Candlestick Patterns Custom

Candlestick Patterns Custom

Candlestick Patterns Custom – lite version indicator Candlestick Patterns Analytics, for use as a conventional dial gauge, and counselors.

Indicator favorably follows

  • Finds and marks on the graph 29 candlestick patterns (43 variant signal patterns);
  • It allows the user to configure each signal model in accordance with the analysis results of the indicator Candlestick Patterns Analytics;
  • The indicator can be used as a dial gauge advisors.

Description of the input parameters

Each candle model has a drop-down menu with a choice:

  • No_Use – Do not use the model;
  • Buy_Signal – To use the model as a buy signal;
  • Sell_Signal – To use the model as a sell signal.

Display Setting:

  • TextSize – size of the text on the chart;
  • TextColor – color of the text on the chart;
  • Alert – enabling / disabling alerts;
  • ———- Candlestick Patterns ————- – settings separator;
  • AdvanceBlock_Down – model “repulsed the offensive”;
  • BeltHoldLine_Up – model “Capturing the belt”;
  • BeltHoldLine_Down – model “Capturing the belt”;
  • CounterattackLines_Up – model “Counterattack”;
  • CounterattackLines_Down – model “Counterattack”;
  • DarkCloudCover_Down – Model “The veil of dark clouds”;
  • Doji_Up – model “Doji”;
  • Doji_Down – model “Doji”;
  • Engulfing_Up – model “Absorption”;
  • Engulfing_Down – model “Absorption”;
  • EveningStar_Down – Model “Evening Star”;
  • Gap_Up – model “Window”;
  • Gap_Down – model “Window”;
  • GravestoneDoji_Down – model “Gravestone Doji”;
  • Hammer_Up – model “Hammer”;
  • HangingMan_Dowm – model “”;
  • Harami_Up – model “Harami”;
  • Harami_Down – model “Harami”;
  • InvertedHammer_Up – model “inverted hammer”;
  • LongLeggedDoji_Up – model “long-legged doji”;
  • LongLeggedDoji_Down – model “long-legged doji”;
  • MatHoldPattern_Up – model “Hold on the mat”;
  • MorningStar_Up – model “Morning Star”;
  • OnNeckLine_Up – model “at the neck line”;
  • OnNeckLine_Down – model “at the neck line”;
  • Piercing_Up – model “Clearance in the clouds”;
  • SeparatingLines_Up – model “Separation”;
  • SeparatingLines_Down – model “Separation”;
  • ShootingStar_Down – model “Shooting Star”;
  • SideBySideWhite_Up – model “Related white candles”;
  • SideBySideWhite_Down – model “Related white candles”;
  • StalledPattern_Down – model “Deceleration”;
  • TasukiGap_Up – model “Break tasuki”;
  • TasukiGap_Down – model “Break tasuki”;
  • ThreeCrows_Down – model “Three Crows”;
  • ThreeLineStrike_Up – model “Triple kick”;
  • ThreeLineStrike_Down – model “Triple kick”;
  • ThreeMethods_Up – model “three methods”;
  • ThreeMethods_Down – model “three methods”;
  • ThreeWhiteSoldiers_Up – model “three white soldiers”;
  • Tweezer_Up – model “Tweezers”;
  • Tweezer_Down – model “Tweezers”;
  • UpsideGapTwoCrows_Down – model “Two crows soaring.”

The use of indicators

The indicator allows the use of the indicator signals Candlestick Patterns Analytics without volumetric calculations and accordingly no load on the terminal.

The indicator is configured in accordance with the results of the report indicator Candlestick Patterns Analytics.

For example, a certain candlestick patterns to a selected pair and timeframe gives a positive result in trading on the purchase, therefore, in the settings drop-down menu, choose the model “Buy_Signal”. Thus, you can configure any number of models.

Help with adjustment indicators, application and analysis.

Candlestick Patterns Custom

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