Often trading opportunities appear unexpectedly and almost always require fast and precise execution. Intuitive myPosition tool is designed precisely for such situations. Just drag the stop level and the entrance to the desired value, and the tool will take care of the size and position of the target price.

No hot keys or unwanted windows – panel myPosition always positioned at the right edge in the vicinity of the current price and is always ready for use.

position is calculated based on user preferences. You can select one or two goals, the risk of a percentage or a fixed amount of any financial instrument.

myPosition panel instantly adjusts and distributes harmoniously stop input, the purpose and size of the position relative to each other at the time, how you plan to trade by moving myPosition on the chart. Never before have you seen your settings with such clarity. This reduces stress and helps to minimize errors caused by the long tedious routine tasks manually and makes planning for the next transaction in the exciting process.

Tool “myPosition” works as a standalone product, customized specifically for your shopping needs, from scalping to position trading, on any timeframe. If desired, for a more complete input system, you can optionally use ‘myEntry’.


  • All levels are graphically displayed on the graph.
  • Takes the position of 1 or 2 parts.
  • It calculates the size of the position on the basis of: (a) a fixed value, (b) interest risk on account balance, available funds or free margin.
  • Adjustable parameters risk ratio for profit.
  • Automatically draws the purpose (s).
  • Do not ignore the spread:
    • It calculates the true value of the risk to reward ratio, including in the calculation of the spread.
    • Draws on the chart the correct price of supply and demand – the yellow line BID and red dotted line ASK.
    • Intelligently adapts to the warrants for the purchase and sale.
  • Customizable “buffer” item to enter and stops for a candle or price patterns.
  • Suitable for any trader, for any timeframe.
  • It can be used for stop-and limit orders.
  • Tested free in the strategy tester.

Instructions for use

  • Drag the levels of stops and the entrance to the approximate desired value.
  • Press ADJUST settings button, and the program will adjust the size of the input and outputs.


myPosition panel options are easy to use. The default values ​​are:

The overall risk is 2% of the account balance to the transaction for the position of two parts, the purpose of at least 1: 1 for positions 1 and 2: 1 for the 2 position.

(The default values ​​are shown in parentheses)

  • Risk (2.0) – selected risk percentage or fixed value, for example, 2% of the account balance per trade or $ 100 on the deal.
  • RiskMethod (1) – 1 = percent balance, 2 = a fixed value.
  • AccountSizeMethod (1) – percentage of account balance = 1, 2 = available funds, 3 = free margin. The parameter is not used when the risk in the form of a fixed amount.
  • Target1RR (1.0) – the number of points in relation to risk. For example, for the purpose of 1: 1 point 1.0, Goal 2: 1 point 2.0, etc.
  • Target2RR (2.0) – the same parameter for the target price the second position. When trading position in one portion specify the value 0.
  • EntryBuffer (0) – the number of points at which the input level is changed in accordance with a candle or pattern ADJUST button after clicking on myPosition panel. For brokers with five-digit quotes 10 points is 1 pip.
  • StopBuffer (20) – the number of points for placing a stop level for candles or pattern after pressing the ADJUST button. For a five-digit quotes brokers 20 points 2 = pip.
  • ShowPrice (true) – Display the entry price, stop and exit on the chart.
  • ShowAsk (true) – displaying prices ASK demand as a red dotted line showing the levels for placing orders with uchetorm spread.
  • ShowComment (true) – Display options trading at the top of the chart.
  • Floating_Offset (20) – the right distance between the current candle and floating tool.

NoteIf you do not want to take into account the spread in the order management system, and set the parameters AdjustRiskForSpread AdjustRewardForSpread in is false. Not recommended.


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