FIA Flag of Imagine HFT

FIA Flag of Imagine HFT

FIA Flag of Imagine HFT – is advisor to high-frequency trading, aimed at the achievement of profit targets for each individual transaction.


  • Trades for all symbols without restrictions
  • It uses martingale
  • Sensitive to slippage settings spreads, commissions and execution
  • Fits any broker and account type, which allowed the use of automated trading


  • Lot size: not less than the minimum size of lots for the particular symbol.
  • Other parameters: parameters except LotSize and ProfitPerUnit must be integers.
  • Deposit: recommended $ 50 000 or more to 0.01 lots.

Change settings:

You can change the settings according to the acceptable level of risk. After setting up, the adviser of parameters can also be an effective tool for intraday and even long-term trade.


  • LotSize – Lot size start trading cycle. Default 0.01 Lot.
  • AlphaGo_ID – advisor magic number, allows the adviser to the different symbols and tamyrfeymah. In this case, you must specify a different value.
  • slippage – slip control when entering a trade. 1 = 1 points.
  • ProfitPerUnit – setting take-profit cycle for transactions. Default = 0.3, i.e. take profit of 0.3 dollars for every lot of 0.01 (default bid).
  • RiskHedgeLevel– option to extend the cycle of transactions. Integer. The higher the value, the less EA trades with more conservative risk. Use integer value greater than 0. recommended value in the range from 1 to 10, respectively.
  • Starting_Time- start time adviser. platform time, not local time. Integer value in the range 0-24.
  • Finish_Time- the close of the advisor. platform time, not local time. Integer value in the range 0-24. If these two parameters are set to 0, the EA will trade without a time limit.

Test results

Attached test results were obtained on EURUSD with the default settings. During testing, the adviser worked without time restrictions, including economic news release time. Test Advisor and configure it based on acceptable risk and expected return.


The adviser offers a good solution for automated trading. It recommended for high-frequency trading.

You must configure the Adviser for specific pairs, and avoid unexpected market volatility to reduce risk.

It is necessary to carefully choose a broker based spreads, commissions and trade execution.

Do not forget to configure advisor for specific couples and market conditions.

FIA Flag of Imagine HFT

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Candlestick Patterns Custom

Candlestick Patterns Custom

Candlestick Patterns Custom – lite version indicator Candlestick Patterns Analytics, for use as a conventional dial gauge, and counselors.

Indicator favorably follows

  • Finds and marks on the graph 29 candlestick patterns (43 variant signal patterns);
  • It allows the user to configure each signal model in accordance with the analysis results of the indicator Candlestick Patterns Analytics;
  • The indicator can be used as a dial gauge advisors.

Description of the input parameters

Each candle model has a drop-down menu with a choice:

  • No_Use – Do not use the model;
  • Buy_Signal – To use the model as a buy signal;
  • Sell_Signal – To use the model as a sell signal.

Display Setting:

  • TextSize – size of the text on the chart;
  • TextColor – color of the text on the chart;
  • Alert – enabling / disabling alerts;
  • ———- Candlestick Patterns ————- – settings separator;
  • AdvanceBlock_Down – model “repulsed the offensive”;
  • BeltHoldLine_Up – model “Capturing the belt”;
  • BeltHoldLine_Down – model “Capturing the belt”;
  • CounterattackLines_Up – model “Counterattack”;
  • CounterattackLines_Down – model “Counterattack”;
  • DarkCloudCover_Down – Model “The veil of dark clouds”;
  • Doji_Up – model “Doji”;
  • Doji_Down – model “Doji”;
  • Engulfing_Up – model “Absorption”;
  • Engulfing_Down – model “Absorption”;
  • EveningStar_Down – Model “Evening Star”;
  • Gap_Up – model “Window”;
  • Gap_Down – model “Window”;
  • GravestoneDoji_Down – model “Gravestone Doji”;
  • Hammer_Up – model “Hammer”;
  • HangingMan_Dowm – model “”;
  • Harami_Up – model “Harami”;
  • Harami_Down – model “Harami”;
  • InvertedHammer_Up – model “inverted hammer”;
  • LongLeggedDoji_Up – model “long-legged doji”;
  • LongLeggedDoji_Down – model “long-legged doji”;
  • MatHoldPattern_Up – model “Hold on the mat”;
  • MorningStar_Up – model “Morning Star”;
  • OnNeckLine_Up – model “at the neck line”;
  • OnNeckLine_Down – model “at the neck line”;
  • Piercing_Up – model “Clearance in the clouds”;
  • SeparatingLines_Up – model “Separation”;
  • SeparatingLines_Down – model “Separation”;
  • ShootingStar_Down – model “Shooting Star”;
  • SideBySideWhite_Up – model “Related white candles”;
  • SideBySideWhite_Down – model “Related white candles”;
  • StalledPattern_Down – model “Deceleration”;
  • TasukiGap_Up – model “Break tasuki”;
  • TasukiGap_Down – model “Break tasuki”;
  • ThreeCrows_Down – model “Three Crows”;
  • ThreeLineStrike_Up – model “Triple kick”;
  • ThreeLineStrike_Down – model “Triple kick”;
  • ThreeMethods_Up – model “three methods”;
  • ThreeMethods_Down – model “three methods”;
  • ThreeWhiteSoldiers_Up – model “three white soldiers”;
  • Tweezer_Up – model “Tweezers”;
  • Tweezer_Down – model “Tweezers”;
  • UpsideGapTwoCrows_Down – model “Two crows soaring.”

The use of indicators

The indicator allows the use of the indicator signals Candlestick Patterns Analytics without volumetric calculations and accordingly no load on the terminal.

The indicator is configured in accordance with the results of the report indicator Candlestick Patterns Analytics.

For example, a certain candlestick patterns to a selected pair and timeframe gives a positive result in trading on the purchase, therefore, in the settings drop-down menu, choose the model “Buy_Signal”. Thus, you can configure any number of models.

Help with adjustment indicators, application and analysis.

Candlestick Patterns Custom

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When stocks and bonds do not give anything or

When stocks and bonds do not give anything – or how to make money work

Historically, that sometimes there were periods when the dividend yield of the stock market was very low. There have also been instances where a long time bondholders received a very modest income from its securities. And then, and another goal at the moment investors in a difficult position.

Charles Farrell, CEO of Northstar Investment Advisors, considered that if his portfolio contains equal shares list S P 500 and the medium-term government bonds, they would give a yield of 1.67% last year and is projected – 1.85% this year. But in 1925, the owner would have received from the same 4.3% income portfolio.

The thing is that
stocks and bonds, which give us
Now less income, we need to make
work that they bring us money.
He estimated that if, within the next
decades portfolio will also share
equally between stocks and bonds,
total revenue from it will be about
2-2.5 percentage points per year more than
inflation. With inflation at 2.1%
the last 12 months (compared to
average 3%) current low income
from stocks and bonds are not as worried,
as it seems, "even if both the market
will grow by 30% and give more inflated
with cash flows in terms of income".

Medium-term government bonds
(Five-year) currently provide
income by 1.8%. You get meager returns
yields below the inflation rate, and you
could suffer if interest
rates have sharply increased. What is the profit of 1,9%
for S P 500? Investors seem to be less
outraged by this, that, in part because
companies themselves aggressively buying back its
shares, which gives a chance to return the money

Over the past ten
years the company bought enough
the number of shares to compensate
new release. This change is historic
template when shareholders collectively
see its stake diluted to several
again – by about two percentage points
in year. And it becomes not clear whether
continue the pace of foreclosures. Companies have already started
free use corporate
cash to buy back shares,
partly because they are reluctant
at great expense. However, low
costs can not be sustained. Besides
addition, the timing of these ransoms sometimes frightening.
For example, companies selling more
volumes of stocks at the market peak in 2007, and
then sharply “cut” back to their
during the collapse in 2008 and 2009, and now again
sell these shares.

When stocks and bonds do not give anything or

stock market investors
also not so much concerned about the tiny
dividend yield, because
they have become accustomed, that dividends provide
through the sale of shares. In fact, in
Falling equity markets, as a rule,
better not to go, while
high-yield stocks is often better to keep
profitability. There is a more fundamental
question: how to make money from the company,
which will never return money
shareholders, and you depend on someone
another who pay more for their shares,
what you have done so.

Farrell advises
repay their debts. Suppose
you have a mortgage loan worth
5%. It seems “cheap” money.
But the pace and scale of the impact is likely to
higher than the return of your bond,
so it makes sense to sell bonds
to repay the mortgage loan.

And what to do with your
portfolio? Given the investment
costs and minimize
Investment tax bill, you
We should keep more than the markets provide.
It turns out obvious: save more.

"if you have
$ 500,000 in a portfolio with a yield of 4%, you
add $ 20,000 annually
as income portfolio"notes
Farrell. "But if it will only
2%, you add only $ 10,000 per year. that
compensate for the loss, you should pay more
and save, you might want to share,
that will give you more income".

Farrell proposes to reduce the risk of
bonds through the purchase of securities with less
term, higher-quality bonds,
and more funds to invest in shares,
including stocks of companies that regularly
pay dividends.

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Abolk 701 Visual OpenClose

Abolk 701 Visual OpenClose

Visualizer on the schedule of opening / closing of market orders in the Strategy Tester.


  • _color_openBUY – for open order BUY – the color of opening arrow and line
  • _color_openSELL – for public order SELL – the color of opening arrow and line
  • _color_closeBUY – for a closed order BUY – the color of opening arrow and line
  • _color_closeSELL – for a closed order SELL – the color of opening arrow and line
  • _color_CLOSE – the color of the closing arrow
  • _trend_style, _trend_width – style and line thickness
  • _0magic – a unique number adviser warrants. You can draw the opening / closing is not all orders (for the instrument the chart), but only with the specified Magica. If -1, then all warrants drawn against any councilor. If 0, drawn manually open orders. If >0, drawn just order the appropriate advisor.
  • _ng – atomicity group orders. Magick in advisors and is often used to classify the orders within the advisor. For this to _0magic automatically added to the last few digits. _ng option and need to be “cut off” when searching counselor orders. Parameter _ng – is the coefficient which is divided Sorcere value (i.e., if the “clipped” single digit, then _ng = 10, if two, then _ng = 100).

IMPORTANT. Closed orders are read from the history (the “Account History” terminal). That is, if the story is filtered for a lesser period, then closed orders will not be found.

Abolk 701 Visual OpenClose

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All Pending Orders with StopLoss MT5

All Pending Orders with StopLoss MT5

All Pending Orders with StopLoss opens any combination of pending orders (Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit and Sell Limit) and close all existing pending orders.

When boolSL = true this script calculates one common value of the stop-loss for the first / last orders and set this value for all pending orders.

Input parameters

Before pending orders open a window of the input parameters, which can be edited:

  • DeleteAllPendings: in meaning true all pending orders (for the current currency) are removed. (Pending orders will not be created!).
  • Order_Type: Select the desired type of pending orders (Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit or Sell Limit).
  • boolSL: in meaning true Stop Loss It is set for each position.
  • Stop_Loss: Stop-loss.
  • InitLot: The size of the initial bid.
  • LotCoeff: in meaning 1 All pending orders will be the same size of the lot.
  • InitStep: The difference in points between two consecutive orders.
  • StepCoeff: in meaning 1 the distance between all the positions will be the same.
  • NumOfOrders: Number of pending orders to be placed on the chart.


  • If DeleteAllPendings = true, script will remove all existing pending orders for the current currency pair.
  • You must allow automated trading in the “Expert Advisors” (Tools->Options).

All Pending Orders with StopLoss MT5

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TrailBars Expert Advisor is an auxiliary minesweeper open positions.

Puts stop loss if it is not.

The total stop-loss for all orders of the same type (BUY or SELL)

Trailing stop position at the price specified minute bar.

Bezubytka function.

Opposite positions Tralee separately from each other.

System settings

  • trail type – type of trailing stop: the symbol or magick.
  • minutes bars trail – Trailing stop at the price specified minute bar.
  • stoploss – a stop-loss.
  • breakeven – breakeven.
  • trail step – move the trailing stop.
  • OrderMagicNumber #1 – the magic number # 1.
  • OrderMagicNumber # 2 – the magic number # 2.
  • OrderMagicNumber # 3 – the magic number # 3.



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Indicator for drawing

Indicator for drawing

There was a need to draw directly on a graph, which would quickly take notes, write, and so on …

I wrote a simple indicator. And so he decided to see how the market works and whether people actually makes a purchase advisors and indicators.

Indicator for drawing

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SARTraderAdvisor is based on the Parabolic SAR.

All settings are configured, and their purpose is obvious. The biggest problem with SAR – stop this trade. So I made a hybrid robot.

You can give the robot to work independently or to help him a little bit. When you consider that it has already made enough, or you are expecting the arrival of bad news, just shut down the expert by clicking the button STOP TRADE.

Equity and balance are displayed in large type, so you can see them being far away from the screen.

The default settings are designed for trading in USDJPY M30. You can trade on any character from any broker with a 4 or 5 digit quotes.

There is an additional function of stopping the trade when it reaches a certain percentage of positive equity.


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Benefit EA

Benefit EA

Advisor is based on Martingale system in both directions, with an inner overlap of the second and Martingale RRS function (risk reduction system)

Basic deposit 10000

Shoulder 1: 500, 1: 1000

Chart Period: M1, M5 and M15



Base settings

  • New_Cycle – enables or disables the cyclical opening of branches of warrants
  • MAGIC – the magic number should be changed, if one account is used several currency pairs which operates this EA
  • Slippage – slip forex rates, the default value of 3, should not be changed unless you know what it is
  • Max_Trades – the maximum number of open orders in a branch (Max 17)
  • Max_Lot – the maximum value of the lot

TP settings

  • TP Buy – Take profit Buy, level of points on which the adviser is going to close the position
  • TP Sell -Take profit Sell, level of points on which the adviser is going to close the position
  • VTP – enables or disables Trailing
  • Trailing_Start – the level at the point at which the adviser is going to open Trailing
  • Trailing_Size – the volume in which points adviser will be used for broaching Trailing_Start or close

Risk Reduction System

  • RRS – enables or disables work Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_oOrder – order number from which the branch starts to work Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_cOrder – order number from which the branch stops working Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_TPTake profit in points for which will be closed orders related to the function Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_Trailing_Start – the level at the point at which the adviser is going to open Trailing for orders Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_Trailing_Size – the volume in which points adviser will be used for broaching RRS_Trailing_Start functions Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_Profit_Percent – a tool for getting out of debt drawdown (recommended 70-90%)

Buy and Sell settings

  • Step_Buy (Sell) – step opening of another branch in points order
  • Step_Coef_Buy (Sell) – increasing the opening rate of the next step, order
  • Step_Coef_Start_Order_Buy (Sell) – order number at which begins work Step_Coef_Buy (Sell)
  • Step_Mass_Buy (Sell) – the value in the default locations, the step of opening orders if Step_Coef_Buy (Sell) is 0
  • Min_Lot_Buy (Sell) – minimum bid opening of the first order
  • Lot_Exp_Buy (Sell) – magnification factor Min_Lot_Sell subsequent orders

Time filter settings

  • Time_Filters – enables or disables the operation in timeslots

Benefit EA


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Binary Options AutoTrading BodTrader

Binary Options AutoTrading BodTrader

BodTrader – automatic trading advisor, designed for binary options with the expiration of 60 seconds.

The robot is optimized for instruments and EURUSDbo USDJPYbo. He has an advantage over the market and a strong resistance to a series of losses.

It only works with brokers that provide a supplement to the MetaTrader 4 terminal for trading binary options.

Disabling the robot before and after important news release is recommended, but not required.

The robot can not be checked on the story, because MT4 does not allow testing for stories of binary options.

parameters advisor

To maximize the trade, at the counselor, there are only two options:

  • lotAmount – The amount of interest one option. lotAmount varies between different brokers.
  • minBalanceToTrade – Minimum balance to protect the capital.

Binary Options AutoTrading BodTrader


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