FIA Flag of Imagine HFT

FIA Flag of Imagine HFT

FIA Flag of Imagine HFT – is advisor to high-frequency trading, aimed at the achievement of profit targets for each individual transaction.


  • Trades for all symbols without restrictions
  • It uses martingale
  • Sensitive to slippage settings spreads, commissions and execution
  • Fits any broker and account type, which allowed the use of automated trading


  • Lot size: not less than the minimum size of lots for the particular symbol.
  • Other parameters: parameters except LotSize and ProfitPerUnit must be integers.
  • Deposit: recommended $ 50 000 or more to 0.01 lots.

Change settings:

You can change the settings according to the acceptable level of risk. After setting up, the adviser of parameters can also be an effective tool for intraday and even long-term trade.


  • LotSize – Lot size start trading cycle. Default 0.01 Lot.
  • AlphaGo_ID – advisor magic number, allows the adviser to the different symbols and tamyrfeymah. In this case, you must specify a different value.
  • slippage – slip control when entering a trade. 1 = 1 points.
  • ProfitPerUnit – setting take-profit cycle for transactions. Default = 0.3, i.e. take profit of 0.3 dollars for every lot of 0.01 (default bid).
  • RiskHedgeLevel– option to extend the cycle of transactions. Integer. The higher the value, the less EA trades with more conservative risk. Use integer value greater than 0. recommended value in the range from 1 to 10, respectively.
  • Starting_Time- start time adviser. platform time, not local time. Integer value in the range 0-24.
  • Finish_Time- the close of the advisor. platform time, not local time. Integer value in the range 0-24. If these two parameters are set to 0, the EA will trade without a time limit.

Test results

Attached test results were obtained on EURUSD with the default settings. During testing, the adviser worked without time restrictions, including economic news release time. Test Advisor and configure it based on acceptable risk and expected return.


The adviser offers a good solution for automated trading. It recommended for high-frequency trading.

You must configure the Adviser for specific pairs, and avoid unexpected market volatility to reduce risk.

It is necessary to carefully choose a broker based spreads, commissions and trade execution.

Do not forget to configure advisor for specific couples and market conditions.

FIA Flag of Imagine HFT

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