Crystal MT5

Crystal MT5

Trade panel «Crystal» is designed for fast and comfortable trading the financial markets. When creating a panel aim was to maximize quickly and easily enter the trading volume, no need for anything to open and anywhere to click the mouse, the ability to quickly close all open positions, displaying relevant information on open positions, and at the same time as little as possible to close a graph. This panel fully meets all these requirements!


  • It works on any type of account with any broker.
  • Easy intuitive interface.
  • It consumes minimal PC resources.
  • “Shortcuts” – You can assign any keyboard shortcuts for opening closing position / positions, except those that are predefined in the terminal.
  • Instant reaction to the program by pressing a “hot key”


  • Entering the trade volume with the number keys – The Advisor has a feature that intercepts pressing numeric keys. How it works? Suppose you have entered the amount of 0.50 and 0.75 is needed. In this case, simply click on the numeric keys 75. It is incredibly convenient! See a video demonstration, to better understand how it works.
  • Settings ( «S“Hotkey) – Common commercial settings. It also set up keyboard shortcuts for opening and closing of positions by type or all. Important! If the item is marked «All Symbols», at the closing position using hot keys will shut down the position of the selected type on all symbols.
  • Info ( «I“Hotkey) – Information window. Important! Data on the positions and the profit shown only for the current symbol, or at all, if the item is marked «All Symbols» in the «Settings» dialog box.

Attention: The panel does not work in the strategy tester, due to technical limitations!

Crystal MT5


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