Martex (From the words “martingale »and« Forex“) – Universal Advisor Forex hedging and with averaging strategy (Martingale). Martex may average not only their orders, but other orders opened by another advisor or trader opened manually. To do this, just set in the advisor magic number -1 (minus one). Advisor will be interesting for both beginners and experienced traders.

Key features and benefits advisor Martex

  • can open orders in both directions, to buy and sell at the same time;
  • Martingale is possible “foreign” orders, including a trader to manually open and even with “castle”;
  • averaging two styles to choose from (Classic and Aggressive);
  • two martingale strategy to choose, according to various indicators;
  • it is possible to work only with the Martingale initial volume of the lot;
  • It can operate without the martingale, as a normal trend Advisor;
  • there is a stop-loss, which can optionally disable;
  • It has separate indicators for the opening of trading positions and martingale;
  • It has two configurable timeframe separately for trading and separately for martingale;
  • You can set a level of drawdown at which the adviser will suspend its work;
  • You can set your stop out level (Stop Out) at which the Advisor will automatically close all open positions;
  • there is a trailing stop and breakeven for single orders and orders for averaging;
  • closing with a profit of single orders or a series of orders martingale when the direction of moving averages;
  • while profit single orders are closed for take-profit, and a series of open orders for martingale in the percentage of the profit from the Balance;
  • You can set a limit on the number of orders open on martingale;
  • Advisor to work with “hot keys” with the help of which you can very quickly close all open positions in the terminal;
  • Martex adviser works on both the dollar (USD) and the ruble bills (RUR);
  • It works on accounts with the quotation 4 and 5 decimal places.

Councilor parameters (reduced)

Block 1 «GENERAL SETTINGS» – General settings.

  • Magic Number – magic number;

Block 2 «RISK MANAGEMENT» – risk management.

  • Take Profit – Take Profit;
  • Stop Loss – stop-loss;
  • Use stop loss – use stop-loss;
  • Lots – setting a fixed volume of the lot;
  • AutoLot – Risk in% – automatic calculation of the volume of the lot.

Block 3 «INDICATORS FOR TRADING» – displays for trade.

  • Timeframe for Moving Averages (MA) – timeframe for the MA;
  • Close orders with profit on MAs – close orders at a change in direction MA;
  • Period Long MA – long period MA;
  • Shift Long MA – long shift MA;
  • Type Long MA – long range type MA (calculation method);
  • Price Long MA – range of prices for a long MA;
  • Period Short MA – short period MA;
  • Shift Short MA – shift short MA;
  • Type Short MA – short range type MA (calculation method);
  • Price Short MA – range of prices for short MA.

Block 4 «TRAILING STOP AND BREAKEVEN» – trailing stop and breakeven.

Block 5 «MARTINGALE PARAMETERS» – Martingale parameters.

  • Martingale on / off – incl. / off. martingale;
  • Profit% martingale – percentage of profits at Martingale, at which all orders are closed;
  • Drawdown in%, to stop trading – a specified percentage of the drawdown when reaching trade will be suspended;
  • Stop Out%, close all orders – a specified percentage of the loss after which all orders are closed;
  • Loss in pips for martingale – loss of points after which work will begin martingale;
  • Step martingale – the minimum step between orders martigeyla;
  • Multiplier (Classic) – factor for classical martinegeyla;
  • Style martingale (Classic, Aggressively) – martingale style choice;
  • Divider (Aggressively) – divider for aggressive martingale;
  • Maximum number of orders – the maximum number of orders for martingale.
  • Allow hedging – permit trade in both directions (to allow hedging);
  • Percentage for closing hedging orders – profit percentage at which you want to close the hedged order;
  • Multiple close by – close by opposite positions.

Block 6 «MARTINGALE INDICATORS» – Indicators for martingale.

Block 7 «WORK FRIDAY» – work on Friday.

Complete Guide to the adviser Martex, test reports, as well as set-files to it can be found in the “Discussion” section.



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