Trajecta Cortex

Trajecta Cortex

Trajecta Cortex – an indicator of trading signals, which is based on evolutionary, not redrawn, self-tuning algorithms Trajecta Labs, enclosed in Trajecta Neuron system.

Description of the trading signal

  • Trajecta Labs System: Trajecta Neuron
  • System Strategy: based on machine learning and artificial neural networks
  • Signal Strategy: It based on the functional filters
  • Signal algorithms: Standard and author genetic algorithms and indicators
  • Alarm Setup: automatic
  • Market / tool: Any currency pair in the Forex market
  • Basic setup parameters: EURUSD, H1 and USDJPY, M5
  • The best currency for this strategy: USD, EUR and JPY
  • The best time frames for this strategy: H1 and D1
  • Recommended trade signal quality: not less than 80%
  • Purpose: best suited for swing trading
  • Risk: preferred moderate risk
  • Home base system: Trajecta Magic
  • test period of history: 2,000 (check minimum number of terminal bars)
  • Timeframe for backtesting: any timeframe, it is important to select the best recommended as part of a trading signal quality.

On indicator system of trading signals Trajecta Labs

The indicator system of trading signals from the company Trajecta – this innovative system, nepererisovyvayuschihsya, automatic indicators of trading signals to buy / sell any currency pair and period.

Decision support system in our indicators are based on the same technology that is used in our successful line of trading signals Trajecta Labs, published in MQL5. At the same indicators are used instead of experts. The main difference here is that the indicators do not set the order, and allow the trader to make decisions using the trading signals indicator. 

Commercial fully performed by the trader. The advantage of such indicators – it is their very low cost compared with our 100% automatic trading experts and commercial signals for subscription.  

All our trading signals are based on “smart” system to determine the best and worst trading periods (intelligent risk analysis).

Indicator allows you to visualize the best point in time for trading using the trend review panel and allows a trader to visual testing strategies on any pair and timeframe.

In addition, it is not necessary to configure anything – tuning indicator is based on data analysis of the most profitable Trajecta Labs sets the parameters for signal algorithms. The indicator will search the signals to buy / sell and inform you about them using the alerts, customizable by the user.

With trade signals represented indicator merchants can determine the best pairs and timeframes and visually evaluate those or other trading signals.

Trajecta VTP – Panel trends survey

This is our first indicator that a trend view pane Trajecta VTP – innovative panel that facilitates decision-making by using the trading signals indicator. The panel laid algorithm for determining best and worst signal periods. The information is provided in real-time using the following notation:

  • Grey Colour: probably a weak trend (usually at the beginning of the appearance of the signal)
  • Green color: probably a strong trend (a good time to partially close a position)
  • Blue colour: probably nearing the end of a strong trend
  • Red color: probably a bad sign (be prepared to stop the trade)

Trajecta VIB – Visual Testing indicator

Exerting a lot of effort to create the possibility to visualize the testing of trading signals indicator, we have developed a visual testing technology indicators – Trajecta VIB.

Our innovative system will allow for multiple testing on any pair and time frame with a single click.

To do this, you need to maximize the scale of the graph and visually compare the number of bars of green / blue and red bars. The more bars, the green / blue color, the better.

Quality Control Panel

Quality control panel displays information about the last signal and its quality:

  • version indicator
  • Strategy
  • The last signal (BUY or SELL)
  • Average signal period (the average length of all signals)
  • Signal quality (signal quality indicators in real-time)

alerts panel

You can activate alerts panel and receive messages when the signal changes of direction.

Step by step instructions on the use of

  1. Select a symbol for trade
  2. Select the period in which the sale will be conducted
  3. Wait to buy or sell signal (be patient when working on periods over M30)
  4. Align the Stop Loss and Take Profit
  5. If the signal quality in the description below the recommended trade signal, return to step 1 and adjust the steam and / or period.

Trajecta Cortex

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