Busy gold

The busy gold

Recently gold has risen in price after a week
sliding down: on the Russian-Ukrainian
increased border tensions. AT
a result of the demand for gold has grown –
Investors tried to “escape” from the risks
transferring its assets in a trouble-free

However, a meeting was held yesterday in
Minsk between the presidents of Russia and
Ukraine, the parties tried to negotiate
to resolve the conflict. It is clear that to
the end of the talks is still far away, but
the fact of the peace talks again made
gold pass correction process: it
again went down.

Gold is trading around $ 1280.50
per troy ounce. Supports – at
1270 dollars and below – 1240 dollars.
The resistance for the near future – on
$ 1300 and above – in the field
$ 1324 – 1325.

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