with the United States. Unfortunately, in reality, Ms. Merkel is no particular reason to believe France or Italy, when the external pressure exerted on them weakened, they immediately abandoned the commitment to reform. She also promoted Jean-Claude Juncker, to do nothing of the candidate, as president of the European Commission. So, it will be difficult. But without a new push by the European leaders will not resume growth, and deflation is restored. Japan experienced a lost decade in the 1990s., And is still struggling with the consequences. But unlike Japan, Europe is not a single and united country. If monetary union will bring only stagnation, unemployment and deflation, some people in the end will vote for an exit from the Eurozone. Due to the promise of Mr. Draghi set the lower limit of the national debt, backed the market risk related to the fact that financial pressure can cause the collapse. However, the political risk that one or more countries decide to abandon the single currency is constantly increasing. The euro crisis is not over, he was waiting on the horizon.

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Dashboard Critical Support and Resistance MT5 Demo

Dashboard Critical Support and Resistance MT5 Demo

The full version is available here.

Panel version is also available for use with a single pair: link.

There is a strong likelihood that the price rollback or breaks important levels of support and / or resistance. This panel will help you keep track of such important areas of support and resistance. Once the price closer to the important support and resistance levels in the area of ​​prevention (range warning zones can be set up), will be sent an alert or notification, and the indicator panel will turn red. Therefore, you do not have all day to sit by the monitor and keep track of schedules.

Dashboard Super Critical Support and Resistance Demo – this is a demo version of the product Dashboard Super Critical Support and Resistance, having full functionality the paid version except for the following

  1. Alerts and notifications are triggered only for the following levels: pivot S1, pivot R1, the daily pivot, opening day.
  2. It uses a fixed value of the warning zone range of 15 pips.


  • Choice of use to send alerts / notification function.
  • Adjustable warning range for each type of critical support / resistance levels.
  • Choice of use of critical support / resistance levels. By default they are all selected.
  • Adjustable position indicator panel

In order to cover the work necessary to make the following steps.

Important steps in front of a panel

  1. When you first launch the panel may require 3-5 minutes to download stories. When you run it takes a few minutes.
  2. All 28 characters must be available in the symbol box.
  3. The panel looked clear and accurate, it is recommended to use a black pattern. See. Screenshot 3.

Input parameters

  • Send Alert upon Signal – an alert when a signal
  • Send Notification upon Signal – to send notification when the signal
  • Use a support pivot 1
    • True: the price is included in the alert levels of support pivot area of ​​the cubicle to support the pivot points will be painted in red and will be sent an alert / notification
    • False: the action will not be executed
    • The same rule applies to subsequent levels / R
  • support for Pivot warning zone 1
  • True: the price is included in the alert levels of support pivot area of ​​the cubicle to support the pivot points will be painted in red and will be sent an alert / notification
  • The same rule applies to subsequent levels of warnings
  • Use a support pivot 2
  • Support warning zone for 2 Pivot
  • Use a support pivot 3
  • Pivot support for 3 warning zone
  • Use resistance pivot 1
  • prevention of the resistance zone Pivot 1
  • Use resistance pivot 2
  • prevention of the resistance zone Pivot 2
  • Use resistance pivot 3
  • prevention of the resistance zone Pivot 3
  • Use Daily Pivot – use daily pivot
  • Daily Pivot Warning Zone – Zone warning day pivot
  • Use Weekly Pivot – use weekly pivot
  • Weekly Pivot Warning Zone – Zone warning weekly pivot
  • Use Monthly Pivot – use the monthly pivot
  • Monthly Pivot Warning Zone – zone alert monthly pivot
  • Use Daily Open – use the value of the opening day
  • Daily Open Warning Zone – warning area daily open
  • Use 100 Round Point – rounding
  • 100 Round Point Warning Zone – warning zones
  • Use Previous Daily High – use the previous day high
  • Zone previous daily highs and lows
  • Use Previous Daily Low – use the previous day low
  • the previous low warning zone
  • Suffix – character suffix. For example: for ‘EURUSDx’ enter ‘x’ suffix, prefix, leave blank
  • Prefix: prefix symbol
  • X_axis: position of the panel on the X axis
  • Y_axis: position of the panel in y

Objects panel

See. Screenshots from 3 to 7

  1. Pair Tick Button – steam selection button. Selecting / deselecting happens with just one click.
  2. currency pair button
    • Click on the button to open a new window with the graph of the corresponding pair
  3. Current Price Column: show the current price of each pair.
  4. Buttons pair / Currency:
    • All: select all 28 pairs
    • None: deselect all pairs
    • EUR: select all pairs with EUR, such as EURUSD, EURJPY …
    • The same buttons for USD, GBP, JPY …
  5. Pivot Support1 / 2/3 Tick Panel – support the selection panel on the pivot 1/2/3
  6. Pivot Support1 / 2/3 Values ​​and Panels – value selection panel support for pivot 1/2/3
  7. Pivot Resistanc1 / 2/3 Tick Panel – resistance selection panel according pivot 1/2/3
  8. Pivot Resistance1 / 2/3 Values ​​and Panels – value selection panel support for pivot 1/2/3
  9. Panel selection day / weekly / monthly pivot
  10. The values ​​of the selection panel a day / weekly / monthly pivot
  11. selection panel opening day / maximum of the last of the day / minimum of the last day
  12. The values ​​of the selection panel opening day / maximum of the last of the day / minimum of the last day

If you have any individual request and / or suggestion, contact me.

Dashboard Critical Support and Resistance MT5 Demo

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Skalpingovy automatic advisor Fractalist uses the pending orders with predetermined levels stop-loss and take profit installed at selected using fractals filters.

For best results it is recommended to use the ECN account with narrow spreads and fast execution of orders, fast VPS, and rebate service.


  • simple setup
  • for all currency pairs
  • from the expansion of the spread protection
  • virtual stop-loss and take-profit
  • Trailing Stop
  • split system – closing profitable parts orders
  • money management system with full control of the risks
  • minimum drawdown
  • do not use high-risk strategies such as martingale, grid, hedging, etc.

Input parameters

  • MagicId – a unique number adviser;
  • RangePeriodtimeframe for finding fractals;
  • RangeMinSize – the minimum allowable distance for installation orders between the opposite fractals;
  • ColdStart – immediate installation (true) pending orders at the start or restart the adviser; waiting time of opening orders (false);
  • HS, MS – the time (hours and minutes) placing pending orders;
  • HE, ME – the time (hours and minutes) remove deposits or closing of open orders;
  • MaxLot – maximum lotnost one order;
  • MaxSpread – maximum spread value for setting the order;
  • SpreadChecking – when the (true) is checked spread on each tick. In case of exceeding values MaxSpread orders are deleted, while reducing the spread to acceptable values ​​- set anew;
  • Virtual – when the (true) level stop loss and take profit is not physically installed, and controlled by an adviser;
  • LotType – Mode lotnosti orders:
    • LotManual – lotnost corresponds to a value of each order MainLot;
    • LotRisk – lotnost each order is calculated on the basis of the level of risk FactorRisk;
    • LotAuto – lotnost multiply each order is changed based on the ratio of funds account size and FactorAuto.
  • MainLot – lotnost one order (effective mode LotManual);
  • FactorRisk – the maximum allowable loss for each order as a% of AccountEquity (acts as mode LotRisk);
  • FactorAuto – the amount of funds AccountEquity account for each value MainLot ((Effective mode and LotAuto);
  • Takeprofit – Take-Profit, Pip;
  • Stoploss – stop-loss, pip;
  • Trailing – switch (true) or off (false) mode trailing stop;
  • TrailStart – number of pips from the opening price the order in which the switched trailing stop mode;
  • TrailStop – the maximum number of pips from the price to the stop-loss at a trailing stop mode;
  • Split – switch (true) or off (false) split mode – a partial closing of the order of $ SplitLot every SplitStep pips;
  • SplitStart – number of pips from the opening price the order in which the split mode is activated;
  • SplitStep – step mode split;
  • SplitLot – % Of the remaining volume of the order of obstruction at each step;
  • ShiftUp – offset price setting orders relative to the upper boundary of the corridor (>0 – above the limit, <0 – below the limit), pip;
  • ShiftDn – offset price setting orders relative to the lower limit of the corridor (>0 – below the limit, <0 – above the boundary) pip;
  • ShowInfo – the inclusion of (true) or off (false) information panel (recommended to turn off during testing and optimization);
  • InfoFontColor, InfoFontSize – color and size of the dashboard text.

The default is set for GBPUSD H1.

All products


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Currency market When ruble falls

Currency market. When ruble falls

Ruble still surprises with its
resistance under the weight of negative factors. Brent crude continues
fall. Breaking the mark of $ 49.00. / Bbl. only a matter of time.

Currency market When ruble falls

Despite the fact that the conflict and the rupture of diplomatic relations
Qatar initially helped Brent rise in connection with the threat of failure in
supplies, a few hours later the price went down again. This is due to the new
wave of fear that the fate of the agreement reached in May, is now under threat.
A further objective will be the level of 48.50 dollars. / Bbl. Continued on site

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