The product displays the graph data on your broker and run. The indicator shows the correct time (GMT on brokerage server) only at the working market. Spread displayed for the current chart / pair. The product can be used by advisers or other indicators.


  • SizeBackground1 – the size of the background.
  • SizeBackground2 – the size of the frame.
  • PositionUnDn – the location of the data in the chart.


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SARTraderAdvisor is based on the Parabolic SAR.

All settings are configured, and their purpose is obvious. The biggest problem with SAR – stop this trade. So I made a hybrid robot.

You can give the robot to work independently or to help him a little bit. When you consider that it has already made enough, or you are expecting the arrival of bad news, just shut down the expert by clicking the button STOP TRADE.

Equity and balance are displayed in large type, so you can see them being far away from the screen.

The default settings are designed for trading in USDJPY M30. You can trade on any character from any broker with a 4 or 5 digit quotes.

There is an additional function of stopping the trade when it reaches a certain percentage of positive equity.


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VR Small Chart

VR Small Chart

Indicator displays a separate graph of the small size of the operating window, the principle minigrafikov MT5.

Possible collapse / expand the schedule, change the schedule tool chart period, displaying the timeline and price scales.

The program works in the strategy tester and may change during minigrafikov.


  • Select symbols – All Symbols: All symbols are supplied by the broker, Only market watch: only those characters that are present in the market review
  • Prefix – two letters to separate multiple display copies (at start more than one copy indicator on the one chart Prefix shall be different)
  • Colors Skins – color schemes, setting Manual can customize your own scheme, using the parameters described below
  • Background – background color
  • Border – color fringes window
  • Border width – thickness of the rims of the window
  • Button – the color buttons
  • Button border – color fringes buttons
  • Button pressed – the color of the pressed button
  • Button text – the color of the button text
  • Price text – the color of the price scale
  • Price background – the color of the marker of the current price
  • Price border – color fringes marker current price
  • Current price – the color of the current price
  • Buy body – the body color of the Bull Candle
  • Buy border – color fringes and shadows bullish candle
  • Sell ​​body – the body color of the Bear Candle
  • Sell ​​border – color fringes and shadows bearish candle


When testing the indicator in the strategy tester, do not set the test speed slider to the maximum value!

At maximum speed indicator may slow down, as required to process a large amount of data per millisecond.

VR Small Chart


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February minor under pressure of global markets

February minor under the pressure of global markets

So, briefly to go back to what was discussed in the previous reviews. Toward the close of last week, we recommend to reduce long positions that allowed to fix a great profit. The prerequisites for such a decision were mainly the following factors: market showed advanced growth, entered the area of ​​resistance and because of the wave nature was close to the transition in the correction phase, which could take place either in terms of consolidation, with a strong market or in the face of declining . At the same time, the beginning of last week did not allow to form an opinion about the future dynamics, because the market has completed a wave of growth is higher than expected for the MICEX index level of 1,750 points. Stop occurred above a mark in 1790 points. From Monday to Wednesday in the last week, the main recommendation was to remain on the sidelines as new purchases at such high levels, did not provide acceptable parameters of risk management, and for speculative play on the slide required retest local maximum. And now, since last Thursday, there are some conditions for a game for a fall, as stated in the daily review of the day. The MICEX index in the first hours of trading last Thursday, managed to rise from the level of 1746 points to 1787 points, that is, again reached the area, from which began the previous decline, risk parameters, timing and general attitude enabled to form an opinion in favor of the recommendation. On Friday, the MICEX index has attempted to test the mark of 1,800 points, but no more. The last previous review was written, that such attempts of growth should not be taken at face value.

In this sense, the start of a new week, finally began to bear fruit, as the dynamics of the index took a top-down in nature. The MICEX Index is currently (as of 13:30 Moscow time) fell by 1.4%, returning to support in 1755 points. In this situation, although it is more common dynamics match the size of the consolidation within the boundaries of 1750-1800 points, the probability of leaving the area below the support quotations considerably higher. Therefore, those who joined our recommendations at the end of last week, it is necessary to continue to hold the position since the downward dynamics of development in the next day or two can put the nature of the auction from the side to the downward, which will provide a greater profit. At the same time, if the mark of 1750 points will stand, and the market is surprisingly able to maintain its strength, it will allow to abandon the idea at minimum cost. The key points of support, where the bulls would provide resistance levels are close to the values ​​of 1750 points, 1725 points and 1700 points. Overall, February, according to the technical picture on the monthly chart of the MICEX index has a tendency to an end on a minor note. And the main reason of such dynamics, to a greater extent, there will be changes in global markets, from the influence of which domestic assets are unlikely to be able to distance themselves.

Alexey Kuzmin, an analyst with IC “Okay Broker

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HotKeys MT4

HotKeys MT4

Utility for manual trading using “hot keys”. It allows you to instantly respond to the current market situation. “Shortcuts” can be assigned to the opening position by type, closing of positions by type or all items on the current schedule, the removal of all orders on the current chart. “Shortcuts” can also be set at five predefined trading volume and switch between them depending on the situation without the need to periodically change the volume manually. It is also possible to set automatic calculation of trading volume as a percentage of available funds.


  • It works on any type of account with any broker.
  • Easy, intuitive interface.
  • It can be moved around the workspace and arrange in any convenient location.
  • When restarting stores its location entered parameters.
  • It consumes minimal PC resources.
  • “Shortcuts” – You can assign any keyboard shortcuts for opening / closing a position / positions, except those that are predefined in the terminal.
  • Instant reaction to the program by pressing a “hot key”

Working with utility

  • Main window – It has two input fields into which you can enter the values ​​manually after a mouse click on the desired field. One field displays the current size of the lot, which will be opened by pressing the appropriate “hot keys”. The second field displays the percentage entered the automatic calculation of the trading volume of available funds or zero, in which case the sale will be carried out by static trading volume.
  • Preferences window – You can enter a combination of two keys CTRL + any key, SHIFT + any key or single key. To input the hotkey, click on the desired field, and then will be prompted to “Press Key” (the program waits for pressing the desired key), after entering click the mouse anywhere on the current chart. To remove unnecessary longer combination, click on the entry field of “hot keys”. The field is cleared. Now click on any empty space on the current chart.

Attention: The panel does not work in the strategy tester, due to technical limitations!

An evaluation version can be downloaded here.

If you need more commercial functions, you might be interested in trading utility FastTrade, also has “Hot Keys”.

HotKeys MT4

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MM error for discussion at forum

MM error – for discussion at the forum

The error lies in looking at the deposit as a separate entity. Excuse me, but you read the book? Attentively ?? or stand before the eyes of millions of unknown and reigns on Wall Street …

In all (I underline – all), books dedicated to MM, investing and money management in black and white, red thread spelled out simple truths:

  1. We considered all personal capital as a whole
  2. capital invested in proportion to the markets / assets with different risk, return and liquidity
  3. Purpose of investments – is the preservation and enhancement of the total capital
  4. all this economy is controlled by personal budget and its rules
  5. and finally domestic rule – the income is that you can freely spend, rather than numbers with a broker

as soon as the MM (or current account figures) are in conflict with this there is a chance to fly from the market in general.

In principle, the normal approach may be considered:

  • the initial investment (initial depot) – less than 1% of personal assets (less risky investments)
  • allowable replenishment (and respectively the total risk for the transactions drawdown.) – not more than 5% of net income, that is, the sum of which is not hit hard on the personal pocket.
  • removed (displayed in a less risky and more liquid form) ALL cream.
  • deposit only increases as the total personal capital.

Of course following these rules will not work "deposit crackdown", or "Ferrari in a year" 🙂

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