ZigZag Zona

ZigZag Zona

Advisor “ZigZag Zona” uses custom indicator “ZigZag”, by which (under predetermined conditions noted in the screenshots) advisor sets initial pending orders:

  • to purchase buy stop – on top of the ZigZag;
  • for sale Sell ​​stop – on depression ZigZag.

Thereby restricts the movement of prices established area of ​​the warrants. Next Advisor starts working on the principle that used in the EA Zona.

The EA provides:

  • Trade in time;
  • closing orders when the profit level – in the currency or points;
  • closing orders when it reaches the loss level in the deposit currency;
  • Off advisor after closing all the orders of the profit or loss;
  • the inclusion of trailing stop at a given level of profit in points.

On the screen the following information is displayed for a specific advisor:

  • Magic – Identification number adviser;
  • current points – operating margin in points for open orders;
  • current profit – current profit in the deposit currency for the open orders;
  • today profit – Daily Profit in deposit currency (in the tester shows the net profit from the beginning of the test);
  • min Distance – the minimum distance between orders and BUY SELL;
  • Current Distance – the current distance between orders and BUY SELL;
  • breakeven Point – breakeven (settlement) in the extreme points of order.


Trade time settings necessary for the installation of the first orders, that is, at what time are allowed to put the first order, as well as the completion of trade time and if there are no open orders – all pending orders are removed. If there is at least one open order counselor work will continue

  • OpenHour – opening hour of trading;
  • OpenMinute – Minute opening;
  • CloseHour – close of trading hour;
  • CloseMinute – Minute of the close of trading.

trade Preferences

  • Magic – advisor identification number, if Magic 0, then the adviser can work with orders manually open;
  • Lots – Lot fixed only for the first orders, the minimum amount of 0.01.

ZigZag indicator settings

setting an indicator on the screen is not required, it is sufficient availability of custom indicators. Use the current timeframe, the variables: Deviation = 5, Backstep = 3

  • ExtDepth – variable Depth indicator ZigZag, value of 5 to 100. The default setting is 12.

zone settings

  • ZONAUSE – if you use the area, the true, if you do not use the area, the false – will be installed only the first two orders;
  • StopLevel – distance in paragraphs, in which opposite (immediate execution) is opened after the first installation of a pending order, if StopLevel less min Distance, the distance between the orders will be equal to the value min Distance. If StopLevel = 0, the installation of warrants will take place on the indicator ZigZag.
  • BreakevenPercentage – the distance from the border zone (extreme orders) to the point of break-even in percentages from Current Distance (Distance between the current orders and BUY SELL), after passing this point price earnings will be positive.

Settings for the closure of the total profit or loss

  • TypeofClose – closing orders on profit in the deposit currency TypeofClose = 1, closing orders profit in points TypeofClose = 2, closing orders profit in points or in the deposit currency TypeofClose = 3..
  • CloseProfit – if the closing of the total profit, true, if not close, the false;
  • NumberOfPointsProfit – the number of points to close at profit;
  • NumberOfMoneyProfit – the amount of currency to close at profit;
  • CloseLoss – if the closing of the gross loss in the deposit currency, true, if not close, the false;
  • NumberOfMoneyLoss – the amount of currency to close at loss;
  • OFFEaAfterClosePROF – if you turn off the Advisor after closing orders on profit or loss, the true, if not off, then false.

treylig-stop setting of total profits

  • TrailTotalProfitUSE – if you use a trailing stop, you true, if you do not use it, false;
  • LevelProfit – level of profit in pips, which is included with the trailing stop;
  • TrailingStop – distance trailing stop.

ZigZag Zona

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