SignalFinder MA

SignalFinder MA

SignalFinderMA – multi-indicator, which displays on the same graph the information about the direction of the trend on several currency pairs and timeframes. the trend calculation is based on the indicator Moving Average.

Main characteristics:

  • Mounted on a single graph.
  • Definition of a trend going on the last closed bar.
  • Intuitive and simple interface.

Input parameters:

  • Symbols – currency pairs.
  • TimeFrames – time periods (time frames).
  • MA Period – period moving average.
  • MA Shift – shift of the moving average.
  • MA Method – a method of smoothing moving average.
  • MA Applied Price – the price for the moving average calculation.

List of currency pairs and time frames specified, separated by commas.

If the currency pair or timeframe does not exist or is entered in error, the table they will be marked in magenta.

Indicator Signals:

  • Blue arrow – on the last bar closed bullish trend.
  • Red arrow down – on the last bar closed bearish trend.
  • Gray point – the absence of a trend.
  • Yellow dot – loading history.

SignalFinder MA

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