Show info on chart

Show info on chart

Simple utility to display important information on the chart.

You can customize the colors in the input parameters.

Show info on chart

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BRIKC country associated risks when investing

BRIKC country associated risks when investing

In 2001, Jim O’Neill (. English, Jim O’Neil), economist, one of the largest commercial banks Goldman Sachs in the world, used the abbreviation BRIKC (English, BRIC.) With respect to the four countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China . Then the analyst did not know that by doing so made the most courageous macroeconomic application of all time. O’Neill suggested that in the future the state will be listed the main drivers of the global economy, given their correct demographic characteristics, the vast resources of wealth, the growth of the middle class, as well as a relatively stable fiscal and monetary policy. While the predictions come true economist. The growth index MSCI BRIC over the past 10 years, more than 8 times higher than the income from S P 500, and the total volume of GDP BRIKC countries last year jumped to 13.3 trillion dollars.

Equally good results have led many investors to include these
emerging countries in their portfolios, so that you can
would benefit from the rapid growth of the group. However, despite the
rosier long-term BRIKC countries, here lies a lot
risks in addition to the global macroeconomic pressures. Finally,
not without reason these economies called “developing”.

Investors are extremely important to deal with all the “pitfalls”
given the large contribution BRIKC countries into the world economy and their
share in emerging market assets. Since each of the four
countries is radically different from each other, understand the characteristics of risk
Each of them – a truly difficult task. When investing in the country
BRIKC should not lose sight of the inherent risks, which will be mentioned

Dragon full of lies

When it comes to emerging markets investments,
the most popular option in the minds of many investors is China.
In the end, the country has all the classic signs
emerging market. Nevertheless, to invest in the economy
Asian Dragon is not as easy as to buy a share in Germany.

The biggest problem most likely is the lack of
generally accepted accounting principles (Eng., GAAP) or
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). this aspect
many by surprise even the best investors. For example, the control
hedge fund billionaire Dzhon Polson (Eng., John Paulson) lost a lot of
money on Chinese forest plantations, Sino-Forest Corp. Thus, the company
He accused of falsifying books and falsification of land
possessions. Often the charges are recorded in the forgery of bank deposits and
accounts. Due to the disclosure of information and lack of transparency much
difficult to see the real picture, especially when compared with the shares
Companies in developed countries.

Things get even worse when investors have to deal with
dubious official Chinese statistics and overly regulated and
because bureaucratic communist government. Most
large companies in the country one way or another controlled by Beijing.

The endless corruption in Russia

Despite the recent accession to the World Trade Organization
(WTO), the investor may face considerable investment
risks. The largest of them is corruption and political
pressure. It has become a commonplace that bribery and organized
crime permeates legal business. according to
A study by Information Science for
Democracy Foundation, the average size of small bribes in the last 10 years
The Russian Federation has been steadily increasing. In 2001, it was
priblizitelno1817 rubles, while by 2010 had risen to
5285, which accounted for 93% of the average worker’s salary.

Investors also have to confront the local government. If
adhere to views that do not coincide with the President’s wishes
Vladimir Putin, the development of business, as well as the investment process,
It may stall. In an extreme case, the investor can threaten and imprisonment
Finally. An example is the story Mihaila Hodorkovskogo,
former chairman of the oil giant Yukos. In 2005
he was accused of bribery, but it is believed that the real reason
are political in nature.

Latin American raw king

Although corruption is not open in Brazil as serious
the problem, as in Russia, investors still face certain
risks. They create a “protectionist approach of the government.” Now
country occupies 2nd place in Latin America in the number of protectionist
measures, behind only Argentina. Here we should mention the support of the local
products, high tariffs on imported goods, tax exemptions
to support domestic producers and limit access
investors in the strategically important natural resources. For example, if
investor wants to participate in the development of oil fields, he
partnerstvovat necessary to state energy giant
Petrobras. In general, such a policy can lead to the fact that
Brazil lose part of the profit from the investment, if the government would go
further and nationalize various assets.

Asian bureaucratic nightmare

Given the high degree of power of the people in India, the investor is quite ready
encounter with some fraction bureaucracy. However, Indian
bureaucratic machine is called “the most stifling in the world.” open your
business in India is very difficult, because the local and national
government usually puts his hand to the commercial market. Similarly
Investors impossible to enforce the contract, especially
When business partners tend to make deals with undeclared
third party. According to estimates of the Hong Kong Science Center
Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, India’s bureaucratic
the system simply does not allow the country to equalize the rate of economic growth
with their opposing countries.


BRIKC country can boast of its economic growth and
provides investors with new opportunities to replenish the portfolio
valuable papers. However, investors still await a lot of risks.
Understanding all the “pitfalls” is the key to success in
conditions as rapidly developing economies of giants.

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Visa is looking for partner for Russian domestic

Visa is looking for a partner for the Russian domestic processing: to no avail

Visa has not yet found a partner for the Russian domestic processing, told the head of the company’s innovation department "Visa Russia, the CIS and South-Eastern Europe" Andrew Aleykin.Visa continues to search for Russian domestic partner.

"Once it is completed, we will inform", – he said.

The law on the establishment of Russian payment cards of the National System (NBTS) and ensuring the smooth operation of international payment systems, was adopted in the spring of this year, after Visa and MasterCard have refused to serve the customers of a number of Russian banks, came under US sanctions because of the inclusion of Crimea in structure Russia. It contains a prohibition on the unilateral termination of the provision of services not only to operators of payment systems, but also operators of payment infrastructure, settlement centers, as well as the participants in the payment system.

In addition, the payment system operator, which is not a national importance, is obliged to submit to a special account with the Central Bank a security deposit. The premium has become a major challenge for the international payment systems. He equated the amount of money transfers in the territory of Russia in the framework of the payment system in two days. Morgan Stanley’s experts assessed the contribution rate for MasterCard to $ 1 billion, and for Visa – almost twice as much: $ 1.9 billion.

June 25 has been published for expert discussion draft decree giving reprieve Visa and MasterCard to pay contributions until 31 October. During this time they will find partners in Russia.

Within the framework of St. Petersburg International Forum in May of payment systems management held talks with representatives of the Russian government, following which it was announced that Visa and MasterCard will continue to work in Russia.

Companies create subsidiaries, which will be integrated into the formed national payment system. Operators six months to cooperate with the Russian payment systems, and then it will take another year and a half to create "daughters". Processing will be carried out in Russia.

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US session ended in red zone

The US session ended in the red zone

Trading on Wall Street closed the fall of the US stock indices. This happened against the backdrop of escalating conflict in Ukraine, the problems in the Middle East and, of course, after the fall of the Malaysian airliner over Donetsk. Killed nearly 300 people, quite definitely, that the plane was shot down, but that’s what – is unclear. Both sides accuse each other, commenced an investigation.

time S P 500 fell
to a minimum of three months values.
Analysts say that investors have begun to
massively sell shares because
economic situation depends
by geopolitical conditions, and now
Geopolitics is very complicated.

A fall
stock market lasted the whole day in the United States,
but the total acceleration of the already acquired
at the end of the trading session, when it was
it is known that Israel launched a ground
operation in the Gaza Strip.


S P lost
1.18%. DJIA fell by 0.94%.
Nasdaq Composite slid down

As for individual corporations, then
14% cheaper shares of the manufacturer
“Flash drives» – SanDisk (quarterly
Company statements are not pleased
investors). The insurance company UnitedHealth
Group Inc., on the other hand, raised her
quotes by 1.6%, and also due to the publication

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SignalFinder MA

SignalFinder MA

SignalFinderMA – multi-indicator, which displays on the same graph the information about the direction of the trend on several currency pairs and timeframes. the trend calculation is based on the indicator Moving Average.

Main characteristics:

  • Mounted on a single graph.
  • Definition of a trend going on the last closed bar.
  • Intuitive and simple interface.

Input parameters:

  • Symbols – currency pairs.
  • TimeFrames – time periods (time frames).
  • MA Period – period moving average.
  • MA Shift – shift of the moving average.
  • MA Method – a method of smoothing moving average.
  • MA Applied Price – the price for the moving average calculation.

List of currency pairs and time frames specified, separated by commas.

If the currency pair or timeframe does not exist or is entered in error, the table they will be marked in magenta.

Indicator Signals:

  • Blue arrow – on the last bar closed bullish trend.
  • Red arrow down – on the last bar closed bearish trend.
  • Gray point – the absence of a trend.
  • Yellow dot – loading history.

SignalFinder MA

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Length Movement MT5

Length Movement MT5

It measures the length of the selected movements in pips.

It is intended to measure the average typical motion that suggests the expected size after the motion signal.

Often the market is moving in one direction about the movements of the same length (if such a pattern is now present). By measuring the length of these motions, it is possible to understand how many points will be roughly estimated movement after signal.

This will provide information on the ratio of the size of the foot to the possible profit and will not open a position with a known small expected return.

Or if the movement is already underway, comparing it with the size of the typical movements (as is now usually the price goes), we can assume the point where it is more logical to close a position as possible: pullback / correction / reversal.

As well, this indicator can be useful if you need to measure the length of any movement or length of a large number of movements and see the information on the monitor.


  • Move_to_create_buttons – the color of the text that specifies where to create the button.
  • BUTTON_OFF – color buttons.
  • BUTTON_ON – the color of the buttons pressed.
  • background_BUTTON – background buttons (by default the same as the background graphics).
  • Line – color measuring line.
  • Line_Style – measuring line style.
  • Text_Down – color of the text to move down.
  • Text_Up – text color for upward movement.
  • Font_Size – font size, indicating the points.

Length Movement MT5


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Cible Optimal

Cible Optimal

SIMF Trading is light optimal target value, which analyzes the schedule to fit your working hours to determine best goal.


  • Compatible with all the financial markets.
  • Available working timeframes: Minute: 15 – 15 – 30; Time: 1 – 4; 1 day; 1 Week; 1 month.
  • You can adjust the display according to your wishes: to enable / disable items and change their color and width.

Input parameters

  • Work Time: Select the operating timeframe to search for the optimal target values.
  • Information Box: Enable / disable the dashboard
  • Demand Levels: Enable / disable Ask levels
  • Width: Line thickness (fine / medium / thick)
  • Color: Green colour)
  • Offer Levels: Enable / disable Bid Levels
  • Width: Line thickness (fine / medium / thick)
  • Color: Color (red)
  • Propagation Zone: Enable / disable spread zone
  • Color: Color (silver)
  • Reference Levels: Reversal levels
  • Width: Line thickness (fine / medium / thick)
  • Color: Color (blue)
  • Resistance Levels: Resistance levels
  • Width: Line thickness (fine / medium / thick)
  • Color: Color (blue)
  • Support Levels: Levels of support
  • Width: Line thickness (fine / medium / thick)
  • Color: Color (blue)


Horizontal line:

  • Demand Levels: purchase price.
  • Offer Levels: Selling price.
  • Reference Levels: Levels of reversal.
  • reversal levels separated by buying and selling domain;
  • Buy in the upper zone and sell at the bottom.
  • Levels of resistance and support levels
  • Both correspond to the optimum goal. These are the levels at which income will be restored.

Vertical line:

  • This is the beginning of your working time.


  • Propagation Zone: The difference between the (purchase price – selling price).

Information window:

  • Work time: (..x ..): Working timeframe – 1 month, 1 week, 1 day, 4 hours …
  • Levels accessible to: (..x ..)%: Achievable. The percentage value is calculated as follows: (100 * Successful data / General data).
  • Amplitude TP: (..x ..): The amplitude of the TP in points. This is the difference between the target and the optimal level of reversal.
  • Example: (resistance levels – levels of reversal).

Cible Optimal


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In the Forex market, the main focus on the liquidity of the EURUSD pair, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY and XAUUSD. It is on these instruments expert ZZTop The stability, good results, which you can find in the tab “Discussion”. Also to copy transactions available signal.

Distinctive features

  • EA trades breakdown levels;
  • at the point of entry affects only one option, which allows you to minimize the likelihood of reoptimization;
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit is automatically adapted to the current volatility;
  • It calculates the amount of position built risk management system;
  • Support Market Execution and Instant Execution.

You can manually optimize the parameters for trading or take advantage of free configuration that I personally sent to you upon request.


  • Magic – advisor identifier;
  • AvgSprd – the average spread in points;
  • StopLevels – size levels StopLevels your broker in points;
  • Commission – the size of the full Commission in points;
  • Risk – risk per trade as a percentage of the deposit;
  • Deposite – the amount of which is calculated Risk (0 – the current balance);
  • Positions – Long&Short or LongOnly, or ShortOnly;
  • InnerZone – shift inward from the level in points;
  • OuterZone – shift outwardly from the level in points;
  • TimeLimit – time to open a position, in seconds;
  • MultipleTrades – a limit on the number of simultaneously open positions;
  • MainPeriod – defines the entry point, the recommended range of 10 to 50;
  • StopLoss – the recommended range of 10 to 100. If 0 is not established;
  • TakeProfit – the recommended range of 10 to 100. If 0 is not established;
  • Trailing – recommended range of 10 to 100. If 0 is not used;
  • TimeOut – close the transaction after a specified number of minutes;
  • TimeBreake – translate stop-loss to breakeven after the specified number of minutes;
  • UseTradingTime – or not to use a time limit;
  • CloseTime – close all transaction if more than the specified time (hh: mm);
  • OFF_Hour – not to trade in these hours (12,13,18);
  • OFF_Day – do not trade on specific days of the week (1,2,5);
  • Draw – display the chart with arrows missed signals.

Please leave your feedback or suggestion on how to improve the trading system ZZTop.


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Trading and Poker find ten differences

Trading and Poker: find ten differences

Between those who make money in the Forex market and those who spend their working days at the poker tables online, at closer inspection it turns out to be quite a lot in common. Analytical skills, intuition, the ability to control himself and to measure statistical parameters – and he and the other set of qualities required for the player of forex, and professional poker player. Of course, there are differences. For example, the game of poker is allowed only "hand": Is strictly forbidden to play robots. But automated trading – a very common tool for trading in Forex, because to write or order under its strategy trading robot means to rid themselves of a variety of problems, including psychological.

So what is it that like forex and poker?

The correlation between playing poker and trade currency pairs – is quite logical. Forex trading involves high risk and does require special training. Other success factors – knowledge, experience and emotional control – all this is very similar to a “Go Bag” poker player.

Rules of the game

In poker, we
choose between certain games:
whether it is Texas Hold’em, Omaha
or another species. In trade
Forex we choose between currency
pairs. All of the major pairs are tied to
The US dollar, and each has its own style
and individuality, so each
of them have to adapt to
get a psychological advantage.


On forex, we
We compete with other traders,
large hedge funds and large
Global banks – they all have
strong capital and experience. In this way,
we must carefully choose their
position and play the most carefully.
There are a trading psychology recognized
patterns of behavior, and all of them should be studied,
to try to anticipate the other steps
traders. Exactly the same thing, but
more pronounced – in poker. Our
task – to figure out what a person is going


Currency market
– the largest and most liquid in the world:
It draws on a daily basis for more than 4
trillions of dollars. There is no such
major players, someone one could "break open" market, but global events
can influence the market and change the position
in the expected direction. In poker, a lot
more important factor banal luck –
We got exactly the card that
gets, and we operate only by them.
However, and in Forex success it is very necessary,
and you catch it by the tail, if you read
all about money management principles
tools and be able to calculate statistics
the likelihood of its success. As in
poker, you are bound to be losses,
but sooner or later they will become


As is the case with
online poker, you have to deal with
trading bounds successively
and constantly, always in accordance with its
pre-developed trading plan.
First you have to learn all the procedures
and understand all the basic stuff, doing
playing the demo version. Similarly, in
Poker: first comes online game
virtual money, and only when you
You feel that they are ready to “come in large
world “, throws you into your account money

Forex brokers offer system
free demo version where you can
get acquainted with the market, choose your
currency pairs – in other words, to grow roots.


Analysis in Forex will be your main
tool, which with the help of graphs
will assess whether the right to
direction you are moving, or missing
their currencies. Many believe that the movement
market is fully subject to chance,
but traders rely on technical
analysis to understand the boundaries when it
comes to choosing the entry and exit points
On the market.

In addition, markets
and provide data for fundamental
analysis, according to which merchants
We must interpret the data and make
decisions about where moves

skills, the ability to quickly assess
probability and intuitive repeat
successful strategy – you do not find that the
it all too similar to online poker?


Currency trading
– only the business process that
It should be deprived of absolutely all
emotions. We must follow their gradual
I plan to block all their movements
aside logical process undermining
decision-making and, in general, think only
the coldest in the world head. Not
Is it true poker players gentlemen, it sounds
very familiar?

high income
– high risk

Do not enter
misconception in forex trading have
risk. Among the newcomers are very high
the failure rate because they
impatient or lack
experience in order to survive – let alone
more – to flourish. Exactly so
same is the case with poker players.

successful trading
– it’s not about passion and not about luck (equal
as well as a successful poker game). It’s about
game about the differences and iron
self-discipline, just as in

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Another accidental death of banker

Another accidental death of the banker

Corpse Goldman Sachs managing director Nicholas Waltz found in New York. Officially, it is regarded as an accident at "launch the kite".

quantity "accidents" This year among the key finasistov already passes for the third dozen

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