The indicator is based on the price action and volatility market.

The indicator may not fit your trading style, so we strongly recommend that you test it on a demo account.

The indicator tries to synchronize with the price action.

Adjust the light settings can be changed AtrFactor.

Options for use of the indicator:

  • To keep track of the trend when the price moves above the indicator line, a growing trend, and if it is below – falling).
  • To determine the strength or weakness of a trend.
  • To keep track of the lateral movement of the market (the intersection of the price level indicator line)
  • To keep track of the areas in which it is not necessary to trade.
  • To place the stop-loss level.
  • As an indicator of the price action.
  • To determine the dynamic support and resistance levels.
  • For the measurement of an extended trend.

This is only a tool of analysis, it It generates no signals. It can be used to improve the existing trading system.

I use multiple timeframe system, and this indicator is used on smaller timeframes to confirm the price and direction of opening orders.

indicator settings

  • AtrFactor: 2.0 (default) – sensitivity adjustment of price action.

Good luck trading!


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