Bressert Hal Slow

Bressert Hal Slow

HAL Slow – the slowest of the three LED indicators HAL.

It has a cycle counter in real time based on the height of the bar.

The indicator is designed as a bar graph, as well as HAL Medium.

The indicator changes color from green to red based on the current size of the bar with respect to the previous one.

There are two possible causes for the color change.

1. LED green if the current bar higher than the previous, and red if it is lower.

2. The LED will turn green and higher median levels in red – below the median level.

Input parameters

  • Crossover = 0
  • Divbar = 5
  • Buyline = 55
  • SellLine = 55
  • ColorOn True = green bar on the rise, red – on the decline
  • Coloron False = green line above purchase, red – below the sales line.

Bressert Hal Slow

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