Q2 and Samsung Chronicle dive profit

Q2 and Samsung: Chronicle dive profit

Operating income of the largest manufacturer of smart phones – Samsung Electronics Co – declined. This is the third consecutive quarter financial results this giant has been steadily declining. What was the reason and how many billions the company loses?

Demand for Samsung products decreased in China and Europe for a number of reasons, among which are important marketing war: it was a very attractive market in which the company plays. In addition, the steadily falling Korean Won, which is not very positive impact on how feels the Korean manufacturer.

Company data, which were published,
We showed a very severe decline
operating profit: 22.3 – 26.5%
Compared with the second quarter of 2013.
If we translate these percentages into dry
wet crispy dollars, you get
$ 6.9 billion.

The Wall
Street Journal Survey of financial
professionals, and they predicted
quarterly operating profit
Samsung about
at the level of 7.78 billion dollars, while revenue –
to $ 51.72 billion.

Sami analysts
Samsung say that the whole
blame the competition: on the heels
Chinese craftsmen, not so easy to
European markets. Therefore, low smartphones
and middle segment, which
are produced in the company, sold out
not with such intensity, faced
with the expansion of the cheap and functional
Chinese brothers.

Statements for the 2nd quarter and forecast
the state will be in the third quarter
published a little later in July. AT
general public rhetoric Samsung
quite optimistic: the impulse to
sales growth, according to representatives of
the company has. Will commence deliveries
a new line of tablet computers
(Competition to Apple), it is planned
release of a new gadget – “smart” hours
(Details are not explained, and
whether they will be able to cook soup and
raise children – is unclear).

Today at the auctions
Samsung shares gained 0.3%
(But yesterday they fell to
March low).

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