You buy iPhone 6 We’ll have to update your ward

You buy the iPhone 6? We’ll have to update your wardrobe!

Are you ready to carry
a sport purse? What about
Trouser with high waist-bag or a dress
instead of a cocktail dress?
These are just some of the potentially
unfashionable trends that may
have to enter due to the fact that the new
iPhone promise with a big screen.

While the world is buzzing most
different rumors about what will be the new
iPhone 6, we represent mostly
more or less clear picture. comprehensive
version – on the basis of information
speculation, leaks and photo layouts
and other information – is
that the phone will be more than previous models. smaller
version of the new phone is likely to be
with a screen of 4.7 inches, slightly more than the previous
model 4 inches, and most probably,
is a screen of 5.5 inches, which will make
Both major Apple phones. Therefore
way, it is the new iPhone 6 may change

And if the Samsung Galaxy S5 already
It has a 5.1-inch display, and G3 from LG –
5.5-inch display, and Apple is only now for the first time
launches large phones because
we can expect quite guessable
actions of other manufacturers – they
follow their example, because Apple often
just manages to set trends
in technology, experts say. Big iPhone can also
change the trend for fashion, since
consumers face in the problem –
how does it carry?

"phones are becoming
more and trousers are getting shorter".
– says Brett Hamilton, the owner
Company, which makes accessories
for the iPhone. "flat
phones generally poorly compatible with
“Bent” body lines".
What are you going to do? What
to do with small purses? they’re
there will not fit.

Have to change clothes
and other things to put on, comfortable to wear
a large phone. We asked the experts
the fashion industry to speculate how you can adapt
a phone with a large screen.

Here are five things that,
in their opinion, consumers can
use in the future.

1. Pants with high waist

They appeared in the distant
1950. And, it seems, is now being asked these pants
back. And what is very convenient – pockets
glubochennye and no phones
hang / fall will not. Camilla
Olson, creative director of the company Camilla
Olson LLC, said that with a great phone
It may appear to fashion belt overestimation
on the pants and / or deep pockets. "When
you sit down with the phone in his back pocket,
he rises"- she explains. Pants
with high waist and deeper
pockets to help prevent it.

You buy iPhone 6 We'll have to update your ward

2. More men

Thanks to the fashion for
slim and skinny pants are now men
it becomes difficult to take when in your pocket
is the phone. "When the phone is in
pocket, uncomfortable to sit, so
always have to put it on the table".
– Dzhon Dzhekson says executive
creative director of digital agency
design and marketing Huge. While
some men do not mind constantly
pull out and put your phone ??
back in his pocket, in the case of a great phone
it can be annoying stronger (especially
if you – a hipster who wears ultra-narrow

This means that more
Men will carry a large
wallets. "It is like the postman bag,
Only a little less", – He speaks
Stylist Dzheyms Kornuell, owner
Cornwell Styling LLC. He adds that it could
I would give people more opportunities not
Only wear a great phone, but
and other necessary things – money
in a small wallet keys cud
which are extremely difficult to wear in a pair
narrow trousers. Finally, tablets and phablety
to perfectly vlezut.

You buy iPhone 6 We'll have to update your ward

3. Revolution pockets

The size of the pockets in trousers
and shirts can be a problem for
men who want to carry large
iPhone. This means that they can appear
more capacious pockets in the trousers (in
lightning – the phone is not exactly jumped,
when you sit down) or large breasts
pockets in shirts with buttons or
rivets to hold the phone in
security, says Camilla Olson.
We can also see the jacket, or even
pants with internal invisible pockets,
which are large enough to
fit a huge new phones.
"We often carry things so that no one
they did not see"- Jackson says.

You buy iPhone 6 We'll have to update your ward

4. Thick clutches

Many ladies “trending”
carry a tiny clutch when
out for the evening – it can hardly be
fit only phone credit
card and lipstick. “But if smartphones
become larger, will have to carry with you
failure evening bags? “- says Olson.
– "We may need to reconsider
minimum dimensions of clutches". AT
Otherwise, the ladies have to walk
Evening without a smartphone.

You buy iPhone 6 We'll have to update your ward

5. Wide belts

Many fashion houses
launched the model with wide dresses
straps on the latest fashion shows. Soon,
Olson says, these belts can mask
your iPhone. "There were some terrible
attempts at Fanny Pack", – she says. But
"wide belt, which can hold
your phone – it would be more fashionable".

You buy iPhone 6 We'll have to update your ward

We can only guess,
the consequences of the company’s innovation
Apple – the appearance of
new developments in various fields
(From fashion to technology) or temporary
loss worldwide popularity of American

Recall, on Tuesday held a long-awaited presentation of new products from Apple. At the close of Friday’s session, Apple shares were trading at $ 98.97, received a slight increase before falling to $ 97.94 on Thursday.

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