Screencast Maks Kayzer financial crisis was followed

Screencast: Maks Kayzer. The financial crisis was followed by a bank

In the markets of the economic disaster, and it began with the Persian Gulf – all the markets are falling. In the next issue of the transfer "Overview Max Keizer" trying to understand what the future of our economies.

"Fed bubble burst" – the newspaper writes Bloomberg. We are waiting for a new financial crisis? And after him – the bank? And all because of falling world oil prices. But the companies involved in the production of shale oil and gas, thrown into
the market a large amount of bonds to finance their business – this
Fed policy has contributed a lot. And How
Now pay?

Meanwhile in the UK are developing rapidly
IT-technologies, as well as online TV. This tells
Program guest – TV presenter and former banker Brayan Rouz.


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Canadian Dollar on Wednesday evening has surprised

Canadian Dollar on Wednesday evening has surprised traders

Last night
the Canadian dollar was literally
a state of “free fall” when
The Bank of Canada unexpectedly announced that
reduces the rate from 1.00% to 0.75%. The pair USD / CAD,
for example, the Canadian fell more than 300
points. Now the pair has steadily
It is trading at levels of about 1.23 – to 10:50
by MSK at around 1.2358.

Yesterday’s reports showed that wholesale
Canadian sales in November fell by
0.3%, while expected to only 0.2%. Later, the head of the Bank of Canada delivered a speech,
Now many couples with Canadian gradually adjusted to higher levels.
For example, the pair AUD / CAD yesterday
rose from the level of 0.9924 to 1.0036, and today
It traded near the level of 1.0000.

USD / CAD rose yesterday,
After a few levels of resistance.
The pair has traded almost unchanged
Asian and European sessions, but
in the US rose sharply. Now
Resistance is expected at
1.2387, support – at the level of 1.2261. It is possible to rise to 1.30 within a few months.

In addition to these pairs
Canadian shaken as the position of pairs
EUR / CAD, NZD / CAD, CAD / CHF (see

Canadian Dollar on Wednesday evening has surprised

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US SEC has attended to safety of informants sneak

US SEC has attended to the safety of informants, sneak

– Commission for the Securities and Exchange Commission
– early check for that, are not subject to
Does it harassed informants
within their corporations. Employees,
that notice within their companies
corporate violations may report
this regulator. The company is unlikely
I feel great joy about it,
and now the SEC
began to fear that her informants
may be subjected to repression and
negative attitudes at work.

the last few weeks, according to
informed sources Wall
Street Journal, SEC sent
letters to a number of companies in which required
to provide certain documents,
which theoretically can show
employees oppression facts. For example,
Sometimes corporations require written
failure employees from profits that
those obtained by “yabednichestva”
(In most cases this financial
remuneration). In this case, disappear
almost all incentives “knock” on
home company but deep feelings
satisfaction. SEC this practice
to expose and stop.

2011 SEC program
reward informants realized
almost 20 times payment is usually not
exceeded $ 1 million. but
One particularly corrosive informant
nayabednichali of 58 million dollars, “surrendering”
their employer – Bank
of America, which
subsequently fined 16.65 billion. Each
year since SEC
thousands of slander, but the real
investigations begin only in small
share of them, because the informant must
report a significant regulator,
accurate and detailed information,
and more desirable to complete the documentary

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First transactions on MasterCard cards across

The first transactions on MasterCard cards across the NBTS were successful

The first “five”
Russian banks (Gazprombank, “Russia”
SMP Bank, “Alexander” and MDM Bank)
from January 30, “including” a new channel
processing domestic transactions
of MasterCard cards. These banks have spent the first full-fledged operations through processing
NBTS center.

About the first results of the transition to processing
NBTS reports the Central Bank of the Russian Federation –
through it pass all the calculations
new payment system.

Recall that the connection
NBTS to be completed by 31 March.
In mid-January, the Russian branch
MasterCard signed a contract with the NBTS to transfer
Clearing operations in the country. AT
the end of January of the same intent
said Visa, but still it is not an agreement with

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Another floating currency will be hryvnia National

Another floating currency will be the hryvnia – the National Bank of Ukraine raises

National Bank
Ukraine 6 February raises key
the discount rate by 5.5 percentage points and actually
let the hryvnia in the “free floating”
t. To. The stop control
currency rate fixing. Ukrainian
regulator went to these measures on the recommendation of
The International Monetary Fund.

The key rate in the country
It amounts to 19.5% from Friday (today – 14%), according to the
a statement of the National Bank of Ukraine. regulator
also cancels the daily exchange
auctions. According to the head of the National Bank
Valeriy Gontareva regulator
retain some administrative
measures, including mandatory sale
foreign exporters and revenue
restrictions on individual currency purchases.

The foreign exchange market is still
It is in “panic”
– Gontareva told reporters today.
International reserves of Ukraine today
at the lowest level in 11 years. In past
year, the hryvnia exchange rate has shown the maximum
decline against the dollar – the national currency
fell by 48%, Bloomberg reported.

Now in Kyiv works
IMF mission. government of Ukraine
hopes for financial assistance plus
the $ 17 billion, which contributed to the country
in the past year. On Tuesday, the Minister
Finance of Ukraine Natalia Yaresko
He said that the country needed an additional $ 15

At 14:13 MSK on the pair USD / UAH trading at 16.4755.

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Is Eurogroup reconcile Germany and Greece Providing

Is Eurogroup reconcile Germany and Greece? Providing bailout questioned

Today ministers
Finance Eurozone and Greece third
again meet to try again
come to a common agreement. will
extend the bailout program for Greece
after Germany on Thursday
rejected attempts to change the terms of Athens
the current agreement – while under

Yesterday, Athens and Berlin
exchanged mutual claims that
again showed to what
extent complicated relations of Greece
and Germany after the coming to power of the left
SYRIZA coalition. Greek government
It confirms that it will not change
the wording of its request for an extension
aid program – it simply gives
the possibility of the Eurogroup on Friday to take
the proposal or reject it. About
This writes The Financial Times. "it
It shows who wants to find
decision, and who is not", – he told the newspaper
one of the Greek officials.

Germany, as reported
Bloomberg, at the meeting demanded
Greece drafting a new request,
which would consist of two or three sentences,
talking about what she asks for extension
the current program and is ready to perform
all conditions.

By the way, the final request
Greece looks like this: the government
asks countries to extend assistance program
"on mutually acceptable financial and
administrative conditions". Again
the representative of Germany said on
meeting of the working group that the Greek
policy deliberately used this
formulation and to fear it
"Trojan horse" – that phrase can
used for the destruction of the present
cooperation schemes. The letter also
nowhere does not explicitly refer willingness
Greece to checks and inspections by
creditors. As reported back in
midweek, Athens promise not
take unilateral steps and
We are willing to strive for a successful conclusion

According to Berlin’s
He writes The Wall Street Journal, any rash
Athens concessions may be dangerous
than a Greek exit from the eurozone, because
they can give effect to the left
populist parties in other European
countries – in Spain or Portugal,
eg. Other members of
European Union are more
peacefully and believe that the fact of
letters of request direction is already
a good sign, it means ready to Athens

Recall that before
Greece refuses to do
the extension of the current conversation
program and its policy asked for
bridge loan for three months, and during this
time to negotiate and revise
all conditions of cooperation with creditors.

According to the respondents
edition of The Financial Times Europe
officials, a compromise Friday quite
It can be achieved. If Greece’s application
is rejected, the country actually
March 1 remains without external support
– The European Central Bank will roll
aid program Greek banks, and
They soon encounter
lack of money for debt service.
The most pessimistic scenario – it
Greek exit from the eurozone.

By 10:19 on MSK EUR / USD pair continued reduction and trading at 1.1346 (0.19% drop).

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How will QE details of program

How will the QE: the details of the program

The European central
Bank released information yesterday
how the program will work quantitative
easing QE. Among other conditions, the future of QE, which starts next Monday, the document contains a list of organizations and institutions,
whose debt the ECB will buy in the first

Here are the basic facts reported by the Bloomberg news agency:

– Purchases under the
program will begin March 9. In total,
the complexity of the volume of purchases will amount to 60 billion
euros per month.

– The ECB will buy
debt with a negative yield until
they will not lower rates on deposits
European Central Bank at the time of purchase. Deposit rate
The ECB is currently 0.2%.

– If the central bank
the euro zone will not be able to buy enough
debt instruments to perform
its location, the ECB will replace
purchases. This regulation is replaced by purchases
should allow the ECB to introduce their target
60 billion euros each month in the market.

– The ECB will not buy
More than 25% of the shares of any one type,
to avoid blocking the majority
companies in the event of any restructuring

– The ECB will buy
only in the secondary market.

– The ECB will buy
debts maturing
only 2 to 30 years.

– The ECB made a list
international and supranational
organizations and institutions whose duty is

Council of Europe Development Bank

European Atomic Energy Community

European Financial Stability

European Stability Mechanism

European Investment Bank

European Union

Nordic Investment Bank

Caisse d’amortissement de la dette
sociale (CADES)

union Nationale
Interprofessionnelle pour l’Emploi dans l’Industrie et le Commerce

Instituto de Credito Oficial

Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau

Landeskreditbank Baden-Wurttemberg

Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank


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In Europe multidirectional dynamics miners in

In Europe, multidirectional dynamics, miners in a minor key

Europe on Monday departs from the recent
Rally: very weak Chinese figures
knocked down mining stocks
companies. However, information on transactions
mergers and acquisitions helped save
the main European indices afloat.
At the time of 17.25 MSK composite index of the largest
European industrial companies Euro
Stoxx 50 added 0.46%; CAC 40
increased by 0.37%. But the DAX and
FTSE lost 0.04% and 0.22%

Nokia added 2% on the news
the possible sale of its units,
dealing cards. 5.9% added
Sydbank shares after
group presented the return program
redemption of shares.

We feel bad today
mining firms: BHP
Billiton and Anglo American lost
to 2% each. In addition to all the troubles
mining sector, Citigroup
also downgraded Metal
and mining industries to
“Neutral”. Today analytical
Bank department lowered its forecast
the cost of iron ore to 36 dollars
per tonne in the third quarter, more
strongly weakened the position of the miners on

Volkswagen declined 1.7% quotes:
here erupted management
a crisis. Chief executive officer
Corporation, Martin Winterkorn, going
to fight for his position, although on Saturday
it became known that he had lost the confidence

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Next deadline for Greece Five days before disaster

The next deadline for Greece. Five days before the disaster

Greece did not time left.
In early April, the government should
will make payments on bonds
– and will not be able to do so, unless
receives fresh tranche from creditors
from the euro zone.

the fact that the clock has already started ticking, with
rather alarmingly, an additional
pressure on the country continues to grow.
On the ECB this week ruled out Greek
banks from its program of buying up
short-term government debt
securities (the analog of our T-bills). These papers were
an important source of funding for
Greek government for
this stressful period.

this week, Greek Prime Minister Alexis
Tsipras met in Germany with Angela
Merkel, in another attempt to weaken
the tension between the two countries.
The visit seems to have been useful, but with Greece
and have not removed the requirement to hold a number
economic reforms and to allow external
intervention in the economy. otherwise
country will not receive more money from the EU.
Greece was given another “last time”
and this term – Monday. After five
days country must submit a plan
reforms and prove to his colleagues
the eurozone that its “repair”
in the economy will lead the country into conformity
high requirements. If colleagues
agree to this plan – the country will receive
1.3 billion euros, which will pay for
its debt obligations. – if not, apparently, it is declared defaulted.

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European stocks rose on Monday

European stocks rose on Monday,

yesterday, the European
stock exchanges favorably
responded to mitigation requirements
commercial banks in China. it
suggests that in the near future
China’s economy will be fine
stimulated, and therefore increase
the intensity of trade with
European markets.

Stoxx Europe 600 up
0,8%, FTSE 100 rose by 0.82%; SAS
40 firmed 0.86%. 1.74 bounced DAX,
after playing a little drop of
Following last week.

mostly Chinese news acted
in the primary sector, in Europe very
revived mining companies.
BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto increased
quotes 2.5% each.

news also had an impact on
indexes. Tesco Plc fell
0.7%: tomorrow it will publish its annual
statements for the previous financial
year, but the press already leaked
rumors that a major fixed

HSBC Holdings, on the contrary,
added 2.3% of value after low
recommendation from Goldman Sachs.

5.2% jumped
stock price Telenet Group Holding:
Belgian telecommunications
the company buys its division
Dutch rival Royal
KPN NV-Base for 1.33 billion euros.

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