Russian market is growing to match world’s stock

The Russian market is growing to match the world’s stock exchanges

on the Russian stock market opened mixed today as yesterday: MICEX index to 10:05 MSK rose 0.25% to 1377.66 points, the RTS fell by 0.20% to 1196.32 points. After 7 minutes of the market "shot"And began a rapid growth: MICEX index to 10:12 MSK rose 0.88% to 1386.29 points and the RTS added 0.46% to 1204.29 points.

Investors see no reason to refuse to buy still cheap Russian stocks greed for awhile overcome fear.
Speculators on the Russian stock market on the eve of a two-day rally, after trying to play again to increase: in the morning the market opened in different directions, before lunch there were more bargains for sale, and in the evening market is closed again without a definite trend: MICEX index rose by 0.13% to 1374 19 points, the RTS fell by 0.41% to 1198.72 points.
Close eve shortly after the Russian market, European exchanges have shown the worst result compared with Mosbirzhey: almost all the indices were down, the German DAX lost most (-1.21%), the British FTSE 100 – less than the others (-0.01%).

On the eve of the US indices declined markedly: Nasdaq – on 0,27%, S P 500 – on 0,16%, Dow Jones Industrial Average – 0.06%. Reports publishing season is already priced in, and new incentives for the assault record levels, which is the US market, no.
Exchange of the Asia-Pacific region, taking over the baton from the closed US sites have started today is positive: all the major indexes rising in the range 0.2-1%. The exception is the Chinese market: the Shanghai index fell by 0.40% to 9: 576 MSK due to weak macroeconomic data published today. In particular, the volume of new lending in one of the world’s biggest economies unexpectedly fell in July.

Gold prices sixth trading session held steady at above $ 1,310 per troy ounce (COMEX playground of the New York Mercantile Exchange).

Oil prices continue to decline. Among the reasons for the fall in oil prices – to the completion of the military operation in Israel Add news of US fuel inventories, which grew, and began working in Libya terminal "Ras Lanuf"Freed from the rebels.
The price of European Brent oil on the eve fell $ 1.66, or 1.59%, to $ 103.02 per barrel at the end of trading in London. Today Brent to 9:15 MSK lost in the price of $ 0.45, or 0.44%, and traded at $ 102.57 a barrel.
The cost of the American variety WTI (Light) at auction in New York on Tuesday fell $ 0.71, or 0.72%, to $ 97.37 a barrel today to 9:16 MSK fell to $ 97.07 (? $ 0.3 or 0.31%).

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