Daily Breakout EA

Daily Breakout EA

Daily Breakout EA – fully automated Advisor trading breakouts and using volatility analysis, volume analysis, the breakdown channel strategy.

Configure expert does not need (money management system will automatically select the lot size according to your chosen trading strategies). It applies intelligent algorithms to adapt to the market.

The Expert Advisor are two kinds of stops and trailing – virtual (invisible for the broker) and real (to protect the deposit from the sharp changes in price).

  • It does not use the standard indicators.
  • Not Martingale, not net, not arbitration.
  • Do not customize the results by historical data.
  • It excludes the human factor.
  • Trade corresponds NFA-FIFO.
  • order management with additional hidden TP and SL.
  • Profit involved in trade using adaptive trailing stop.
  • It controls the spread that deletes all orders.
  • All orders are protected by stop-loss and take-profit.


  1. Minimum balance – $ 50 per lot 0.01.
  2. It uses EURUSD. The recommended maximum spread for EURUSD – 12 points.
  3. ECN-broker with low spreads and fast execution. Using ECN-account, you do not run with the big difference in spreads. Therefore, we recommend ECN-broker.
  4. Virtual hosting for around the clock operation.
  5. Working timeframe – H1.
  6. Margin 1: 100 or higher.

Settings and input parameters

  • TakeProfit (In pips) – Take Profit in pips.
  • StopLoss (Pip) – non-dynamic stop loss. Established almost immediately after the opening position.
  • Type (Trade strategy) – there is a choice of trading strategies. Possible variants: aggressive (aggressive), moderate (moderate), conservative (conservative).
  • Lots (Lot size) – The default is 0. If the value is greater than 0, the EA will enter the market given a fixed lot, and not focus on the size of the deposit.
  • Magic (Magic number) – is used to identify an advisor of their positions.
  • Comment (Comment to the order) – the text of the comment to the order.
  • TrailingStop (Pip) – trailing stop
  • Spead (In pips) – maximum spread. If the value of the spread will be greater than this value, the adviser to remove established order and will wait for a new signal.

A warning

  1. Do not start the adviser simultaneously on your PC and VPS. This will lead to a duplication of transactions and losses due to lack of available funds.
  2. Do not run on the account of another expert, and never take it trades manually or signals. This may lead to the automatic closing of orders and loss due to lack of available funds.
  3. Before starting the advisor in your account, contact me to analyze your broker.
  4. If necessary, I can set up a job counselor in your account (on your computer or VPS via remote access).
  5. Advisor removes all pending orders from the chart in excess of the maximum spread and restores them upon return spread to an acceptable level. This protects your deposit at the time of high volatility and major news outlet.
  6. Strong slippage may affect trading results. You need a good, honest broker, which does not use plugins to manipulate virtual slip.

Daily Breakout EA

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