IchiTimetrading robot for MetaTrader 5. Based on the indicator Ichimoku (Ichimoku Kinko Hyo). Trading mechanism is fully automated. Some options depend on the market time. Best results are achieved in a trending market.

trading strategy

The adviser works at the intersection of Tenkan-Sen (Tenkan Sen) and the Kijun-Sen (Kijun Sen). Due to the nature of the Ichimoku, the robot is effective only in a trending market. Suitable conditions often occur when the market two trading sessions running simultaneously. In these tests at the history, we have a pair EURUSD, the timer is set at 12:00 – 16:00 GMT, the broker time – 15:00 – 19:00. At this time, open to both London and New York trading sessions.

On one of the screenshots below show how you can choose the other couples and a timer to search for the most appropriate time. Robot tested in the “All ticks” on M12 with standard parameters Ishimoku without stop-loss, take profit and trailing stop. Maximum Drawdown is close to the mean value of 30%. The minimum deposit depends on your money management.

Requirements and Recommendations: suitable for use with any broker, provided that the market is trending.

Symbols: any

Input parameters

One of the screenshots below shows how to change the advisor mode.

  • Stop loss: Stop Loss (0 – no stop-loss).
  • Take Profit: Take Profit (0 – no take profit).
  • ECN: set true If you are working with ECN / performance on the market.
  • Use Trailing Stop: with true using a trailing stop.
  • Trailing Stop Start: Set the start trailing stop.
  • Trailing Stop Stop: Set the end of the trailing stop.
  • Lots: The number of lots to trade.
  • Time Filter: with true Advisor runs at a specific time
  • tme Start: The start of trade
  • Time End: During the Trade Deadline
  • tenkan Sen: Tenkan-sen
  • kijun Sen: Kijun-sen
  • Senkou Span B: Span B


  • If the market too long in a flat, it is recommended to suspend the councilor. Perhaps the market is waiting for a some important financial news.
  • Spend backtesting and forward testing on demo account to find the best settings and suitable trading hours.

When testing the strategy tester MetaTrader results may vary, as the adviser takes into account the rate of price changes and slippage, which the tester handled correctly enough. Since the tester is not working with the actual ticks, the test results should not be considered in the evaluation of the EA. It is strongly recommended that you check the trading robot on a demo account.

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