Apple lost Chinese audience where to put new

Apple lost the Chinese audience: where to put the new iPhone 6?

On the eve of the long-awaited
tomorrow’s presentation of the company
Apple in many
It appears a variety of media
materials, which are not only write about
company about the devices and on the managers
Apple. Perhaps,
most unusual article this weekend
was that if you’re going
buy a new iPhone, will have
Change clothes.

It was
China is one scary story. AT
August 2012, the whole country was
shocked by the news that a teenager in
Hunan Southern Province sold one of
his kidneys to buy a new
iPhone. And the horror did not end there –
Soon the police found the gang that
bought up human bodies, using
as bait Apple expensive phones. Horror, you agree?

such sensational
history, when people line up
long queues in front of shops where
Apple releases its new sale
product, suggest that
China – the largest market in the world
Smartphones – the people just crazy
mobile phones.

And yet, the kidney-for-iPhone
illustrates a key reason why
Golden Age for Apple in China, may be,
I have come to an end. In a country where the workers
They earn an average of just over $ 600 a month,
budget phones that cost less
three times than the iPhone. For example, Phones
Chinese manufacturing Xiaomi More
replacing the American giant, the Chinese phones are even looks very
similar. And the company faster "squeezes" Apple to Chinese
market. So, in May of this year, Xiaomi
ahead of Apple, although at that time was still standing on the
third place behind Samsung and Lenovo Group in terms of sales.

Apple lost Chinese audience where to put new

Presentation of the next Xiaomi news, April 2014

However, while
budget smartphone in China is cheaper
1,000 yuan ($ 162), iPhone still enjoys
demand among affluent consumers. IN 2013
Umeng, the Agency conducted a survey,
released in March last year, which
It showed that among phones "of high
class" (More expensive 3,000 yuan, or $ 486), about
80% – iPhones. But the essence of something is that cheap
phones used mainly for
entertainment, and users who
buy more expensive and quality
Gadgets, nominate more
requirements – they need a machine with the help of
which they can use
Mobile search, monitor
personal finance, shopping and
t. e. Given this trend, not
surprisingly, in Hong Kong (one of
the richest places in China) "iPhone-mania"
until it weakens.

By the way, China Mobile, the largest
provider of wireless communication in China,
I have already started taking pre
orders for the iPhone 6. On Monday morning
the company is already registered 65392
pre-orders. But if the price
a new gadget will be big, it can
be a problem in the Chinese market.

Tomorrow, 9 September, the presentation of new products from Apple. The whole world is waiting for the statements of many new media iPhone 6, clock iWatch and the OS update iOS 8.

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