Board of Directors of Gazprom Neft agreed sale

The Board of Directors of Gazprom Neft agreed sale Ltd. The November

The Board of Directors of PJSC "Gazprom Neft (MCX: SIBN)" SA agreed on alienation "Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegas" shares in the amount of 100% of the share capital of OOO "The November", Said the oil company.

Ltd "The November" recently it has been withdrawn from the "Noyabrskneftegas".

previously, the newspaper "Kommersant" It reported that "Gazprom (MCX: GAZP) oil" found a buyer for a small West The November deposit in Yamalo-Nenets District, which translates into Ltd. "The November". According to analysts, the asset can cost $ 30-50 million, they might be interested in only small companies.

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Bit analytics

bit analytics


On day period pound broke through support at least upward movement. I suppose the price drop to the level of 1.26.

Bit analytics

My stats:

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ECB rates will remain at current levels after

ECB: rates will remain at current levels after the completion of QE

The ECB may stick QE program before the end of December, or longer if required
• ECB QE may increase in size and extend it if necessary
• The ECB may stick to the QE program, as long as inflation does not start to show stable dynamics

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Why Olympus

The basis of an expert is a precise mathematical calculation, and non-standard technical solutions. On this development work in groups of 4 people. It has been spent over 100 hours just to test the expert and its elements. The experts enormous potential. All it takes is the proper setting.

the possibility of an expert

  • Commercial Martingale procedure. Safe ratio of risk and profit. Maximizing the total initial volume of the order of 4 times.
  • Each transaction provides the option Trailing.
  • All orders assigned to the magic number.
  • There is a filter on spreads and allowable slip.
  • Use your own indicators.
  • Ideal for trade on the EURUSD pair.

Description of the input parameters

  • Lot – the initial volume of opened orders. When using Martin function, volume of orders will not exceed 4-fold increase;
  • Period_average – the value of its own indicator;
  • TakeProfit – the value of TakeProfit
  • StopLoss – the value of StopLoss
  • Slip – maximum slippage in points;
  • Martin – on / off trade on the principle of Martingale;
  • Trailing – on / off TrailingStop parameter;
  • TrailingStop – value TrailingStop
  • Spread – on / off parameter (filter) Spread_max;
  • Spread_max – the maximum spread;
  • Magis – the magic number of orders;

Recommended Inputs

  • Lot = 0.01;
  • Period_average = 12.0;
  • TakeProfit = 0.003;
  • StopLoss = 0.003;
  • Slip = 3;
  • Martin = true;
  • Trailing = true;
  • TrailingStop = 0.003;
  • Spread = false;
  • Spread_max = 20;
  • Magic = 1;

Parameter TakeProfit, StopLoss TrailingStop and versatile and is set to one value 4 and 5 Digits Digits. Example: the value of any of these parameters is equal to 0.003, equivalent to 30 points to 4 points or 300 Digits – 5 Digits.


Dear buyers! If you are not sure to buy or not to buy the product, you can do the following. Set TakeProfit and StopLoss example equal to the value 0.003 and disconnect Trailing and Martin. Conduct testing in the last year and I think all your doubts will be scattered. Let me explain: the manipulation of the data we eliminated the slippage at opening and closing orders and slippage when using Trailing function.

Advisor during retains in his memory the values ​​of important variables, with which achieved successful operation of the adviser. Therefore, you can not simultaneously trade advisor and test it!

And more good optimization – the key to success! The most important variables for optimization – Period_average, TakeProfit, StopLoss and TrailingStop.

Best regards, Dmitry.


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This week in markets focus tax reform Trump

This week in the markets focus tax reform Trump

On the last Friday symposium in Jackson Hole, investors, as expected, did not receive from the heads of the Fed and the ECB for clarification on how to proceed with regard to monetary policy. However, some members of the leadership of the Federal Reserve, who spoke earlier, supported the start of reduction of the volume of assets on the balance sheet of the Central Bank and another rate hike before the end of the year.

In turn, Yellen expressed concern about easing regulation of banks, which offered Trump, noting that any attempts to weaken the regulation should be limited and aim at increasing the stability of big banks.

Also on Friday, Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin, said the United States will raise the debt ceiling in a timely manner, in September.

This week the market‘s attention will be focused on one more effort to implement tax reform Trump. In light of the fact that all previous initiatives of the President met with stiff resistance from the Congress, it is possible that another attempt can result in failure and trigger a new round of decline in world stock exchanges.

In the last oil price trading session rose on investors’ anxiety about strengthening the hurricane in the United States, which contributed to disruptions in production and refining. In addition, the positive dynamics "black gold" influenced by these companies Baker Hughes, which reported a decrease in the number of oil rigs into four pieces to 759 pieces.

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technical indicator UpDown looking for potential entry points.

It has two main lines (Up and Down), As well as an additional line (Balance).

The main entrance to the market signal occurs at the intersection of the lines of the Up and Down.

If the line becomes higher than the Up Down the line, this is a buy signal.

If the line is below Up Down the line, it’s a sell signal.

Balance auxiliary line is used as a definition of the “look” of your position.

If the Balance line at the opening of the long position is above zero, then most likely, you are trading with the trend. The same situation occurs when you open a short position if the Balance is below zero line.

If the Balance line at the opening of the long position is below zero, then most likely, you are trading against the trend. The same situation occurs when you open a short position if the Balance line is above zero.

Item display

  • Period_UD – the number of candles, which is taken to calculate the values ​​of the Up and Down lines of the indicator.
  • Period_Balance – number of candles, which is taken to calculate values ​​Balance lines.


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Shuvalov Mr Putin sick digital economy

Shuvalov: Mr Putin sick digital economy

Russian President Vladimir Putin has an interest in the development of high technologies and "ill" digital economy.

This was told on Friday First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov at a panel discussion of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. According to Shuvalov, Putin on Thursday to two o’clock in the morning "not let members of the government and administration officials".

"We have discussed only the new technologies and the digital economy. I can unvarnished tell you that the President is fully contracted it, realizing that significant growth rates are based on the digital economy and technological leadership"- Shuvalov said.

He added that the issue of development of high technologies and advances in the framework of the EurAsEC, and Putin is constantly preparing for such discussions, communicating with experts in this field.

"At first the leaders of other countries wary of this attitude, and now realize that yes, indeed, in the responses to the challenges you just need to be bolder"- said Shuvalov.

Plan for the development of the digital economy to 2025, prepared by Putin’s behalf, requires a further tightening of state control in this area, he said "Kommersant" a source familiar with the document.

According to him, the strategy includes a set of "state authorities the wishes of control that they have not given, but would like to".

"The general trend: the planned sovereign and centralized digital economy without changing the framework legislation and in conditions of high regulatory risks, centralized and controlled at the territorial level and internet", – he said.

"All the talk about the fact that on the orders of the Kremlin, the Russian economy will suddenly become a leader in the innovation process, they sound just like Russian speech sports ministers that our national football team is about to become world champion on football"- ironically the ex-deputy chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Sergey Aleksashenko: as if the President instructed to create a digital economy, the government, both at the State Planning Commission or the State Logistics Committee shall have to draw some figures, all give into the hands of calculators and perform.

"But this is not the government doing, this makes the private business. Either there is an initiative and begin to appear sellers or their government is choking or strangling the police, and they do not appear"- Aleksashenko explains.

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US authorities do not allow IBM and Lenovo to

US authorities do not allow IBM and Lenovo to make a big deal

IBM and Lenovo Group Ltd. experiencing difficulties: the transaction for the sale of IBM, Server (x86) threatens to break out of the intransigence of the US authorities. $ 2.3 billion is almost “stuck in the air”: the government fears the US national security. The fact that IBM servers specified architecture used in public communication networks and large data centers. Therefore, the US Committee on Foreign Investment expresses concern that a particularly clever Chinese hackers using this technique will be able to remotely break into the database of the computer.

In 2005, Lenovo has already solved a similar problem: when she bought the business from IBM PC production. Permission was finally received, but, for example, the US State Department then stopped using products based technology company.

IBM and
Lenovo Group Ltd. experience
Difficulty: a deal to sell units
IBM (server architecture
x86) threatens to break
because of the intransigence of the US
authorities. Almost $ 2.3 billion
“Stuck in the air”: government
fears threat to national security
USA. The fact that IBM servers
said architecture
used in public networks
communication and major centers
data. Therefore, the US Committee
the Foreign Investment expresses
concern that a particularly clever Chinese
hackers using this technique will be able to
remotely break into a database of

2005 Lenovo has decided
a similar problem: when she bought
IBM’s manufacturing business
personal computers. Resolution
It was finally received, but
example, the State Department
USA then stopped using
products based technology company.

the seller and the buyer proves
authorities that the technology on the basis of which
established x86 servers, a simple,
It is used by many companies,
Most servers and IBM
all made in China. However, while
the position of the country’s leadership to break the
deadlock failed. However, there
hope for a favorable outcome of events:
Lenovo representative stated,
that by the end of the current year deal
It will be closed. However, it may turn
and that the US government will stop
use a wretched IBM servers. Thus, according to data provided by
IBM, the share of government procurement
Five Billion generally almost stream
Server sales are extremely low.

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EA Permanent

EA Permanent

Medium-term conservative system. It monitors the characteristic movements of quotations and determines a point for the opening of the transaction. Fully automated adviser with a unique algorithm. Designed for trading currency pairs: CHFJPY, EURCHF and USDJPY.


  • Do not use martingale;
  • Do not use the net;
  • Not a scalper;
  • Parameter Min;
  • Standing Offer;
  • No complicated settings.

Transactions can not be opened for a few days. Open orders can be in a few days the market for more profit. The number of transactions per month from 5 to 40 per currency pair.

Closing deals TP, SL and the reversal transaction.

Recommended currency pair: CHFJPY, EURCHF, USDJPY.

Councilor work is checked in real trading.


  • Day_range – to determine the scope and speed of change of quotations for a certain period of time, the recommended values ​​of 30-55, reducing the value of the number of transactions increases, and vice versa *;
  • Close_by_time – Reset advisor algorithm parameters ** terminal time;
  • Close_hour and close_minut – reset the hour and minute expert parameters. Recommended values ​​of 00: 00-06: 00;
  • Take ProfitProfit for the first open transaction;
  • Trailing STOP – ask for’s trades limit orders, the value must be greater than the sum tp + dist_1;
  • Dist_1 – calculating the distance parameter from the open to the first transaction limit orders;
  • Dist_2 – calculating the distance from the open setting to a second transaction limit orders and should be greater dist_1;
  • Lot_1 – Lot opened the first transaction;
  • Lot_2 – Lot first limit orders;
  • Lot_3 – Lot of second limit orders;
  • slippage – slipping;
  • ID – the magic number.

* The value depends on the currency pair, as well as broker terminal time. If the terminal time differs from GMT + 02: 00, it is necessary to optimize.

** Resets the Adviser algorithm parameters during changes of current trends in the market. It is worth noting that the adviser does reset relatively rare. If you saw the closing of positions by the reset time, it is recommended to carry out further optimization.

It works only with the five-digit quotes.


  • Advisor recommended on any schedule period to D1. Switching period during operation advisor does not affect its algorithms;
  • Advisor is already set up on a currency pair CHFJPY, the current settings for the EURCHF and USDJPY can be downloaded separately. On the schedule it is necessary to install Advisor with the settings just the right pair.
  • Running advisers do strictly from 00:05 to 00:30 at the terminal time or on weekends.

Primary requirements

Continuous operation of the terminal. When you restart your advisor or terminal may open or close existing positions.


It can run on any deposit. The recommended size of the lot is no longer 0.05, deposit $ 1000 on one currency pair.

Before using advisor in real life, check the settings in strategy tester and find the best deposit and lot. I recommend to optimize for two months. Customize settings on the long period of time does not mean much because of the difference in mood and trends on the market in the past and in the present. Optimize the interval M1-M15, better M5.

On other currency pairs advisor work is possible, but not guaranteed.

Actions during trade

Periodically inspect the work of the adviser and open orders.

Control the risk.

Allowed to stand or change the TP and SL, as well as the closing of the transaction.

IMPORTANT! Remember that the likelihood of a sharp price swings and large quotations emissions. This can cause substantial damage to your deposit, so your trading lot is always constant and sufficient deposit.

All buyers will receive recommendations on trade and explanations of the EA algorithms.


EA Permanent

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The indicator is based on the price action and volatility market.

The indicator may not fit your trading style, so we strongly recommend that you test it on a demo account.

The indicator tries to synchronize with the price action.

Adjust the light settings can be changed AtrFactor.

Options for use of the indicator:

  • To keep track of the trend when the price moves above the indicator line, a growing trend, and if it is below – falling).
  • To determine the strength or weakness of a trend.
  • To keep track of the lateral movement of the market (the intersection of the price level indicator line)
  • To keep track of the areas in which it is not necessary to trade.
  • To place the stop-loss level.
  • As an indicator of the price action.
  • To determine the dynamic support and resistance levels.
  • For the measurement of an extended trend.

This is only a tool of analysis, it It generates no signals. It can be used to improve the existing trading system.

I use multiple timeframe system, and this indicator is used on smaller timeframes to confirm the price and direction of opening orders.

indicator settings

  • AtrFactor: 2.0 (default) – sensitivity adjustment of price action.

Good luck trading!


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