Cible Optimal

Cible Optimal

SIMF Trading is light optimal target value, which analyzes the schedule to fit your working hours to determine best goal.


  • Compatible with all the financial markets.
  • Available working timeframes: Minute: 15 – 15 – 30; Time: 1 – 4; 1 day; 1 Week; 1 month.
  • You can adjust the display according to your wishes: to enable / disable items and change their color and width.

Input parameters

  • Work Time: Select the operating timeframe to search for the optimal target values.
  • Information Box: Enable / disable the dashboard
  • Demand Levels: Enable / disable Ask levels
  • Width: Line thickness (fine / medium / thick)
  • Color: Green colour)
  • Offer Levels: Enable / disable Bid Levels
  • Width: Line thickness (fine / medium / thick)
  • Color: Color (red)
  • Propagation Zone: Enable / disable spread zone
  • Color: Color (silver)
  • Reference Levels: Reversal levels
  • Width: Line thickness (fine / medium / thick)
  • Color: Color (blue)
  • Resistance Levels: Resistance levels
  • Width: Line thickness (fine / medium / thick)
  • Color: Color (blue)
  • Support Levels: Levels of support
  • Width: Line thickness (fine / medium / thick)
  • Color: Color (blue)


Horizontal line:

  • Demand Levels: purchase price.
  • Offer Levels: Selling price.
  • Reference Levels: Levels of reversal.
  • reversal levels separated by buying and selling domain;
  • Buy in the upper zone and sell at the bottom.
  • Levels of resistance and support levels
  • Both correspond to the optimum goal. These are the levels at which income will be restored.

Vertical line:

  • This is the beginning of your working time.


  • Propagation Zone: The difference between the (purchase price – selling price).

Information window:

  • Work time: (..x ..): Working timeframe – 1 month, 1 week, 1 day, 4 hours …
  • Levels accessible to: (..x ..)%: Achievable. The percentage value is calculated as follows: (100 * Successful data / General data).
  • Amplitude TP: (..x ..): The amplitude of the TP in points. This is the difference between the target and the optimal level of reversal.
  • Example: (resistance levels – levels of reversal).

Cible Optimal


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