Mr Lowry EA

Mr Lowry EA

Mr. Lowry EA – Counselor, allowing you to apply the strategy developed by Scott Lawrie from the intersection of moving averages in different situations, for example:

  • You can specify different application periods. The program runs on a specified period of time regardless of the schedule on which it is running.
  • You can specify the maximum spread in the performance of operations, saving on unnecessary high commissions and increase profits.
  • If desired, you can customize the use of a mobile stop level.
  • You can also configure the use of take-profit. Check the number of characters in your broker’s quotes.
  • The lot size can be calculated based on a percentage of your capital. It is recommended to use from 0.01 to 0.05 lots for each $ 1,000 of capital.
  • Taking into account the time difference in different markets, you can determine the time at which the operation should be open or closed.

Input parameters:

  1. Trading Style: trading style. “Intraday” mode is used to close the transaction on the same day. The “Swing” mode, the transaction will be closed in the same week. When the mode “Position trading” the transaction will remain open for more than one week.
  2. Day for start trading: the first day of trading (the default values ​​are optimized for use on server time GMT + 2).
  3. Day for end trading: Day Trade Deadline. (The default values ​​are optimized for use on server time GMT + 2)
  4. Hour start trading: hour pre-trade (0-24). (The default values ​​are optimized for use on server time GMT + 2)
  5. Hour close trading: hour of trading end (0-24). (The default values ​​are optimized for use on server time GMT + 2)
  6. Main period: period for the advisor.
  7. Max value for spread: maximum spread.
  8. Volume: lot size for every thousand of your capital.
  9. Tecnical settings: setting each of the three moving averages.
  10. Close Winning trades: the conditions for the closing of winning trades, as well as the desired level of SL, TP and minimum income.
  11. Close losing trades: the conditions for the closure of loss-making positions.
  12. UsePenalizationFactor: at a value of true, the penalty factor will be used in case of consecutive losses.

Important: The default values ​​are optimized advisor on historical data for the past 10 years in the pairs AUD / USD, EUR / JPY, EUR / GBP, EUR / USD, GBP / JPY and GBP / USD to 5 characters after the decimal point and the basic period of 240 minutes. When using this advisor should be understood that these results are not a guarantee of success in the future, and that no one except you will not be liable for any decisions or investments you have made in the market.

When tested in the tester strategies do not forget that the adviser working on the main configured timeframe specified in the settings, regardless of the schedule period in which the adviser working. For example, if a tester is selected period of 5 minutes, but the parameters specified period of 240 minutes, all calculations will be made for a period of 240 minutes, but they will be visualized in the graph and calculated according to 5 min 5 min. This allows for faster and more accurate testing the strategy tester using the opening price of minute bars. The results will be very similar to the results in the “Every tick”, but testing is much faster.

Mr Lowry EA

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