Account Protection

Account Protection

This simple EA protects your account against unexpected major subsidence caused by the work of other advisors. The product is designed to supplement the counselors do not have their protection against subsidence mechanisms.

Many trading robots that are sold in the store, do not allow to adjust the drawdown. Of course, if your position is closed by margin calls due to the adviser, in excess of the allowable losses, to do something too late. Account Protection Advisor allows you to avoid this situation by closing your position immediately upon reaching a certain level of drawdown (in percent) or after a specified time.

Warning: Use the product at your own risk. Make sure that your trading strategy adviser compatible with Account Protection work. Otherwise there is a risk of large losses.


  • PercentageToClose = 80.0: Close your position when it reaches the specified value equity (as a percentage of the account balance). Thus, if the equity of your account falls to 80% of all trades are closed. Maximum drawdown in this case would be 20%
  • FiftyPercentAlarm = false: Activate an alert if the drawdown is already halfway to the value of the previous parameter (in this example, the alert triggered when a 10% loss)
  • TewntyPercentAlarm = false: Activate an alert if loss left to grow for another 20% to the value of the first parameter (in this example, the alert triggered when a 16% loss)
  • CloseTime = false: True if all transactions are closed at certain parameter alarm time.
  • alarm = 145: The closing of all transactions at CloseTime, to true. Use the time of your broker. For example, to close all trades at 8:55 brokerage time, enter 855. To close the deal at 20:55, enter 2055
  • XpanelDistance = 1250: The location of the dashboard. Increasing the value is shifted upwards to the right panel. With a decrease – up to the left.

Account Protection

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Four Signals

Four Signals

Advisor for trading 10 minute binary options.

Advisor continuously analyzes at least four different indicator and increases the confidence probability trade.

The analysis takes place on at least RSI, CCI, Stochastic indicator and Bollinger Bands.

The expert has a high accuracy at a very volatile and especially currencies on the goods.

The user can set:

  1. The length of time expiration
  2. Thresholds trade confidence levels
  3. Multipliers for specific indicators
  4. investment amount

The main factors. Other input parameters:

  • The name of the log file
  • Folder for storing logs
  • Use sound alerts or not
  • Minutes of the beginning and end
  • Multipliers and RSI thresholds
  • Multipliers and thresholds CCI
  • Multipliers and thresholds Bollinger Band
  • Multipliers and thresholds Stochastic

The multipliers multiply the value of RSI, CCI, Bollinger and Stochastic a predetermined number of user with user-specified thresholds. In fact it adds the values ​​of factors and gives confidence probability. Once reached or exceeded the level of trust (confidence level as defined by the user), the trade will be carried out automatically, and the notification will be sent to the mobile device and the screen.

Notifications and History is also saved in a log file in the CSV format, so that traders can analyze their data.

This expert may be used in conjunction with many other plug-in binary options for MetaTrader 4, or as an independent adviser. Orders are placed using BO API plug-in, but if you do not use the plug-in, you will still be able to trade and receive signals to your mobile device, or in the form of pop-up windows in your MetaTrader 4 terminal.

Four Signals

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SSA Stochastic Limited Edition

SSA Stochastic Limited Edition

version “stochastic oscillator“Algorithms using singular spectrum analysis

SSA It is an effective treatment method nonstationary time series with unknown internal structure. It is used to determine the major components (trend, and seasonal fluctuations of the wave), a smoothing and noise suppression. The method allows us to find previously unknown frequency range and build a forecast on the basis of the detected periodic patterns.

Indicator signals are identical to the original display signals, but have the important advantage – do not have the time delay with respect to the price dynamics and more accurately and synchronously reflect variability behavior price series. This is achieved due to the fact that “SSA-% D” signal is realized not moving average, and low-pass filtering using SSA algorithm. Accordingly, this indicator is spared from this apparent lack, like the delay.

Custom filtering noise can significantly reduce the number of false signals, typical for the original indicator.

Built forecast for “SSA-% K” and “SSA-% D” take into account the totality of the detected different scale factors that determine the behavior of the price range and can be used to reduce the risks in the strategy.

The characteristic behavior of the indicator signals and interpretation correspond to the same stochastic properties.

For the convenience of the user given as the original “% K” and “% D”, and upgraded “SSA-% K” and “SSA-% D” evaluation.

Version of “Limited” has some restrictions in the settings, and LED control.


  1. K period – observation period
  2. D period – smoothing period
  3. Slowing – the period of re-smoothing
  4. Algorithm – prediction method
  5. N: Data fragment – a fragment of a number of% K for analysis
  6. Time-dependent lag – window effect of history on the value at the point
  7. % K high-frequency limit – noise filtering option for the treatment of “% K”.
  8. % D frequency limit – parameter smoothing and filtering to construct “% D”.
  9. Forecast smoothing – Smoothing / regularization forecast
  10. Recalculate period – the period of updating the indicator values
  11. Predictable Points – the number of prediction pixels.
  12. BackwardShift – shift the fragment of history back. To set up the model and the forecast according to the known data.
  13. VISUAL OPTIONS – color graphics settings “SSA-% K” and “SSA-% D”.
  14. INTERFACE / Magic Number – an identifier for the application of the indicator included counsel

Explanation of the choice of parameters

High frequence limit defines the level of filtering and suppression “RF noise” in the data. Oscillations, whose contribution does not exceed this level will be filtered out.

BacwardShift for setting an indicator for a particular set of data. By specifying offset, you can compare the forecast with the known values ​​and more accurately select the setting display.

Forecast smoothing – it allows to smooth the results forecast by suppressing the “outliers”, or by “weighting factors”, given the significance of the previous results.

NOTE: If you choose “weight” option smoothing forecast in the first step of calculation of the indicator has four forecasted values ​​for initializing the smoothing stack.

Therefore, the first step requires more computing time. In the next steps that are required.

Magic Number. Connection advisor may result indicator when requesting 8 ( “% K” -Original), 9 ( “% D” -Original), 10 ( “SSA-% K”) and 11 ( “SSA-% D”) buffers.

SSA Stochastic Limited Edition

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This EA is a tool for managing orders.

Adviser may:

  • Install / Uninstall take profit.
  • Set / change / remove the stop-loss.
  • Manage all the orders, or just have a specific ID.


  • ManageOrders:
    • Order_By_Order = Manage each order separately.
    • Same_Type_As_One = manage the same orders (all buy or sell all as one order as in the “basket” system).
  • PutTakeProfit: Set Take Profit for the order (yes / no).
  • TakeProfitPips: Take Profit in pips.
  • PutStopLoss: Set the stop loss for the order (yes / no).
  • StopLossPips: Stop Loss in pips.
  • UseTrailingStop: Use a trailing stop-loss (yes / no).
  • PutStopLossAfter: Set the stop loss for a warrant if the warrant has a profit of x pips.
  • TrailingStop: Trailing stop loss in pips (distance for following the warrant).
  • TrailingStep: step movement trailing in pips.
  • UseBreakEven: Use breakeven (Set stop-loss only profit) (yes / no).
  • BreakEvenAfter: Set the stop loss order if there is a profit of x pips.
  • BreakEvenPips: The number of pips from the opening price of the warrant for the installation of stop-loss.
  • DeleteTakeProfit: Remove the take-profit (yes / no).
  • DeleteStopLoss: Remove the stop loss (yes / no).
  • MagicNumber:
    • >0: The change order identifier (with a special ID, this value sets the ID).
    • 0: all change orders (open advisor or manually).
    • -1: The only change orders opened manually.
  • SoundAlert: Play sound signal at each operation.
  • ColorBackground: Customize the background color for comment.


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Reversal Bars

Reversal Bars


The indicator determines the appearance on the chart bars, signaling a reversal of the current local sentiment, and notifies the audio signal. He also paints the bars are aligned with bovine and / or bear a priority.

The user can select the color of the paint bullish and bearish sentiment.

Input parameters

  • Sound_Play – flag to allow the sound notification.


Detection of reversal bar may serve as a signal to the respective trading activities. 

The indicator can be used for manual or automatic trading advisor in the composition. For automated trading using the testimony of any type double buffer indicator: 0, 1, 2 or 3. The values ​​must not be zero!

Reversal Bars

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Main Candles

Main Candles

The indicator defines the types of candlesticks: Doji, Hammer and / or Hanging Man, Shooting Star and / or inverted hammer, spinning top, Maribozu.

The indicator is designed for manual and / or automatic trading advisor in the composition.

You can select the color of the paint bullish and bearish candles.

For automated trading using any indicator reading a double buffer 0, 1, 2 or 3, which must not be zero!

Main Candles

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Forexstay sunrise

Forexstay sunrise

FOREXSTAY SUNRISE – fully automated Advisor, which includes a set of intelligent strategies and effective filters. It works with multiple transactions, opening them at the right time. Advisor always use a stop loss and maintains a low drawdown. It works with any broker. Advisor uses only one option: just run it on GBPUSD M15 and compare options StartHour EndHour and over time your broker and the time on the MetaQuotes MT4 server. After that, the adviser is ready for operation or testing for a period of 18 years. It is recommended to work with a broker with low spreads and use the VPS. Leverage: 1: 500 or more. If micro-account you can start using the adviser with only $ 100.

ForexStay Sunrise works on one of our many real signal of accounts, not demo accounts. You can always read the signals on the website MQL5:


If you need support, help, or have any other questions, write to the author a private message.

The result of the strategy tester with the default settings for ForexStay Sunrise:

When testing period in 18 years: a pair GBPUSD (from 1999 to 2016) obtained result is more 1,253,330 $ 584.20 for the initial deposit 10 000 $, Risk parameter = 20%

When testing period in 18 years: a pair EURUSD (from 1999 to 2016) obtained result is more 1,519,342 $ 365.30 for the initial deposit 10 000 $, Risk parameter = 20%

The main parameters. Do not change them if you are not sure in their actions.


  • ExpertName – comment to FOREXSTAY_SUNRISE transactions.
  • SUNRISETradTime – time at different brokers and MetaQuotes MT4 server. It is necessary to compare the time.
  • StartHour – hour start trading.
  • EndHour – hour of trading end.
  • UseMM – include money management.
  • Risk – Rick as a percentage of capital.
  • Lots – fixed lot size with off capital management (FALSE).
  • MaxLots – maximum lot (at UseMM = FALSE, lot size will not increase).
  • MaxTrade – the maximum deals.
  • StopLoss – Stop Loss.
  • TakeProfit – take profit.
  • Slippage – Slippage. At least 1, but not more than 3 points.
  • MaxSpread – maximum spread.
  • MagicNumber – the magic number deals.
  • Manage By Magic – controlled by magic number.
  • Manage By Symbol – controlled by the symbol.
  • TimeFilter – time filter.
  • SUNRISERange – filter advisor FOREXSTAY.
  • SUNRISE_Level – filter advisor FOREXSTAY.
  • Time_Protection – filter advisor FOREXSTAY.
  • FOREXSTAY_Filter – filter advisor FOREXSTAY.
  • FOREXSTAY_1 – filter advisor FOREXSTAY.
  • FOREXSTAY_2 – filter advisor FOREXSTAY.
  • FOREXSTAY_3 – filter advisor FOREXSTAY.
  • FOREXSTAY_4 – filter advisor FOREXSTAY.

Forexstay sunrise

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Green Rock

Green Rock

Deciding on the trade is accepted by Stochastic indicator readings over several periods.

The lot size is calculated as a percentage of the deposit.

You can independently adjust the multiplier factor and thus make more aggressive Advisor.

It works on both 4 and 5 marks.

Green Rock

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EA microMoney EURUSD

EA microMoney EURUSD

adviser EAmicroMoney It works on EURUSD.

The following parameters: maximum step rates, the period and the offset moving average. Advisor is not tied to a specific timeframe.

It uses a unique technology for the identification of small trends, and makes a large volume of transactions.

The default settings: StepPrice = 0.00031, Moving average period = 12, Moving average shit = 9.

Nothing more to say, just look at the screenshots.

EA microMoney EURUSD

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Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf Of Wall Street – the first intelligent self-renewing neural forex robot. Advisor automatically adapts to the current market conditions.

  • Forex Robot opens positions 24/5 mode with no time limits.
  • The robot is a fully automated Forex system designed by a team of professional traders.

Settings: change LAF to 0.01 – change the lot size.

Wolf Of Wall Street

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