Why do so few traders engaged in wave analysis

Why do so few traders engaged in wave analysis ???

Question is not new and not old.

Each gives his answer. From my point of view of three reasons:

  1. Not very clear, and very precisely formulated rules for the identification of wave patterns.
    It is very broad "admission" the ratio of the wavelength, the duration in many cases do not take into account also simplified the rules and the use of alternating channels.
    Adding to the problem ….
  2. The abundance of literature compiled.
    Primary sources can be counted on the fingers, but "authors" …..
    Everyone is trying to bring something "his": Simplifying assuming introducing his trilogy, and as a result is only more confusing beginners.
  3. No (absent) normal
    environment for conducting wave analysis in the most
    terminal MT4 and MT5.

If you are interested in the topic further fashionable to continue …

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