Euro falls before announcement of results of

Euro falls before the announcement of the results of the ECB meeting

By 14:49 MSK pair EUR / USD
I dropped to the level of 1.0594
(0.59% decrease) a closing layer
1.0655. According to analysts, the European
the currency is losing ground because of another
the European Central

Today is the
ECB meeting, which announced
decision on rates. according to
According to information portals, the regulator
It left rates at the same low level
to 0.05%, as analysts had expected. what
As for other rates, economists
predict the rate on deposits
the level of -0.2%, a marginal rate –
around 0.3%.

expect any changes in the program
repurchase assets so quickly. in any
case, the ECB is likely to repeat that
its actions depend on the statistical data".
– said Commerzbank strategist in London, Peter

Investors expect that
ECB meeting today will raise the key
issues, including program
quantitative easing deflation
euro area, the dynamics of the GDP of the eurozone countries. At 15:30 MSK on Wednesday to begin
A press conference by ECB President Mario Draghi,
which is usually strongly influences the course

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Yen was rising dollar continues to fall euro

The yen was rising, the dollar continues to fall, the euro has updated two-month highs

Thursday the yen rising against the dollar after
how the Bank of Japan did not expand
performance of its monetary
stimulation. By 10:45 MSK USDJPY stands
at the level of 118.93. The annual rate of increase
the monetary base in the central bank remains
at 80 trillion yen a year by buying
government bonds and risky assets.

Mo Siong, FX strategist Bank of Singapur,
said that, probably, the dollar
will remain for some time in the range of
117 – 122?.
“At this stage we do not see any
catalysts obvious weakening
Japanese currency “, – he said.

The Bank of Japan will take a wait
for some time now in Japan there
though weak, but still economic growth.

the greenback is constrained
disappointing statistics
data: the US economy has almost stood on
place during the first quarter.
In a statement, representatives of the Federal Reserve
said yesterday that the economic downturn
– a temporary phenomenon, but still
do not plan to in the near future to increase
interest rate.

euro jumped to a two-month
high against the dollar and continues to
grow today: EURUSD
10.57 on Thursday at around 1.1219,
something not seen since 26 February. it
takes place against the background of the dollar falls,
and because fears of deflation in Europe

Murata, currency strategist at Brown
Brothers Harriman (Tokyo)
He says: “Based on the fundamental
Data, I think the rebound is too
strong, and it is – an opportunity to leave
in short positions on the euro. ”

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Quotes of gold fell

Quotes of gold fell

response to the strengthening of the dollar and
rapidly unfolding events
Gold in Greece dropped to $ 1
168.60 to 16.01 MSK. The situation with the Greek
the crisis was not able to give precious
push up the corresponding metal,
and now, when it was reported
Tsipras agreement on most of the conditions
lenders, investors are still intensively
out of the safe-haven asset. pressure on
gold have strong economic
data from the US, which increase
the likelihood of a quick recovery rate

the situation remains
tense: the actual default by Greece
It took place, and the danger of the country’s output
from the euro zone is still high. Therefore,
soon on the market, including
and raw materials, expected to be high

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Ruble depreciates with oil dollar to 66 2 rubles

Ruble depreciates with oil: the dollar to 66.2 rubles, euro 70.1 rubles..

Russian ruble
ends week in the red – in the morning on the Moscow currency trading
exchange the national currency is losing ground.
Depreciation of the ruble is associated with the fall
of oil prices and geopolitical
news about the relations between Turkey
and Russia – want to protect investors
themselves and sell assets. A bit of holding back
weakening of local sales ruble
Currency for the payment of income tax
next Monday.

By 14:57 MSK pair USD / RUB
trading at
66.269 (+ 0.54%), and EUR / RUB –
at 70.139 (+ 0.38%). Prior to that, the dollar
up to 66.33 rubles, euro -. up
70.51 rubles.

Barrel Brent oil trading for $ 45.15, 0.7% lower closure.
According to experts, today’s movement
Oil continues downward. quotes
Oil falls on weak statistical background
China and countries in anticipation of the meeting
OPEC, which will be held next
week. aggravation of geopolitical
situation and the end of the tax
period put pressure on the ruble, so he
shows weakness, – analysts say.

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EU Council lifted sanctions against Lukashenko

EU Council lifted sanctions against Lukashenko and Belarus

The EU lifted the sanctions against Belarus and the country’s president Alexander Lukashenko. On Monday, it became known at the end of the European Council meeting. In particular, it was decided not to extend the restrictions against 170 individuals and three companies.

This decision will come into force from the moment we publish them in the Official Journal of the EU on Tuesday, 16 February.

The lifting of sanctions will allow to defrost in European banking assets and lifting the ban on the entry of persons in the region who were on the sanctions list. However, the Council decided to leave the prohibited arms and special equipment to Belarus.

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Fisher Kuskus for MT5

Fisher Kuskus for MT5

Indicator Fisher Kuskus scalpers used on a smaller timeframe, eg, M1.

Now Fisher Kuskus indicator available in the MetaTrader platform.

Input parameters:

  • Period – the period for calculating the indicator.
  • PriceSmoothing – price smoothing value from 0.0 to 0.99
  • IndexSmoothing – smoothing index value from 0.0 to 0.99

The indicator can be used on any currency pair. It can also be
used in other assets, such as equities, commodities, futures.

Fisher Kuskus for MT5

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AUDUSD Now Selling Credit Agricole

AUD / USD: Now Selling – Credit Agricole

* Credit Agricole – largest bank and one of the largest companies in France. Ramified branch network and the value of assets allows us to consider the largest banking group in France and one of the largest in the world.

The Bank says that AUD was in demand throughout most of the year.

But CA believes that the AUD at risk of corrective decline.

In the short term, the bank predicts a return closer to 0.70.

Signals are copied, distributed, and to earn $

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MM error for discussion at forum

MM error – for discussion at the forum

The error lies in looking at the deposit as a separate entity. Excuse me, but you read the book? Attentively ?? or stand before the eyes of millions of unknown and reigns on Wall Street …

In all (I underline – all), books dedicated to MM, investing and money management in black and white, red thread spelled out simple truths:

  1. We considered all personal capital as a whole
  2. capital invested in proportion to the markets / assets with different risk, return and liquidity
  3. Purpose of investments – is the preservation and enhancement of the total capital
  4. all this economy is controlled by personal budget and its rules
  5. and finally domestic rule – the income is that you can freely spend, rather than numbers with a broker

as soon as the MM (or current account figures) are in conflict with this there is a chance to fly from the market in general.

In principle, the normal approach may be considered:

  • the initial investment (initial depot) – less than 1% of personal assets (less risky investments)
  • allowable replenishment (and respectively the total risk for the transactions drawdown.) – not more than 5% of net income, that is, the sum of which is not hit hard on the personal pocket.
  • removed (displayed in a less risky and more liquid form) ALL cream.
  • deposit only increases as the total personal capital.

Of course following these rules will not work "deposit crackdown", or "Ferrari in a year" ๐Ÿ™‚

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#AAPL work on current situation

#AAPL work on the current situation.

May 12 on the selection of the shares was made the purchase of an asset with the calculated goals to 97.00.

At the time of buying the shares protorgovyvalis near 90.00 and it has been justly noted for their low cost. Despite the convictions "fathers" a few careless purchase of the asset, it was produced.

On the target 93.00, followed by 97.00 and 98.00 partially closed position, and were made fully worked into a plus with a good profit.

application for sale after the opening of trading on until 99.50 to 99.10 to the minimum targets are now exposed.

#AAPL work on current situation

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Outflow of capital from Russia was reduced five

The outflow of capital from Russia was reduced five times in six months

Since the beginning of this year to June net capital outflow from Russia fell by almost five times. So, in annual terms, the figure was $ 10.5 billion, from the data of the Central Bank of Russia.

According to the regulator, the rapid drop in the intensity of repayment of external liabilities, “accompanied by some recovery in demand for foreign assets from other sectors.”

It should be noted that in April, the Bank of Russia reported that net capital outflow from the country decreased by 4.7 times compared to the values โ€‹โ€‹of same period last year, when it amounted to 32.9 billion dollars.

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